What I Eat In A Day #11

What I Eat In A Day

What I Eat In A Day

I realised that I haven’t shared a “What I Eat In A Day” post in quite a while. I love sharing my meals with you guys so I decided to share one today. And I have been eating some fun things recently so I thought I would share those here.

Although I have been trying to eat oil-free for the most part, this was one of my cheat days. I usually eat healthy and oil-free for most of the month and eat something with oil like 3-4 days out of the month. So like once a week I’ll have something with oil. But everything mentioned is plant based/vegan.


For breakfast I don’t usually eat anything. I don’t like eating first thing in the morning. It makes me feel gross and nauseous. So, I ended up drinking some pineapple juice which was really delicious and enough to get me to lunch. I didn’t take a picture of it though. My apologies!


Vegan Homemade Beyond Burger

What I Eat In A Day

For lunch I made myself a Beyond Burger. Except I didn’t use Beyond meat. Although I enjoy the taste of it, I don’t think it’s healthy. The sodium and saturated fat levels are pretty high and those are two things I want to avoid if possible. So, I tried to make my own Beyond Burger from scratch. I used dehydrated soy and added some spices and beetroot powder for colour. It turned out pretty good. It didn’t taste much like a beyond burger but still taste quite good. I ordered some fries to eat with it but forgot to take a picture of them. I know, I’m awful at this lol.


What I Eat In A Day

What I Eat In A Day

I wasn’t really hungry for dinner because of the burger I had for lunch. My mum made some baked veggies and I ended up eating a few of those. They are coated and tasted really good. For dessert, I had a small slice of the pineapple pie my mum had made earlier. I’m generally not a big pie person. I’ve only had pie maybe twice in my life. But we had a bunch of pineapple so I woke up to a pineapple pie my mum had made. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it looked better in person. The only thing I was sad about is that I didn’t have any vegan cool whip.


All the meals were delicious. I hope you enjoyed this “What I Eat In A Day” post. And happy last day of March! Hope it’s a great one.

Have you had any of the dishes I mentioned? Do you like any of the foods I mentioned today? What’s your favourite type of pie? What did you eat today? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your answers! Or simply stop by and say hi.

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95 responses to “What I Eat In A Day #11”

  1. Mm pineapple pie! Good call avoiding the sodium and fat, Pooja!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I want to be careful about my health especially when eating outside food, they have so many hidden ingredients that are bad for us.

      1. They sure do! 🤮

  2. I didn’t eat much today but I cooked. I cook to calm down LOL. Now that I came back from the dentist office I can eat, drink and make merry. Good thing I made borsht earlier, now I feel on top of the world with my brand new filling. I am so happy that I will probably make an apple pie (which is my favorite by the way) and have it with black tea, mmmmmmmm…

    1. Same here, cooking is so relaxing and I love it too. Apple pie sounds yummy, I’m going to try making it with my mum at some point.

  3. To me, skipping breakfast is not a good idea since you have empty stomach if you have had your dinner in the early hours of night. Moreover, taking breakfast also becomes a habit for office going people. But agree that some people don’t like breakfast, they take their lunch early instead.
    As for cheat days, there is no harm in doing so off and on. After all, we are not robots and hence cannot follow the same routine day in and day out. We need change.
    Finally, there is nothing like home made food when it comes to health and hygiene.

    1. Yes, I definitely understand. Personally, I only eat when I get hungry and my body is ready. If I eat breakfast I feel nauseous throughout the day and that’s why I prefer to skip it. I just have an early lunch.
      Of course, we all need some cheat days here and there. They keep us sane and happy.
      True, home cooked meals are the best.

  4. I have actually never had pineapple pie! Sounds wonderful!

    1. This was my first time trying pineapple pie and it was delicious!

  5. Lovely 🌹 sounds yummyyyy

    1. Thanks, it was 😊

  6. Pineapple pie sounds AMAZING. The burger, fries and veggies sound good too. It’s so important to eat well. I feel like I’ve been off the route a little lately m, eating too many snacks and so today I made this chickpea/lentil salad I eat a lot in the summer as a refreshing lunch. It’s great recovery food after long-distance cycling, or anytime really. Bon appetit!

    1. It was delicious, pineapple pie is now my favourite type of pie. I love a protein filled salad, sounds really good. And summer is the best time to eat fresh veggies.

  7. Well if it makes you any better, I have never had a pie in my life😂 your meals look delicious!

    1. Lol, I do get it, I’ve only had pie every recently 😅 Thanks!

  8. Great post, it has been a while. I like lemon pie, it’s my favorite next to chocolate, and sweet potato pie. Today, I had fried chicken. I washed and conditioned my hair, and mostly created some posters, listened to music, watched my favorite western movie, and chilled. Oh, I made a few posts on my sites. See ya later. Going to get a snack.

    1. Thank you. Lemon pie sounds yummy. Sour fruits are my favourite. That sounds like a wonderful day.

  9. I just had a glass of pineapple juice, it’s my new daily favorite! My son and fam like the faux beef, but I prefer to make my own veg burger concoctions, too.

    1. I like the veg burgers as well and pineapple juice is always delicious. I am a big fan of sour fruits.

  10. Your food looks good!

    1. Thank you!

  11. I thought I had eaten every kind of pie but I have not had pineapple pie. And I love pineapples.

    1. You absolutely should, it’s delicious.

  12. teasing the tastebuds, Pooja 😋

    1. Thank you 😊

      1. most welcome 🤍

  13. I like the pineapple juice and burger, I haven’t tasted a pineapple pie though.

    So yesterday I ate chapati and black tea for breakfast.
    Then mashed potatoes and beef stew for lunch and dinner.
    Since friday is my day off, I prefer cooking once so that I can rest more.

    1. Thanks and your meals sound lovely too. I had chapati today too.

      1. Thank you. That is great.

        1. My pleasure and thanks for the lovely comment.

          1. You are welcome Pooja.😊

  14. I wish I took care of what I eat. I either don’t eat anything, or do something quick that’s not nourishing. I think that’s all leftover from last year’s grief, and “my depression works the graveyard shift” still, but I definitely need to pick myself up…
    I love all kinds of pie. Haven’t had any in a while, but my favorite one is strawberry pie with bourbon vanilla ice cream 😀

    1. I totally understand. It’s not always easy to eat healthy. I was like that in university too when I had little time and my mental health wasn’t great.
      Strawberry pie is always good too and even better with ice cream.

  15. The food looks yummy but its too little, i’d still be hungry haha

    1. Haha that’s fair, I know others have a bigger appetite than I do.

  16. Hmmmm beyond interesting!!
    You are eating some good food.

    This blog gave me a lot of ideas, haha. I have noted them.

    What’s the time of that brunch and dinner? How much water you had?
    Do you measure the quantity of your food?

    1. I love the GIF in your cover pic. I think you either use it very less or I haven’t noticed it before. What are your brand colors? Like how many do you have?

      1. Thanks, this was the first time I used that pic. I thought I would switch it up. I don’t really have brand colours. I just use whichever I’m in the mood for lol.

    2. Thanks so much! I usually have lunch at like 1:30pm and dinner at like 7:30pm. And no I don’t really measure quantity. I just eat till I’m 95% full.

  17. I can see parks and rec in the back! Anyway, your sandwich looks so good and I’d rather have it than fast food. It’s probably not as healthy but I doubt it’s as bad as the original.

    1. Yeah, I’m rewatching Parks and Rec! Thanks and true fast food is so unhealthy so I would rather make it at home. It’s not the best but still better to eat the homemade version.

      1. I get it. Me too. My sister made a Popeyes chicken sandwich (I think this establishment is worldwide, but I’m not so sure) years back when it was popular and made the meat so much thinner and how her and her friend seasoned it was soooo much better than the official. The official had too much meat, too much butter, too much salt, too much sugar (on the bread) and was soooo disappointing. I love homemade sandwiches sooo much more. I’ve had bad ones but they’re never as bad as official fast food ones when they’re bad.

        1. That’s great, yeah homemade ones are usually so much better because you season them exactly how you like and don’t add too many unnecessary ingredients. I feel like fast food has so many unnecessary ingredients.

          1. EXACTLY! Some that you wonder why they’re even there! They’re just there to pack on calories so people will come back (I’m not going to lie and say I don’t 👀😅) but, it’s never worth it. I want to finally gain the energy and perfect sleep schedule to make and enjoy making my on food. It’s not always rewarding because I’m NOT good at cooking.🥲

            1. Calories and also sugar and salt are addictive so the more you use the more people will come back. I like fast food occasionally but will avoid it as much as possible. Cooking is sort of one of those things you have to do continuously to get good at it so I think when you cook often for a year or two you’ll improve.

              1. You’re right. Pulling out a pencil and a sheet of paper is a lot easier for me than cooking for some reason. 😩 But, I definitely need to learn. I like cooking, I just feel disoriented and feel like it’s always a bunch of steps and work when it’s not.

                1. It’s definitely overwhelming at first. I almost killed someone the first time I cooked lol 😅

                  1. Do you have a post on that story?😂😂😂 If not, I would love to hear about it. You could do a story time on YouTube.

                    1. Lol no I don’t but that’s a very good idea for a story time video or post, thanks for the idea 😅

  18. Yeah, I don’t like eating first thing in the morning either. My favorite pie is a hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

    1. Apple pie seems like a very popular one. My favourite pie is any I don’t have to make myself lol.

  19. I like at least two good meals a day, mid morning and night! I haven’t tried the alternative hamburger meat but it sounds okay! Here’s to healthier eating! Hugs, C

    1. The Beyond Burger is delicious but not healthy lol! But worth trying at least once. If you try it let me know how it tastes, I’ve never had a hamburger so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Thanks!

  20. The dinner looks especially delicious 🫠.

    1. It was 😋

  21. That pineapple pie must be delicious…I never tried homemade pie…i guess I should try baking one 😉

    1. You should definitely try it, homemade pie is so delicious 😋

  22. Interesting idea for a blog repeating theme. What I ate today. I often take photos of my food but not all three meals. Here’s an idea for you – invite readers to share what they ate for a meal. One of my favorite meals on a holiday (darn because now I can think of two wonderful breakfasts) was breakfast in turkey. It was the most delicious yogurt and all the nuts and dried fruits to choose from to mix on and in. Best yogurt in the world and it was in Istanbul.

    1. Thanks so much. That’s a great idea and thanks for sharing your favourite holiday meal. That sounds delicious.

  23. I don’t like the beyond “meats” either but we have some great alternative vege and bean burgers that are delicious and I have been eating different variations on fresh bread rolls all week. I tend to eat the same sort of thing every day for a week and then I move on to something else. Pineapple pie sounds lovely!

    1. That’s amazing. We have veggie burgers here too but I like that meaty texture you get in Beyond Meat. However, the sodium is not worth it so I found a way to make it myself. My sister really like black bean burgers too. Yum, bread rolls sound amazing.

      1. Now I’m hungry 😊

        1. A veggie burger is the way to fix that 😉

  24. That burger looks delicious, and the pineapple pie too! I absolutely love pie and everything sweet, so it seems incredible to me that you’ve only had pie twice!!

    1. Thank you! Haha yeah, I’m not someone who eats a lot of sweet food.

  25. Food looks very tasty especially the Burger looks very gourmet and you can never go wrong with pie

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad to hear that since I made the burger from scratch including the buns.

      1. You can add gourmet Chef to your list of talents!!

        1. Haha thanks!

  26. That pie looks delish! Never heard of a pineapple pie either. You’re right about Beyond Burger. Although, I have a high sodium tolerance, I need to drink a lot of water after eating it. I think sometimes Beyond Burger tries a little too hard to make it taste authentic

    1. It was great, I would so recommend trying pineapple pie. I think the sodium levels are pretty unnecessary. I’m not going to lie I love the taste lol, but high blood pressure runs on both sides of my family and I would rather be careful.

      1. I’ll see about finding a pineapple pie recipe! I definitely understand your concerns about sodium. My Dad has high blood pressure too

        1. Yeah, it’s good to be careful if it runs in your family.

  27. Pineapple pie is new to me! I’ve only ever had apple, key lime and pecan pie. It’s time to expand my tastebuds 🙂

    1. This was my first time trying it but loved it. Would definitely recommend 🙂

  28. I’m not a big fan of breakfast, either. But can’t live without my morning coffee and tea 😊

    1. I do love some tea in the morning or at least some fruit juice. Occasionally I have a smoothie 😁

      1. Can totally relate to that 😊

  29. I really enjoyed reading what you had to eat today, food interests me since I have so many issues with many of them.

    We share breakfast isn’t a part of our regular routine, I am not able to put any food into my tummy until at least 11:00 am, so I usually just wait until lunch time to eat.

    Cool to hear about pineapple pie, this is brand new to me being in the USA. I have never heard or seen this here, so I did learn many new things simply by you sharing what you ate today.

    1. Thanks so much and glad this helped you learn new foods. I think pineapple pie is not very popular and may just be my mum’s creation lol. But it was delicious.

      1. I really learned something new reading your blog, and every day is a new experience for me

  30. Yummmm! Great Fuel Pooja

    1. Thank you!

  31. Good for you you made a healthy version of the beyond burger. Sounds like a lot of work. Yummy pineapple pie. I’ve never had that before!

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t too bad lol 😅

      1. You’re welcome.. impressive! ❣️

        1. 💕😊

  32. It’s really nice to know that you prefer healthy and oil free food! And I’m really loving your eating sense! Btw the Burger was amazing..
    Did you made it yourself..
    Asking about me I really have a very bad habit of eating late😂😁

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I made it myself. Haha eating late isn’t a good idea, you don’t give yourself enough time to digest the food 😊

      1. Wow it means that you are a good chef too! That’s amazing to know really! And I’m just correcting my that habit of eating late! Thanks for your comments..
        And you’re the best Pooja!👍😊😉

        1. Thanks and good luck with that! 😊

          1. Thanks a lot! Your words are really nice☺😌

            1. You’re very welcome! 😀

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