A Very Happy April To Everyone


Happy April, everyone! Can you believe one fourth of this year is already gone? As an adult, I am constantly surprised by just how fast time flies by.

For those of you that don’t know, April is my favourite month because it’s my birthday month. Also the weather is really nice during this month. I was born on 4/20 (lol) and although I generally don’t like my birthday or celebrate much but I do still like to do a little something. This year I’m excited to get a vegan cake. I got one last year too but have found a better vegan bakery since then. I may also go to Serenity Spa for a mani-pedi since I haven’t got one in ages. And my nails are long enough for a cute manicure.

I have a pretty busy month in April when it comes to work but I am happy about that. Busy means I’m doing something right, right? I’m also busy socially which is fun in some ways and not fun in other ways. I have to go to a high tea tomorrow hosted by my cousin who recently got marrieds in-laws. If you know me, you know I’m not a “high tea” kind of person. I was born on 4/20 so I’m more of a high tea kind of girl, lol. But the menu sounds good and I plan to eat my body weight cos free food.

Now on to you guys, what are your plans for April? Do you like the month of April? Is there anything you are excited for this month? Are you going to do any traveling now that the winter weather should finally be going away? Let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear your answers to these questions. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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177 thoughts on “A Very Happy April To Everyone

  1. That’s right!! How fun and love your are thinking of high tea and nails 💅🏻… I was going to say.. those nails lol. Mine are snagging everything. My son’s bd is April 27th as well.
    Plans just keep rolling on by with one thing after another keeping me jumping through hoops! 💕

  2. Happy Birthday Month. It’s my birthday month too and I love the spring weather. It’s not too hot and everything starts to come back to life. The only plans I have so far is to try harder at getting a job. Our rent just went up and we’ve been struggling already. Plus, I have been working on my book cover for my first book that I plan on self-publishing this year.

      1. Mine’s the 28th thank you, and it just so happened that I did get hired yesterday to work a remodel at a local department store. They say that it’s only for 5 weeks but that money will still help. And who knows if they like me then maybe they will keep me on.

  3. My mom’s birthday was April 4th – the same day I created this blog. I got a notification saying I’ve been blogging for 7 years! Whattt?

    We are in Singapore for a couple of weeks and will be in Singapore during Easter. It’s very hot and humid, but very pretty.

    1. That’s a cool coincidence. That’s so great, Singapore sounds lovely. I’ve heard it’s really clean and beautiful. Have a great time there!

      1. Yes, the rumors are true. It’s pretty and clean here. Lots of plants. Even the highways are pretty. They banned chewing gum and vaping here, but cigarettes are still legal.

  4. Could use some of that 2nd high tea, 🍵. It’s such a busy month I may break down soon. I look forward to your birthday shares, as well as the wedding ones.

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