Six Word Story #191

Six Word Story:

Wicked laugh, charming smile, cold heart.

About This Six Word Story:

It has been a while since I’ve written a six word story and shared it on here. I don’t know about you guys but for me I have moods where I enjoy writing a certain type of post and then I’ll just stop for a while. And start again and love it. It’s so weird but maybe that’s just me being a weird eccentric writer. Talking of which, I’m off to buy a raven. Because that’s just how us eccentric writers live…

So back to this six word story (I need to work on controlling the rambling), it’s inspired by something I’ve noticed. I like to watch and study people. Yes, sometimes in a creepy way but mostly harmlessly. I’m joking please don’t sue me, it’s always done harmlessly and I’m not a creep. Anyway, back to secretly watching people in my spare time, I always find that the most charming people can be the worst at heart. It’s always people who seem so friendly and extroverted that are really capable of ruining live. Maybe I’m a little bias as a more introverted person. I don’t know. That’s just my observation though. What do y’all think? Do you think charming people can often be such snakes in reality? Or are they actually that nice and charming? Let me know in the comments!

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109 thoughts on “Six Word Story #191

  1. I have to say there are people who always want to manipulate everybody around them. And I always try to stay away. Growing up under two narcissists, I’ve had my fill of bitter dramas. I know that if one doesn’t stay away from the narcissists, one is very likely to be influenced and recruited…

    1. So true, there are always people who will try to manipulate others. I think most people that have grown up around narcissists try to avoid drama. It like leaves you with PTSD.

  2. This is interesting in a way 😅
    Oh I missed SWS. I like the variety you give. You can always switch back and forth.
    Do you also observe/notice people’s behaviour online?

  3. I disagree a tiny bit. I do think some people can be authentically kind and extroverted. BUT narcissists use charm to be so kind and seemingly outgoing while secretly being monsters. I think we are just good at spotting monsters.

  4. Prince Charming, so disarming, stay away, make someone else’s day.
    Be my inspiration for tomorrow’s adoration.
    I’ll be watching from afar and be jealous of who you are.

    1. Ugly men are terrible just like alleged prettier men. Just put effort into figuring some people out instead of putting minimum effort and being upset when it doesn’t go as you want.

  5. Pooja, I like how your sense of humour comes through in your posts! I personally don’t attribute specific characteristics to introverts or extroverts. There’s such a range in those personality traits.

    SWS: He was hungry, and made food.

  6. Oooh interesting post!! Like you, I think that some (not all) charming people can be the worst. I had a bad experience with a charismatic person that turned out to be an abuser when I was younger, so I’m biased in THAT way. So… “Wearing charisma like a red flag” would be my 6 word story. Take care!

    1. Yes, some charming people can be very dangerous and we need to be careful around them. Your Six Word Story is very accurate and sorry to hear about your experience.

  7. I don’t like to think much about these things (says the literal over thinker, haha), I just, let it be. But then if I don’t observe, I might end up being involved with the wrong person that looks charming on the outside but is actually a snake on the inside or is just an actual snake disguised in human form (and I’m terrified of snakes 😭)


    I love the SWS, and yeah, it has been a while since you did this. Looking forward to more!

  8. Dying quickly, the laugh was fatal.

    The poison is in the kiss.

    Play me late, Angel of Death.

    Confuse me not, I am Love.

    Joy played us to skip sorrow.

    We conquered mountains, valley kissing after.

  9. I will be using generalizations as only placeholders to describe abstract points here: Every man and woman loves a “charmer.” You could also call them “lovers.” The “charmers” are the masters of relationships, they are the ones that just “get it.” And so, if you end up finding this type of person to be in a relationship with, then those are the keepers. BUT, ONLY if they are authentic, and truly kind. Few of them actually exist for the most part. The rest mostly are pretenders. And that’s where we get into the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) territory. It makes sense for most of them to be extroverted. Though of course, they can be introverted too. But most, would be extroverted.

    I feel for a lot of women these days. It’s so hard and difficult to find a real lover from someone who is NPD. It’s tough.

    1. Yes but unfortunately I think although women are generally the victim men can be the victims sometimes too. It’s just hard out there in general.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you Pooj! I’m glad you brought that up and corrected me, because that’s exactly right! NPD, for example, isn’t bound to one gender or the other. It’s in BOTH Men and Women. It really is…It’s so hard. All of us have to be as vigilant as we can, and that’s the best we can do.

  10. Amazing thoughts Pooja! It’s really a fun to read such an informative and nice posts from you! Keep going and keep spreading your positivity with all of us! 😊💕🤗👍

  11. Your SWS just reminded me of the guy i used to talk about in my previous blogs. He’s exactly the same!
    I think such people are hollow from inside and sucks out the positivity from others, leaving them with all the negativities. I hate narcissist people. Manipulating people seems to be their favorite hobby. They know exactly how to make the other person feel less.

  12. This six word story is funny, but in a mean way. It describes a lot of people I have met. Including someone I was married to. Sometimes you don’t truly know someone until it’s too late. Everyone likes to people watch and make comments inside their head.

  13. So interesting. I do think it is hard to tell and that actually it takes time before people show you their true colours, if ever. If they are smarter socially they can also choose to cover this up, so it can be a case of seeing what they want you to, rather than their authentic self. This is often why I am reluctant to make new friends as working these things out takes effort … I don’t know if extroverts are less authentic or more projective of false character. It is an interesting suggestion though, albeit moreso perhaps to us introverts as you say 🙂

    1. Yeah a lot of people are so great at covering up their true personality. It’s sort of scary. Maybe I just have bad experiences with extroverts but from what I’ve found they are better at pretending to be nice when they actually aren’t.

  14. Lifetime of love, united after death.

    Friends have recounted to me that guys who seemed scary and gruff looking turned out to be the the nicest guys they ever met and the love of their life after they got to know them. You never know until you try is the moral of the story, lol.

  15. “I’m not a creep. Anyway, back to secretly watching people in my spare time…” Lol.

    Great story. You know you’ve done a great job with a description when it conjures up specific people in the minds of your readers.

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