This Week On Lifesfinewhine

This Week On Lifesfinewhine

I just wanted to share a post with a bunch of information about Lifesfinewhine this week. I feel like January has just had so much going on. I know I’ve been sharing a lot of these sort of updates post but I kind of have to. I want to keep my Lifesfinewhiners in the loop.

The Story Behind Lifesfinewhine

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of sharing my story on another site. I have talked about Lifesfinewhine and my blogging journey on here before. But that was quite a while back and a lot has happened since then. I mean, it’s literally been like years since shared my blogging journey posts, lol.

So anyway, I share a more updated version of my blogging journey. And how it led to me becoming a writer and freelancer. I also share some of the challenges to expect when it comes to blogging and some blogging advice. You can read the full article using this link:

Schedule For The Week

As most of you know by now, I have a lot going on this month. With the poetry anthology I’m part of coming out, working on my own books, my cousins wedding and much more I don’t have much time. Now that I am working full time, I need to prioritise. And blogging is unfortunately not always my number one priority. So, I will be taking some days off in January. This will be my last post until Friday. So there will be no post on Thursday this week. Apologies and don’t miss me too much, lol.

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63 thoughts on “This Week On Lifesfinewhine

  1. WellsFiction

    Thank you for telling us, Pooja. No worries. I dislike the feeling of worrying whenever you can’t post or just merely desire to take a break. It’s totally fine and definitely necessary to refill our creative wells 🙂

  2. Sometimes when people say they have a lot going on, it’s like “uh oh.” But you have a lot of happy, positive things going on, and that’s great! Yes, definitely prioritize! And have fun! See you when you get back 😊

  3. We will most certainly miss you. We will be alright though. Take all of the time you need. Congratulations on all of the happiness you are having. We know you will fill us in when you come back. Just enjoy yourself. Thanks for telling us. Have a great break.

  4. That was a great article at the acoustics post. Good to know about your journey as a blogger! And we will definitely miss your blog post on Thursday.

  5. You have loads of your many informative posts to get through while your away and I look forward to when you return. All the best for the busy month ahead!

  6. I hope you will be back soon with full energy. Big Hugs dear. I’ll miss your writings and offcourse interacting with you virtually in comment section. Take care. Hope you have great time.

  7. As I think I have said before, so important to take the time you need and yes I will miss your posts but your priorities are more important. I will check out that “career as a freelancer”, as it will be interesting to explore your journey in more detail. I wish you well with your poetry, books and “kind of crazy” weddings 🙂

  8. That’s really a busy life and take some rest once a while. And I will miss you very much, especially your insightful comments. However I know taking time off is important for all of us. Wish you enjoy your cousin’s wedding.. I am just imagining how beautiful it will be…

  9. Hi pooja! first of all I also had some time off from freelancing and blogging because of the new job. Now I’m sort of getting back together and sort of ready to continue on blogging. Anyways gonna miss your musing ofc

  10. Well, It’s already the end of the week so I hope you had a great one. As you say, a busy life needs prioritising, and it’s great that you are already doing that to prevent feeling too overwhelmed and burned out in the weeks. Take care!

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