I’m Sick *Cough Cough*

If you have been following me for awhile now, this will not come to you as a surprise. Yes, once more I’m sick. I honestly feel like I say that once a month these days lol. But luckily, I’m sick but not super sick. It’s a mild cold that I am hoping will go away sooner rather than later. It started a few days ago and I’m already better. Special shoutout to my dearest sister who shared her germs with me. She claims it was unintentionally but I don’t completely believe her…

Kamala Harris Judging You side eye GIF

But I think I know the real reason why I’m sick…

sick mean girls GIF

It’s been very hot cold in Nairobi recently. No, that wasn’t a typo. I said hot cold. Most of us are familiar with this weather but I’m probably one of the very few that call it hot cold. I heard some kid say it and I say it now too lol. Basically it’s been hot and cold throughout the day. First it’s cold, then it’s hot and in a while it’s cold again. I think this is the optimum weather for colds.

Anyway, I can’t complain about the weather too much. Kenya is on the equator so we have great weather most of the time so when this happens I just live with it. After years in Canada, this weather is a blessing, lol.

Cartoon gif. A person walks through the snow, leaning against fierce winter wind wearing a red hooded parka and ski goggles.
Me going to university during winter in Canada.

Anyway, what has been going on with you guys? Let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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133 thoughts on “I’m Sick *Cough Cough*

  1. Coldn’t (I’m sure you seen this stupid meme about)

    I understand exactly what you mean. Hot cold is exactly how I can explain where I live, but it’s better to say that it’s hell. It’ll be so unnecessary hot one day then be the perfect temperature, then be FREEZING. Of course, not like Canada freezing, but like cold freezing. It’ll just decide to be like that and if it doesn’t get cold, the state just shrugs and rains category 1 hurricane levels for a week on and off.🙄 If I lived on the coast, I’d probably be in a bad mood, but I don’t. I hate it here. I like snow (a good amount, not again like Canada or NY, Maine, and others) but I don’t like dealing with it. I hate the heat. If I lived in Kenya, I’d cry everyday if it’s hot. I get sick from the heat too.

    Anywho, I’m worried about what my next post is going to be. I need to draw something but I’m not in the mood to do actual art. I am ridiculous sometimes.

    1. Lol yeah, I’ve seen the meme around.

      I find the hot cold weather so annoying. There was quite a bit of that in Canada too. And another thing as that when it was hot it was super hot and when it was cold it was pretty cold. Which like you, I don’t love. It’s rarely too hot or cold in Kenya. Perfect weather majority of the time. But occasionally it’s hot cold and I get sick lol.

      It’s okay, the right idea for a post will come to you. Don’t stress yourself out too much.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. The weather in my area has been rather bizarre as well; no colds for me yet, though. *Knocks wood*

    Get plenty of rest!

      1. I shall stay safe. Trust and believe. Thankfully, I still work from home.

        You take care over there. 🙏🏾💙

          1. Exactly. Lol. But I still gotta walk Jernee. Thankfully, that’s not a task that takes forever every day. Be well, Pooja.

  3. Get well soon, Pooja. And an interesting term hot cold, uniting both weather extremes. May is really hot in our part of the world, with no cold respite, not even at night. And June will be worse.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, for many countries it’s summer now. To be honest, I always prefer colder weather so I prefer the hot cold weather over very hot weather.

        1. I’ve heard it gets quite hot there. One of my best friends from high school is Pakistani (but Kenyan) and she visited Pakistan in summer one time and was telling me how incredibly hot it was.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Sadness. I know when I was so sick in my teens, I started taking a garlic supplement and it totally Chang my life. I no longer caught every passing germ. I still take it, as well as my Ningxia Red, which is so very awesome and tasty!

    1. Thanks so much. That’s great! I generally try to take some vitamin C which helps but recently I haven’t been doing that which I think is why my immunity is a little low right now.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, I heard a small kid say it and now I use it all the time because something weather really is just “hot cold.”

  5. I’m sorry you had a cold and glad you’re better. It’s hard to imagine weather for living at the equator, and I appreciate your description. Stay well now.

    1. Thanks so much. It’s pretty much like the start of summer when it’s nice and warm but not so hot that you never want to leave your air conditioned apartment. And for one or two months it’s really rainy and a little cold like fall.

  6. You know it’s same here…
    Hot cold.

    Like at one point it was cold in morning, hot in noon and raining in the evening, then again cold at night
    Even yesterday, it was cloudy (I don’t complain) but temp goes up and down 📈📉.

    I guess RG got upset about Ostriches not letting her near them, that’s why 😂, jk ( don’t show her this).

    You please take care of your health. Well you know how to do it, but follow it more sincerely.

    Sending you some positive vibes 🔆🌷🐇🥒🫑🥑🥗🍜

    1. Yes, that’s the hot cold we’re experiencing too. It’s usually okay but I think the cold hit me more because I didn’t dress appropriately for the weather.

      Lol RG always makes me sick even before the ostriches 😅

      Thanks 😊

      1. Do you believe in ayurvedic treatment?

        It helped me a lot. You might have remembered that I told you my immunity is weak. Ever since I am taking some ayurvedic medicines and it helped me prodigiously.

        1. Yeah, I always take Ayurvedic meds for colds. I don’t do well with Western medication so I avoid them when I can. What did you take? I can order it from India if you have a name for it.

          1. I’m taking immunogrit by divya pharmacy and ashwagandha by dabur.
            Now these won’t immediately help in cold, but are some great tablets. I feel a lot of energy and feel my immunity has increased with them.
            Also, you have sleeping issues, so I suggest medha vati by divya pharmacy ( it’s basically a product of patanjali).
            Our family is taking all the ayurvedic treatment. It has helped a lot. I will drop a mail regarding this.

              1. Yes, I will let you know in detail.

                As you know ayurveda is very beneficial and very it’s doing wonders. I want to share something that can actually make some difference

  7. I hope you are feeling better soon. We are dealing with forest fire smoke here. It is very nice weather when the wind shifts and clears the air.

    Did you slog through the snow uphill both ways to University when you were in Canada, or was that before your time 🙂

    1. That’s awful about the forest fire smoke but glad the weather is nice.

      I sure did haha. It was annoying at the time but now I really miss the snow even when it was crazy and there were snowstorms.

  8. Get well!!! The spring weather is swinging from one extreme to another. Take care of yourself. I hope this summer will not be as hot as the last one. How lucky you are to have a sister!!!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s easiest to catch colds when the weather changes from one extreme to the other like that. I heard the summer there will be extra hot this year but I hope that’s not true. Hot summers make me want to stay in all day and eat ice cream.
      Yes, my sister is amazing and I’m glad to have her!

  9. Ummm, I’m going to keep a distance from the keyboard here as I don’t want to catch anything LOL. Sorry you’ve been unwell. Glad you’re getting better though! Maybe your sister is still after you about the crow thing? Anyway… look after yourself. Health is so important. BTW in that meme of walking to uni in Canada I noticed you weren’t carrying a backpack, so you probably had to go all the way back home to get your books and stuff. Uphill both ways as we say here in Canaderia (which is what my British cousins affectionately call our country). Be well, my friend!

    1. Lol maybe even use some hand sanitiser after this 😅
      Thanks, I’m much better today since I mostly slept yesterday and rested a lot.
      It’s funny you said that because I did forget a book during a snowstorm and had to go back home for it lol . I never ever forget a book again and always double-checked my backpack before leaving. Hope you’re enjoying summer and the lack of snow haha!

      1. Haha yeah sanitizer for sure! 😂
        Glad you are feeling better. I can imagine you’d only forget once, walking I. Our winter temperatures. It is hot here now (still +27C this evening) so definitely no snow!

  10. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather (pun fully intended 😉), definitely take it easy for a few days and hopefully you’ll feel better soon. I also can’t help but feel like, perhaps like me, you end up with more ills than most, perhaps because of your busy lifestyle? Stress weakens the immune system, make sure you’re makjng plenty of time for you too (says she! 🤣).

    It’s cloudy and breezy here today, which… welcome to Britain 🤣 It’s useful in a way though because I plan to do some work on the garden, so at least I won’t roast while I’m out there lol.

    Also a funny which your post reminded me of, which I can’t believe I’m sharing this but hey ho, it’s basically the same as the other kids near you so it’s cool: when I was a kid I never knew or understood the word “warm”, so instead I used to ask for my drinks with “a little bit of hot and a lot of cold”. It turns out I was cute once 🤣

    1. Yeah, I think the stress doesn’t help lol! But I spent most of yesterday sleeping which made me feel much better 😊

      Lol I always think of Britain and windy and cloudy. Like that’s just what it looks like in my head 😅

      Omg a little bit hot/a little bit cold is awesome, will definitely be saying that too 😆

  11. Hey Pooja. Sorry you’re sick. My bro used to always share his germs with me as well. I’ve been working on projects off and on. I have to balance myself. Like if I go hard core writer mode I feel more tired and irritated, so I’m working on that. Our pool is also green and not swimmable so that’s no fun 🙂

    1. Lol I think it’s a siblings thing.

      Green pools always freak me out idk why haha. Have some fun and try to relax. Maybe take a nice bath.

  12. Aw, feel better soon!
    We’re having beautiful weather here in New Jersey — a real spring!
    Come visit, I’ll buy you lunch 🙂

  13. beautiful weather here in widwest, USA at present. tho, i checked your average temps, and you are actually having what i consider to be perfect weather! pop on a sweater and have a cup of tea with lemon! glad to hear you are on the mend <3

    1. Glad you’re having great weather there. Kenya always has perfect weather which I’m very thankful for but sometimes it gets colder than usual and I forget to keep a sweater with me and end up sick. I had some tea yesterday and mostly slept which helped a lot 😊

  14. It rained for the past couple of days here in Virginia and now the sun is out! Sending thoughts your way for a healthy recovery. <3

  15. Get well soon, Pooja.
    Hot cold reminds me of the Katy Perry song Hot n Cold –
    Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
    You’re yes then you’re no
    You’re in then you’re out
    You’re up then you’re down
    You’re wrong when it’s right
    It’s black and it’s white
    We fight, we break up
    We kiss, we make up
    You don’t really want to stay, no
    But you don’t really want to go
    You’re hot then you’re cold
    You’re yes then you’re no
    You’re in then you’re out
    You’re up then you’re down.

    Just something to cheer you up. 🙂

  16. It seems to be going around. My wife and I both woke up not feeling well. Our daughter has been coughing for quite a while. We are in the hot cold season here. I’m glad you are starting to feel better though.

    1. Sorry you’re experiencing that too. Hope you guys feel better really soon. I think that weather is when colds are most common.

    1. Yeah, summer can be quite hot and cold. I always have to remember to keep a sweater with me when the weather is like that. Thanks, I’m much better today!

  17. Lol How does one dress for hot cold weather? In Jamaica it’s been hot hot, and humid. There’s nothing you can do to combat that without air conditioning unfortunately. But, thankfully it’s cooler in the hills where I live

    1. You dress for hot weather and keep a jacket with you at all times lol. Yeah, that humid heat can be exhausting sometimes and very dehydrating. Glad it’s not too bad where you live.

  18. Hi Pooja,
    I have this feeling that I can resist hot summer more than the cold winter.
    Don’t know if I will be able to survive in cold places like Canada?
    It looks too fancy and romantic to see actor & actress enjoying the ice.
    But I know it’s ‘not suitable’ to me.
    Make sure this Cold and Hot weather has less effect on you.
    So you can secure yourself, and work properly on daily basis.
    Take care.
    I’m certainly missing your posts.
    I have more work in the first two weeks of June.
    But I’ll be back with the equal enthusiasm.✨✨
    Best wishes. Bye for now.

    1. Yes, some people do better with hotter climates than colder ones. Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing you back here soon. Bye for now 😊

  19. I understand. The weather where I live is wishy-washy. One minute it is raining, and then the sun is shining, or it’s raining while the sun is shining. It’s the same way in the Winter, but worsening. Right now I have a little cough, but hopefully it will go away soon. I cannot afford to be sick. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry for the late reply. Have a great weekend.

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