Blogging For Dummies

Blogging For Dummies | 5 Tricks That Will Get You Followers | Why Your Traffic Has Decreased

Blogging For Dummies

I haven’t written a blogging advice post in quite a while. And since it’s the start of the year, meaning many people are going to start blogging, I decided to write a blogging for dummies post. Similar to my SEO For Dummies posts.

And like those posts, I will try to keep it really simple in my blogging for dummies post. Basically, I just want to give new or newer bloggers an outline of how blogging works, how they can grow their blog etc. So if that is the kind of advice you are looking for, keep reading.

I also want to clarify, my blogging for dummies post is mostly aimed towards those struggling to improve their stats but not being very tech savvy. It’s not going to be super technical and difficult to follow. Instead, I’m trying to keep it really easy and simple actually. Also, if you find this helpful you’re not a dummy, lol.


Blogging For Dummies

I’ve read so many blogging advice posts online. They are usually created by extremely popular bloggers. And yet, I feel like many of them don’t mention one of the most important things about blogging. You need to have passion when it comes to blogging. You can do everything and anything to push your posts out there but your audience won’t really interact with posts you have written just for the sake of content.

I’ve noticed a huge difference on my posts depending on how passionate I am about the topic. When I write things that I genuinely care about, I get way more interaction. And I get asked a lot how I built the following I have now and what I’m doing right. But the truth is the reason my blog grew and continues to grow is because I only write things I want to and share the content I want to share. I’m passionate about the topics I write about and I think my audience can see that which makes them more interactive.

Quality And Quantity

Some people argue that only quality matters while others say that only quantity matters (i.e post as much as possible). The truth is somewhere in between. Both your quality and quantity matter equally. If you just push out low quality content, you won’t do well no matter how many times a day you post. And on the other hand, no matter how high quality your posts are you won’t get much activity on them unless you post regularly. Especially if you post on a specific schedule so your readers know when you’ll be posting. Both quality and quantity work best when they go hand in hand.


Blogging For Dummies

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I have a whole series of SEO for Dummies posts. So, I won’t go into specifics about how to make your posts SEO friendly. However, I will say that SEO is really important if you want to get Search Engine views on your site. Making your posts SEO friendly helps you tap into a whole different audience since it gets your more Search Engine traffic and email followers. To learn how to make your posts and website in general more SEO friendly please view the posts linked below. Or hire me to make your posts and blog SEO friendly by clicking here!

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One thing I’ve noticed is that the more active you are on other blogs the more activity you will see on your own. Think about it. There are thousands of blogs out there. It’s probably unlikely that people will just happen to find your blog. That’s why you need to interact with other blogs to get your name out there and to make people know you exist. That may be scary but if you’re looking to grow your blog this is the best way to do it.


I hope this post was helpful. Some of these tips may be obvious to those bloggers that have been around for a while but I hope they are helpful to newer bloggers looking to grow their site and enjoy themselves in the process. What tips would you give to bloggers? How do you grow your blog? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you! Or simply stop by and say hi!

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82 responses to “Blogging For Dummies”

  1. I have to say even after two years, I still feel like a dummy who doesn’t know anything at all. I am not terribly diligent or consistent with blogging. Also I am not good at doing some research to know what I should do to advertise myself. LOL. I am waiting for the moment that I feel the urgency to do it, but I haven’t come to that point yet.

    1. Lol it’s fine it took me quite a while to get there too.

  2. I try to find the balance between quality and quantity, Pooja. My blog is updated no more than five times per day now but it wasn’t always like that.

    1. That’s great, it’s best to have a balance.

      1. Yes. ☺️

  3. Thank you, love this. Simple and straight to the point

    1. Thank you so much.

  4. Indeed, these are very helpful tips for the new bloggers. And these have come from someone who has successfully made her mark in blogging. Most importantly, these tips teach the actual path to follow, and don’t mislead the amateur bloggers. All bloggers are not tech savvy, so they don’t understand complex SEO terminology. You are doing a good job by keeping the things simple, and helping them understand the basics of SEO.
    That said, don’t be bothered by the so called critics. They have nothing better to do than pointing fingers at others, may be out of habit or jealousy. It’s always better to ignore them than squabbling with them.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I just try to concentrate on sharing content and if someone doesn’t like it that’s their problem.

      1. That’s a good strategy. Keep it up. THANKS

  5. Very informative and nice advice.

    1. Thank you so much.

  6. Your post is really helpful Pooja

    1. Very happy to hear it was helpful.

  7. I found it helpful, I would like to learn more simple tricks for dummies like myself

    1. Haha more coming soon.

  8. Thank you for sharing this!!

    1. My pleasure!

  9. Very informative and helpful . Thanks so much for sharing, Pooja🤍

    1. Glad you found it helpful and happy to share it 😊

  10. I always love your how to blogs for tips and tricks.

    1. Thank you so much.

  11. This is helpful.. Thanks for the knowledge. I’m sure this will help me to grow my blog site

    1. Happy to share it and glad to hear it was helpful.

  12. I find SEO practices are constantly changing and hard to keep up with.

    1. Yes, very true. They change a lot and it’s difficult to keep changing your posts accordingly.

  13. Blogging without passion is like driving a car without fuel in it.
    I have noticed that it is diffcult to keep blogging what you are not passionate about and even when you do so, the readers can tell. 😄

    Thanks for the blogging advise Pooja.😊

    1. Absolutely, it’s much easier when you’re passionate and yes readers can definitely tell 😅
      Happy to share it ☺️

  14. The tips are not just for dummies, they can still apply for someone who has been blogging for years without success. I’ll go through your SEO series, thank you.

    1. Thanks so much and hope you find the SEO tips helpful too.

  15. Always useful. i wish I had the time (or money) to find out more and do it properly. SEO is an art. I don’t have time to investigate.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, it certainly takes a lot of time to make the changes yourself.

  16. Over the year the quality of your post has increased, and the quantity has been great.

    This is a well written blog PG. Thanks for sharing.
    I have tons of things to add, but I won’t, haha

    1. Thanks so much and lol that’s okay 😅

  17. I am new here. It’s really helpful for someone like me to learn . I just wish you keep dropping content like this to encourage others passionate about blogging.

    1. I’m really glad it’s helpful and yes blogging advice posts will be shared often so stay on the lookout for those.

      1. I will always be waiting. Thanks 😊

  18. Great advice, thank you very much!

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. I’ve learned from your posts about blogging, and appreciate what you share!

  19. That’s helpful ✨❤️ AWESOME POST!
    Since I’M not included in da DUMMIES community 😶✨ so I guess, you should write another post, TITLED “BLOODING FOR INTELLIGENT PEOPLE” ✨✨

    1. Hahah maybe so 😂

  20. A useful one! Thank you!

    1. Thanks, glad it was useful!

  21. So, I accidentally purchased Udemy Premium by forgetting to cancel my free 7-day trial and being charged $200. 😂 But now that I have it, I started checking out courses that I wouldn’t normally pay for.

    I started one on SEO and digital marketing. It was terrible. First, it told students to use ChatGPT to author entire articles without later editing them to make them more authentic and “human”, which I know we both think is an awesome idea. 😒Then it went into a “deep dive” on SEO which ended up being the most trivial and useless information anyone could give you. The course has 4.5 stars from allegedly 1,000 students, so we know Udemy has its own bot reviewer problem.

    All that was just to say I re-read your SEO posts and your free blog posts are more valuable than that $50 – $100 course. You could probably run a successful Udemy course if you wanted to spend the time on it. It seems like a lot of work to me, though, haha.

    1. Lol omg, that’s the worst $200 you’ve probably spent 😂 Sorry the course sucked but I’m honestly not surprised. I took one years ago and it was horrible. And I don’t think most of it was even real information. To be fair it was super cheap so not surprised 😅

      Hmmm, maybe I should start a course and make some extra cash but that’s the thing it’s so much work.

      1. At least I get access to all the courses on the site for that much, some are good but most aren’t.

        Since you’re getting more into video maybe eventually it’ll be worth it. You could have AI write your course script for you to save time 😂

        1. Lol of course, that’s always an option. And no editing right? 😂

  22. “Blogging is about 1) having tonnes of new creative ideas, 2) testing and practicing the process of writing, 3) communicating with fellow bloggers, and 4) doing it as a regular habit.”
    I have shared these many points in a shorter comment. Lol.😂😂

    1. Those are great points in a short comment 😀

  23. I really appreciate this post. I’m new to blogging and I think these tips are very helpful. I love that you emphasized the importance of passion, like any join or hobby passion is invaluable.

    1. Thanks so much. I agree, passion is important in all hobbies including blogging.

  24. Great points! I think the one about passion is really spot-on, because it is also what keeps you going, regardless of stats and everything else!

    1. Thanks so much and yeah that’s so true!

  25. Really great post!! It’s so true that most bloggers forget to mention being passionate about what you are writing about which gives you the motivation to keep creating content even on those days when you don’t really feel like it ( Myself in recent times) and also finding that balance between quality and quantity which can be difficult especially in the early days but essential for SEO and driving traffic to your blog page.

    1. Thanks so much! True, if you’re passionate about something you’re way more likely to stick with it despite the stats.

  26. Great advice Pooja!

    1. Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you 😊

  27. I totally agree with that “quality and quantity go hand in hand” thing!!!
    Great post and very helpful as always.

    1. Thank you so much!

  28. As a new blogger, I really appreciate your posts about the WordPress platform. They helped me get started and know how to focus my content. Please keep sending the tips.

    1. Thanks, I’m so happy to hear those posts helped you.

  29. You are amazing and so generous to your blogging community! Thank you Pooja. Hugs, C

    1. Thank you so much!

  30. Thanks for this post and for including all the links to your previous work. That makes it easier to toggle through topics quickly.

    I don’t know if you take requests for future “blogging for dummies” posts, but as a dummy, I’d really like to hear your thoughts regarding site settings for leaving comments. You emphasize interaction so much (and so well) I feel sure that you’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I have seen you post about it. Do you screen all comments before allowing them? How do you deal with AI spam comments? Or do you? Do you require anyone who wants to leave a comment to sign in first?

    1. Thank you so much. I think that’s a great idea for a post. I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

  31. Tried and true advice!

    1. Thanks so much!

  32. Although I am a seasoned blogger now, I always learn something from you that I didn’t know. We never get to old to learn things we don’t know. I enjoy learning new things, and refreshing myself on the things I already learned. So, thank you for all of the articles you write to teach us things that will help us make our blog better.

    1. I’m really glad my posts are still helpful and I’m happy to share them.

      1. You just didn’t know how important you are to us. We learn a lot from you. Thank you for everything you do to help all of us. You are an amazing person.

        1. That is so kind of you to say and it means a lot. Thank you.

          1. You’re welcome.

  33. Great advice which I’m aiming to follow in the hope of growing my blog following.

    1. Thanks so much and hope it helps.

  34. This is great advice! I’m new to blogging, thank you, learned something new 🙌

    1. Thanks so much, happy to hear that 😊

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