One Sentence Story #4

One Sentence Story:

Blinded by greed and self-righteousness, we destroy everything and everyone around us.

This weeks one sentence story is mostly just an observation. As a historian, yes that is still technically what I am trained to be, I often see history repeating itself. And not because people are stupid or never learn. I think that is a common misconception. In my opinion, history repeats itself often because people know exactly what they are doing and how they will benefit from it.

And I myself am certainly not blame or guilt free. I have certain things I am opinionated and self-righteous about. There are moments when I too let my greed blind me from doing the right thing. I’m not perfect and I of course can not stand here and be all judgemental like I am you know I always keep it real with my Lifesfinewhiners(very pleased that’s catching on as a name for my readers). However, I am aware of these flaws which means I can work on them.

In other news…

Have you noticed more changes to the WordPress layout? I don’t know if things have changed for those of you using your mobile devices to blog but for those of us using our computer, things certainly looks quite different. I don’t like it. I think seeing my followers and who posted on the screen is so unnecessary because that’s what the Reader is there for. And that’s where I check for new posts by bloggers I follow. This just takes up room for no reason.

What do you think of the new WordPress layout? How is your week going so far? Let me know in the comments below and do leave your own related or unrelated one sentence story! Or simply stop by and say hi!

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95 thoughts on “One Sentence Story #4

  1. I do not like the way my Admin area looks, the numbers are too huge and the black border around the stats is distracting and ugly. As usual, WP never asks it’s users what they think about making changes to our sites.

    This would not happen if I/you were self-hosting. WP can dump the Reader and the crappy free themes they offer too. Yet, this company hosts some of the biggest corporate websites out there today. Apparently, we users are the low guys on the totem pole.

    Your one sentence story is sadly very true. 😵‍💫

    1. Yes, I’m not a fan of the changes either and they just seem so unnecessary to me. I think even if we are low on the pole we should still get a say in how the platform looks and functions. I think with all the bloggers combined WordPress still makes quite a lot of money off us.

    1. That’s definitely one of the problems but I think often some recognise the patterns but still don’t want to change them because they benefit them.

  2. Yeah. Selflessness is the quality that really builds the community around us. Counter-intuitively / ironically, selflessness ends up being a quality that can really benefit the person who possesses it.

  3. So true. I really don’t blog on my mobile unless I am away from my computer, or if a topic comes to me in the middle of the night, but I haven’t seen any changes in it, but when I use my computer, the media doesn’t always work right, and the publishing button doesn’t always want to work right either, and getting in touch with the happiness engineers is hard because they don’t always respond when I am having a problem. I don’t like the changes. They never ask us our opinion about anything; we use this platform, but we don’t have any say in the changes when they are being made.

    1. Yeah I understand your frustration. I get really irritated by the changes too especially because they always end up causing glitches like the ones you mentioned. I wish they would listen to the people who actually use this platform.

  4. It is an interesting perspective about people not being unable to learn but rather knowing exactly what they do. I have to ponder on that one a bit.

    Your observation in the one-sentence story Is one I find to be accurate, too.

    I have not seen the changes on WordPress you mentioned, yet. I will have to check it out on the weekend. Generally, I’m not a fan of too many changes happening too constantly, though. I do not feel like I am having a good overview from the phone, so I like to blog through the notebook with a bigger screen and all.

    1. Thank you. I definitely think that some people make genuine mistakes but I also believe that some people make destructive decisions knowingly.

      I prefer a bigger screen too. I rarely use my phone for WordPress. Especially for writing. I don’t really like the changes because I find them quite unnecessary.

  5. Nice sentence and very impactful.

    So many things are going on due to miscommunication, selfishness, and greed, however, in my microcosm of my life, I feel like the selfishness hits hard. It’s very hard to call that out when most attempts are self preservation and mild entitlement(I’m talking about myself). I still am waiting to mature and grow into a better person but that’s hard. Maturing, being a decent person…it’s progress and it’s linear or clear. It sucks.

    I haven’t noticed much about WordPress…but I hate the UX on here (mobile).

    Also, I looked at your blog on my computer and it’s so good to look at and everything was sorted beautifully—you clearly put a lot of love in this blog and I appreciate it.

    1. Thank you. I agree, so many problems are caused in the world due to greed and selfishness. Growth and maturing doesn’t happen overnight so don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time for us to change and better ourselves.

      Thanks so much. Unfortunately though I need to change the theme since WP has retired it and no longer updates it. I just hope the new theme I pick looks good. I don’t like any of the themes WP currently offers.

  6. Your story reminds me of the show that I’ve just finished watching.
    I will recommend you when you write a blog something related that the topic.
    What layout?
    You are scaring me now.

      1. Ohhh I noticed that today.
        Tbh, I don’t care as I’m following very few and among those few I have notifications on for my favourites, including LIFESFINEWHINE 😛.
        I’m talking about Alice in borderland recently. It’s on Netflix.

  7. Powerful insight stated in one sentence. And absolutely love the self honesty along with the acknowledgement of change.  Praying others follow suit…I’m trying too!

    Curious about WordPress now.  I mostly work on mobile; will check it out. 

    Thanks for making me think!

  8. Very powerful one sentence story. How about; Through my eyes I see beauty but also chaos. As for WordPress, they do seem to change things around quite a bit but I guess I just go with the flow for the most part.

  9. As Guardians of true knowledge and surrogates of God, the Ministry of Truth will henceforth require that any persons publishing false statements, or any opinion whatsoever different from the Ministry, shall deliver to us as a special tax, their first born child, grandchild, or nearest baby-relative to be raised by the Teachers’ Committee, similar to those persons publishing poetry who shall surrender their dog, or saving that, capture and deliver a falcon with a chicken in its talons while reciting the latest updated history that shall remain true until the next update and official pronouncement.

  10. Thank you for such an inspiring story. I can very well relate to this that we are all in this mess together and contributing to the mad downward spiral. It is hard to snap out of it. For example, a small business owner suffers from 10% mortgage rate. He or she would try to transfer the pressure to somebody else…

  11. Haven’t checked WordPress with my computer in a while, but I hope I won’t find it that unpleasant. I don’t know if it’s just me, but reading online with a desktop is quite stressful and tiring.

    And I agree with you on the sentence

      1. I just checked the desktop app, and everytime I wanted to go back to my site, it took me seconds of searching. So yeah, you’re right. Unnecessary. Reader mode is meant for the mobile app. Simple, and easily accessible.

  12. I like this story! 🙂
    I also noticed the changes too. When I saw “followers” on the right hand side of my Reader, I thought I was looking at a list of followers who follow the blog I happened to be reading at the time. Lol then I realized I was seeing my own followers list. 🤣

  13. Interesting premise here. I think almost the “greed” thing is created by society as a means to simply exist with less suffering. I fortunately have been blessed with enough “self doubt” to not feel self righteous. The only thing evolving on my layout is the question mark, as I connect via iPad, but I do think this gets in the way, and my follower counter has glitched so is always one over the real number for no apparent reason. Other than that, petty similar to before. Have a great weekend 🙂

  14. Here, a historian reading another historian. I found that “you have more to say, and share; “accurate understanding” of your life”. I wish, instead of writing heavy & lengthy books, previous historians would have worked sensibly.
    TRUE though, History reflects in our lives (or vice versa).

      1. Today I attended my first class of History, as a PG student. And really liked it.
        These are students (girls and boys) from diverse parts of India. They are enthusiastic, talented and determined.

        1. I don’t think I’ve heard a lot of The Eagles and definitely not enough to remember the lyrics. But they do have an awesome sound and these lyrics seem like words that stick with you.

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