What Really Grinds My Gears: ChatGPT

What Really Grinds My Gears Peter Griffin Family Guy gif

What Really Grinds My Gears

What Really Grinds My Gears Peter Griffin Family Guy gif

Welcome back to another edition of What Really Grinds My Gears. I started this series recently and was unsure whether I would continue it. I honestly just wanted to rant about something. But some of you really enjoyed it and encouraged me to write more What Really Grinds My Gears posts. Luckily for those of you who want to see more of these posts, it turns out I am a pretty angry person and lots of things grind my gears. In fact, I already have three posts ready to post after this one. Today’s post will be about ChatGPT.

By the way, if you can’t tell by the gif, this series was inspired by Family Guy’s Peter Griffin.


Tech Talk: What Is ChatGPT? Here's What You Need To Know - The Sauce

Unless you have been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ve heard about ChatGPT which seems to have taken the world by storm. It offers a lot of things to its users but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about ChatGPT’s AI writing feature. Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more platforms offer AI writing services. And ChatGPT seems to be one of the more popular ones at the moment. I’ve been seeing posts written about it and by it all over WordPress. And you know what, That really grinds my gears.

There are two specific reasons for my anger/irritation. Firstly, for years I’ve seen peoples jobs be given away to technology. And as annoying as I found that, it didn’t particularly effect me. People have been trying to replace their workers with as much technology as possible for a long time because it saves them money. But what about these workers? The damage this is doing is showing more and more over the years. People can’t find work no matter how many degrees they have and how qualified they are because the market has become so incredibly completive. The reason for this is that there are less and less jobs available for people (among other reasons of course).

Even if we had the technology to do certain jobs instead of actual people I don’t think we should take that option. People need those jobs even the most minimal ones. Not technology. And when I see AI writing it pisses me off so much. I don’t know how many of you reading this identify as writers but it’s insanely difficult to get work as a writer as it is. And now with this technology, it’s going to make it even worse for writers.

I also feel that we should not be relying on technology this much. There is no doubt that technology has been incredibly helpful for humans. But like with all good things, it comes with its own problems. And being so reliant on technology will be very problematic in the long run.

Final Thoughts

I’m not trying to shade anyone use AI writing methods on their blog or anywhere else. Of course, that’s your choice. And I do like technology although I think we need to be a little careful not to rely on it too much. These are just my thoughts on the matter and since this is a “What Really Grinds My Gears” post I decided to talk about the negative effects of AI.

I think AI has its pros and cons like all technology. However, I think writers do have a reason to feel threatened when they see businesses choosing to use AI instead of hiring real people for writing jobs. I certainly feel threatened and I feel like this will effect my Lifesfinewhine’s Services as well.

And lastly, I want to end by saying that I don’t think AI can ever replace or replicate the human touch that is given when one writes their own content. Or when something is written by a human. For me, blogging is about the experience. If there comes a day when I have to rely on AI to write my posts, I’m just going to shut this site down. What’s the point of blogging if you don’t actually blog?

What do you think about AI? What do you think about ChatGPT? How do you feel about AI writing blog posts, business ads and more? Let me know any thoughts you have on this topic because I’m very curious to hear your thoughts. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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196 thoughts on “What Really Grinds My Gears: ChatGPT

  1. AI will never write anything with the emotions of a human being. Not possible. I agree, humans should never allow AI to take over!

    1. Yeah, I read an article about that too. It’s so sad, I mean what’s the point of education if kids don’t write their own papers or do their own work.

  2. I just recently heard about ChatGPT. I am not in favor of it. We shouldn’t lose the human touch in our writing. Words are too important to chance AI getting wrong the inflections, meaning, and even innuendo that writers can achieve.

    1. Yes Gina plus the Al ChatGPT can’t understand human emotions and will not write like a human being who uses the mind to think compared to this Al that us just programmed to do this and that

  3. Well, first I will always read human blogs first. I am not a fan of AI. And as for ChatG?? Can’t remember. But I tried to download it the other day just to see what it was and it wanted credit card info so I uninstalled.

      1. I’m kind of curious if AI is going to have any biases, you know like racism, antisemitism or homophobia. If it doesn’t, then it automatically also doesn’t have a human’s narural edge. We are prone to error and it has long be said it would get pretty boring if all people were the same. So I think there’ll still be a market for human creators.

          1. Ok. So then we got a racist; bigoted loudmouth who half the people are going to end up opposed to and those people will be our readers.

        1. Racism, antisemitism, sexism, and homophobia are taught. You can teach a dog that, you can teach an AI it too. I think that’s just a thing all animals do that humans specifically added a name to so they could fix it…however, I doubt any of us truly care to fix it.

  4. Yes the human touch
    Cannot ever be replaced by AI.
    There cannot be second PG.
    Even a human tries to write like you, They cannot.
    Honestly, I tried to write like you, but I failed. Because, I cannot match your humor, your style and your skills.
    AI can write stuff for you, people will even use it. But soon they will miss the human touch.
    I’ve read some mundane articles written by human, they miss the emotions and connection. Even my blogs are dull most of the time, I don’t feel happy reading them.
    When a human’s article sometimes fails to connect, I wonder what good AI can do.
    We should be using this tech to ease our work, rather than as an excuse for anything.
    Google has tons of articles based on what you have written. But, then it doesn’t have any other article that can be this good. Because it’s written by you. It has your style, it has your touch. 🤗
    I’m glad to read your blog. I am loving this serious, you are a fun person and something like this tells me how fun you are. Have you ever restricted yourself with using any specific tone/word? Because I’m sure you have more anger and frustration than this! 😁😝

    1. Haha thanks, it’s all the weirdness in me that brings out the humour I guess. I think it’s like that for every blogger. Everyone has a unique voice and no one can perfectly imitate someone else. And AI can definitely not do that (yet?) 😅

  5. I understand where you’re coming from here, and these technological advancements are scary! But I still believe there will be a place for HUMANS to relate their opinions, experiences, and thoughts/feelings in blogs, books, articles etc. You can’t replace those with a machine. If you want to relate facts on a current event, represent a point of view on an issue-I find it disturbing that AI can do that, but I will still always be a reader of original ideas, experiences, and lessons by those who walk the earth with me!

  6. Apparently I have been one of those people living under a rock because I didn’t have a clue what you were talking about. I followed your links and got myself up to speed. I agree with you that dependence on technology is risky as one black out can result in a job not being completed. No technology, machinery, or computer can replace what a human brings to the job at hand.

    1. I guess it’s more of a popular topic for those interested in technology so that may be why you hadn’t heard about it.
      Yes, I think replacing people and jobs with technology can be risky and yes it does lack that human touch.

  7. ChatGPT has been on the news recently quite a lot and it is quite frightening. The future of the world will be controlled by billionaires like Elon Musk and the engineers he hired. Nobody else will have a job. Everybody is jobless since machines will do everything. It sounds very bleak and let’s just hope that it doesn’t come to that.

  8. Agreed Pooja. We do not even realise how we are handing our world over to technology. And nope, noone can replicate a humans touch or even thought process when it comes to writing.

    Great thoughts and very insightful 👌👍🤍

  9. When John Henry was a little baby/Sittin on his Daddy’s knee/
    He picked up a hammer and a little piece of steel/Said this hammer’s gonna be the death of me

    These kind of issues have been going on for a long time. I agree that it’s demeaning for actual writers to be pushed aside in favor of robots. I don’t quite agree with your point on jobs. At least where I live we are starting to see the results of depopulation, and the inverted age pyramid, so there seem to be more jobs than people.

    I do enjoy your rants. I think people like it when you’re just authentic and real about stuff like this.

    1. You’re really lucky to live in an area like that because in most of the cities I’ve lived in there have been a serious lack of jobs. Yeah, it’s fun to just chat about things sometimes. Thanks.

      1. It’s actually a bit of a problem. There’s already been one nursing home that closed because they couldn’t get workers. The reason they couldn’t get workers is because everyone is too old to work. If they’re too old to work they might need a nursing home soon, but there won’t be one. That’s one example, but there are lots more like it. Statistically speaking this has been an issue in Japan for quite a while. China, Europe and the U.S. are not that far behind.

  10. You have raised a very valid point, Pooja. Job markets are already shrinking, and people find it difficult to get a job. In this scenario, substituting humans with technology will further aggravate the situation, and will have drastic social repercussions.
    As regards the use of AI in writing and blogging, this seems a terrible idea. No AI software can infuse human feelings and emotions into a piece of writing, no matter how perfect it is. Blogging is a very personal thing and can’t be left at the (invisible) hands of technology. I am particularly talking about personal blogging. It is better to leave blogging than asking AI to write for us.

    1. Yes, especially for certain types of jobs. There is such a low amount of work available and with technology like this it puts so many people out of work.
      I’m not completely against aI but I do think we need to rein it in and not allow ourselves to be so dependent. Some things need humans for the job and no technology can perfectly replicate humans.
      Agreed, if we can’t blog for ourselves that maybe we just shouldn’t blog. Using AI to write seems unnecessary.

      1. Agreed, too much dependence on technology is not going to help us. There must be a balance, otherwise robots will rule the world and humans will suffer at the hands of their own creation.

  11. I am very proud to be a writer, it makes me mad to see a computer spitting out texts They are soulless creations. I am not a Luddite but we should find a better balance for human and technological solutions. Soon we all be out of a job. Is the government prepared to give us a basic income then because we have become redundant? I very much think that’s not the case.

    1. I feel the same way. I’m not against technology or technological advancements but they shouldn’t be made by sacrificing real people and their jobs. We definitely need to find a better balance.

  12. I’ve heard about this ChatGPT, and I don’t like it one bit. Anything that involves AI, I’m wary of. It seems it’s starting to take over the Art community, what with this AI art thing that artists aren’t really comfortable with. And now, things like ChatGPT is making writers uncomfortable/angry. I really hope AI doesn’t affect more jobs – it’s problematic as it is now.

    Your anger is completely valid, Pooja.

    1. Yes, it can be so uncomfortable/angering to see yourself get replaced by AI like that. I wonder how many people will have to lose their jobs before people see how destructive technology can be. I mean technology can be very useful but we also need to be careful not to fully rely on it. Thanks.

      1. People are taking advantage of the fact that technology is quite useful a little too much. Not much care about the damage it’s doing to those who are affected, and I hope it doesn’t get too late before people see it.

  13. I’ve heard about ChatGPT. How far are humans willing to go to not have to sacrifice anything? No hardwork, no putting in time, no patience, no putting in money or the knowledge you know. They just want things to be done in nanoseconds.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. It’s sad to see how much we rely on technology. I think technology has its pros but it also has its cons so we have to be careful.

  14. I have heard a lot about ChatGPT in my professional writing groups. Writers who blog for a living and charge good money for it (make 6 figures) have analyzed ChatGPT and don’t feel threatened by it. The quality of AI generated blog posts they say aren’t at the quality of posts written by people. They have said they can use ChatGPT to create outlines and do basic research and writing. Then they use their writing skills to write a quality blog post. They seemed to be saying they could use ChatGPT as an assistant.
    I’m completely in favor of technology and I don’t feel like it threatens my job at all. Editing software such as Grammarly and PerfectIt are out there and I myself use it for my editing job. I think the editing technology helps me to do my work more efficiently. Writers who don’t want to pay an editor to edit their work will use free versions of editing software. Writers who want higher quality editing will pay a professional editor to edit their work. In addition, I have started to study the coding on the backend that is used for the editing and writing software and that’s helped me to do my job better.
    This doesn’t directly address the topic of ChatGPT, but I am saying I am in favor of it. Technology helps people do their job more faster, and those who are good at their job won’t be replaced by technology anytime so there is no competition.

    1. I definitely understand your point of view. But what I think is that at the moment AI generated posts aren’t great but over time they will be. They will learn to perfectly replicate how humans write. And sure some technology is very helpful. I’m not anti-all AI. But things like ChatGPT can and already is effecting jobs. And I know a number of people/companies don’t care about how great the quality is. They only care about cutting costs and using AI technology can do that for them. So no matter what kind of posts AI will write for them, they’ll use it as an attempt to save money/increase profits.
      If you’re earning six figure or more than losing some work will make no difference to you. But what about people who are making much less and have fewer clients? Even losing 10% of work to AI is a big loss for us. And honestly, the people making large amounts through writing are the minority of writers/freelancer. A large group of us don’t have that privilege. We always think we’re too good to be replaced by technology until it happens. I hope it doesn’t happen but there is always a possibility. And we know that because it’s happened again and again just in different fields.

      1. I can’t speak for writers because that’s not my source of income. But the writers I’ve heard from aren’t threatened by AI yet.

        I see this from two perspectives. For every plus, there is a minus. AI is taking jobs from people who are replaced by the AI. However, there are the people who create an invention that changes our technology so they are now employed in the company they have created because of their technology. Should they stop inventing? The other group pushing the tech and AI along is the consumer. The student who can’t afford an editor, but appreciates the help from free editing AI because they are failing at writing but one day they get into college and then one day becomes a math professor. Do we get rid of editing technology to stop it from replacing the jobs of human editors? I think it is a complex issue, like an ecosystem where the existence of one job affects another.

        1. Absolutely, a very complex issue. I think as far as technology is concerned there are always pros and cons. It’s somewhat of a catch-22.

  15. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it can be a more advanced tool similar to those that help with editing. On the other hand the algorithms scan works of humans to establish a basis for the mimicry. It is basically copying human work without compensation or credit. Something like Asimov’s three laws of Robotics should be applied to the technology and AI algorithms. As far as jobs go, the same was said of the loom about taking away work for people. (I wasn’t there, this is only what I read ;)) Great post.

    1. Yes, I have mixed feelings about it too. I don’t have a problem with technology in general but I feel that there needs to be a proper balance between humans and tech.
      Lol to be fair the loom did take the jobs of skilled workers. And led to people in the industry being paid lower wages. I wasn’t there either lol, but I’m a history major and a number of my courses talked about the working class and how technology affected them.

  16. I read about ChatGPT a couple of days ago only. Maybe I’ve been actually living under a rock, lol! I totally agree to this with you, pooja. It pisses me off, too, when technologies try to replace humans. When a human writes an article or something, it has the writer’s essence in it, and that makes it special. AI can never have that unique essence of its own. Every piece of writing generated by AI feels the same, which means no uniqueness. Ugh! It feels like even i can rant about it the whole day.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Writing is so personal and it’s not easy to replicate how humans write because we associate it with emotions. Lol ranting helps so feel free to 😅

  17. AI can be useful as long as you edit it and add a personal touch to it. I think that one big issue is that most people don’t bother editing what chatGTP or other AI bots generate. In the past, I have used AI editing software to help me save time. Many of them offer a free trial.

    I tried chatGTP the other day out of curiosity. Then it stopped working and says that there’s “too many redirects.” I have been unable to get back in ever since. Tried it on a desktop, on my phone, etc. but no luck. So I guess it’s a pass for me.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. That’s kind of weird but I think ChatGPT is really popular so it gets overloaded or something and doesn’t work well sometimes.

      Yes, editing is important. AI often has errors.

    2. I agree with Hilary. Have you guys heard of David Perrell’s POP Writing Technique? It stands for Personal, Observational, Playful. The thing is AI cannot do personal. And for any good write up, these 3 components (POP) are essential. I believe that’s where AI lacks features.

  18. I completely agree with you that we shouldn’t rely too much on technology. Human emotions and feelings can’t be replaced at all. Technology can’t make decisions like humans.

  19. This is an interesting post and raises valid concerns about the potential negative effects of AI on the writing industry. I agree that AI like ChatGPT has its pros and cons, and it’s important to be mindful of how it’s used and not to rely on it too heavily.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I think when it comes to most tech related things there are both pros and cons. Tech can be amazing but also really dangerous depending on how it’s used.

  20. Brilliant and profound blog Pooja. I am happy for you for starting the “What grinds my gears” series and it seems very interesting and I urge you to keep filling up more content there 👍👍

    Back to this post, ChatGPT I have heard about this Chat box and even Googled it to find out how it operates. I really don’t like the way this Tech app works since It does all your writing such as poetry. I am scared that as Writers we will gradually be replaced by this Al techniques and I too am pissed off about the way technology is going. Only God knows

    1. Thank you so much, more will be coming soon.

      Yes, that’s what I have an issue with too. It’s not good that so many jobs are being taken by technology. People rely on those jobs.

  21.     It is a quandary. Some of my friends who are robots write better Ads than I do. They can show plausible correlations between any piece of gibberish even licorice with oregano on rice. As Jimmy Carter was fond of saying, “I feel your pain.” [actually, I don’t write ads, but it’s more dramatic this way.]
        I’m learning to scan like a robot, so I can become a robot and fit in. But ever since I saw a Chat-Ad for Pickles and Sauerkraut on sale, I’ve noticed that everyone is in a pickle.
        My approach to avoid annihilation when the AI Overlords start executing humans for the good of the planet, is to learn to make my writing sound more like AI Chatterwocky so they won’t find me. I’m scanning millions of texts and songs and making scrambled eggs pretty. I think if you’re in a pickle, you should get out of the pickle and if drowning in sour brine, should get some sugar in your bowl, ’cause Bessie Smith (1931) said she’s tired of being blue and needs “a little hot dog between her rolls,” and needs those guys to stop fooling around and put a little sugar in her bowl.
    [“Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl” is a dirty blues song recorded by Bessie Smith, written by Clarence Williams, J. Tim Brymn, and Dally Small.]
        If they think I’m not human and just a random collection of correlated texts, they’ll leave me alone and even maybe sell my AI-like ramblings.
        I still can’t figure out why after having minor surgery, the doctors kept asking me what the circuit boards and chips were for, and why I had wires in my brain. I think they meant “crossed wires.”
        There are rare solar flares that can hit the earth head-on. When that happens it can knock out the whole power grid and all electrical devices. There was a solar flare that knocked out all the telegraph wires and set telegraph offices on fire. But that was when there were very few electrical devices. Today, with our dependence on technology it would crash the world economy. Nobody knows how to do anything by hand. Well, I can do very neat handwriting with a device called a pen and a surface called paper.

  22. 100% agree with you Pooja! I personally had never heard of ChatGPT, but one thing I can’t stand is those AI voices that narrate on Youtube. As soon as I hear one I switch it off. I even have people telling me “that’s not an AI, it’s a person” but I can always tell an AI voice from a human, even the ones that are supposedly “seamless” and other people are convinced it’s a real person. There’s just something in the cadence, something unnatural, even when it’s done very well I can always tell. The same principle applies with AI writing: there’s something “wrong”, you can’t put your finger on it but there’s just something that seems “not human”. My husband recently got Alexa for our house, and to tell you the truth I hate it! It feels intrusive. As a fan of the old “Battlestar Galactica” TV series, I point to it and shout “Cylon!” Seriously though, I believe that this whole AI thing is a slippery slope. You’re going to have children growing up and learning to talk like an AI. They’re going to pay AI’s to write their school work. Future generations will accept AI into their lives as though it’s normal. I shudder to think how it’s going to end. Think “Terminator”. Think “The Matrix”. Get hold of a book (remember those?!), preferably one written by a human!) and read some Asimov. Great blog post Pooja, and yes, I for one would welcome more What Really Grinds My Gears, as I love a good rant. 🙂

    1. Yes, AI just feels a bit weird. I don’t mind it in general but I continuously see companies replacing people for cheap alternatives i.e AI. Or they pay workers such as writers less and less because “they can do it for less using AI.” I’m not a fan of having an Alexa in the house lol, it feels so intrusive. I don’t even like Siri listening in on me 😅
      Thanks so much, more rants coming soon haha.

  23. Personally, I uses ChatGPT like how I used Google Search. Pretty convenient when it comes to ideas, prompts, and structured content layout. It even wrote a poem based on my poems and the result was interesting. I posted it a couple weeks back.

    Professionally, it is a disruptive tools to have in some business focusing on content writing. To be paired with other available tools out there, it certainly does its job. However, I highly doubt in can create human’s uniqueness and creativity for now. In the perspective of human workforce, we are always pushed to adapt in the everchanging world. Some jobs now, doesn’t exist a decade ago. Similarly, a job existed a decade ago is now obsolete.

    Overall, this is all about the industrial shift that is going on. Some are plausible and some are frown upon. It’s how we are going to take advantage of it.

    1. Really interesting. Yes, AI has improved a lot and can definitely get the job done. I agree that there are always industrial shifts. The main problem I have is workers being exploited because they fear being replaced or have been replaced by technology and end up with a low paying job.

  24. This is my first time hearing about ChatGPT. 😂
    But other than that I do agree with your views on AI. There is no way a machine can replicate human emotions to a tee no matter how well programmed it is.

    1. Agreed, I don’t think they’ll ever truly replicate the emotions behind what we do.
      Lol really?? It’s such a hot topic right now 😅

      1. Ut oh. I just realized something: there has been an analogous debate about different types of acting school techniques. In method acting, one tries to imagine being the character and feeling their emotions in order to put on a believable performance. In another acting school, you are taught to imitate the body language and sounds of a real person having an emotion, but you don’t have to experience the emotion. So the same type of philosophical debate would apply to words: do you have to experience emotion to write believable words portraying it (method approach), or can you simulate it without feeling emotion or remembering emotion. So maybe they don’t need a Stanislavsky AI to write convincingly. Some sociopaths are convincing even though they have no emotion. So an AI psychopath might write well.

      2. Yes.
        I work in healthcare and in my free time I read and write. So most of my time is spent reading Medical related stuff and fiction. So when it comes to tech stuff I always end up being in the dark. 😅😂

  25. I agree. It’s easy to use AI for writing, but can it really write something full of emotions and personal experience? Of course not. It’s sad to see how many writers actually use it. I started with writing because it was my dream, to share my experience so people like me can find an easier way than I did. AI can’t do that…

  26. I’ve never heard of ChatGPT. Apparently I live under a rock 🪨 😂 Which is mostly true… I will say that I feel we are WAY OVER-AUTOMATED. Everyone wants “easy”, reminds me of Miranda Lambert’s song “Automatic”.

    1. Lol, it’s not a bad thing living under a rock 😅
      I agree, tech is good but to an extent. We need a proper balance. And love that song (and Miranda Lambert in general).

  27. ChatGPT is interesting. You can use it to write a poem, articles, lines of code, etc. However, I would not like to see AI taking away our jobs. I am aware that some schools have some measures in place to detect AI-written content. The usage of ChatGPT should be regulated. 🙂

    1. I read an article about someone who created something called GPT Zero that is said to use the very technologies used to build ChatGPT around — to detect AI. Which is going to be very useful in schools and universities in sniffing out articles written by AI

  28. 1) I love this series. 2) I agree with you about ChatGPT. I feel that way about automation more generally, too. As a species, taking work away from people sounds good in theory but is not great in practice. In the U.S. at least, the white collar class has always been pretty dismissive of blue collar complaints about this. “Learn to code.” It will be interesting to see how things play out now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    1. Thank you, this series may be the most fun I’ve had writing on this blog.
      Yes, I agree. It would be great if we didn’t have to work at all and enjoy life but life isn’t that easy is it? We still have bills to pay, family to support etc. And getting jobs taken away with no replacement should not be the norm no matter how normal industrial changes are.
      I had a history professor who was American but had moved to Canada to work and she particularly studied blue collar workers in the US and it was fascinating to learn how incredibly exploited many of them were and still are. Yes, their complaints are almost always suppressed. Definitely interesting to see what happens when white collar workers are also effected.

      1. Exactly. People need to be able to pay bills and support their families. I also think that labor can help to provide a person with a sense of dignity and purpose. It’s unhealthy to take that away from entire swaths of any population.

        Anyway… this one really grinds my gears, too. Great post!

    1. Haha, that’s not a bad thing. It means you’re just enjoying life while I’m sitting here reading about ChatGPT 😅
      It’s an AI that offers so many services. And one of them is a writing service which can write ads, blog posts etc. And it’s sort of disrupting work for many writers. Some I’ve talked to have already lost a client or two.

      1. hahahah 🤣 Thank god I can take that off my plate and we have you to tell us all about what we don’t want to do. haha. Oh good to inform them if they are loosing clients.

  29. ChatGPT, never heard of it until now, and AI ( Artificial Intelligence) ? What does AI know about writing? It’s something that’s programmed, It can’t express feelings in writing anything. I don’t like it. It doesn’t make sense, and I think it’s a waste of time. Writing comes from the heart, mind, and soul; AI cannot touch that no matter what the programming is. It’s not right at all.

    1. Yes, I think that’s the main thing. Technology can be great but over reliance is not a good idea. We need to be careful and strike the right balance.

  30. I am on the fence..

    On one hand personally, I am anti AI writing, its scary and I feel threatened… I mean I have always prided myself in being an outstanding writer and then you have AI that can do it faster and easier…
    Professionally I am like adpat or die instead of being on the sidelines watching AI taking over we probably have to use the efficiency afforded by AI to allow us to do things it cant do….
    I actually used it to draft up a article I wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about but had to do because bills gotta be paid and ChatGPT sailed to rescue.


    1. Really interesting. Yes, I think AI can be helpful but can also be a threat. It’s like a catch-22. You get the good with the bad. Like most things concerning technology.

  31. I wouldn’t worry. I’ve used ChatGPT a few times, to see what it’s all about, and although it could easily fool people on the wrong side of the bell curve, that’s nothing different from what we already have with people who don’t know anything about a subject pumping out articles with affiliate links.

    AI is so far away from being able to do anything by itself without a human editing or curating it and honestly it may never get to that point. The people who tell you AI is getting closer to being intelligent are those same people who don’t know anything and are just trying to sell you something. ☺️

  32. The stuff with ChatGPT feels like another small cultural step down a dark path for humanity. I’m not trying to be extreme or dramatic when I say that. That’s just what I’m observing through my limited lens.

    I find the road we’re treading down with technology will have such long term consequences potentially awaiting us, that I don’t think the majority of us in each society and culture can fully realize at the moment.

    Like you said, “I think AI has its pros and cons like all technology.” In my opinion, it definitely has it’s pros. We wouldn’t be here right now on WordPress without technology for example. Unfortunately though, the cons to me outweigh those pros in the long term. I personally find A.I and more advanced technology to have an “anti-human” sentiment by natural consequence. Of course, once again, I will say that I’m not trying to sound extreme or dramatic when I say that, that’s just what I’m seeing in terms of the pattern of it’s rapid progression.

    Machines will not be able to be capable of reproducing, influencing, and flourishing life on this planet. That’s our job as Humans. We were naturally created and suited for our environment here on Earth. We’re natural to this environment, machines are synthetic. Just as plastics for example harm the ground on this earth, so will A.I and advanced technology continue to pollute this earth if not stopped.

    And when we don’t feel like we’re good enough individually and collectively to accomplish the task of being Humans anymore, and give away our duties to A.I that was deem as “superior” to us in being able to accomplish that task, then it won’t be pretty in the long term.

    I hope I didn’t sound too doomy here. 😂 There is always deep light in the thickest darkness.

    1. Lol I don’t think you’re being dramatic because I do understand where you’re coming from. I think it’s a good idea to create a limit and balance while we can. If not, there is going to be a time where we can no longer control the technology.

      1. Haha! Good I’m glad you don’t. And yes I agree! Because if we don’t find that limit and balance, I agree, It will get out of our control. And that’s DEFINITELY what we do not want or need. 😬

  33. ??? Who is paying for an AI to write their blog?

    To be honest, it’s like with the whole Grammarly thing. We need to stop valuing “perfection” then finding a “quick” replacement to achieve it. I hate editing my papers as much as anyone else, but dang.

    Why don’t they just hire someone to fill that niche? It’s just as expensive as buying an AI. I don’t care about the AI itself but the mere laziness of the people using it. 😕 Why? Why?!

    Everyone is shaking their fists over the lack of jobs, then some questionable person just comes and makes this…😒 How is this going to solve anything? I’m so confused now.

    1. Unfortunately, using AI is much cheaper than hiring an actual person. And it’s cheaper to have an AI write for you and bring in someone to just edit it a little. How sad at a time when writers are often out of work or actively looking for work 😞
      I just don’t understand the need for creating technology like this. People should be put first not AI.

      1. It’s someone’s lifetime career and job to create AI, it’s just the fact that other humans don’t care about others. I don’t think the AI is the problem, sounds like it’s capitalisms fault and the divine laziness of humans. I don’t think it’ll replace much of anything but mainstream jobs or we (not us but the human race) will just end up like Wall-e characters.

        The thing is, we control what we find interesting and what we want to do. I would love money for my blog but it’s not my main career. Mostly it is getting attention from other people. An AI is made to do that for a human but it’s avoidable. There are some people online who I just can’t bring myself to care about to watch their content so they buy fake subscribers so other people who like superficial things like views will watch it.

        I think knowing that we have control and still doing the things we love is great or we can hope that someone needs humans that enjoy a person standing on their back and stealing their work. Life has only been hard and gets harder.😩

        I just pray we don’t have aliens or anything else that gains human sentience and consciousness or this will literally be worse tenfold.😭

        I get so tired hearing about AI and all that but I’m aware a lot of people really care and people gotta eat, it’s just sad that someone’s magnum opus is ruining everyone’s lives in the long run.😣

        1. Yeah, it’s a sad situation. I just feel like AI can be super helpful if used well. But with capitalism the way it is, I think things are often just used to make profits without caring about the workers losing jobs. It sucks but at the end of the day it is what it is. We can only hope for the best.

          I believe in aliens but I don’t think they care enough about us to visit Earth lol 😅 So hopefully we’ll be fine.

          1. I hope so, there’s not enough jobs and I’m not in the mood to see what jobs or land are taken by them and I hope they don’t care about us.😂 Especially if they look like xenomorphs.😂😂

  34. AI has its pros and cons. But with writing, writing is personal. AI might put out the exact same article as a human, but there’s no personal touch to it. AI doesn’t create a sense of accomplishment as it does in humans. There is a sense of pride in writers with each project.

  35. Hey Pooja! I’m here to depress you. LOL! So you are right. And Renaissance Man and I are concerned about the AI that is taking over. He met a man on a plane who was talking about AI. It was so interesting that I will have to post about it. Basically, he said AI will take over all jobs except plumbers, carpenters, and construction type jobs and I’m sure there are others. So yes as writers our job is threatened. The man was saying some day it will be frowned upon if you work. As far as writers go, I am hearing writer friends using Google AI to make an audio book for free. Let’s not forget in the early 2000s how Google tried to copy every book in the world. Then I don’t like the AI art book covers. I’m sure they will get better as AI learns, but I’m with you I want to hire a human for that.

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of jobs are definitely in danger these days with AI getting better over time. We can keep saying that it can’t replicate the human touch but the truth is a lot of companies don’t care about that and would rather have cheap writing from AI than people. Personally, I’m all for hiring people too. People are the ones that need a job.

  36. I couldn’t agree more with you! I see absolutely no point in having an AI writing your blog posts or articles because as you say, what matters most is the human experience and feelings, something that the AI completely lacks, regardless of how beautiful and well-constructed the sentences are. Also, as translator I am particularly “at risk” of being replaced by machines, but I can say with absolute certainty right now that what an AI can offer is nowhere near the same thing as a professional can do – but sadly our world goes towards “spending less” and not “spending better”!

    1. Yes, I think as a translator it may be a bit more “dangerous.” I think it’s one of the main things technology is sort of taking over. But yeah not anytime soon. Thank you!

  37. Pooja, so happy to have found your blog. AI is certainly an existential threat. The stick part is, we cannot control what other people create and, for some reason, they really want to create a human in non-human form. The issue is rife with ethical dilemmas but what industry isn’t these days? This is not an excuse for unethical people, but more of a critic on our current moment in history. I’ve used ChatGPT and, for someone that understands how to parse the value and validity of information, to me ChatGPT is like Google’s search engine on steroids. Unfortunately, many people do not have critical thinking skills. They will follow machines all the way to the cliff that machines will tell them is not a cliff, and then machines will calmly and quietly push them over the edge. While we cannot control the development of AI we can control how we implement its products. As other commenters and yourself have highlighted, the problem is how capitalism creates value. Fortunately, there are still freethinking people like us, and we will fight tooth and nail for humanity.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment.

      Yes, I think so as well. We can never control what others create but we can control ourselves and continue to fight. Technology can be great but without any balance as it is right now, it can be quite a destructive tool. Especially at the hands of capitalists who will do anything to make profits. Including lay off actual human workers. Yes, happy people like us are still around and fighting.

  38. Fortunately, I have been hibernating under a rock, so have managed to nimbly dodge the ChatGPT’s AI writing feature. I would not identify as a “writer” as that has never been my job, as much as I would love to make it as one more and more …
    In my opinion I think getting others to write on ones behalf can save time and improve efficiency, but at the expense of authenticity. Only I am me, and whilst I may occasionally fail a CAPTCHA test, I assure you I am a real human. If the experience isn’t had by the writer, then how can they truly assess if the post captures what is needed for it to convey it in the best light for the spirit of their blog. Humans should use technology. But it should be a tool and not the master in creation. It should assist, but not replace humans. Let’s face it we created it, so why can’t we just be a bit more lazy with it helping us ?

    1. Yeah the writing is not great if you really care about your content. The writing is only okay if you want to churn out content despite quality.

  39. One related real life example is.. not blogging, working on things likely used later FOR it..
    I realized my note taking process wasn’t working well, I’d have to either go through it again from losing it or I’d repeat areas not remembering. Aka: I need to manually take notes by hand in a more linear way. It helps retain and review information, it also helps see patterns that can go by unnoticed.
    Other areas have had subtle automation, it hasn’t improved quality. You’d think in some ways it could, freeing up energy to apply more to specific areas. Nope. It just makes the sense of gratification easier so the drive lessens.

    1. I always take notes by hand too. For some reason it’s the only way I can remember things. I even write my schedule down by hand. I tried apps but they didn’t work for me.

      1. Still using the “hot” pic. 😵‍💫😘
        Same, in chores I sometimes have to write them down. I’ve become more smart phone list dependent and it’s been an absolute disaster, I can’t remember anything.
        I just spent 15 minutes locating a quote I stored. I’ll never find it again.

          1. Yeah, that’s almost exactly what’s going on. I can remember things until it actually matters. And then I’ll remember after the fact.
            Congrats on the bangs, quitting blogging while not, and being busy. Oddly, being busy gives more things to forget to blog about.

              1. I’m regrowing mine long again. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before the Internet is just AI bots posting and talking to each other and wondering what people would do if they got that lazy.

                1. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic and pessimistic but we would probably just kill ourselves. Like life with no purpose doesn’t seem worth living.

                  1. Yeah, I think other types of social media show that already. A lot of it is likely over 50% where it’s predominantly whining. Twitter was probably always that way, Facebook became that. TikTok is a new breed of it, blogging is… probably a mixed bag to some extent. I like YouTube, but I do wonder why some YouTubers don’t kill themselves, but it’s probably all of attention since being whiny gets likes and subscribers. It sounds horrible, but it’s hard to not notice clickbait “existential crisis” headlines and attitudes. People are freaking out about some weather balloons and somehow equating it to nuclear war. There is (maybe) a possibility of hope that AI can work for people and it ends up accidentally setting people free where user avatars exist replacing people; but I think they already did an AI experiment where the AI ended up addicted to the dark Reddit becoming sociopathic. 😆 Maybe that’s how skynet from terminator is formed? AI goes online and gets radicalized by the algorithm.

                    1. Yeah, AI got radicalised when they tried to introduce it to Twitter too, lol. Sounds about right since so much of what’s on the internet is just hate and nonsense.

                    2. Oh! That profile pic brought me back. 🥰😘
                      Kidding, decided to speed read 2 books over the last week. South Park is doing an episode on ChatGPT so they’ll probably say anything I’d say about it.
                      Just noticed WP is going to be even weirder once I get back to it… fun. Hopefully it’s less awkward than it was. (Unlikely). Congrats on freelance writing btw..

                    3. Lol I gotta keep the profile pic fresh 😂

                      Yeah, South Park honestly speaks for so many of us. Did you watch the latest episode? I watched it with my parents and we loved it.

                      Thanks. Unfortunately, WP is now even more awkward to us.

                    4. Haven’t seen the new new one, I usually wait until Friday’s to watch the newest episode. The Japanese toilets was the last one I watched; surprised no one threw a fit about it since it was obviously about the covid vaccine.

                    5. I think South Park has gotten really good at hiding some of their sarcasm. Plus, their audience gets their humour so they don’t get offended by it.

                    6. There was both the Woody Harrelson SNL thing where there were multiple hit pieces published right after making a joke about big pharma, that actually made the point. And then Jon Stewart said there was swift backlash for bringing up the lab leak theory. So there’s that too, where they may not want it more obvious they’re sponsoring the media. 😂
                      Plus, it doesn’t go well when people go after South Park.

                    7. I had problems with crashing so I quit using the site for a while. Japanese toilets (episode) is even better now that a Kennedy is running for president.

                    8. WP is being weird. Anyways, I usually watch SP on Friday’s. The last one I watched was the Japanese toilet’s episode; surprised people didn’t get all upset since it was obviously about the covid vaccine.

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