Reasons To Stay Happy When Dealing With Anxiety

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Reasons To Stay Happy When Dealing With Anxiety

5 Reasons To Stay Happy When Dealing With Anxiety
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I used to think that closing my eyes tight would drown out the noise inside my head whenever I felt my anxiety increase. As I got older, I developed this nervous ending fear of being around people I was unfamiliar with or sometimes my stomach would knot whenever exams were around the corner, or I’d have this intense battle with my innermost thoughts just to post a recent picture of myself on a social media platform.

Sometimes you may ask yourself if you’re making a mountain out of a molehill, but honestly, it’s so easy to get lost in thought, especially the negative ones that make anxiety even worse. But here’s the thing! I’m still learning that it’s completely normal to feel the way we do and it’s even more important to allow our happiness to shine through the shadow cast by our anxieties.

When we prioritise happiness, our fears no longer seem like the dark clouds in the sky blocking our sight. Learning to be kind to ourselves can take time so here are 5 reminders of why it is important to stay happy in the face of anxiety:

1. Builds self-confidence

Have you ever felt like you’ve been on cloud nine after accomplishing a task that initially felt impossible?

That’s the self-confidence nourishing our minds and souls. The task could be as simple as changing into a new outfit, cooking your favourite dish, taking up a new hobby, or going for a stroll in the park. Identify something that you would love to do and take it one step at a time.

There is no need to pressure yourself because sometimes we are our own worst critics when our self-esteem is low. Baby steps are all you need to help grow your confidence and overcome those anxieties.

2. Regain self-control

Back in August, I had major surgery on my elbow after breaking my arm. Some days later when I met up with my doctor, he said he had never seen anxiety so severe even after they put me under anaesthesia.

I remember panicking that I couldn’t breathe right before I blacked out. A situation I felt as though I had no control over. And yet, the worst came after. I couldn’t describe the panic attacks I experienced at night, feeling as though the darkness would swallow me.

As each day passed, I started to write down my thoughts. It didn’t have to make sense but the idea of putting pen or pencil to paper made me feel as though I was slowly getting back control of my thoughts mentally.

I was starting to see a glimmer of light, but not so much at the end of the tunnel because I knew it would take time. So, when you seek your happiness, you benefit from regaining control of your thoughts, your life, and everything that matches your awesome energy.

3. Fosters healthier relationships

Sometimes it’s good to vent to someone. Not just anyone though. When I found myself too consumed in my thoughts, I’d try to reach out to a close friend or therapist to help calm or organize my thoughts.

Sometimes when we keep our emotions bottled up, anything can trigger anxiety like stress. This in turn can negatively affect our relationships because we allow anxiety to consume our thoughts and control our reactions to those around us.

In my case, I pulled away from family and friends without them knowing what was happening, and it took some time for me to repair relationships when I recovered from my panic episodes.

So having that one person to confide in can help reduce anxiety and encourage healthier relationships.

4. Improves mood

When you suffer from anxiety, sometimes it feels like every day you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Worse yet for us ladies, when Mother Nature hits, we take a hit for six with either PMS or a cluster of hormones that rattles our emotions.

So, imagine fighting mood swings, toppled with work and school deadlines. What happens? We shut down before we know it. In trying yoga, a couple of times, I realised my aura was more relaxed.

During the early lockdowns, I was impatient seeking immediate results, and began with 5 minutes of yoga stretches to calm my thoughts and find back that balance. Then I moved to 10 minutes and eventually 15 minutes where I was able to quiet the chaos of everyday challenges.

My mood changed drastically because I soon realised I was in control of how I wanted to respond to external and internal factors. Even if I didn’t do a yoga session, I’d pull up some chakra meditation music on YouTube to help soothe my soul and reduce my anxiety.

5. Strengthens the immune system

Have you ever felt a positive change in mood after exercising? And when I say exercise, it can be dancing, walking, or any aerobic activity that gets your heart and lungs pumping.

When you exercise, those good feeling happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are released giving your immune system an extra boost in resistance. An article by Choice House talks about cortisol as “the primary stress hormone and as the alarm system for your body.”

When we’re anxious, we stress out and the more we stress, the more we risk infections and break down our immune system.

In this case, I found that taking a stroll to clear my mind used to put me in a better space mentally and at the same time strengthen my immune system.


Happiness and anxiety are opposite states of mind that act like a game of tug of war with our emotions. When we allow anxiety to settle, that fear or tense feeling can make the smallest problem seem like an unmovable rock sitting in our path.

That’s why it’s important to examine well what you’re running away from. Putting your happiness on the front line can help change your perspective on life, improve relationships, nurture your inner soul and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.


Choice House. (2020, September 30). How anxiety weakens our immune system in recovery. Retrieved December 9, 2022, from

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54 responses to “Reasons To Stay Happy When Dealing With Anxiety”

  1. I find spending time in nature is also a great way to destress. And for me photography also does wonders. Because when you are looking through the lens, you are only focusing on what is before you. And it is so true, exercise will do wonders for the body and the mind.

    1. I agree nature definitely brings peace and serenity. The beach used to be my go to place. I also love that photography helps. It gives that sense of direction when looking through the lens.

      1. Yes it really does. It keeps you focus on the task task at hand.

  2. My brain has felt foggy this week. This year I’ve done a much better job at confronting my anxiety and for the most part things have been well. I agree that we should reach out to others, yet for me it’s sort of difficult cause my friends as well as family can be super busy, so it can be harder to stay in touch with them which leads to anxiety. So that’s one of those bridges I need to cross, but I’m sure things will improve. Great post, hon. Sorry if I’m rambling. You’re a good listener 🙂

    1. I remember a quote, “the broken become masters at mending,” to remind myself that we’re all great works in progress. Before you even realize it, that brain fog will evaporate soon enough. I’ve been in that position too of not having a friend or family member to talk too. At times I felt as though they wouldn’t understand, were too busy or inconvenienced them. So I looked into free counseling because some of the services tended to be expensive. If that’s an option for you, feel free to try it. And you’re definitely not rambling! It’s amazing to see that we’ve all experienced anxiety in one way or the other and everyone has their own way of overcoming it. Keep it up! See lol now I’m rambling lol.

      1. That is a really epic, quote! Thank you, Karisse. I find it amusing how people we hardly know or randomly come across online can be so kind and understand us so well even dare I say better than our own family. I’m really glad to have good support. I know they care and understand, but it’s hard. I’m looking into seeking a therapist. That will help big time. Thanks for listening, chatting and understanding me 🙂

        1. You’re most welcome! We got you! The world including online is your oyster and anything you put your mind too you can achieve it! Greatness is in the palm of your hands and I’m happy to help anytime girlfriend lol *flips hair* lol

  3. Being able to regain a sense of control is huge when dealing with anxiety. Lately, I’ve been making daily lists and checking things off. It sounds silly but it works. I try not to overwhelm myself with the lists but at the same time, I make them tangible so something gets done that day. I almost always feel better after the list gets completed.

    1. Agreed! Those lists are like my daily log. There are times I don’t even get to check off the items because I’d be in one of my low moods but it definitely helps.

  4. Things which interests us, are one of the greatest remedies.
    Thank you for sharing all these tips.

  5. This article finds me at the right time.
    I can attest to all the things listed, only I had been in such a bad phase that I had forgotten them. It is good and helpful to read/ hear from other people what works for them because it reminds us in the very dark phases, that it is worthwhile to hang in and continue with certain routines.
    Thank you for this article.

  6. It is a very well written article, and genuinely urges us to stay happy even during our lowest moments. All the reasons to stay happy are very valid. We must try to make ourselves happy, under all circumstances. Giving in to anxiety and depression should never be a choice. We must reach out to our near and dear ones, and share our thoughts with them. This will definitely heal our morbid thoughts and help us overcome depressing moods. Likewise, we must doff our introverted mantle, and spend time in the lap of mother nature. Nothing is more healing than this. Being extrovert and exploring the benign nature is the panacea for all mental disorders.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! 😊

  7. This was very helpful, Karisse, thank you, and I mean it. I remember one of your points working well for me – I was having my final exams, and I didn’t know it, but the stress and anxiety was getting to me. So, one day, I decided to just write everything down, and it helped, a lot, in regaining control. Everything didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore, and I took back control of my thoughts, so much that the frequency at which I wrote them down decreased. Exercise also helps, though I haven’t done that in a while.
    Thank you!

    1. Awww appreciating your kind words and sharing of your experience. Exams are a pain in the butt lol so it’s definitely helpful when our thoughts are organized. Keep up the good work and the exercise will come soon enough

  8. Great article! It is completely true that regaining control, even on tiny things can help a lot when we’re feeling anxious, that’s why taking deep breaths helps so much! It is not always easy to think happy thoughts when we’re in a whirlwind of emotions, but it really helps! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Amazing article. Lots of information. Well written. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wise words here. I think it captures well anxiety and happiness which we all experience from time to time to variable extents 🙂

  11. Anxiety has been a struggle for me especially the fact that its not recognized as an issue around here. Thank you for this. Really helpful

    1. Agreed! Where I’m from I’ve been told to drink tea and my anxiety would go away! So it’s good to have support from a community that identifies that anxiety manifests in different forms and everyone copes with it differently.

  12. Great post that all of us can relate to! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you for such a motivational informative article, I used to be extremely sad all of the time simply from my chronic anxiety. After years of experimenting I am happy finally, and many of your suggestions were the key to my success

    You are helping so many people

    1. This brought me to tears. Thank you so much and I’m happy that you’re in your happy place 💛

      1. Thank you for replying back to my comment, I appreciate it more than you can imagine

        1. You are an inspiration!

          1. Thank you really appreciate the compliment

  14. I think staying happy must be encouraged for success!

  15. I actually had similar social anxiety and uneasy stomach before an exam. Of course part of the reason was that I couldn’t communicate with my narcissistic parents who were toxic. I later learned how to be more open with my problems with my friends, which really helped me a lot in alleviating my sense of negativity, which was instilled in me by my parents. Wish we all find ways to deal with our issues and live a happy and productive life.

  16. Aha an interesting blog.
    I was about to get angry at you because you never told us about any surgery, Pooja.
    I was wondering wah, Pooja has changed her writing style completely.
    A well written blog Karisse, I hope you are fine now with your elbow..
    I’m saving this blog, because I loved it. I would love to read more of your work. Best wishes

    1. Lol if I had surgery my Lifesfinewhiners would be first to know. Yes, she did a wonderful job with this article!

      1. Atleast now, I can identify your writing style. Still I was so shocked 😝. I was thinking, how did she never mentioned this? What else she has left see now? She’s publishing blogs daily, when and how she’s doing it? 🙂. You did a great job, by providing this wonderful opportunity to her. Thanks for doing this. This makes me think that I should now write again for you 😝. I need to think of the best topics.

        1. Lol now you have to be extra careful when reading so you know it’s a guest post!
          You absolutely need to, start working on one lol! 😜

          1. Yes I have to be careful. 😀
            I will think of something. 🙇🏻‍♂️

    2. aww thanks, soo much. I truly appreciate this; you are also an inspiration for me to continue writing! My elbow is a work in progress with physical therapy but my panic attacks have reduced a lot since the surgery.

      1. I’m happy to know that you are doing good. Please take good care. I shall read your work soon and will drop my opinion there. Keep writing.

        1. Thank you so much. I definitely will!

    3. aww thanks, soo much. I truly appreciate this; you are also an inspiration for me to continue writing! My elbow is a work in progress with physical therapy but my panic attacks have reduced a lot since the surgery.

  17. Good post and good tips, thank you.

  18. Well written & quite informative…thank you for that…whatever makes one happy really helps…writing, music, connecting with nature, animals…pets play such an important part coz they are simply there…not judging or analyzing or reacting…they’re simply present & are with you…quietly & lovingly 💫

  19. Such a great post for the holidays when so many people are truly suffering from anxiety and depression. Solid advice and love this Pooja
    ” it’s even more important to allow our happiness to shine through the shadow cast by our anxieties.”❤️

  20. Thanks to Karisse for the pointers!

  21. These are great pointers! Making sure you have healthy friendships can SAVE YOU!

    1. Thanks so much. I agree! Emphasis on the word “healthy.” It makes a whole difference when you confide in the right person.

      1. Having a confidant is so vital!

  22. Great post as always and thankyou for sharing such personal information about yourself while also providing some useful advice for those that suffer with anxiety that I’m sure they will very much appreciate. Glad also your doing well now🤗

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post 😊

  23. Great post. Exercise works wonders on a number of fronts. I may go out walk around the block now!

    1. Exercise is definitely very helpful. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  24. That’s a great list. What I like most about it is it’s not encouraging toxic positivity, which can definitely be problematic

    1. I really dislike toxic positivity too which is why I enjoyed this post and decided to share it.

  25. I really enjoyed that post. You have come a long way. I felt a lot of anxiety after my brain surgery and it took a years to get passed it. I try not to let toxicity into my life or associate with toxic people. I wake up with a smile pretty much every day. That is great advice you shared.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I think the writer did a great job with it. Staying positive and keeping toxic people out of your life is definitely a great way to better your mental health.

      1. Toxicity is something a lot of people have trouble getting rid of

        1. True. I have that problem myself.

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