My Safe Haven

My Safe Haven

Your arms

Were always my safe haven

With you I was no longer afraid

All my worries seemed to evaporate

I miss that feeling

But it’s funny

How someone who once made you feel so safe

Can become

The person you’re most afraid of

I was hoping to share a YouTube video today. But life had other plans. There was a nationwide power outage in Kenya. This happens very rarely but it does happen. Sometimes when life hands you lemons you just have to freeze them and throw them at people that annoy you. Or water that saying is…

Anyway, this poem has been in my head for a while now. But I just couldn’t find the words. Luckily I did today and that helped me get a post together last minute. It’s past midnight here as I’m writing this. I finished all my work and this poem just sort of came to me. I know my brain and I have differences but at times like these it really comes through for me which I appreciate. Yes, my brain made me write all that because I complain about it malfunction too often these days.

So “My Safe Haven” is pretty much about life, love and relationships. And how you sometimes don’t really know the person you’re with until you see a darker side to them. Wolf in sheep’s clothing and all that. I’m sleepy so just create your own interpretation of it in your head.

What did you think of “My Safe Haven?” Let me know in the comments. Or stop by and say hi!

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71 thoughts on “My Safe Haven

  1. I feel this with my heart and chest. I’ve also been that person before when I would just emotionally abandon people. Ugh, it’s difficult being here with people sometimes because some people just come and go out of your life and you wanted them there, but they’re a mess.🥲 We all learn.

  2. Very succinctly put, Pooja. This is a situation that most will understand and doesn’t need a litany of verses to unpack what has happened. Coincidentally, I just finished the first episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, so your poem is reflective of what happened during this episode 😊

  3. So, the safe haven is no more as the protector becomes the predator. These contrasts have become the hallmark of your poetry. I have observed that many of your poems open on a positive note and then take a sudden U-turn, and leave the readers bewildered. This is a good style and deserves critical appreciation.
    Brevity is another feature of your poetry. You are able to infuse some serious thoughts into so few words. Great going Pooja!

  4. Not sure why but it reminded me of the supermarket chain called Safeway, for some reason we always call it Un-Safeway, it’s sort of an irony that the ‘safest’ things are not actually safe after all.

    1. I’ve never heard of Safeway but I understand why this would remind you of it since the wording is similar. Yup, very ironic.

      1. We have Safeway in Alberta, Canada. It’s an overpriced supermarket chain with Starbucks. You’re not missing much. It smells like freshly baked bread and the smell is overpowering; makes me want to buy donuts and bread rolls. Safeway is almost identical to the supermarket chain called Sobeys in Ontario, Canada. I’m not sure if you’ve been to Sobeys, which can be found in Toronto.

    2. I agree, our Un-Safeway (local grocery store/chain) has recently had two shootings, one resulted in a death. I race through the store now and never feel safe! Great poem Pooja! Hugs, C

  5. This one hit me hard. I had a boyfriend in high school turn abusive and super scary and I’ve never gotten over it, because we were best friends, and he changed overnight the second we started dating. He still stalks me online. I usually don’t share that, but your poem made me want to open up.

    1. I’m so sorry you experienced that. It’s best to stay away from people like that. Although many abusers do have the tendency to still stalk their ex’s and get obsessive so Im not surprised. Stay safe.

  6. A very deep poem, Pooja….and interpretations could vary according to an individuals stance in life.
    “Safe Haven” being the perfect title for your thoughts.
    Love it🤍

    1. Lol well you know Lifesfinewhine is usually the place romance comes to die haha. Just kidding, yeah I wanted it to be a really stark contrast between the first and second half of the poem.

  7. Yes! life cant be managed by our ways and wishes. It’s an unknown path we tread on, as much we think we know it. Especially people can be unpredictable.

  8. You remind me of a writer in the early 20th century. She met him (both writers); he protected her; they got married; then he became increasingly frustrated with her desire for self expression, which often contradicted with his view; they broke up.

    1. That’s so sad. But I’m not surprised. I think after marriage people often change and are comfortable enough to show their true colours.

  9. Great peom, Pooja. It’s scary how you really can’t tell who someone is until their actions reveal their true motives. Always be cautious of who you give your trust to.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, that’s why I get a bit paranoid about trusting people sometimes. It’s definitely best to be cautious.

  10. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for the video patiently. I’m so excited, I can’t tell you. 🤩
    About the poem, I will not say anything, because I don’t know what to say.
    One thing is sure, you are an excellent writer. You work so well in multiple niche PG 🤗.
    One can learn a lot from you, and I’m learning TBH 😁

  11. Wow, the ending! I loved this Pooja. It can be a scary and heartbreaking thing when someone reveals their true colors. Everything “good” you knew about them, seems like a strange lie. 😦 Wolf in sheep’s clothing, you’re right about that!

  12. I think I missed that you were back in Kenya! Last time I was actively blogging you were still in school in Canada, I think. How’s it been (apart from the power outages, lol).

    I’ve known a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing, unfortunately. My old life turned me into a magnet for near-narcissist friends (I think the word is overused so I don’t think most “narcissists” are actually narcissists, haha). A lot of the women I know and have known seem to be in relationships like the one in your poem, but very few ever realize it. It’s frustrating, but people have to want help, right?

    1. Yeah, I’ve been back for a while and minus the power issues lol, it’s been pretty fun. I’m just enjoying the weather and people.

      Yeah, unfortunately it’s hard for some people to know when they are being manipulated. And it’s sort of not possible for us to help them when they don’t realise they need it.

  13. Really good poem and so many females especially run into that type of relationship which is sad. As for your frozen lemon joke that’s hilarious, I love it.

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