Omg, More Good News!

How It Started:

As I mentioned in my Goals for 2023 post, I want to write more. As much as I love doing everything I offer on my services page for work, at the end of the day I’m still a writer. My heart beats for writing. All I have ever wanted to do and all I want to do is write. That’s why when I read this post by Cindy about Hidden In Childhood: A Poetry Anthology, I decided to also submit a poem of my own.

The Real Story

Well, that’s not the full story to be honest. I read that post and was like maybe I should submit something. But I also get anxious about stuff like that and procrastinate because I’m scared of failure. And I was intimidated by the fact that so many talented poets had submitted their work. I’m not really a poet and I know it. Sometimes I read the poems that you guys share on your blogs and get so intimidated because it’s better than anything I will ever write. So, I was like “nah.” But out of nowhere, a poem came to be that I thought would be perfect for the anthology. So I decided to ignore the always present voice of anxiety in my head and submit the poem anyway. What’s the worst that could happen? I get rejected?

I submitted it on 2nd January and in a couple of hours I got the confirmation that my poem was accepted. It was so exciting reading the confirmation email and I was excited to share the news with you guys! I also want to thank Gabriela Maria Milton for editing Hidden In Childhood: A Poetry Anthology and putting all this together. I’ve discovered her blog more recently and love her content. And I think it’s wonderful that she is giving writers a chance to share their work like this.

Hidden In Childhood: A Poetry Anthology Gabriela Maria Milton

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138 thoughts on “Omg, More Good News!

  1. Congratulations on your submission. You are an excellent writer. I think I’m still trying to find my niche with my writing. I have been concentrating on news stories and not on my personal story. The poem idea was like a light bulb going off, I might give that a try and see what happens. Thank you for the inspiration.

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