What I Eat In A Day (Cheat Day)

What I Eat In A Day

I feel like I haven’t done a “What I Eat In A Day” post in quite a while so I decided to do one today. As I’ve mentioned before, I generally try to eat really healthy. And more recently I’ve been trying to cut out oil and other refined products as much as possible. They were making me feel physically ill and cutting them out has made me feel so good. However, I do enjoy eating something oily once in a while and have cheat days like once a month or so where I eat whatever I feel like even if it’s not healthy. Since, I’ve shared what I eat in a day when I eat healthy, I decided to do the opposite and share what I eat in a day on my cheat days.

All foods mentioned are vegan/plant based.


For breakfast, I had some guava juice my mum made. I absolutely love guava and it’s in season right now so they taste so fresh and delicious. Usually, I don’t like eating for breakfast because it makes me feel gross. I like to have a very light breakfast or no food at all just something to drink. I forgot to take a picture of the juice so my apologies. My brain hadn’t started working yet lol.


This is where things get interesting. Usually, my biggest meal for the day is lunch. Since, it was a cheat day, I decided to go out for lunch with my cousin and my sister. We went to a restaurant called Veggie Veg. It’s pretty affordable and the food is really good. Even though it’s not exactly stuff we ordered, it wasn’t excessively oily and tasted so fresh. Plus, as you may remember I have been having bad luck with the service at restaurants. But the server here was so good. He was really fast, had a very social personality and was very helpful even though I kept asking him if stuff had dairy in it lol.


To start with, we had poussin chips which is a Kenyan dish I believe. It’s fries/chips with a special sauce which is so delicious. Some people make it with butter so if you ever try it and are vegan like me, please ask in advance. We also ordered a sandwich which came with plain fries and coleslaw. And lastly, we ordered Maru bhajia which was my favourite out of all three. They were so crispy but not dry at all. Maru bhajia is a Kenyan fried potato dish which brings together both Indian and Kenyan flavours. I would HIGHLY recommend trying Maru bhajia if you ever get the chance.

What I Eat In A Day Poussin Chips
Poussin chips (they look spicy but weren’t at all, if my sister can eat them and be okay anyone can eat them)
What I Eat In A Day Sandwich
Sandwich w/ coleslaw and chips
What I Eat In A Day Maru Bhajia
Maru Bhajia


For our main course, we ordered a potato (Kashmiri dum aloo) curry and naan. Again, always ask the server if the naan has any dairy products because it’s sometimes made with butter or milk. If you’re vegan, ask in advance. The curry was amazing, it was the perfect amount of spicy for me. And the naan was the softest, most perfectly cooked naan I have ever eaten.

What I Eat In A Day Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Potato Curry (Kashmiri Dum Aloo)
What I Eat In A Day Naan


I wasn’t hungry for dinner since I had a late lunch that was heavier than what I’m used to. I don’t like forcing myself to eat when I’m not hungry. It’s not healthy to do that in my opinion and will just make me ill. So, I ended up eating this vegan croissant that I got from Spring Valley Coffee. They make them on order for anyone interested. It was delicious and filled with berry jam!

Vegan Croissant From Spring Valley Coffee Nairobi Kenya
Vegan Croissant


I hope everyone enjoyed this What I Eat In A Day post. I tried to make this one different. Usually, I share foods that are either Western or Indian but today I thought I would share some stuff we eat regularly in Kenya. At least I do lol. I feel like many of these dishes are very specific to Kenya and that’s why I picked them. Most of my readers aren’t Kenyan or Indian so hopefully you guys saw some new dishes today.

Have you had any of the dishes I mentioned? Do you like any of the foods I mentioned today? Have you ever tried Kenyan or Indian food? What did you eat today? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your answers! Or simply stop by and say hi.

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124 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day (Cheat Day)

  1. You now have an excuse to go to the gym tomorrow after your delicious day! I have a special thing for naan 🫓. Nobody has to know!

  2. Looks delicious. I like curry. I made chicken curry one time and it was the best.

  3. Most of it appears palatable, just don’t tell what’s in it, on it or what it is really made from. I detest fake flavored foods to replace my normal American diet that suits me just fine. 😉

  4. I love your cheat day and how it’s potato-centered. For me this is what makes it perfect! I would love to try those dishes because I am sure I would love them. I actually need to eat something because I didn’t eat much today at all, I was drinking teas and what not. After going through your post I will have to make some fries with kimchi, it will get me back to life.

    1. Potato is the way to go on cheat days. Yes, have some fries and kimchi, it’s a great match and when you’re not feeling well potatoes keep you happy and satisfied.

  5. You made me very hungry
    And it’s almost time for breakfast.

    You need 2 glass of guava juice, so that you can remember to take pics next time.
    I’m amazed to know that guava is in season there, here our tree have tiny guavas and all those were eaten by monkeys 😝🙊

    So the food…. Ummm seems super delicious. That’s basically allu bhajiya. I think Kenyan style makes it unique 😀

    They food looks tasty. I’m hungry 😋

    Is there a possibility that you will review this place with a video? I can atleast try asking that 😝🫣

    What you did was actually very wise. I sometimes skip dinner if I feel I’ve eaten enough in my snack 2. My reason is to keep calories in check.
    And this also helped me with weight loss.

    Sometimes we over eat, then later feel uneasy. You are very wise person PG 🤗😍

    1. Haha yes, next time I’ll need an extra glass to take pictures.

      The food was great. It’s similar to all bhajiya but the way it’s made and the ingredients are different so it tastes quite different. But still delicious!

      I’ll go back in a few weeks and hopefully I can review it properly with a video 😊

      Yeah, I think it’s best not to overeat and definitely it helps with keeping calories low.

      1. Fun fact
        Guava leaves are good for digestion and ache like tooth ache. Give some relief from menstrual pain. Also good for hypertension and skin health.

        Now I want that bhaiya. You eat all the good stuff and later leave readers wanting that. 🫣

        I’ll wait for the video. Sounds fantastic.

        You are wise person, have I told you before.

        1. Yes, my mum was telling me about the benefits of guava leaves too. Or maybe it was my sister lol. Idk one of them said something.

          Bhajia is a nice treat once in a month or so 😊

          1. Your family is full of sagacious people 🤩
            Bhajia is indeed a great treat!!

            I prefer home made. I’m too afraid to eat outside. There are like stalls everywhere, I wonder what kind of oil do they use, it smells horrible. 🫣

              1. I never eat outside 🙂

                Nothing beats the homemade meals.

                Do you know gol gappe/pani puri? You have it there? Even that’s possible at home. But people are ready to stand in lines for it, along with paratha, tikki( a kind of cutlet), chowmin, samosas, kachori etc. That’s so unhygienic and unhealthy.

                1. Yeah, we have many places offering pani puri here but I also prefer to eat it at home. Food made in such places are very unhealthy for sure. You would rather make everything at home.

                    1. Aw thanks, it’s definitely great to eat home cooked at least like 90% of the time. Healthier and delicious!

  6. Looks good. Being that I only eat a plant-based diet, over here it is difficult finding vegan food where I am from, unless it’s from the grocery store. There is maybe one vegan restaurant, and it is about thirty miles away (I’m not sure it exists still). I can still eat a variety of things, including jackfruit meals and yogurts based on things such as almonds and coconuts. Coconut oil can make many things taste better. Also, if you never tried it before, consider the Ugli fruit.

    1. I know the struggle, vegan food was harder to find a few years back and I mostly ate what I made myself. I love vegan yogurts, they’re so food and I don’t get much jackfruit here but when I do I’m happy. I’ve tried ugli and it’s really good, I didn’t realise that’s what it was called though as it has a different name in Kenya.

  7. I eat ice cream on my cheat days, which tend to be every other day these days 😂 And when I eat a full meal, I usually don’t eat much the following day. Well, I weighed myself in the morning and was a bit scared of the number 😂 Nobody has told me women tend to gain weight once they reach their 30s 🤔

    1. Haha it’s hard to resist ice cream 😅 I am so not looking forward to my metabolism getting worse as I get older 😫

  8. So, you had a great cheat day this time. All dishes are so good in look, I hope they were equally yummy in taste.
    However, from the pictures, these dishes don’t look altogether Kenyan. They seem quite familiar as Indian/subcontinental dishes. Maybe, potato itself is a universal food item. Everyone can relate to it.

    1. Thanks, they were absolutely delicious. The restaurant we went to was an Indo-Kenyan restaurant so the dishes were inspired by South Asian dishes but made in a unique way. Except the poussin chips which is a fully Kenyan concept. Yes, I think we all love potatoes haha.

  9. I somehow find it difficult to be a full time vegan. Like, how do i bring myself to stay away from oily foods permanently or temporarily ☹️

    1. I think the best thing to do is train yourself to eat healthy. Don’t let the temptations win. And remember it’s okay to eat something unhealthy once in a while. What works for me is eating healthy 90% of the time and unhealthy 10%

  10. Kashmiri dum aloo and naan are yum!
    I am not satisfied with the croissants I’ve had till now🤷
    Pictures made me hungry😋

  11. All of this looks so delicious! I’m vegan too and appreciate vegan fries once in awhile. There’s a place near me that makes incredible vegan onion rings. The coating is like a pastry. I’m like you though, I have my treat days (usually one a weekend) but most of the time I eat super healthy. Yesterday I made a huge batch of quinoa with broccoli, red peppers, mangos, cashews, with a dressing of tahini, lime, and orange.

    1. Vegan onion rings are so good and those sound particularly delicious. I love quinoa, that sounds so good.
      I think it’s a great idea to have treat days so you have incentive to eat healthy the rest of the days knowing you’ll have something fun in the weekend.

  12. I had mango shake with ice cream and nuts today even though today was not my cheat day. I always try to enjoy seasonal fruits. Though, I find mango and pineapple too sweet but it’s very hot here. So something to cool off and enjoy.

  13. “Usually, I share foods that are either Western or Indian”

    Today you did both 😂. Did you have a lot of migration from both those regions? It would make sense. I find cuisines of different places very interesting.

    1. Oh well that’s embarrassing I just read about Kenyan history. It was multi-ethnic within Africa already then British colonialism brought western and asian influences. So it’s truly multi-ethnic.

    2. Because of migration, colonisation etc there’s a lot of influence on Kenyan found from South Asian countries and England. And before that, there was a lot of trade with the Middle East so Kenya is quite influenced by that too. In fact, Swahili has multiple Arabic words in it. As a historian had to share that 😅

  14. Unsurprisingly, since I’m a typical American, your cheat day is still so much healthier than my average day that they’re not comparable. 😅 I eat pretty healthy among my circle, too. But you have us all beat!

    1. Lol, I wish I could eat like that but I grew up eating healthy and eating really unhealthy food would just make me throw up. Lowkey jealous you can eat like that daily 😅

  15. I’m drooling right now by looking at all these delicious dishes.
    Why do these kenyan dishes resemble indian dishes? 🤔

    1. There were and still are a lot of South Asian immigrants in Kenya so some Kenya dishes are inspired by South Asian or Middle Eastern dishes 😊

  16. Well…today is my birthday, so yeah…I didn’t really eat healthy. Breakfast was a granola bar and a large mocha (though it was mostly sugar free!) Lunch was leftover zoodles (zucchini noodles) with meat sauce and parmesan (which I managed not to get on myself!) My birthday dinner was Annie’s Burger Town (a local drive-in and family favorite! Also bonus – never went there with the ex! Don’t think he knows about it, so it’s just for the kiddos and me!) I had a bacon cheeseburger (on a gluten-free bun!) with fries and coleslaw. I know, bad me! Too bad! It’s my birthday and I’ll eat what I want for it!!! Then we came home and (after thawing for about a half and hour) had my “ice cream cake.” The quotation marks are because it didn’t really work out this time. The ice cream melted out of the cake, though it was in the freezer, so Child #2 just mushed up the cake with what was left of the ice cream and added another bit. We topped it with whipped cream and called it “cake.” Good enough.

  17. Food looks fantastic especially the curry as for Naan bread I could eat that all day as it’s my favourite bread and goes well with korma the best Indian dish ever!!!

  18. I absolutely love naan, but I know they like to put milk or butter in there. Every time I see it in stores, I wish they just do it plainly without putting extra stuff in. And is that a picture of “a potato (Kashmiri dum aloo) curry” which looks like it is coated with marinara sauce? I love anything with marinara sauce. LOL. It looks so delicious and I can smell it (almost) here.

    1. Yeah, you have to be careful with naan. I used to get vegan ones from Walmart though so try checking there.
      It’s not marinara, it’s a type of Indian gravy and so delicious. The base is tomato too. I would so recommend it.

  19. I like your choice of food.😊
    I hadn’t thought about guava juice untill today, I should try it out some day although guavas are rare here these days.

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