Music To Blog To

Music To Blog To

Music To Blog To

I feel like I haven’t posted anything music related is so long. Like I think it’s been a year or so. Anyway, the other day I realised that I love listening to music while blogging or working. It like helps so much with my mental health too. So that’s why I decided to share some music to blog to today. This is generally what I listen to when blogging. Fair warning, I love all genres so there are songs from many very different genres here. Some of these songs contain explicit or offensive language.

Anything By The Kinks

I absolutely adore The Kinks. I started listening to them a few years ago and haven’t stopped. So, I don’t know how to properly phrase this but their songs are still so relatable and relevant. I honestly feel such a connection with so many of their lyrics. Here are some of my favourites:

Country For The Win

As many of followers that have been reading my posts for a while now know, I love country music. It’s one of my favourite genres. I’ve always enjoyed it but I took a class on country music in university that made me love the genre even more. I do not enjoy current mainstream country music, sometimes referred to as “bro-country.” I prefer less mainstream songs that stay true to where country music originated from and use a similar sound to really old country songs. Other than that, I also really like listening to older country songs. You really can’t go wrong with the classics.

What’s Life Without Phil Ochs?

I absolutely love Phil Ochs. Like I could listen to him every day. And very often I do lol. Here are some of my favourite songs by him:

Hip Hop For Energy

This is another genre I have sweet spot for. Hip hop always makes me feel so energised even when I’m doing some work I’m not particularly enthusiastic about. Here are the songs I frequently listen. Warning, they all contain offensive or explicit language.

A Bit Of Dancehall

I grew up in Kenya so Dancehall had to be on this list. Again, they keep me energised and motivated. Here are some of my favourites:


I hope you enjoyed this “Music To Blog To” and hopefully found some new songs to listen to and enjoy.

Do you listen to music while blogging? If so, what songs do you listen to? What are some of your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

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103 thoughts on “Music To Blog To

  1. I typically don’t when blogging, but I do sometimes when drawing. I have my playlists on my blog somewhere…but oh my. I think my playlist is about to get bigger. I’m going to give these a listen. I love recommendations.

    I like country music, but within those, I love folk, Americana, and rock n roll. I like older country music, but that’s because I just really like the vibe of 60s-70s music. It just sounds so exciting and uplifting, but I also like older country and folk songs—like 1930s when I can find it. Always have to be careful because I’ll come across something that’s blatantly offensive.🙄

    I love artists like Odetta, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, and Elizabeth Cotten.

    I also like Spanish (specifically Mexican) folk songs when I can find them, but boy is it hard when I don’t know anything.

    1. We seem to have very similar taste in music. I also prefer older country song from the 60’s-70’s or even older like The Carter Family. Yes, some of those old songs can be offensive so you have to watch out for that. I love Joan Baez as well, she has a beautiful voice. I haven’t heard much Mexican folk music but I’ll look into it. It sounds good.

      1. Start with De Colores. It’s a good one.👌 It’s a cute, but powerful song. Every generation craves hope and to be free of discrimination and vices and the fossils and footprints they leave are so beautiful and bittersweet, but heartbreaking that their wish was never fulfilled.

        I always enjoy music that’s uplifting. I like Highlife music for that reason and dancehall (which I mean, was on your list haha).

  2. Hi, great post! I always listen to music while blogging since my blog is about music (as you know, being such a fantastic follower). Some great suggestions to explore here, thanks. I promise I’ll share some more country in future… I’m a fan of it too but yeah, not the mainstream modern stuff. I like outlaw country, and the “classics.”

    It’s funny that you posted about music and blogging today, because I didn’t! I’ve been posting everyday since January 1 but was just too wiped out today, LOL. Tomorrow I will post a classical piece.

    1. I look forward to reading more country music posts on your blog. Outlaw country tunes are pretty great. I really like that subgenre too.

      Haha well, I guess I filled in for you and posted something about music lol.

  3. Hey, Pooj, I listen to all kinds of music, not so much classical music or rap but anything in between, yes, depending on the mood. Music is too broad of a topic for me, I only start thinking of it, my mind boggles, and it’s not hard to misrepresent yourself just naming a few songs / singers.

  4. I’m a country boy at heart and have been listening to that music on my old transistor radio long before TV made it to our rural city as an early teen. Worked overseas in the cities and jungles of Asia before returning home to Australia to reengineer a large hospital before retirement. Now I share my love of country with the comfort of Bollywood music. The internet is my source now and what a wonderful feast to choose from. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful music. I hope you don’t mind if I share some of it on my music site: Inspirational Beats That Make You Move for Jesus I post all kinds of music there, it is something for everyone to listen to. It’s not just gospel music. Feel free to stop by and get your listen on. I always listen to music when I am writing, or sometimes I just write in the quiet; it all depends on what I am writing about. I will check them out.

  6. As an Austin Texan, I’m incredibly excited to read you love country music!! We are a huge music city with so many different genres. Right now we’re having sxsw here in Austin and the live music is popping all over town! I love your different tastes in music so much and I’m loving your selection! We always listen to music in our house. We love to sing together and just feel the music, sing, even dance! So yes!!! I listen to music while blogging, while pretty much doing everything and anything. I think music is an important part of our lives as it really benefits our mental health. Love your post and blog 🫶🏻💛💛

  7. A magical post 😊 I listen to music whenever I can, but the reality is I play many of my favourite songs on the guitar. One of those just happens to be Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks 😉 I even used some of the lyrics from this song for my speech at my daughter’s wedding last year, because as you said in your post, what Ray Davies wrote back then is still very much relatable to how it is today 😊😊😊

    Wagon Wheel is also on my band’s playlist and we like to get into during rehearsals! Willie Nelson’s Stardust album is a must for anybody – just fabulous how he treats the old standards.

    1. Thank you so much. That’s amazing, Waterloo Sunset is one of my absolute favourites. Yes, Ray Davies’ words are still quite relatable 😊

      Oh nice, Wagon Wheel is such a fantastic song and one of my favourite country songs.

  8. Same pinch. I do listen to music while blogging and while doin homeworks lol.
    I AM A BLINK. So, I mostly prefer Listening to BLACKPINK songs. ✨🖤💗
    My favorite songs are “KILL THIS LOVE”, “Pink Venom”, “How You Like That”, “Tu Tu”, “No Lie”.
    🤩 i’ma Huge fan of LALISA…

  9. What a lovely share
    I will listen them next time I work on a blog or something
    Thanks for sharing these.
    I also love listening to music while working or working out. Those songs are generally Anime based, haha
    I am also a fan of edm.
    But, I think EDM is something, people won’t like always. Like they can’t give peace, haha.
    Thanks for sharing your playlist dear friend.

    1. I listen to anime soundtracks, mostly ones without lyrics. This includes anime I haven’t watched. The soundtracks are awesome and help me stay focussed when writing not studying. I’m a fan of EDM which seems strange to a lot of ppl, considering I’ve never been to a club or tried any psychedelics lol and yet EDM has a special place in my heart. Chillstep as well (it’s much tamer than dubstep).

      1. Are you also a fan of giorno’ theme??
        I am obsessed with it.
        You say run ( MHA) is another favorite of mine. I don’t understand Japanese at all, but I understand the emotions.

        EDM are so good during the workout. 😝
        I can’t even pick 1 fav.

        How are you Hilary?
        Been a while

    2. Thanks so much and yeah try it out, it makes blogging more fun.
      I don’t generally listen to EDM but I’ll try it out lol.

      1. As an experiment you listen to EDM and write a blog.
        Let’s see how that affects your mood. 😃

        I generally listen songs and I feel very motivated. I will listen to your recommendation.
        I might able to write a blog of LIFESFINEWHINE quality 😝

  10. I can agree or relate to a lot of this… I wouldn’t know where to begin. Some of the early kinks solos have Jimmy Page playing them in the studio, as he was the studio guitarist at that particular London studio when they recorded

  11. I usually have some TV drama playing in the background when I am writing a blog post. Occasionally, it distracts but I have become quite accustomed to it now. Songs I only listen to when driving.

  12. Didn’t know you love country music! 😊 I’m always positively surprised by some new facts about you (new, for me).
    I don’t listen to music while blogging, it has to be pretty much silence while I’m working 😅 But I like foreign pop and Serbian rap 😍

  13. I do occasionally listen to music while blogging. I mostly switch between lofi or kpop just so I don’t get distracted from the lyrics. 😂 I will most definitely listen to the songs you have recommended.

    1. I love LoFi, I listen to that when writing something intense lol because I don’t like distractions 😅 But when it’s replying to comments and stuff I like this kind of music.

  14. I listen to music when doing practically everything. Writing, exercising, cooking, sometimes even when I’m trying to fall asleep too, lol. I’m always looking to broaded my playlists, so I’ll definitely check out these songs! Thank you!

  15. I listen to music when doing practically everything. Writing, exercising, cooking, sometimes even when I’m trying to fall asleep too, lol. I listen to Afropop, R&B and Christian hip hop mostly, but I’m always looking to broaden my playlists, so I’ll definitely check out these songs! Thank you!

  16. it’s always refreshing to hear someone say they actually like country! i’m partial to classic country, as well as the 80/90s era!

    my favorite music to listen to while working is typically very chill, i’ve been listening to the “like real people do” hozier spotify playlist a lot lately. but like you, i can tend to listen to an eclectic mix of music

  17. Phil Ochs and Kinks – now you’re talking!
    I’ve been writing a book on Neil Young and that has to be into the publishers soon. I am going to suggest to them that Phil Ochs should be the next project. I don’t know if they’ll go for it.
    Try some Woody Guthrie and James Varda Pooj. You’d love ’em. Then there’s Roy Harper! (and Nick Harper).

  18. I remember you saying you loved country a while ago and I actually ended up changing my mind on it over the past few years! I don’t like what I’d call “pop country” but that’s not a country thing, I don’t like “pop anything”. 😬 Lately I’ve been listening to The Dead South and Colter Wall. I think you’d like Colter Wall more… he sounds a lot like Johnny Cash to me in some ways. Coincidentally, both bands are Canadian. I didn’t know there was such a huge bluegrass scene in Canada, but it makes sense.

    1. Yup the bluegrass scene in Canada is big! There’s so many bands like that which perform live too which is so fun. Will definitely check out Colter Wall, thanks for the suggestion.

  19. Hi Pooh, I’m a huge music lover and we share taste. However, I don’t listen when I write for fear the music will influence my thought. After I finish though, I crank it up, with some whiskey and relax. 😀

    1. I usually tend to listen to music when I reply to comments etc. I get distracted too easily when writing lol. Whiskey and music is the best combination 👏🏽

  20. This is a long list, Pooja.
    All of us enjoy listening to music of, a particular taste, in a specific mood/mindset.
    I’m also listening a lot of music nowadays.
    Hear. Learn. Enjoy.

  21. Thanks Pooja for sharing your favourite music. I’m also a huge music lover especially Hip Hop and it was fantastic to see LL Cool J and Ice Cube on that list as they are two of my fav all time artist and I listen to that era of Hip Hop most days as it does energise no matter what I may be doing. Music while Blogging is also helpful even though sometimes it does distract me for a few minutes doing my ll cool j impressions lol

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, they’re both fantastic rappers. Absolutely, hip hop really helps get you energised. Lol, I try to rap along but can never do so successfully.

  22. You have such great taste in music! (I was going to say that your taste is similarly eclectic as my own, but I think “great” works better.) Music is the way people express what’s in their hearts, so I think if you enjoy a broad spectrum of genres, you have a real heart for people generally.

    That said, I support your distaste for “bro country” as I do not think anyone ever put their heart into a song about a tailgate.

    1. Happy to hear we have similar taste in music. I think we all have so many moods and having different music preferences for different moods is fun. I definitely agree that music expresses what’s in ones heart and no, “bro country” absolutely has no artists putting their heart into it. I mean, they just use specific words for a target audience but don’t mean a word they sing.

  23. Great selection! No judgements for liking Country music. I sure like some classic country, and a some tasteful modern country. I don’t like the conservative culture that country music promotes, which is another reason why I think Dolly Parton is an absolute legend stepping away from all that! She’s a shining example of not fitting in a box!

    1. Yes, Dolly is an absolute living legend. She has never given up her beliefs and values for money even when they differ from the conservative norms of mainstream country music.

  24. I am not musical myself and I don’t listen to music very often. The only thing I do with music is probably a poem with music in the background, but there are not many videos like that for me to enjoy. My friends are very surprised that I don’t listen to music when I drive, but I really don’t. I enjoy driving in silence, which is something most of my friends cannot endure. Anyway, I admire people who love music. It is said that listening to music can make people a lot happier…

  25. Fun blog post Pooja and entertaining too. I agree too that music is helpful and I too love it when writing my blog posts. Lately I have been listening to Amapiano , a song by MAC G titled “Nkhantini”, truthfully South Africa’s got amazing talented singers🔥🔥🙌

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, music makes it more fun to blog. I’ll check out the song since I haven’t listened to music from South Africa much. Thanks for the recommendation 😊

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