Six Word Story #190

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Six Word Story:

New day, new month, new beginning.

As you have most likely guessed by now, this six word story is about the beginning of this new month. It is officially December you guys. I am so shocked by how fast this year has flown by. Honestly, I can not believe it is already the last month of 2022.

This year has been an interesting one. And it has had a lot of ups and downs for me. As well as some huge changes in my life. I think that is one of the reasons it has gone by so quickly. For one, this is the first time I have ever worked full time. And even that I created not one but two of my own businesses (more on that later). I have been extremely busy with life but in a good way. I am working hard right now so I can live the life I want in the future. And to be honest, I am excited to see what next year has in store for me.

How about you guys? How was your 2022? Are you surprised it’s coming to an end already? What are your plans for December? Let me know in the comments below!

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84 thoughts on “Six Word Story #190

  1. My 2022 started strong and ended on a stressful cliffhanger. A good thing that happened was that I started a WordPress blog and have improved my art, but a bad thing is that I dropped a class this semester and have to go back next semester and I’m terrified because I’m not sure if my mental maturity or even my stability is together yet.😞 Scared for next semester!

      1. That’s true at least! The class won’t be too intense because I’m only taking one challenging project class instead of two but dang is it frustrating. School for art (I don’t go to an art school) is super challenging emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. The amount of work I have to do to get my stuff perfect (not that perfect) is ridiculous. I can’t tell if I’m held to a higher standard or what but it’s got me tense.

  2. The illusion of time is real 😱
    I know it seems like time has been around since the dawn of the universe but it is a convention that is man made and therefore doesn’t exist at all. It is distracting our attention from the reality of life being continuously flowing along through the present moment and this moment is all that exists and the past and the future are nothing. We are dragged into focus on causative past and plans for a prominent future but we then ignore the present moment and we are detached from it and we are also then detached from reality

    1. Yes, time is very man made. If we look at animals (other than humans) they just live their lives without worrying about what day or what hour it is.

      1. Animals do know about time. When someone is perceived by a crow to be a threat to their nest, they remember that person specifically. Each time that person wakes by the nest again, they will remember them specifically and will dive bomb and peck at them. It’s been documented that crows remember specific people. Certainly dogs remember past days, because you can see their reaction when someone returns after a long absence. They do worry when someone leaves. From the gorillas who have learned American sign language, we know they are very much aware of time. Even day light savings time changes are distressing to dogs who expect to be fed and walked at a specific internal clock time. Migrating birds know seasons and times. Everybody knows about time. Most animals worry.

      2. Maybe that’s why the pyramids and the Great Wall of China etc etc got built as the workers weren’t clock watching and ready to clock off at 5? 😂 No weekend plans stopping it getting done and simply just getting on with it from sunrise until sunset?!? I saw a documentary on an Egyptian architect and builder who built a pyramid named Imhotep, he and his workers continuously strived to the completion. When we talk about constructions that are still apparent today, or at least the ruins, we generally focus on the year of construction and not the time taken for construction. Having a measure of time has its benefits for society, I can’t argue with that. A yardstick for appointment of when something was that present moment. You have to despair though don’t you that Roman buildings and roads, after 2000 years or more, even when some buildings are ruins, they are of a built quality far superior than that of today! But time is simply that, a tool to measure and order yesterday. The focus of one’s life to plan and predict what your future will bring, simply can’t be done. No plans for tomorrow can be made unless you are comfortable and completely understanding of the present. What this means is that you are aware of the situation in front of you. You are aware that this is the only thing that exists. You are aware that the past and future are simply things that now only exist in your mind. A past that has been and gone and a future that is yet to occur. All that matters is now!

        1. Yes, and I think the whole fear of being killed if you didn’t work hard enough helped too 😂
          Agreed, having a measure of time has its benefits but I think the problem that has risen from it is that we focus too much on time. When in fact, as you mentioned, life is unpredictable.

          1. Yeah it’s a paradox isn’t it. I really enjoy watching documentaries about civilisations before us and the basis of their architecture and I guess their life was focused on the sky and the stars. It’s like this present moment now, you and me are in different countries and miles apart yet if we both look at the sky tonight and we see the stars, we could potentially be looking at the same star!

    2. When the present moment is pain, it’s best not to be in reality. It is best to be distracted from the reality of being totally alone in most moments. The reality of self is loneliness. Counting the reality of others takes distraction time. Separation takes time. For every joy that needs to be counted, one by one, there is a real person in time, and if they are to be real, time must be real. Time exists as long as individuals exist. Time is the mere counting of events. As long as love exists, time exists. To embrace each person takes time if they are not to be alone. Time is not an illusion if we are to be individuals. For every thought I count, time passes, whether or not a clock ticks or a light beam vibrates three times. To deny time is to deny individuality.

      1. Clock time is merely a method of measurement held in common by all civilised societies, and has the same kind of reality (or unreality) as the imaginary lines of latitude and longitude. The equator is useless for stringing a rolled roast. To judge by the clock, the present moment is nothing but a hairline which, ideally, should have no width at all — except that it would then be invisible. If you are bewitched by the clock you will therefore have no present. “Now” will be no more than the geometrical point at which the future becomes the past. But if you sense and feel the world materially, you will discover that there never is, or was, or will be anything except the present.

  3. Nothing at all. That’s all I have to say about 2022. In 2023, I’d like to complete my transition to a meat and dairy free life. I would also like to get approved for disability, buy a house and move in and start dog sitting.

  4. My 2022 was literally a roller coaster ride, though most of the time it kept going low only lol!! But i learnt a lot this year, found out my intrest in writing poetry and started practicing self love. Overall it’s been a not so happy time but for sure a much needed lesson.

    1. I think most of us had a bit of a rollercoaster of a year lol! But glad you found your passion for poetry and are practicing self love.

  5. 2022 was a great year.
    I got invested more towards good health.
    Learned a few new things, made new friends. Overall It was an okay year.
    I am happy for you buddy, Keep smiling.

  6. 2022 was a standstill year for me. Nothing significant happened and my parents won’t visit us. This is the most depressing season d/t cold weather and SAD.

    Wake me up when winter ends.

    1. Sorry to hear that. December is difficult for people with seasonal depression. Sorry your parents can’t visit. Is it due to the weather?

  7. Here’s my SWS: Leaving the past for the future.

    Because we’re at the end of the year, and before we know it we’ll be in 2023. We have no choice to leave the past behind because the future will have grabbed hold of us.

  8. The legal note! 😂
    My 2022 was okay, as far as I can remember. I’m afraid if I try to remember more, I’ll find things I didn’t like about it, so I’ll just stick with fine.

  9. Refrigerator dark and cold December is.

    Cheerful dead leaves fertilize the soil.

    Trees cry when collected leaves leave.

    The Mistletoe* parasite plant is happy.

    Under the Mistletoe lovers kiss ignorantly.

    Death in the winter is cool.

    Jazz in winter is cool too.

    December improvises with snow gone fluffy.

    Let fluffy dogs scamper in snow.

    A ‘snow job’† makes December sad.

    *Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that drains nutrition from a host tree. It is also poisonous. But there is a tradition of kissing under mistletoe used as decoration.

    †Snow Job: (slang North America)
    a deception or concealment of one’s real motive in an attempt to flatter or persuade.

  10. Hi Pooja 🙂

    OMG — did I miss the “beginning” part? (LOL)

    You talk about the PAST year, you talk about the FUTURE? Where is the PRESENT? (after all: isn’t it Xmas time? 😛 )

    Past. Present. Future. Transitions. Start. Again.

    *insert Billy Idol face here*

    🙂 Norbert

  11. Girl! Congratulations on the jobs! Total boss mode! 2022 has been a wild and crazy year for me, yet I’m still here. I’ve grown a lot and am thankful for all of the wonderful support I’ve gained 🙂

  12. Congrats on starting two businesses and full time work! Our plans for December: weekend trip to Mexico, a week at Christmas in our old neighborhood with our kids and our son’s girlfriends family.

  13. 2022 was a good year overall. Stating to get my life back on track after COVID and the few years before. 2023 is looking to be even better. Will be making a few check on my “Bucket List” of amazing travels and personal challanges. The Next Chapter of my life will soon be underway..SO EXCITED!!!

  14. Congratulations on your business adventure. Well, you just remind me that it is time for a new New Year Resolution soon. LOL. Time is flying too quickly. I almost feel that I was still in 2021, thinking about 2022. It is an interesting year in many ways…

  15. Congrats on your businesses! 🙂
    This year has flown by but I’m excited for the next, and for Christmas. Got a lot of shopping done already and going to start wrapping today.

  16. Can’t wait to hear more about your other business! I’m an entrepreneur now too! Even though things are slow with starting, I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s not been easy having a cracked rib while doing this, and the accident has caused even more problems. Just gotta take one day at a time though

    1. Thanks is much! That’s amazing and yeah I am sure it got harder since you’re recovering. Just take it slow for now and when you’re fully recovered you can give it your all.

  17. Six word story- Tis the season for joyful giving.
    Yes this season did fly by fast. I’ve spent a majority of my time becoming a fiction writer this year. Still learning a lot about writing and becoming a published author. Hopefully next year I will have at least one book published.

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