Six Word Story #195

Six Word Story:

One step backwards, two steps forward.

About The Six Word Story:

People generally say, “one step forward and two steps back.” But I decided to give it a more optimistic spin in this six word story today. I’m sure my usual readers are shocked. Don’t be afraid, I am still the pessimistic princess of WordPress (I really hope that doesn’t catch on, don’t quote me on that or I will sue) and am likely not going to become an optimist any time soon. However, I was feeling particularly optimistic today. Why? No idea. The truth is, I woke up to my WiFi not working which meant I had to deal with that. And was behind in my work. But still, the day was good and I can’t complain.

Back to the SWS. Over the last two or three years I have seen so much growth in myself as a person. Especially mentally. I have learnt how to set better boundaries, control my emotions, not let mental illness get the best of me and so much more. Do I still have bad days? Yes, of course I do. Everyone has bad days. And those are the steps backwards. But those steps are overshadowed by the steps I’m moving forward. For every step I have taken backwards, I have moved two steps forward. And for that I am truly eternally grateful.

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107 thoughts on “Six Word Story #195

  1. I really love the optimistic reframe that you put on that famous quote. I hope that somebody who is struggling can put this into their contextual framework and have some major breakthroughs. Gosh, years ago, I know if I would’ve seen this and internalized that belief, instead of ONLY focusing on the negatives, I could’ve been miles ahead from where I am now. Cheers to your progress and success!

  2. Love the optimism! I, myself, am an optimist. I can’t help it! My dad was the biggest pessimist the world has ever seen! I lived with that (and how it rubbed off on my mom) for many years. I couldn’t stand it. As I learned to lean more on God, He has brightened my outlook!

  3. Nice adaptation of the traditional quote!

    Personal growth is such a great thing, isn’t it? It’s great that you are feeling optimistic at the moment, with the progress you’ve made. Being in that space comes in handy when things do go awry (such as Wifi going out!).

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, being in a positive mind space does help a lot and it’s always nice to think of how much we’ve grown.

  4. It’s completely fine to be positive. It’s not a personally trait, it’s just a condition. Pessimist and Optimistic labels have been shoved down my throat since I got access to the internet. Why dumb down your complexity to a word with a vague definition.

    Anyway, I like that take. Not because I’m positive, but I love when stuff is fresh at times and this is fresh and kinda makes more sense to me.🤷🏾 Thank you.

  5. Well this is a beautiful quote pessimistic princess.
    Love it.

    I am happy that you are dealing with your mental health much better now.

    Yes, we all have bad days, but how we manage those makes us different.

    Take care and keep smiling
    Pessimistic princess, haha

      1. I love this name a lot I swear. I know it may sound offending to you and I don’t intend any offence. 🧟‍♂️
        But, this name is fun.

        You should write a blog about it.
        I’m glad to be a friend of “Pessimistic princess” 😝

        I’ll stick around long enough to see you become optimistic queen.

        1. Haha thanks, it’s a fun name and I don’t hate it but I would rather not be remembered for it 😅 I don’t think I’ll ever be an optimist. It’s a historians sacrifice, we can never truly be happy for we know too much of the world. Lol that sounded too philosophical 😅

  6. My second dream came true today! Going to school to become a Certified Nurses Aide. My job is paying for everything. so, I think that’s three steps forward and a bright future ahead of me. I think how you switched it up is alright. Think positive and positive things happen.

  7. Bravo to you, Pooja, for your personal growth over the last few years and for acknowledging that growth. ✨ Six words made more powerful by your personal connection to the story!

    1. One step backward, thousand step journey.
      [sorry, I saw that you posted twice the same words and thought maybe I could add something. I like your added enthusiasm]

  8. You’ve never seemed particularly pessimistic to me (I won’t tell anyone), I think that’s one of those things we judge ourselves for that other people don’t notice as much lol. There’s a such thing as too much positivity too, though. Don’t worry, you’re not even close to crossing that line. 😅Similarly, I always feel as though I talk about myself far too much, so to compensate I focus entirely on other people and almost never talk about myself, and when I do I feel guilty for the rest of the day. But when I talk to people about it, they say that’s not even close to true. Even that sentence made me feel like I was twisting your post into talking about me. 🤣

    1. How dare you accuse me of being an optimist? 😅 I think we usually tend to judge ourselves more harshly than those around us. Yay our brain lol. Yes, toxic positivity is not healthy either. Realism is usually best.
      Lol, I don’t think you talk about yourself that much. At least it doesn’t seem so in your comments. I usually feel like I’m mean but people in real life think I’m nice which I always find weird.

  9. Hearing positive spin, you’re dizzy good.

    One lemon given, she puckers up.

    Pessimism trips up, steps on gold.

    Oh no, not optimism. It’s the question of: Is the glass half empty or half full? I always say, the glass is half full with poison, and it’s better if it’s knocked over and spills except that a black cat might walk by and drink it, and if the cat belongs to a wicked witch, she might curse the day in revenge even though she’s the one who left the glass in the first place.

  10. Today’s SWS reminds me of growth in general. As we strive to become a better version of ourselves, we are bound to slip back to our old ways. What matters is that the steps moving forward are more than those taking us behind.

  11. I have taken more steps forward this past year, however the back steps seem to shine more brightly in our minds. I guess I’m somewhat of a pessimist too.

    1. I think humans just tend to focus on the negative. It’s the way we’re brought up to function but I am trying to be more positive. But I get how you feel because sometimes I end up fixated on the negatives too.

  12. A very nice and amazing post to read by you Our Pessimistic Princess.. Such a nice name which completely suits you and your nature I think! Well a very nice blog and I really admire you and your work a lot!
    So happy for you ☺💕🤗👍

      1. Exactly. And sometimes failure clears the path for success (i.e. “I needed to try this, and fail at it, to get this even better idea…”) If you aren’t brave enough for the first failure, you don’t get the idea for the success.

        1. True but that need much courage . I think remain positive in odd situation is an art and with time,practice everything heal and then can become more positive and optimistic .

  13. I’ve always heard it as “Three steps forward, two steps back.” That’s less optimistic but it seems to fit my life and my progress better than either of the two versions in your post. Blessings

    1. Whatever works for you. I think there are multiple versions. It’s all good as long as you’re taking more steps forward than back.

  14. I appreciate your positiveness but most of us can not do 1 step backwards and 2 step forward usually . Hope , practice and time can make it . Thanks for sharing .

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