Are Blogs Still Relevant In 2023?

Are Blogs Still Relevant In 2023?

Are blogs still relevant in 2023? This is a question that people have been asking a lot recently. For the last decade or so, the relevancy of blogging has been questioned quite frequently. With the rise of vlogging, social media platforms and so much more, blogging seems to no longer have the influence it once did.

For a while, blogging was the only form of outlet that people had and there was a large demand for blogs which made blogs grow quite quickly. However, with so many other outlets now available, blogs seem to have taken a backseat for many. And people often ponder- are blogs still relevant in 2023?

This is what I think about that question. Yes, blogs are still very much relevant. Even with so many different outlets available now, blogging brings things to the table that no other outlets can offer. And for many bloggers, the community they find blogging can not be compared to other communities on other platforms. Plus, the form of outlet that blogging gives you is significantly different than any other platform.

However, we must admit that thanks to so many new platforms popping up very frequently, blogging has been negatively affected. But the good news is that there are actually some ways to keep your blog relevant and to continue bringing in the traffic. Here is how you can keep your blog revenant at a time when blogs are less popular than they once were:


I think your quality matters more than any other factor when it comes to keeping your blog relevant. People don’t want to read a blog post that is not well written. When someone reads your blog, they are much more likely to read the entire thing if you offer them something. Whether it’s information, entertainment or whatever. They should feel like they enjoyed and benefited from reading your post. That’s what keeps readers coming back. And if they don’t enjoy your blog due to low quality, they will likely just find another blog out of the thousands out there to read. You really need to stand out these days and the best way to do that is to always have a high quality blog post ready to share with your audience.


Your niche makes a huge difference in traffic, following etc. The truth is, a lot of bloggers quit blogging overtime because their niche was just a trend and is no longer relevant. When picking a niche for your blog, you want to make sure it’s something you’re actually passionate about if you plan to blog long term.

Another reason niche is important is again because of trends. When something is trending you will get more views for that topic no matter what form of media you use. Even with blogging you’ll get a good amount of views depending on the topic you have chosen to write about.


Marketing is a big part of staying relevant. Let’s be honest, social media has really taken the world by storm. Whether you like social media or not, it has a huge audience. And people spend hours daily on social media. So a great way to keep your blog relevant is to continuously post about it on other platforms. If you want to stay relevant you have to keep up with what’s going on in the world and join platforms that are currently popular.

I would highly recommend creating specific pages for your blog on social media platforms instead of using your personal page. A specific blog page is better for traffic, SEO and you have the freedom of being more open on it since your friends/family are not on it.

I know that it’s easier said than done because social media is extremely time consuming. And not everyone has that much time to spend on social media promoting their blog. For those of you that are short on time (or energy), try hiring a social media manage who can do all the work for you. If that’s in your budget of course. Not everyone wants to or can afford to spend so much money on their blog. But if you are someone who would like to hire a social media manage, that is a service I offer. You can read more about it by clicking here.


Are blogs still relevant in 2023? The real question is, are you still relevant in 2023? As time goes forward, things constantly change. What’s in one day is out the next. What topic once got you thousands of views may get you no views at all. The best way to keep your blog relevant is to be relevant yourself. Oftentimes, I’ve noticed that it is not about your blog or blog posts. It’s about the blogger.

If you post consistently interesting and relevant posts that readers can connect and interact with they will keep coming back to your blog. If you reply to comments and continue to socialise, that will make people keep coming back to read your posts. Because a lot of times, people are there for you as much as for your posts.


So, are blogs still relevant in 2023? The short answer would be, yes. As we discussed, even though they may not be as popular as they once were, there is still an audience for them. And personally, I think there is always going to be an audience for them. Because sharing content on your blog is really different from other social media platforms. It’s unique and really works for some people.

What do you think? Are blogs still relevant in 2023? How do you keep your blog relevant? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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177 thoughts on “Are Blogs Still Relevant In 2023?

  1. Excellent post! I think society is now full of people who prefer “headlines”. This is why social media is so popular. It’s misleading most times, but perfect for the laziest among us. Blogs seem to attract the more intelligent reader, and they’re far, few, and in between nowadays. I’m fine with that. Filter out the meh.

    1. Yes, you make a very good point. Peoples attention spans have gotten shorter and they often don’t care about the article past the headline.
      I agree, those who enjoy blogging are less but I prefer them.

  2. Yes, I believe they are, simply because we can talk about whatever we want to talk about and not have to worry about someone judging or criticizing our opinions. Social media is alright, but it’s just too much drama if you ask me. Blogging is an outlet where likeminded people share what they feel, or just to vent, or share what’s going on, or write about a topic that’s interesting. Blogging will always be relevant no matter what as the years come and go. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. Yes, I think blogs will always have an audience. Perhaps a smaller one but there will be people interested in blog posts. Thanks and have a great weekend too.

    2. I think you’re very right. Blogging will never fade cause people will always want to write about something and express themselves through their words, articulated or not.

  3. That’s something I have always asked myself. What is my style and my niche? But I never have any answers, or probably just a messy jumbled pile of half-baked ideas. LOL. So I am still searching aimlessly…

  4. Great post and very interesting points! I think that as long as there are people who love to read and write, there will be bloggers and readers. All of your points are very well thought out and spot on. 😀

  5. I agree with you, Pooja, blogs are not as popular as they once were but they are still a relevant platform. I’ve been at this for about ten years…

  6. Unfortunately there is a trend for people to connect for the sole purpose of advertising their products hoping our friends will check their page out not to mention those who comment hoping for a response and therefor legitimize their porno sites. However there are serious bloggers still producing something of interest. We just have to be careful who we respond to or connect with.

    1. Yes, that is true. It’s all about promoting one another. I think promotion is fine but when done constantly it can have the opposite effect. True, we just have to pick and choose who we truly enjoy reading.

  7. Writing is such a cathartic process for me, I love editing and refining what I have written in a bid to get across the meaning or message as succinctly as possible. Blogging is definitely relevant for me 😀 I am not the type of person who is comfortable putting myself out there on video and don’t post much on social media.

  8. I believe blogs are more relevant in 2023, than say even a couple of years ago because I feel the quality has broadly improved across the board. There are many discerning readers out there.

    I do wish I had more time to put into mine and I may do that throughout this year. I just need to figure out what I sacrifice to make this happen😂

    I do think one of the keys to success is to figure out what works for you. I have noticed that frequency doesn’t matter so much with a good blog, despite many saying otherwise. However, consistency is the key, with good content of course.

    1. That’s great. Yes, in a way blogs are more relevant now with the increase of those using the internet and Search Engines over the last decade or two. I agree, I think it has to do with the quality. If you publish high quality posts consistently it’s possible to build a good following and get a good amount of traffic.

      Lol hope you figure it out and can put more time into blogging this year 😊

  9. Are blogs still relevant in 2023, ask the best blogger 😂.
    Hey I love this blog of yours a lot. Surprisingly it’s different from your style.
    For a moment I didn’t realized that it’s written by you, but then I read in marketing point about your services, then I realized that yes it’s you. Such a terrific writer you are PG.
    About the blog, I appreciate the tips. I will try to work more towards this. There are some things that my blogs lack and I will try to fix them.

      1. Not complaining or anything. But, I still believe that there are at least 7 writers inside you. Who knows when what version will appear and share something extremely unique. I mean, look it this way. Few days ago you were “whining”, you then shared a poem, then talked about mental health (a health blog), you then shared something light, you talked about Chat GPT. Wah so much to read from you PG.
        When I follow you, I don’t need anything new, because you always surprise.

  10. Well written post, I use a blog to share what I don’t share in many places, though I do link it to a separate social media site page. I agree that it is still relevant but attracts a different kind of audience.

  11. I really like your last point – You. Plus, blogging is a different kind of outlet, and the community is comprised of a different kind of people. So, even if the popularity of blogging has declined, the platform will always be unique (I hope)

    1. I think so, this platform offers us something others can’t and I think as long as people like us are around it’ll be around too. Thanks!

  12. That’s a really great point about trends changing year by year (or month by month). Blogging will always be interesting to some people – and the more interesting your posts, the better they will do!

  13. Great post! Totally agree with you 👍🏼 of course, creating separate pages for our blogsites is a very good idea.. and this is what I do for my blogs.. but in my experience, it is kinda tiring to post things about our blogs each time on social media, especially when we don’t have the budget to hire a manager.. still, a little effort from our part would do good, right?😊

  14. Though social media has taken much of the sheen away from blogging, it is still very much relevant even in 2023. People still love to read good content. Blogging is still alive and is continuously drawing traffic. However, as you have rightly mentioned it all depends on the quality, consistency, and relevance of the content being shared with the audience. If your blog content resonates with the people, they will keep coming to your blogging site, despite the social media blitz.
    However, it is also worth mentioning that with the rapid growth of social media, people are losing their attention span. They can’t concentrate on the long-form content. This rings the alarm bells for content-based blogs. However, all is not doom and gloom yet, as thumbnail images and catchy phrases can never entirely replace the content. In-depth content has its own value and will keep attracting the audience in every age and time.

    1. Yes, I think the audience that is interested in blogging will stay with us because social media can’t offer what blogging can. But yeah the quality makes a huge difference. You need to give readers what they want to read.
      I agree, attention spans are getting shorter and people don’t seem to want to read things for longer than a minute these days.

  15. Blogging may suffer certain setbacks but it will always remain relevant. If books are still being published throughout the world despite declining reading habits, so will the blogging keep thriving. If it were otherwise, there would have not been so many blogging platforms.

    1. I agree, blogging will always be relevant with the right audience. I think blogging platforms emerged when blogging was at its peak and now many are struggling to stay afloat.

  16. This is so true. I feel like the more days that pass, the less significant blogs are becoming. But i also like the fact that our community is still supportive and people still feel at home while blogging.

  17. Ahh yes I totally agree! While there is a rise in video content, it’s not always what everyone wants to create – so I think blogging is definitely important! And I rave about the blogging community constantly, because I genuinely haven’t seen anything like it! 😆

  18. As long people breathe and can write, blogging will always be relevant.
    Of course, the internet, social media and the increase in many platforms have given rise to a need to find validation from others, which is why some folk blog for numbers and an ego trip and when they dont get that they are unfulfilled and those are the ones who will say blogging is out as they move on to the next viral trend…
    But for those who have figured out why they blog, its a way of life and it will forever be relevant

    1. Yes, I agree. We will always have an audience even if it decreases in size. Blogging is definitely something many of us are passionate about and as long as we’re around blogging will be as well.

  19. Absolutely! I think what is happening is a sorting out of platform and person(ality)/professional compatibility. Each internet platform (FB, Twitter, YouTube, IG, Tictoc, Substack, WordPress, Goodreads is more suited to a person than another. ~
    Regarding WordPress (blogging) – it is mostly about writing. More specifically, writing about one’s self. And, as I am wont to say – Writing Is Thinking. Of course it is public so one is sharing their inner thoughts/mind with strangers. (Can be risky.) But as you point out WordPress is, for the most part, friendly. However, a lot of bloggers are secretly hoping to be “discovered”. So there’s that. And others use it as a marketing tool. I do.
    So yeah. I like WordPress, more so than any of the other platforms. But YouTube is great – not much thinking required to watch others perform. 🙂

    1. Yes, I feel the same way. The audience has decreased because people have found platforms that they like better. However, those that enjoy blogging have stuck around.
      It’s okay to market, I do it too. I just find it annoying sometimes when it’s just marketing and the post doesn’t have anything of value. But again, it’s their blog and people can do whatever they want on it.
      WordPress is great and yes YouTube can be fun too. You can shut off your brain for a bit and just enjoy videos.

  20. In my opinion, blogs are still relevant. They may not be spoken about as much anymore, but every search I do, blogs still show up. Blogs are a way to share thoughts and are much more deeper than a picture or a blurb.

    1. I agree, I think blogs are and will remain relevant. Perhaps the audience will change and somewhat decrease but it will always be there.

  21. So true, and really it’s the people above all else that I love about blogging. I’ve made some great connections in five years, some I email daily or every few days like we were friends or relatives. Also, as you say, who you are matters, because I find people love me for my say-it-like-it-is outlook and my humour. I don’t try and blend in and be with the times, I like who I am and I seems my audience likes me too. A great post Pooja!

    1. Thank you! Yes, absolutely. The people here are great. We’re able to make so many friends and meet likeminded people through blogging. And yes, you matter a lot. If you’re someone who can connect and make enjoyable posts I think you’ll be successful no matter what.

  22. I think it’s not about relevance, it’s more about choice. I prefer to express my feelings and opinion on the blog rather than social media because I know people here are more understanding and empathetic as compared to people on social media. Blogging is not always about views and likes. For some people, blogging is an outlet for their feelings.

  23. Stories are always relevant. It’s okay if you’re not popular when you write, someone somewhere will read what you have to say and find it relevant to them.

    1. I feel the same way, if you keep writing someone or the other will always want to read it. Our audience may have shrunk but it’s still very much there.

        1. Yes, absolutely. I had a much bigger audience when I was more active but found it less fulfilling. I have a smaller audience now but love it since it’s people I enjoy interacting with.

  24. If blogs aren’t relevant, I don’t care because I love blogging more than doing Instagram posts.🤷🏾 Plus, I love your blog because you post interesting stuff! It’s hard finding blogs I can actually interact with and don’t feel left out and type a whole lot without people getting annoyed!

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way about all social media. Blogging just brings something different to the plate. It’s just so much more authentic in my option.
      Thanks! So happy to hear that because I always try to make sure my posts are easy to interact with. And always appreciate your comments 😊

      1. I swear it is. I know some people make useful and pedagogical content, but some blogs are purely human consciousness and useless in nature (my blog) and those honestly can be stressful but they make for interesting content to read, especially when they’re not edited or written to please anyone and are just talking to someone or themselves. Like a diary entry. They’re very authentic and just are so much different from social medias where someone is posting for something in return.

        It’s making me nervous though because nothing is quite the experience here and I want to take my blogging style (if it is one) to a vlogging experience but the fear is getting to me. It’s so different and I don’t know a space where I can post and have the same quality experiences as here.

        When I was on Instagram, it was difficult because I’d post my mind out and I’d frequently have people say “r u ok, dude?” or similar. Definitely not the same.

        I don’t know what to do. I want the attention somewhat, but I don’t like YTs atmosphere and I don’t have any fan fans to make something like Patreon.💀

        1. Yeah I understand, YT is a very different atmosphere. I feel like it’s much more toxic and the comments section literally scares me. That’s why it took me so long to get on YouTube lol.

          1. That’s funny you say that because people only act like it’s TikTok and Twitter when half of online spaces are terrible.😕

            1. Yeah it’s like all social platforms but from my experience YT is the worst. Like I’m on literally everything and YT still scares me.

              1. That’s hilarious and really bad. I wanna do YouTube but I feel like it would be stressful. Hopefully it doesn’t frustrate you.

  25. I think blogging is so much different from social media, and much more suited for the introvert. People still like to read and are hungry for information, so it will always be relevant.

    1. I feel that way too. I’ve noticed so many posts talking about how irrelevant blogging has become but I don’t think that’s the case. Perhaps the audience has increased but people are still interested in blogs.

  26. A very good discussion! My view is that blogging remains as relevant as ever, although we do also need to move with the times and embrace other developments and platforms. I like the speed and immediacy of social media, but also the greater depth and quality of a blog post. With originality, consistency and a strong identity, it should be possible to flourish across more than one platform, using social media to draw in newer readers to one’s blog.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I think that’s a big part of it. If your blog has posts people are interested in it will remain relevant. And social media is a great tool to bring in traffic.

  27. I do feel blogs are relevant. And yeah, the personal connection is a great part of it; seeing people engaging with and enjoying posts is important to me.

  28. The most important are Quality and Niche If those are achieved blogs will always be relevant for information and entertainment, Then again, .it may be time to look at what’s being written and make some adjustments 🤣😎🙃

    1. Yes, I very much think blogs are still relevant. We may have a little less traffic than before but still definitely relevant!
      Wow, that’s weird. I’ll have to check and see why that is. Are you getting the error message when reading the post on your Reader?

  29. Very insightful post. And I agree, blogs are definitely still relevant. Even with social media, vlogs etc, people express themselves in writing as a form of expression will never go out of style

  30. Good post Pooj. I have to say yes to blogs still having relevancy, because there are still some good reasons to have one. For example, my blog consists of various topics which I enjoy writing about but I also use my blog to advertise my work as a fiction story writer. Many of my fiction stories are on my substack platform so as many of you know I will sometimes share that work with you. Also, some of the blogs I follow provide great tips on various topics that I am interested in. I don’t always have time to search the web for some of those tips so it’s great to be able to go to my favorite bloggers page and read up on it.

  31. Fantastic work Pooja. Blogging is most certainty relevant in 2023 and beyond because it can range from writing about personal experiences which many readers can relate or a particular subject or niche and as long as the content is of high quality followers will be back for more. I also 100% agree that the blogger has to be relevant and true to themselves as the the reader is also there for the blogger as well as their valuable content

  32. “Should I blog or should I not blog?” That does seem to be an ongoing question. Writers probably should at least post about their book cover and then the book with a link to buy it. Great post!

    1. Thanks, yes I think blogs will always have an audience even if the number fluctuates. But like you said, we have to adapt and keep up.

  33. Thanks for this interesting and valuable post. Certainly a relevant topic 🙂
    Am I still relevant ? I guess so, I mean I never run out of new content to create, and it is based on what is happening now. I agree with what you say about other forms of social media competing with blogs, but also that blogging has something unique. For me it is the written word. It is accessible in a way that video isn’t for those who are image conscious, or those who struggle to express themselves through spoken language. I think quality is key. You will find all my posts have been proofread to maintain quality. I do need to find the time to do more of the social media thing, although specific accounts are now setup on Instagram, Facebook and my podcast …

    1. Yeah, for me too. I feel like the written word just feels different. And it just works for me. I think there will always be people who think that so blogging will remain relevant.

      True, quality makes a huge difference. And yes social media helps so it’s good to be active there too.

  34. Thanks for this interesting post! I also think blogs are still relevant, even though social media has of course a huge spotlight for the moment. When it comes to traveling, for instance, I feel like people still use Google or Pinterest a lot to look for destinations and itineraries, instead of searching on Instagram or TikTok. I’ve been thinking about creating a specific social media account for my blog but can’t really bring myself to it, maybe one day ahah

    1. Yes, very true. Depending on the niche, blogging is still quite relevant. Yes, having specific pages does help but it’s also a lot of work lol!

  35. I completely agree that blogs are still relevant and can offer unique benefits that other platforms can’t. Your tips for keeping a blog relevant are spot on, particularly focusing on quality content and finding a niche. I’m constantly researching and staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends connected to neurodiversity. I also love getting feedback from my audience and incorporating their suggestions into my content. I have to try and remember to think of ways to make my blog post pop. That’s the hardest part for me, I think. 😊

    1. Thanks so much. You’re definitely doing this right and constantly trying to improve is a great thing. Making your post pop isn’t always easy but worth it.

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