Six Word Story #194

One Sentence Story

Six Word Story:

Stop being oblivious to the obvious.

I’m having a weird day. I woke up and my hand was hurting for no reason. And I threw up yesterday. Whomever has chosen to put the evil eye on me, please stop. Lol jk. I’m awesome and I’ll be fine. Can you tell that I only have two moods and this paragraph is both of them?

Now, let’s talk about this six word story and actually get to the point of this post. I know some of you like it when I do a few paragraphs talking about the six word story. And I have no doubt some of you hate it and skip it. Which I am fully okay with.

Anyway, this SWS was born from another SWS I wrote a few years back. As all of you may know by now, I like to edit old posts to help make them SEO friendly. I was editing an older six word story post and this one just came to me. It’s about how blind so many people are. And it’s not that they can’t see what is right in front of them. It’s that many of us choose to be blind to so much. To protect ourselves, to protect others or simply because we have the privilege to. Also I really like how it sounds because the words are similar sounding…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share your own six word stories too! Or simply just stop by and say hi!

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87 thoughts on “Six Word Story #194

  1. Hand hurts catching alligator to eat.
    — — I don’t know if its grammatically correct to leave out a, the, or my.

    Catching alligators, my hand hurts eating.

    I can’t stomach hand caught alligators.

    — I can name that tune in 10,000 notes. I could never do a show like “Name that tune” or name that celebrity in six words. I could probably do it in 10 billion words. I was just thinking that holding an alligators mouth shut for an extended period of time, and killing and eating it might make one’s hand and stomach hurt.

  2. have you got up on the wrong side of bed? it happens to me sometimes, i totally understand.
    about obliviousness, i am sorry i can’t stop that, i think it’s probably second best after ignorance, and we all know that ignorance is bliss 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re okay, that sounds strange.

    But man, that’s ominous and relatable. I’m oblivious to the obvious and a hot mess.

  4. Ohhh 😲
    You please take care of your health.
    Yes, I’m now thinking that it has to do with the evil eye 👁️
    Have you recently messed up with a necromancer? 🫤
    How interesting these 2 words our oblivious and obvious
    And you used them smartly in your SWS 194. Fascinating.
    Yes, people are sometimes oblivious to the obvious. They don’t want to open their eyes and they just feel that they should not even try to change it. 😵‍💫
    You please take care buddy. Are you sure a certain spider hasn’t bitten you recently?
    Maybe this is your super hero origin story

    1. Thanks. I’m trying my best to be healthy but sometimes these things happen unfortunately. Haha I wish, this better be my origin story.

  5. I totally agree with your observations about people. People will see when they are ready to and nothing will change their minds to do anything differently until then… even if everything is burning down around them, for it is an inner seeing and not an outward one.

    I suffered the same ailments as you in the same span of days. Strange.

    1. Yes, unfortunately people can only see when they want to. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell too. Hopefully we’ll both feel better soon.

  6. I just talked with somebody on phone and he is oblivious to obvious. He obviously has health issues (binge eating and then fasting) but he refuses to admit it. And he is upset if other people point it out to him.

      1. Yes, it is. Sometimes people just don’t want to acknowledge the truth about things, or themselves. They pretend that it doesn’t exist when it is looking them right in their face.

  7. Pooja, what a great post. Well-written, witty, serious, and genuine, interspersed with the unpredictability of real life aches and pains. Some of the things that are obvious and to which we (the royal we, that is) are oblivious sometimes, if that makes sense.
    And… I laughed when first reading the six word story as the wording was clever.
    I hope you feel better.

  8. I hope you feel better!

    That’s a great SWS. I’m a sucker for the stories in this format that utilize similar sounding words.

    “She was oblivious to her oblivion.”

  9. That’s what I feel like saying to the Trumpists, climate change deniers and Tory voters. They are all oblivious to the obvious.

  10. I love the play on words! A lot of people need to read this six word story, because the issues going on in our world today are because the majority are being oblivious to the obvious. People ignore what’s affecting others simply because it doesn’t affect them personally and it shouldn’t be so. I really do wish that the world stops being oblivious to the obvious.
    Sorry to hear that you feel ill, hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks so much and I agree. People are pretty much in denial about a lot of things just because they have the privilege of ignoring it.

  11. Wasn’t driving but my car crashed.

    I don’t see the period point.

    Why is the ghost not dead?

    The one wing bird cries why.

    Ut oh, I hope you’re not too sick. Ooops, I didn’t mean you should be a little sick. On the other hand, I hope you get better. Oh, oops, I mean both hands down you should be OK with clichés, and just saying.

  12. About the Sws, sometimes people are blind because they haven’t fully comprehended or lack past experience of what is infront of them.

    There days our bodies just decide to throw a tantrum.

  13. I agree with you. We all have blinders to varying degrees and for varying reasons. Self protection as you write is a big one for sure. “to protect others or simply because we have the privilege to” rings very insightful. As far as the self-protection reason, I think we sometimes don’t take some blinders off until we’re ready, ie. safe environment, can handle the truth. So in some respects some of our blinders aren’t immediately within our control. Would you agree?

    1. Yes, I think our mind goes into denial sometimes to protect us. That’s generally out of our control. I think it very much depends on the situation.

  14. Stop trying to make yourself sane (haha, I like this one, AND I think it rings true for me, personally (/;; I, evidently, just came up with it, minutes ago)

  15. I know that it can be so tempting to deny what is right in front of our eyes, but we often– either fortunately or unfortunately–see the truth when we look back. Hindsight, as it were. And I hope you feel better. Being sick is no fun.

  16. Sometimes we see and don’t see because we don’t want to deal with whatever it is. We put it in the back of our mind to forget about it, but when the time is right it resurfaces itself to be dealt with, isn’t it obvious? Great SWS. Thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better.

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