Ramblings Of A Nobody

One Sentence Story



Words spewing

Out of mouths

Like vomit

Hate filled

Water bowl

We are all just fish

Swimming in resentment

Rebels without a cause


Our cause died

With this planet

Trees replaced by factories

Broken and shattered

We found this world

The fight for a better one

Is unavailing war

Like the war for life

Because death

Is our only guarantee

So if you got through this entire poem, Ramblings Of A Nobody, you’re probably thinking what the fudge? Except not fudge. This is extremely different than my usual poems. I’ll even go so far as to say I’ve never really written anything like this before. I’ve been attempting to experiment with new styles of writing and today I decided to just write whatever words came to my mind. It started out iffy but I quite like the end. I feel like there’s something there that can be salvaged into a real poem. Not that this isn’t a real poem. It is, it’s just not very good… Or maybe it is and years from now historians will cite it as evidence of my genius. Who know? It’s a wacky world y’all.

Writing this was also kind of therapeutic. I feel like it started out a mess but then my brain started to piece things together. And the poem like revealed some unconscious thoughts bugging me. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this hot mess I dare call a poem.

What did you think of “Ramblings Of A Nobody?” Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

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96 thoughts on “Ramblings Of A Nobody

  1. Hi! First time commenting. I love it! I interpreted it as the feelings we all have now that our world and society have grown so large we feel like we have no control as an individual.

  2. Good. It reminds me of the poetry of another blogger from here. The Darkest Fairytale was her book that I bought. We used it at times during an online AA meeting during lockdowns

  3. It’s a stark but accurate statement on the state of the planet… that’s what I get from it. The “nobody” could represent no one listening to the many reports that have been written urging action on greenhouse gases and other pollution.

  4. “We are all just fish, swimming in resentment.” My favorite line. Wow, this was great from beginning to end. Nice style of writing, Pooja! I like the raw emotion, it really leaves you thinking. 💭

    1. Sorry totally out of context

      But as you like horror stuff

      I would like to recommend
      Junji Ito maniac : Japanese tales of macabre.

      As name suggests, it’s Japanese. It’s anime (something you are not used to).

      You can watch it, it will also give you ideas to many new poem 😁

      You can watch it in English as well, as it’s equally good. 😃

  5. I actually like this one. The chopped-up nature of the stanzas gave it a grittier, more desperate feeling and the content of the poem addresses serious issues. Good job!

  6. Hi Pooja,
    “and years from now historians will cite it as evidence of my genius…”
    Okay, let me note down this for that.✍️😂😂
    People who have not faced and felt these words or phrases might not find the poem relatable. In my case, I’m able to relate and understand.
    This poem is an open, free and concise expression. It’s not the one which looks for rhyming.
    Here’s a highlight:
    “Like the war for life
    Because death
    Is our only guarantee.”
    I often come to a situation when I feel that rebelling is the only option.
    It happens ‘when I want to do something, urgently’ and no one agrees and understand.
    Thank you for sharing the poem.😁💡✊
    P.S.: Thoughts are grey, many times. They should be dealt accordingly (write a poem).

      1. Historians in 2050: “In the History of Blogging, on WordPress, ‘The LifesFineWhine’ Blog had the largest number of following run by an individual female blogger.
        Unfortunately, No one knows her blog’s secret. We have to create a presumptuous hypothesis for it.
        Let’s assume, the WP Happiness Engineers were also her fans. ”

  7. very intriguing, Pooja.
    I quite like the ending which echos what I’ve learnt along this journey called life… the only thing guaranteed is indeed death.🤍😉

  8. “Our cause died

    With this planet.”
    Somehow felt this. Love this style and the ending hit me hard, because it’s so true. Death is the only thing guaranteed to all of us. It’s up to us to fulfill what we call life with our dreams. Only then, it all makes sense.

  9. Love this:

    We are all just fish

    Swimming in resentment

    Rebels without a cause


    Our cause died

    With this planet

    Don’t give up hope for saving our dying planet, we can do this! Keep up the poetry writing — we need brave voices who will say what is.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m trying so hard to remain hopeful but I feel so sad at how politicians are betraying us when it comes to the environment. But of course, I’ll still keep fighting.

  10. It’s a great poem and very true. There are many people out there that feel this same way I’m sure. Similar words I’ve heard from many different sources, musicians, artists, activists, the list goes on and on. Hopefully people will listen.

  11. Good writing. Cathartic, I gather. Ah… relatable. Getting out of the Samsara of it all is something to work towards. Because nobody worth hanging out with likes the feeling, but I bet everybody knows it. I had accidentally written this as a response to another comment, so forgive my copypasta.

  12. You are so right that humans really need a new way of thinking. Otherwise we are going to be destroyed by global warming soon. The relentless development is unsustainable. The chasing of ideals creates more narcissists, who make everybody depressed.

      1. Soooo true. Yet once people get on one path, it is difficult to change due to the rigid social and power structure. Change means to break up some of the established system…

  13. I really like this poem. I could feel the frustration in it as I read it. See, I have been feeling much like this lately. So many humans don’t see the future or lack there of that they are creating. We are slowly killing ourselves off in so many ways whether it’s death of our race or the earth itself. You really covered it in this poem Pooj.

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