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What’s Up With Pooj?

My mum has been baking a lot so I’m very happy right now, lol. Eating good food makes me happier than anything else. She made some jam tarts the other day where she made everything from scratch including the jam. Today she made some vegan buns and we made burgers from them. I tried to make my own version of the Beyond Burger patty since I find the actual Beyond Meat kind of unhealthy. Like the sodium in particular is so high and I have high blood pressure running in my family so I’d rather avoid that. I had some fries with it too. As you can guess, it’s my cheat day from eating oil-free. But for the rest of the week I’ll be good and eat oil-free. Treats are necessary to survive lol.

It’s been raining almost daily in Nairobi and I have been loving it. There is really nothing more soothing than going to sleep with the sound of rain in the background.

Oh, and my parents and I are rewatching South Park. They love it and I’m always down to watch South Park. It’s been fun because it’s been a while since I watched the show and I had forgotten some of it.

What have you been up to recently? Do you have anything planned for this week? Anything fun and exciting happening in your life? Are you a fan of South Park too? Do let me know in the comments section below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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118 responses to “Quote Of The Day #87”

  1. 🙂 Oh, I love the sound of vegan burgers.

    Like you, I do not eat meat.

    Also, it is always a good idea to watch your sodium intake.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know that. It’s nice to know we have similar diets. Yes, sodium is often a silent killer. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Mmmm jam tarts! ❤️

    1. One of my favourite desserts! ❤

  3. Homemade jam sounds awesome ❤️ And also falling asleep to the sound of rain 😴 South Park can be hilarious, not gonna lie 😁 Have fun! My plans are to journal more!

    1. It was delicious and thanks! Journalling sounds so fun 😊

  4. Your mums cooking sounds great! Lucky!

    1. She’s awesome, thanks!

  5. Nice quote! Of course, we ruin our today by endlessly thinking about the days gone by. Only if we can learn to live in the present moment, life will appear to be much better.
    There is no substitute for the food cooked by mama. It always tastes yummiest. Trying new dishes at home is a wonderful idea and kids particularly like this because they always get something new to eat.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I very much agree. The art of living in the present is so vital but much harder to actually do.
      Definitely, nothing compares to your mothers food.

      1. Of course, it’s harder but we must try to learn to live in the present. This is worth trying, though difficult. We live too much in the past or remain exceedingly worried about the future. Resultantly, we fail to enjoy our present (actual life).

        1. Yes, absolutely.

    2. My mom can cook something nasty but I still enjoy it for the most part because it tastes like love.

  6. The quote of the day suggests to not ruin today by the badness of yesterday, I agree, I choose to ruin it by worrying about tomorrow. JK In preparation for tomorrow I am making an apple pie and finishing the gnome hat. Tomorrow I’d like to know at least today was successful. LOL don’t take me seriously, it’s spring break and the living is easy…

    1. Lol, I too indulge in the art of worrying about tomorrow. Apple pie sounds delicious and good luck with both.

      1. Thanks, are you reading anything these days? It’s being raining here too, so I am looking for book recommendations

        1. I’ve just been reading a book a friend is about to publish but it’s not coming out till April. I’ll let you know about it once it’s available.

  7. Words of wisdom, great quote. I also try to eat oil-free the majority of the time. Can definitely feel the difference.

    1. Thank you so much. That’s wonderful and yes it makes a big difference.

  8. Yummy, homemade food by mom is the best. 🥺🤍 Certainly a blessing. Haha South Park- your parents seem so cool, lol! For me, tomorrow I’m hanging out with my sister and niece. They’re moving away to another state in literally two days & I’ll miss them sm! Gonna enjoy this time together ❤️

    1. Thank you! Yes, nothing compares to our mothers cooking. Oh no, that’s sad but glad you’ll be able to spend time with them before they leave 💕

  9. I love this quote, and homemade jam sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you so much!

  10. Love the quote! It’s so true. A lot of us spend time ruminating over the past, that we miss the glorious present.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we often waste the present my thinking of the past and sometimes the future.

  11. The quote really resonates with me in terms of being present to the now, instead of ruminating on the past.

    I’m not a follower of South Park but I think it’s cool that it’s something you and yours parents have in common. Those kind of connections can be rare.

    This week is hopefully a bit chill after a very busy week hosting a musician and attending many shows over the weekend. And now hoping for proper spring weather to arrive! 🥶

    1. Yes, same here. I think living in the present is difficult but necessary.

      Yeah, it’s nice to connect through shows we like.

      I’m glad you have some time to relax now and hopefully the snow/cold will be gone very soon!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate the good weather wishes!! 🙂

  12. Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new beginning. Great quote.

    1. Thanks and yes absolutely.

      1. You’re welcome.

  13. Yum. Jam is tasty. Yes, it is easy to dwell on the past, especially if it made you unhappy and you want to replay and fix that moment. But while you’re in replay mode, you’re missing out on the present.

    1. Yes, jam is so delicious. True, I don’t think it helps to live in the past. It stops us from enjoying the present.

  14. My contribution: “Love loves to love love.”― James Joyce, Ulysses

    1. Love that.

  15. Glad you’re good and enjoying yourself. Stay blessed.

    1. Thank you so much.

  16. … If not for yesterday, today would be lost … 😋

    a lovely quote, Pooja
    enjoy your rain😋🤍

    1. Thanks so much, and I love that 😊

      1. always a pleasure 🤍

  17. lightbehindthecloud Avatar

    Haha I love South Park! It’s cool that your parents watch it with you too!

    1. Looks like life is really looking up! And baked goodies in the rain sound dreamy! Mmm burgers 🤤 say hi to your mom for me

      1. Yes it is and she says hi back!

    2. Haha yes, they love it too!

  18. lightbehindthecloud Avatar

    And mom’s cooking is always such a blessing 😇😋💕

    1. Yes, of course 😊

  19. I usually come for “what’s up with pooj” 😂

    But that’s a great quote tbh 🙂
    We generally ruin our present by thinking of past.

    I’m happy to hear about you are eating some home cooked food. Jam sounds delicious, with some bun 😋
    You should have shared some pics 😛

    I haven’t watched south park.

    1. Haha thanks and yes I plan to share the food pics in a What I Eat post 😊
      Watch South Park, it’s brilliant 😅

      1. There’s a special category for that?

        1. Yup, there’s a category for everything on Lifesfinewhine 😅

          1. Wah!!
            After more then a year
            I still don’t know what to expect from you
            You are like a Pandora box. Totally adore your work

  20. I too find Beyond Meat burgers way too salty. Otherwise I would eat them. I lean towards vegan food as often as I can – I just feel healthier eating plant-based. Occasionally I will eat meat if it’s in the meal I’m eating only to be reminded that I prefer plants!

    1. I don’t find them salty but I saw the sodium levels written on it and was like “nope!” 😅 I feel like plant based just makes you feel so much better both mentally and physically.

  21. Its been raining a lot here too. My cousin came over for some work so I have been escorting her to the office. Lol. Life couldn’t be any better.

    1. Lol that sounds fun! 😅

  22. I found this quality in my father and grandfather. Both of them experienced war and riots, but I never saw them talking about their bad experiences.

    1. I see, really interesting that they were able to move past that.

  23. Yep! It’s gone. Move on. Life is spent in a single moment. A moment that moves through time.

    1. Exactly, live in the present.

  24. ‘Eating good food makes me happier than anything else.’ You wrote this for me, right? 😃

    Oh, I hate South Park 😅 Not my type of show definitely. But love the fact that you’re spending quality time with your family ❤️

    1. Haha good food makes us all happy! Lol that’s fair South Park isn’t for everyone 😅

  25. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen South Park! Your mom is my kind of chef, I like to do everything from scratch too. I actually spent 3 hours last night with my mother feeding the craziest food combos we could think of into chat GPT and seeing what it could come up with. It managed to give a few ideas I totally want to try, like Korean style shrimp tacos lol.

    1. Yum, Korean food is always delicious and I’ve tried vegan Korean tacos and they were really good. I’m the opposite, I don’t often make things from scratch 😅

      1. If I’m being honest, I don’t either. I USED to. Lol

        1. Lol fair enough.

  26. Love the quote. My mom and aunts are huge bakers/cooks as well. My freezer is full of homemade soups and sauces. I love a good rain. Sleeping with the sound, cozy is the best feeling. Things here are busy but good. Hope work is going well.

    1. Thanks so much. That’s so nice, homemade food is always delicious. Yes, work is going good.

  27. Loved the quote.
    Homemade jams are the best!!

    1. Thanks so much and yes absolutely!

  28. I must admit I do treat myself from time to time with less healthy snacks, but I still get back on track right away without falling off my healthy diet.

    I have heard of South Park, but I have never watched the program myself. I don’t watch much TV other than when I visit my mother. She loves her TV programs, her favorites are old comedy programs and lifetime movies.

    Tomorrow I will miss your post, I have to take my mom to an eye appointment. After that taking her to shop for some health supplies, so that is my agenda for tomorrow.

    Enjoy your posts always

    1. Yes, it’s okay to have treats as long as we eat healthy majority of the time.

      That’s okay and good luck with your mothers appointment.

      1. Thank you,
        Life would be very boring without a treat once in a while, what are some of your favorite treats I might try for a change

        1. The biggest treat for me is fries or cinnamon rolls. I love them.

          1. We share our love for cinamon rolls, I do treat myself to them now and then.

            I used to be big into burgers and fries when I was younger, but now I seldom have either of them very often

            1. I’ve been avoiding burger and fries too but it’s so hard to resist fries. I have them like once a month. And cinnamon rolls are a delicious treat for sure.

              1. We are better to treat ourselves now and then instead of going without, the more we go without them the more we want them and might over consume them

                1. Yes, absolutely. It’s better to have treats once in a while and satisfy the craving.

                  1. It is interesting why we crave our favorite treats in the first place

                    1. Yes, often they are associated with memories for us.

                    2. Interesting about cravings, you are very knowledgable about many topics

                    3. Thanks so much. I can say the same for you.

                    4. I wish you a very nice Sunday

  29. Enjoy your mom’s homemade food 😍
    Even I love rainy season and I miss Indian monsoon here in UK. UK weather is really unpredictable 🙄

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve heard it rains a lot in India as well during monsoon ☔️ Lol yes, UK weather is know to be that way 😅

  30. We all need a cheat day. I have one every day 🤣🤣.

    1. Lollll 😅😜

  31. A bit to ponder in the quote, but yeah, today is always filled with potential.
    Eat up, it’s your free day🫶🏾 .
    I’d share some food I had recently but you know my carnivorous appetite 😮‍💨

    Tried to make some jam a few weeks ago. It’s delicious but so sticky it can’t spread on the bread. Your mum must be awesome at it.🖐🏾

    1. Thanks ☺ Did you add a little water when cooking the jam? It makes it less sticky.

      1. Can I do that now, when it’s already ready?

        1. You can try to add some water and boil it again. I’m not sure if that would work but it might.

          1. Thanks. If it fails, I’ll do better next time I try.

            1. Try boiling it less so it stays a little liquid. It will be easier to spread that way and won’t get too sticky.

              1. Thank you 💕

                1. My pleasure.

  32. I have no plans and I don’t watch South Park. Adult shows are typically too political and make me get uncomfortable when they’re nasty as well. While the show sounds nice and funny, it’s not really something I’d spend time watching…but unfortunately a lot of kids shows are absolutely abysmal.

    I haven’t found a show yet that’s a cartoon and it’s something I’d truly enjoy and doesn’t feel like a Tolkien rip off, make me think uncomfortable thoughts (like Adventure Time, I can explain), or isn’t preachy or weird.

    I’ve watched some shows from my childhood over like Strawberry Shortcake and I love it so much. I am not the biggest fan of adult content and similar (that are cartoons) and I wish I could make my own so I can watch it, but I am unable (as of now).🤷🏾

    1. That’s fair. I think adult shows aren’t for everyone. Have you seen Gravity Falls? I used to like it when I was a teen but not sure if you will.

      1. I used to watch it when I was a teen. When the show first came out, I was the same age as the twins. I didn’t care for the second season but first season was tight.👌

        1. Oh cool, we watched it around the same time I guess.

  33. Great quote. Let the sun shine in 🤣😎🙃

    1. Yes, absolutely!

  34. Love the quote! And yes good baked foods can change your whole mood!

    1. Thank you and yes I love baked foods!

  35. Wow Pooja G what a great post and powerful quote there. I agree that it is wise to not ruin a today by thinking about the bad day or the yesterday things hence it is worthwhile to focus on the present. Also, food makes me happy too and I am a biscuit type of guy😋🍪🍩

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoy food like me 😋

  36. I love the quote, it a great one to live by. I used to watch South Park but haven’t in a long time.

    1. Thanks so much. I have been watching South Park for about a decade now and have loved it.

  37. It’s been awhile since I ate jam tarts.
    I like the fact that you are conscious about what you eat.👏

    1. Thank you. Jam tarts are so good and I was happy to eat them after quite a while too 😋

      1. You are welcome.
        I hope I don’t start craving soon.😄

        1. Haha too late 😅

  38. Nothing like Mum’s cooking! I find South Park rather weird because at first I saw a couple of good episodes, and then when my Dad and I were stranded, we watched one. We must have run into a bad one because it was quite disturbing. It’s the one when one of the characters cuts his nose and there’s some other uneccessary blood. Plus, Dad and I didn’t need that after a major car accident

    1. Yeah, South Park is not for most people so I understand. It can be quite graphic at times. I’ve just grown up watching stuff like that so I’m used to it but after the accident I understand why you would avoid blood.
      True, a mum’s cooking is always best!

      1. That’s a fair point too. With me, I have to be in the right mood for gore, but I wasn’t expecting it from that show because I don’t know it that well

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