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What’s Up With Pooj?

It’s been raining quite a bit these days in Nairobi. Which I absolutely love. And it’s been raining at night which makes it so much better because falling asleep to the sound of rain is amazing. I have also been napping more because this weather just makes me so sleepy. Also, I’m just a sleepy person in general lol.

Not much has happened last week due to my health issues but I look forward to having a better week this coming week. And hopefully I’ll have some fun adventures to share with you guys. And maybe even a YouTube video…

I actually have had pretty good days today and yesterday so now I’m kind of waiting for something bad to happen lol. Because that’s usually how it goes. Hopefully not. Fingers crossed. I read quite a bit this weekend and I am almost done reading Grow Damn It! by Cheryl Oreglia, a fellow blogger on WordPress. If you haven’t read her book yet, please do. It’s as fantastic as her writing always is.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it from me. Like I said, I haven’t had a particularly interesting last few days. I did attend Debi Adams’ book launch which was fantastic. Do also check out her book Winning Over Shame.

How was your week last week? What are your plans for this week? Anything fun going on in your life? Let me know in the comments below because I always enjoy chatting with you guys. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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97 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #86

  1. I hope your quote is true. Are you feeling better? I know sleeping is good. That’s mostly what I’ve done.

    I’ve been depressed and feel like a loser.

    And funnily, it’s rained here and that day was a good day.☺️ I love rain.

    1. From my experience it has been true. The small things led to bigger ones.

      Yes, I’m better. Thanks so much for asking. I was a bit depressed too but better now. I love the rain as well. It just makes everything better.

    2. Depression is difficult. I understand. I’ve been there. Our brains internalize the negativity that gets thrown at us, then it regurgitates it. Our spirit believes it to be true, but unfortunately the negativity has been morphed into lies we keep repeating to ourselves. The negative self-talk is far more debilitating than other things that get thrown at us. When I was working on tackling my own depression, I discovered that I really didn’t like myself, and so my self-talk was very harsh and negative.

      I practiced suspending judgment of myself. At first it was very difficult, and I had to take it hour by hour. Then I practiced speaking gentle, supportive and believable thoughts to myself.

      Wishing you all the best as you embark on your self-healing and develop a more positive view of yourself!

  2. Last week? Last week was nerve-racking for me; I revised and edited my self-published novella, Reunion: A Story. It takes a good while for the changes an author submits to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (24-72 hours is the range) and it takes Amazon a week (or more) to update a book’s product page. So…I’ve been both busy and nervous.

    I have a feeling you’d like the book, since the protagonist/narrator loves history.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot. I would love to check out the book. It sounds good. But to be fair I love anything that mentions history lol. Do you have a link to it?

  3. Love the quote! Reminds me of a story I heard. This guy was bummed out because he wasn’t going to get to see his kids at Christmas. His mother sent him $400 to do something fun, but he decided to go get food to feed the hungry. He was part of a church group. Anyway, he ended up feeding this guy, Carl, who asked for a second sandwich so that he would have something eat on Christmas day too. The guy agreed and also gave him a Bible, telling Carl to pay attention to the words in red (Jesus’words.) The next day news came in that Carl had died that night. Six months later, Carl’s son got a hold of the guy who had given him the Bible. In red writing the inside cover was written “I finally believe.” Kind of makes you think. The guy had no idea he was feeding Carl his last meal, and he was orobtine if the last, if not the last person Carl spoke to, and it was about religion! We never know to whom we are making a difference.

    1. Wow, what a story. So true, we never know who we’re helping but it can make the biggest difference to just be kind to everyone and help one another.

  4. Well good to know you are sleeping well
    Otherwise you are nocturnal 🦉

    Please take good care of your health

    And stop looking and expecting for the bad.
    Give your mind some positive ideas.

    Have a Happy week.

    And hey, love the quote.

  5. My contribution- ” I try to make sense of things. Which is why, I guess I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be. – Robin Williams.

  6. Oh rain oh rain. I hope the mosquitoes haven’t gotten to you.

    Many people hope for and thank a Sunny Day, but I see that you love a rainy day at night and hope for good omens. And I will not thank a sunny day because
    Traveling frayed
    I’d have thanked a sunny day
    if rain had not fallen, and

    I’d have praised an ancient sun
    if bop rain had not plopped,

    a rain dance not done,
    the omen drops

    and then if rain had not brought
    what ought to be hallucinations —
    a vision of a bird on a porch — then I’d have
    praised a sunny empty day, but rain

    seemed like siren music, and
    I knew I had to take an exit ramp,
    had to visit the porch of her ranch.

    In praise of rain, and reigning shelter
    Anastasia cared for me,
    and for a sick bird there
    still wet, still breathing, so

    I’d have thanked a sunny day
    not coming to love
    the chirps and songs of you
    in the reigning beauty of rain.

    A faux pas is such a small step, and I wish us like an astronaut, one small step for a person, one giant leap for the joy of us all, leaping over the moon as easily as does the cow of Mother Goose rhymes.

  7. Ah, yeah, the sound of rain is soothing. For me, this week will be busy with a houseguest and a music festival (where the houseguest is playing). Still having winter weather here in western Canada, which is a bit of drag as I want to get out cycling. No chance of rain this week, LOL.

    1. Oh nice, have fun at the festival and hanging out with your guest. Yeah, winter gets a little annoying after a while lol. Hopefully, it’ll get warmer soon.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a great idea for a novel. Yes, I’m sure some of those memories are difficult but sometimes writing it all down can be therapeutic too.

      1. I’ve written parts of it in the form of a journal and have rewritten other parts, but I’d always reach a barrier when my anxieties would stand up and threaten to overpower me. I know I’ve done a lot of healing since then, because now I can read those old words and not be triggered. Now I can just focus on finishing to write the story.

  8. Pooja! I’m doing a mad catch up on the blogs I love because I’ve been out of town all week. And then I come to your post and I’m stopped in my tracks. Thank you. I’m just sitting here smiling like an idiot. I hope you enjoyed the collections of my most beloved essays. Thank you for sharing with your followers. I’m beyond grateful. Hugs, C

  9. “Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” ❤️
    These two smallest steps I’m taking:
    1. to be flexible in my thinking (less overthinking) and
    2. to be able to encourage & appeal people for a good cause (implement ideas & initiatives).

  10. Now that I finally caught up with reading to this post and the week is almost over. My dad’s 93rd birthday is coming on Friday so we have had some focus on celebrating him with dinner. But otherwise I have been just writing and reading a lot and trying to come up with new material. As for the quote, I love it.

  11. Today’s quote is so real on many different ways.

    Well, there is a way rain makes many sleepy which is a good thing except for those who work at night.

    Before this rainy season it was so hot and I would find it hard to fall asleep instantly. With the current weather, I can say that falling asleep is no longer a problem.😊

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, rain does make you sleepy. I find myself napping more often these days. It was so hot in Nairobi too before the rains. I much rather prefer the rainy weather.

  12. I always enjoy reading your posts and your quotes, life does have its ups and downs without a doubt. I try to start my day positive as much as possible, when things are not going so well I try to not dwell on them when they are not in my control to change them

  13. Love your quote so much. And it is so true. Sometimes you only have a little inkling that something is not quite right. And guess what? Eventually you find that all your relatives are narcissists controlled by a grandma who’s the biggest narcissist of all. And often you don’t know the significance of that little step you took until years later when you look back…

      1. And I used to “perish the thought” so often that I missed most of the signals. Talking about growing up in a narcissistic house of madness.

  14. I love that quote. It’s a great reminder for me as an entrepreneur because it’s so easy to get lost in the mess of stuff I have to do

      1. Yeah. I just got notifications for this and two of your other comments, so fingers crossed it is working. There are times when I haven’t got lost though, and one of those was redesigning my site. That was such a victory for me!

  15. We are a most fickle species we are. Dreaming near out of reach goals, only to lean on an exemption post, when we’ve done what we have, but we’ve fallen short of our planed perfection…. Another post leaner…

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