Diet Update, Wednesday and Tea

Diet Update, Wednesday and Magic?

For the entire day I searched my brain for something to write and publish today. Initially I was going to write a post about mental health and the holidays but that has been postponed (but will be posted soon). Yes, I have fallen prey to the seductive succubus that is procrastination. Furthermore, I am currently working on three different books so I am pretty drained creatively. And I took a break to watch Wednesday so I didn’t have too much time for a longer post.

So instead, I decided to write a little something about me, myself and I. Because you can’t spell Lifesfinewhine without I.

Diet Update

As most of you know by now if you have read my recent posts, I am embarking on a journey towards healthier eating. I very much dislike calling it a diet because I find that the word “diet” is often associated with losing weight. I have no intention of gaining or losing any weight at the moment. After a long time, I am finally happy with where I am at. And it’s nice to be at that place.

However, I have been eating too many unhealthy things this year. And that’s why I wanted to start eating healthier. More raw fruits and vegetables, almost no oil and just overall very healthy foods. I’m not going to lie, I thought it would be very difficult. I’m someone who likes my junk food. But it’s been two weeks now and it’s really not that bad at all. In fact, I’m quite enjoying eating healthy and it’s really helped my body. I sleep better, I have more energy, my concentration is better and my mum (who is also on this diet with me) said her eyesight has gotten better. And I really don’t feel like I’m missing out because even without oil my meals have been delicious. Everything we have made so far has been amazing and so my mum and I are continuing to eat this way. I will be sharing some dishes I’ve made in the very near future.

Wednesday Addams

I have finally started watching Wednesday. For those of you interested in the show, it’s on Netflix.

It’s based on the Addams family. Wednesday and the Addams family have always been #goals. At least for me. Ever since I watched The Addams Family for the first time as a teenager, I loved it. And Wednesday is one of my favourite characters from any movie ever.

And that’s why I was terrified when I heard about this show. When it comes to Netflix it could go either way. It could be the best show ever or it could be an insult to all that is Wednesday Addams. I have only seen the first episode so far with my family and we quite enjoyed it thoroughly. Glad Netflix did a good job with it because Wednesday is iconic and I would be so mad if they ruined her character. Of course, there is still time for me to hate it so let’s see. I’ll share more thoughts on it once I am done watching the entire season.

I also don’t normally hit on TV character (that’s a lie I do, I’ve had a huge crush on so many of them) but everyone in Wednesday is exceptionally good looking. And not in a fake botoxed way. I feel like a teenager again. Sometimes I forget that I am almost in my late twenties now. Being an adult is weird. Can still very much relate to Wednesday though.


This is not really a topic deserving of its own subheading but I like writing my heading in threes. I have been drinking a lot of tea lately due to my horrible cold and it’s been lovely. The tea I mean, not the cold. The cold has sucked to the fullest. I forgot how much I love hibiscus tea until just now. As I type this I am sipping the most delicious hibiscus tea after so many months. I’ve been so engrossed in trying other flavours that I forgot about this one. I will most definitely be having more tomorrow morning.

What has been going on with you? Any fun weekend plans? Have you seen Wednesday? If so, did you enjoy it? What are you watching at the moment? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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88 thoughts on “Diet Update, Wednesday and Tea

  1. So glad to hear you will be eating healthy. Your body will love you for doing it. And it sounds like you’re already benefiting. Looking forward to seeing your recipes. And no, it’s not a diet. It’s just a better way to live. I hope you are also cutting out sugar, as it is the enemy which causes a lot of health issues.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I think of it a way of life and not really a diet because it’s about becoming more healthy overall. I cut out sugar like 2 years ago and it’s been great.

        1. I never really liked sweet foods so I was fine cutting out sugar. I use substitutes like homemade molasses if I need something a bit sweeter.

  2. Nothing is better than eating raw veggies and fruits, reducing intake of junks, sugary foods and deep fried stuff. Our bodies may take time to show positive effects of low-calorie healthy foods, but eventually we are the beneficiaries of the food choices we make.
    You have made the wisest decision, and we hope that you will stick to it, for your own good health.
    Stay healthy and happy.

  3. Well done on your healthy eating Pooja. I just had to comment on your review of Wednesday. Personally I have not watched, but it’s going around my home like there’s no other day of the week except Wednesday 😂. My 14 year old is even sporting the same hairstyle now🙈 and keeps talking about the dance. She’s been dancing the steps around the house for a while now🥴😂. So ya, I hear its a great one to watch…😊

  4. Oh no, you’re still sick? Do we have the same cold? I cancelled work today and tmr… hoping to be better by Sunday (or well enough to work). I think I might have bronchitis 😞 Tea is very good, especially hibiscus tea. It’s one of my favorites. I’m drinking tea as I write this 🍵💕

    I think it’s cool that you’re embarking on a healthier diet and I like that “no oil” rule. I eat way too many fatty foods and need to cut back. That’s great that your mom is supportive too!

    1. I don’t know how, but I think we all have the same cold. So many people told me they have a cold and their cough won’t go away 😥 Mine turned into bronchitis but luckily it was mild and went away. Tea helps so much ☕️

      Thanks and I had the same problem where I was eating too many bad fats and not enough healthy foods. My mum is super into healthy eating and was the one who suggested the diet change. It’s been very fun to have someone to help with the cooking and we keep each other one the right track.

  5. Happy you’re feeling better and eating better. Since yesterday was national brownie day, we took the opportunity to make some. Yeah… healthy? Not so much! Sigh. Please say little prayer for me and my car, Hector. We slid into a curb this morning in the snow. It doesn’t look good for Hector’s tire. God will provide, but prayers can only help?

    1. Thanks so much. Yum, I love brownies although I don’t eat them anymore. I haven’t in a few years.
      Will definitely keep you in my prayers 🙏

  6. I agree. Diets are for the birds. You’re taking the best route by listening to your body. It will tell you what you need.

    Haven’t started watching Wednesday yet but it looks appealing.

    Now to heat water for tea!

    1. Agreed, diets are not healthy and often extreme. I feel like this is more of a lifestyle change and I’m really liking it so far.

      Wednesday is so good, I would really recommend it!

  7. Yeah, I’ve been fighting some virus, probably RSV. It’s really messed with my plans. I’m quite ready to be done with it. Coughing has worn out whatever welcome it might have had.

    As a long time Adaams family fan, I’ve been excited for Wednesday.

    I keep thinking I should eat better, too. Then I hit these busy stretches where laziness inspired fast food meals wear on me. Sigh…

    1. It’s the coughing I find exhausting too. It’s just refusing to leave. Hope you feel better soon.

      Wednesday is very good so far. I would highly recommend it.

      I know what you mean, when you’re really hungry or too tired to cook it’s easy to just get fast food. It’s been tough giving it up.

  8. You are drained of creativity is like an ocean is drained of water, both are unlikely.
    Sadly, the fitness industry made the word “diet” related to weight loss. Whenever people hear the word “diet”, they think that the person is doing it for losing weight.
    I am also following a diet, and yes my goal is weight loss, but the fun part of my diet is, I haven’t left eating anything and can enjoy everything. My main idea is to eat more veggies along with food.
    I never had this much cucumber and tomatoes as much as I am having it these days, haha. My diet is simple and can be followed throughout my life.
    What you are doing is great, because it’s benefitting you in many ways. As your mother, respected aunty Ji said that she felt improvement in her eyesight, you feel a spike in energy levels, so these are good signs. You are preparing your body against various things.
    What is hibiscus tea? We have a tree in our garden, never thought of tea. Wow. I hope the cold goes away dear, please take care.
    About Wednesday, it’s on my watch list.
    As you are on Netflix, I want to recommend you 2 shows.
    1: Money heist: Korea-Joint economic area
    2: Alice in borderland
    Watch these in the original language, If you like crime thriller, you will enjoy these, it’s hard to find good shows, but I am enjoying Japanese and Korean shows.
    You were right, Lucifer was a bit boring.
    I might start 1899 or some other Korean show, there are some zombie-based shows, will give you a review later.
    Sorry for this mini blog.

    1. I genuinely am drained. I mean I still have lots of ideas for posts I just don’t have the energy to actually create them.

      I think that’s the best way to diet. Eat what you enjoy but make sure the largest portions of your meals are raw fruits and vegetables.

      Hibiscus tea is tea made from the hibiscus flower. It’s so delicious. You can make fresh hibiscus tea if you can get the flowers.

      Those both sound good, will check them out for sure.

      1. Why don’t you take a break?
        I really think, you should take a break from blogging for a while. 😁
        You can be still around and read other’s work, and reply back to yours. But, you can come up all charged up.
        Maybe what’s draining you is multiple roles. I know a woman can always manage these roles, still your mind needs some rest. Plus the cold is taking a lot from you.
        However this is just a suggestion, I know consider you my friend and I just gave a friendly suggestion. You are a smart person and I am sure you know what’s best for you. 💚
        We have hibiscus tree in our garden, right now hibiscus flowers are not in season, so the tree has no flowers.
        I will watch more shows and recommend you soon. It’s hard to find good shows. Tbh, American shows have bored me now 😅

        1. Don’t worry I get some time off every week. Thanks so much though 😊
          Maybe you can make some tea when the flowers bloom. Lol yeah some American shows get very lame.

  9. I love the Adams Family. I have both of the DVD movies, and I still watch the old classic shows on my phone. I am going to have get Netflix and see what the new show is all about. Congratulations on your three books, let us know when their published, I cannot wait to read them. I really haven’t watched anything new in a while, just lots of classic movies and television shows. I really don’t have anything planned this week. I am still trying to get rid of this cough. I haven’t had any hibiscus tea in a good minute. It is so good. I have a special mug I drink it from whenever I make it. Come to think of it, I am getting some tomorrow. I am going to doctor it up and see if this cough will leave. I tried to find you on Tik Tok, are you under a different name? You and your sister website is beautiful. The pics are so pretty. Nice job! I hope you and she have many great adventures. I know it will be successful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. It’s a fantastic movie and I am glad the show is well made as well.
      Thanks so much. I don’t know if the books will be out soon but I am hoping to publish at least one next month.

      Tea is wonderful for colds. Hope your cough leaves soon. It does take a while sometimes but if you keep drinking tea and staying warm it should go away.

      Thank you so much. Our TikTok is:

  10. Eating healthier has a huge, positive impact to my body and soul. I love playing around the kitchen, but have yet been able to find a site with knock your shoes off healthy recipes. Excited for you to share!

    Thanks for sharing the Wednesday trailer…definitely going to check it out.

    Tea, not so much me (coffee gal here), but I’ve read so much of the benefits, I should give it a try again…maybe cold vs hot.

    And I love doing things in 3s. I’m an odd number kinda person. 😉

    1. Yes, eating healthy helps so much. I feel much better too.

      It’s a wonderful show, hope you enjoy it.

      I used to be a coffee person but the caffeine gives me anxiety so now I stick to tea.

      Lol finally someone who gets it 😅

  11. So happy Wednesday got the seal of approval 😂 I loved it. My husband and I blew through it in less than a week!

    And I’m happy to hear that healthy eating is treating you well. I’ve recently re-evaluated my nutrition and have made some changes for better health. More antioxidants and veggies, much less sugar and no processed food (as much ad possible). I think people can forget that proper nutrition is good for your whole body—including your brain and mental health—not just for looking good in a bathing suit.

    1. It’s so good, I would so binge it if I had more time 😅

      Agreed, eating healthy helps your mind and body not just helps you lose weight. It’s great you’re trying to eat healthier too.

  12. Why does it sound like illnesses could be transmitted through blogs? Because I’m just recovering from a horrible case of malaria. Then again, it’s highly unlikely, because yours is a cold, but still. Reminds me of how much I hate illnesses, for anyone.

    I’ve been hearing about Wednesday everywhere, but here I am without Netflix *inserts crying emoji*

    1. I got malaria when I was younger and it so sucked. It was awful and I wasn’t even in Kenya I was on Uganda which made it worse. We didn’t know any good doctors or anything.

      *cough torrent Wednesday cough*

  13. I watched Wednesday with my kids, we loved it! I’ve always been a big Wednesday fan. It’s great you’re looking into healthier eating, and I like calling it that instead of diet too. Glad to hear you’re doing well! 🙂

    1. I’ve been hearing all good things about it so I’m excited to watch more!

      Thanks so much and yeah I hate diets so I would rather not call it that too.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I could probably include more fruit and vegetables to my diet, although I’ve been eating oranges at breakfast lately and it has been nice. When you talk about how it ups your energy and sleep, it inspires me. I’ve been sleeping eh lately. Saw the first episode of Wednesday! It was good. Jenna Ortega does a good job with the role. I might continue, I’m not sure. And tea is fantastic and so helpful when you’re sick! Absolutely deserves a bullet of its own. What’s your favorite tea lately?

    1. Yeah, eating healthier and cutting out oil has really helped my sleep. I generally have pretty eh sleep too and it makes me feel exhausted but this has helped with that. Wednesday is fantastic I would recommend watching the whole season. I am loving hibiscus tea right now. What about you?

  15. I love Wednesday! I binge watched it last weekend. So good! Can’t wait for season 2. So glad to hear about your healthy habits. I’ve been eating healthier and exercising more often since March and I feel so different in a good way. I also dislike the word diet. Well maybe not dislike, yet I find it odd to have the word die in a word meant to support health ya know. I’m also drink tea. Mostly green tea my mom makes, but it’s really good. I’m 28 yet still feel like I’m sixteen sometimes 🙂

    1. I’m excited to watch more episodes of Wednesday. I’ve seen three so far and loved them.
      Thanks and yes a healthy lifestyle feels really good. I really find that weird too, the reason to be on a diet is to live longer so it’s odd that the word die is in it.
      Green tea is so delicious as well. Haha I don’t think we ever truly feel like adults.

  16. It’s been a while since I had ✨tea✨. It’s been either coffee or soda. I should try taking lots of tea this Christmas holiday
    And yes! I have watched Wednesday and I LOVED it!

  17. Hey Pooja! I am working on loving myself as is, and if I love myself as is, I drink my water and take better care of myself. I am not dieting, I am working on treating myself better. Today I meditated and took a walk. My daughter and I finished Wednesday and we loved it. My sister is buying her a Nevermore hoodie for Christmas. I am debating on making a cup of tea right now.

  18. I thought I was crazy working on more than one book at a time. 😁 (Look out for a future post on that.) Looking forward to you posting some of your tasty meals. 👍

  19. I’m glad you’re managing to keep up with your healthy eating habits! I have heard a lot about the show Wednesday and really want to see it, even though I didn’t watch the Addams Family when I was a kid, also because it is from Tim Burton, and I usually love his movies, so I’m really curious to check it out!

  20. Most of my family are enjoying Wednesday but have not had the the chance to sit down and watch it yet but I’m hearing many good things about the show and glad Netflix are doing such an iconic character justice. Hope your tea also helps you to get over that cold soon

  21. What a charming post. I haven’t checked out Wednesday Addams yet, but if it can reduce the length of your posts, it must be worth it. I am pleased you are eating healthy, for me I think it has gone the opposite way of late due to hotel stays and Christmas season fast approaching. That said I agree that eating healthily is so important to how you feel and what you are motivated to do.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, Wednesday is wonderful
      I’m sure you’ll like it if you decide to watch it. It’s not always easy to eat healthy but I think we should when we can.

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