What To Say When You Have Nothing To Say

I have been having a tough last few days and therefore I don’t really have the time or strength to come up with posts as I usually do. To be honest, now that I work full-time blogging is a bit harder than it used to be. Which is totally okay. It’s fine to have nothing to share sometimes. It’s actually great to have nothing to say once in a while. It just means I’ll have more to share when this “writers block” is over.

One thing I will say though, that is a bit of a silver lining I guess is that I can see my mindset changing. Usually when I’m sick, I get anxious and depressed. If you have nay mental health issues you will know that mental and physical health go hand in hand. When one suffers the other does too. However, this time I don’t have the whole “woe is me” attitude. My mindset seems to be changing from “bad life” to “bad day/days” which is nice. It’s nice to see the years of hard work paying off. Or the weed. For legal reasons, I have to clarify that’s a joke…

On the plus side, I have been eating oil-free for the majority of the days for the last few months and it’s been so fun. I have become so good at cooking oil-free that I don’t even miss oily food. Especially because oil-free food makes me feel so much better. Even my family loves my oil-free dishes and my sister told me to cook for her one day which is a big win because she’s the pickiest eater ever. Tomorrow I’m trying to make an Afghani dish for the first time and I’m quite excited. It’s Indo-Afghani I think but still. It’s new to me and I’m excited!

Look at that, I did have something to say. Back in the day when I had like ten followers I would write posts like these all the time because Lifesfinewhine was just like my diary back then and not really what it is today. How things change.

Let me know what’s going on with you in the comments below! Or simply stop by and say hi!

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131 thoughts on “What To Say When You Have Nothing To Say

    1. I enjoy your posts! And yes, blogging with a full time job is ROUGH but we’ll be ready with open arms whenever you get a chance to write. Don’t worry about it. Also, ditto on the mental health issues. Like you, I’ve learnt to ride the waves as well. I’ve grown more objective about my ‘bad moods’ too and accept that they always pass, even if sometimes they stay longer than I’d like. Treating myself to walks, good food, exercise, sunlight, rest (even if it means taking a sick day from work.. thankfully paid) and lots of water helps 🙂

      1. Thanks so much! Yes, the rough days come and go, the main thing is to not give up. Good food and taking walks helps me a lot too.

  1. I struggle posting a lot. I don’t want to overshare about my life because my family is watching and I don’t want bore people. I’m not fun like a lot of people. I don’t have fun stories. Mostly I’m fussy, sensitive, and emotional.

    It’s gotten to the point where my cockiness doesn’t want me to take down my blog because people deserve to listen to what I say, but I get anxious a lot that I’m not a real blogger, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not a good artist, so on. Just because I struggle with a post.

    I even struggle to show up for journaling because what’s the point of putting in a short blog post for the day with no art when no one will look at it or think about me again.

    That’s the good thing though, y’all aren’t very judgmental. Y’all expect quality, but you all are still nice. I just hate disappointing people.🤕

    1. It sounds like you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself and I know how that feels. The good news is, the more you blog the less anxiety inducing it becomes. I won’t say it’s all rainbows and butterflies because that’s just not true but it does get a better over time.

  2. It is one hundred percent okay to skip a few days of posting, Pooja, you come first! I love the photo of you, very beautiful. ❤️

  3. I’m sorry to know that you’re still feeling unwell, Pooja, though it’s good to know you feel some progress. Take time to look after yourself. I look forward to reading how the new dish turns out!

  4. I reckon you just write whatever you feel at the time. You will be writing something relatable for many people as we’ve all had similar days. I’m well aware that I’m going to be in a state when I don’t post anything soon as my manic phase stops and I’m then In Depressive phase. It’s just life. But I might have a post or two. Who knows what the future brings. If you are not feeling the writing you can always get a few quotes and post them and simply put “discuss” and I bet you will have a lot of people that interact 🤗

  5. I am about to start working full time and it scares me, I hate being at home with remote work only, while ‘rise and shine’ with positivity every morning is hard for me. It’s the expectation in the United States of mind, you HAVE TO be happy and project image of success at ALL times. Such bs… Oh well, I have to embrace the change and be grateful, I guess 🙂

    1. Good luck with working full-time. It can be more stressful but it’s also fun if you enjoy what you do. Yeah, I don’t like that mindset where everything has to be perfect all the time. Life doesn’t work like that.

  6. I admire that you are blogging full time. I found it difficult to blog full time (I was a ghost blogger though, so I was always saying someone else’s thoughts and opinions, which isn’t as fun.)

  7. Taking a break is wonderful. It helps me to refocus and figure out what type of post I may want to share instead of just writing to keep up with the Jones’s 🙂

  8. First, everyone has mental health issues, especially if they fail to admit it. This is still your diary and we’re still the living tapestry absorbing your every word. Now smile and take a deep breathe. 😉

    1. Agreed, everyone has something or the other that affects that mental health. And that’s okay. Thanks, your comment made me smile 😀

  9. Funny, I have a similar problem with not knowing what to write sometimes (or regularly and consistently post stuff in the first place). The difference is that I do essentially nothing, aside from consuming social media, reading articles and blog posts, sometimes watching tv, taking photography, occasionally going on walks (okay, and now I’m making it sound like I’m *slightly less sedentary than I really am, haha). Well… I, for one thing, have big travel plans, so maybe I’ll get somewhere (no pun intended lol!) once I’m able to save up enough money. And now I’ve gotten off topic lol. My point is that I think I can relate, and I guess the only real solution is to just to write SOMETHING, either about what’s going on in your life at present, OR the most random thing that just popped into your head and you’ve decided to research! Okay, annnd I’m done writing! (;

    1. Thanks, it’s always nice to know other experience this too. And I agree, just writing something no matter what it is helps a lot. Thank you!

  10. I grok your post today. Between car repair, furnace repair, computer updates, and the day job, I am glad that don’t have fans waiting for a post, lol. I have a lot respect for writers that can deliver under pressure. I wish that good health finds the way to you.

    1. Thank you so much, yes life is so busy sometimes it’s hard to find time for blogging. I’m feeling better today so much appreciated.

  11. You have nothing to say, yet you said this much.

    And I love the comments you are getting here. This shows how much people appreciate you.
    Dear friend, I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of your physical and mental health.
    Writer’s block is bad, I had it recently, and I didn’t know what to write and say.
    I love how you still showed up.
    Sending some positive vibes.

      1. What’s with long comments on this blog?

        Long comments makes me nervous.

        People have surely dropped long and engaging comments 👏🏻😲
        I’m mesmerized.

        Hey, when you say LIFESFINEWHINER, everyone sounds like a whiner
        But you are the #1 winer here 😛
        Jk 😂

        Please take care buddy, I’m concerned. I hope you feel better soon.

          1. Hey, I realised that my previous comment was not appropriate.
            I apologize for it.
            I suddenly realized my mistake and I wish I had reset button. Sorry Pg 🙇🏻‍♂️

  12. You will always have something to say. When you go through busy times of life, you are merely gathering source materials and new perspectives which you will put to good use in future posts.

  13. Writer’s block happens when you try to do multiple tasking. Like, you think on two or more topics at a time (You ‘only think, and not act’. Lol.😂).
    In my case, there are three conditions: 1) Do something,
    2) Do nothing or
    3) Develop negative thoughts and overthink about ‘this something’
    I choose to stay in the first or third line/zone (let’s call them ‘linear zones’. They’re interconnected.) Second one is the worst choice.
    Take your time. You’re free and able to make your choices.

    1. Thanks and I kind of deal with it in the same way. Today I chose to do something the times I do nothing and usually I pick no.3 too lol 😅

  14. I know how you feel about having writers block. I had it for a year, I could not write one word, but I did find things to post that I knew would encourage myself and others, and I still do. There are days when I want to write about a certain topic, but the words just won’t come when I want them too. It is alright to not have anything to say. We all understand. You have to take care of yourself; there is only one you. Maybe by not posting for a while will help you mentally, you know to clear your head so when you are ready to write again, the words will flow freely. I hope you get to feeling better. Don’t stress. Working full time, and then trying to write can be a bit much. You have many posts we can read, take care of yourself. We will see you when you feel like writing again. We all care about you, and like you said, we are your family all around the world.

  15. There is a song by Kirk Franklin called Smile. Look it up on YouTube. It is one of my favorite songs I listen to when I am feeling kind of depressed, it always make me feel better. I just thought about that to share it with you. I hope it will make you feel better.

  16. It happens with everyone. Sometimes, we don’t have time to write and at others we don’t want to write. But with the level of experience you have under your belt, you can easily manage your blogging schedule.
    Good to know that you have developed a taste for oil free food. This is good for health. Cooking new dishes is always an enriching experience. Keep doing whatever you like the most.

  17. Lots of people share your woes with depression. I am glad to hear you can recognize when the lift comes. It’s like stepping out of a fog, gradually into the sun. Hope things come together soon for you. As for the Indo-Afgani food your going to try, please provide the recipe. I’d love to try something new too!

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, it can really be like that and I’m happy to finally be setting into the sun. The recipe turned out great so I’ll share it soon. And it’s incredibly easy to make too.

    1. Thanks so much 😊 The dish turned out delicious. I made Afghani paneer but used tofu instead of paneer as I don’t eat dairy.

  18. I guess writer’s block is something we all deal with every once in a while, but still I enjoyed this post! And that picture is really beautiful!
    I’m happy for you that your mental health has improved. I’m looking forward to reading about how the experimental dish turns out!

  19. Who said you have nothing to say? 😃
    I enjoy reading your posts no matter what. However, if you need to take a break, do so. No one will judge you.
    I completely get you because I also have those ups and downs, especially when I’m sick. It reflects automatically on my mental health as well.
    Take care🌸

  20. I loved your pic😍
    Thank you for this advice.
    I hope you have a great experience with that indo-afghani dish. Don’t forget to share pictures 😁

  21. Hi, I’m just stopping by to say hi! 😀 I love the mental switch from ‘bad life’ to ‘bad day(s)’. I think I’m reaching that level myself, too.

  22. I love that you can acknowledge bad days vs. bad life. That is such growth. Took me decades to get that. Also, I love when I don’t know what to say and just start writing, something always arises and sometimes surprises. I think it’s a fun, creative part of writing. Thanks for writing!

  23. As a person who is working full time, I can totally understand. The struggle is real.
    Initially when I just started working, I used to get mad at myself for not being able to hold onto my routine of posting once a week.
    Now I post whenever I can.
    So in case you need a few extra days to think about a post, take it. It takes a lot of pressure off the mind.

    1. Yeah I’m glad you don’t pressure yourself too much now. Honestly, life is tough and it’s not always possible to stay on schedule.

  24. Yes, indeed, I like your topics, “When you have nothing to say” I think it is better to just be quiet when you have nothing good to say, but if you don’t, you may end up saying the wrong think that may or may not be acceptable to your audience.

    Again, thanks for sharing your topics. I am loving it.
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  25. I’ve had a similar mindset shift to think more along the lines of “well I needed a day to rest” or “I’m too anxious / burnt out to do ‘X’ today” instead of “I’m a loser / lazy”. It’s faster to recover from the former and the latter sends me into days of depression, so it’s been a huge change!

    I know what it’s like to not think you have anything to say on a given day. Lately, I feel like I have a lot to say about something, but I know I don’t have the time or focus to write it out in an organized post. I hate writing for 30 minutes and then realizing I’ve just written a directionless rant that’s hard to follow. 😝

    Hope tomorrow feels better!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, changing your mindset makes a huge difference. I think it can really help you with your self-esteem and just living a more positive life.

      Haha sometimes those rants are fun to write though. Very therapeutic. 😅

  26. ★What to say when you have nothing to say? Say anything that pops up in your mind XD.
    ★ What’s going on with me?
    ~Me -⁠ᄒ⁠ᴥ⁠ᄒ⁠-
    Hehe SO FUNNY that (you forget laughing)
    ok, now am answering like a normal Homan:-
    ★ What’s going on with me?
    Everything is going alright except me. ✨🐻‍❄️ BECAUSE one of my friend is annoyed with me ʕ⁠´⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠`⁠ʔ FOR NO reason. ಠ⁠◡⁠ಠ (Just because I draw better than her)
    ★ Omg! You seem TO BE FAMOUS!
    I AM YOUR FAN NOW. (Autograph plis)
    ★ And AMAZING POST as usual ❤️✨

  27. It’s lovely to know that bad life has transformed into bad days / nights…it’s not easy to reach here…nothing to say / share is golden…kudos to no oil cooking…do share how your food turned out, Pooja…sounds yummy ✨

  28. I know what you mean about blogging getting overwhelming. Now that I’m freelancing and rebranding, I’m feeling the same way. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be posting on here, but the past 2 months have been weird. Hang in there!

    1. Yeah, it’s so much more work than people realise! I feel like only those that are in the business really get how stressful it can be. Thanks and you too!

      1. I just realized I’m not being notified when you reply to my comment. So, sorry for not replying to your replies. I just didn’t know what was going on

  29. You are so right : mental and physical health go hand in hand. However I’m not so sure that everyone knows that. Maybe most do. I can only speak for myself, it toook me many years to make the connection. This is due that it works in both directions. As in physical issues can cause mental issues as well mental causing physical. Regardless I’m glad you mentioned it in your post because it acts as a reminder to those who do know, while at the same time giving something to think about or those who have not realized or discovered it yet. I hope something happens today that provides you a warm smile and an extra spring in your step.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, unfortunately not everyone is aware of this connection and that’s why I always like to mention it when something like this comes up.

  30. It’s great that your mindset is slowly shifting and that you get better at recognising that a bad day is just a bad day and it doesn’t mean anything about you or your life! With lifestyle changes like working full-time in the blogging world it is always hard to adjust and to find a routine of things you like to do, but I’m sure you’ll slowly get there! Take care!

  31. Years ago when my friend and I were walking on a side street of Manhattan, we saw an Afghan restaurant. I was so surprised since I had never heard of an Afghan restaurant before. I wanted to go in but my friend dragged me away. I am very interested in oil free food too, but unfortunately many of the vegan food I buy have fat in them…

    1. I’ll be sharing oil-free vegan recipes soon on my YouTube page. Afghani food is really delicious although I’ve only ever made this. I’ve tried at a restaurant and it was so good. You should definitely try it.

  32. Pooja I am distracted by the featured image of this blog post, if that was you, You are really beautiful😍😍🔥🔥, so forgive me, I couldn’t read this blog post, I was disturbed by the beauty😍

  33. Hey, you know something…I do get it. As someone who battles with anxiety nearly on a weekly basis now. I know how exhausting and draining it can be. It isn’t just something that affects us mentally, but also physically. Being really tired and exhausted, and yet still experience insomnia on certain days. It’s really easy to feel a little bit under the weather as a result.

    It’s why I decided some time back, that I would do some physical activities like running/jogging, and eating better to help improve my own body’s immune response. It’s just a way to help offset what I’m going through on my worst days.

    1. You’re so right. Anxiety isn’t just mental, it also takes a toll on your body physically. Exercise definitely helps and so does a healthy lifestyle in general.

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