One Sentence Story #6

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One Sentence Story:

The taste of you still lingers on my lips, your blood still fresh on my hands.

I’m back with another “One Sentence Story” because I had nothing else to write today. And I decided to go with the murderous theme that I’ve had going this week. I’ve also been busy with work and didn’t have time to write anything elaborate. But I did get enough time to get the pictures from the wedding ready so get ready to see those soon. I don’t think you guys have ever seen me in traditional Indian clothes before. So, this will be a first for my Lifesfinewhiners.

Back to the one sentence story. Actually, I forgot what I was saying about it and now I’m just typing stuff. I haven’t had time to nap today and my brain is barely functioning right now. I did drink some caffeinated tea though so hoping that will kick in soon.

Right, the story. As you know, I watch a lot of horror movies and TV shows. And that’s what inspires so many of my short stories, one sentence stories and six word stories. And some of my poems. Which is why you will find so much horror or psycho thriller stuff on this blog. I used to read a lot of books in that genre too but who has time to read anymore. That is the life of an adult I guess.

Share the scariest one sentence story you can come up with in the comments below. I dare you! Or simply stop by and say hi! I’m nice, I swear!

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67 responses to “One Sentence Story #6”

  1. I checked my bank account and I had a bill due; I haven’t paid my debts at all so I wonder what will happen to my credit score.

    1. Debts can be very scary.

  2. I woke up in the morning to discover I have not a single tooth left in my mouth.

    1. Wow, that is truly terrifying.

  3. I don’t have a good sentence, but hi!

    1. That’s okay and hi!

  4. Blood, torture, murder. I am afraid WordPress will soon take your site down if you continue with this bloody streak. Haha!
    I think this spontaneous stuff is more evocative.

    1. Haha, they may already be monitoring me! Thanks.

  5. I love the scary stuff you write! I find my reading time at night to put me to sleep!!! I love to read, and generally celebrate Library Lover’s Day on the 14th. Libraries are generally my happy place!

    1. That’s great and I love libraries too! Or anywhere with books really 😅

  6. I published a creepy story not too long ago. And thank you for following my instagram 🙂

    1. Nice and you’re so welcome 🙂

  7. Always enjoy reading your posts Pooja. You speak to your readers through your posts and that is appreciated ✨

    My attempt at a sentence using yours as inspiration 😋😉

    “The taste of you still lingers on my lips, your blood still fresh on my hands.”

    The realms of madness open doors for me to live out my fantasies to my dark commands.

    1. Wowww loved that continuation 👏

      Thanks so much, I always try to keep my posts interactive 😊

      1. And we appreciate that 🙏

        A great story you gave us there in your one sentence 😉🤍

        1. Thanks 😊

  8. Hope you get some rest. Interesting post. Here is my stab at a sentence no pun intended.

    I took in the serene lake scene scanning for visitors while scrubbing away the red stains from the shirt, somewhat hesitant because I rather enjoyed the splatter pattern; mother would have done it for me, father would disapprove, and most people would not understand.

    1. Thanks so much. Wow, very scary one sentence story. I loved it.

  9. Okay… Nice share!!
    And hii😅

    1. Thanks and hi!

  10. This reads like an intimate murder. Crime of passion. A dark fantasy played out that ended in murder. I could go on and on with this one. This one here is great. The imagery I see in my mind is horrifically horrifying.

    1. Thanks so much. I really enjoy writing dark stories.

      1. They are interesting. Have you ever thought about writing a murder mystery? I know it would be great.

        1. Yeah, I’m actually working on one right now. Thank you.

          1. I cannot wait to read it when it’s finished.

            1. Thanks so much.

  11. Your linger scent wraps me like a hidden tether attached to my addicted heart craving our passionate lovemaking on ruffled satin sheets in my nightly dreams.

    1. Nothing worse than wanting someone who is no longer around.

  12. I really like the scary things This sentence really grabbed me. I love the way you structured it. Great!

    1. Thank you so much!

  13. 1:When pooja woke up one morning all the comments and likes from her blogs were gone.

    2: Pooja like all the lovey and similar commercialized stuff.

    3: There was 10000 spam comments in Pooja’s comments section.

    Now that’s horror 😈

    1. Wow, now that’s scary 😂

  14. The moon disappeared behind a cloud as the footsteps neared, so she could no longer see the glint of steel.

    1. Oh wow, that’s a really scary one. Love it!

  15. It wasn’t me you killed.

    1. Ooh spooky.

  16. Blood gurgling: and you thought I was leaning in for a kiss.

    1. Wow, horrifying. Loved it.

  17. What kind of horror books did you read? I like Medical Thrillers and Stephen King. I read a lot of Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, Deen Koontz and Tami Hoag. I miss reading. I guess it’s time to get back into it!

    1. Nice, I like Stephen King too but some of his stories are too creepy for me. I like psychological thrillers more than horror in general.

  18. Woke up under the hot sun in the middle of a desert. Couldn’t see anything in any direction and my water bottle was empty.

    1. Oh no, great horror story!

  19. Because human bodies were needed for the conquering of Earth, the minds of strategic leaders were possessed, compelling them to go to designated hotels or convention centers, where their minds were exchanged with an alien person located at a designated hotel on their planet, such that the plan naturally evolved to ordinary people finding themselves asleep and waking up in a new body on another planet in a hotel that was soon to be discovered to be a penal colony, but having not been taken, remaining in my human body on Earth, observing strangers who are aliens in human bodies who look familiar, having observed that their personalities are radically different, embracing a different culture, I am glad that I’m not sociable and can write in secret the definitive Greatest American Novel of all time while living in dire fear of losing my mind if I’m not careful of my commas and clauses in service to unknown terrors I might find from a single stray thought.

    1. It’s like a sci-fi novel in one sentence.

  20. Great story Pooja.
    As I woke and looked at my cellphone, a picture of my friends mangled body haunted me.

    1. Thanks and love yours too, very scary.

  21. Contemplating whether to hold on or to let go, she closed her eyes and stepped off the edge.

    1. Oh no, wow love that one sentence story.

  22. Hmm, inspired by the female mantas that copulates with the male and then eats him no doubt. LOL

    1. Lol yes of course 😅

  23. Woooow
    Love it 🤍

    1. Thanks 😊

  24. Nicely done! I thought that was going one way, then it went somewhere very different.

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. You’re welcome!

  25. I never know when I’m supposed to tell people that I’m a cannibal 🤣🤭

  26. 🔥🔥😥

    It seems ‘hot blood’ is getting more popular than ‘hot chocolate’ in the poet’s world and community.

    Why mentioning of blood creates a deeper impact?🤔

    1. Haha I guess blood just gives it a more dreary effect.

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