The King Of Deceit

The King of Deceit

The King Of Deceit:

Kevin and Sandra are in bed cuddling…

KEVIN: Wow, that was amazing.

SANDRA: Thanks, Kevin. I usually don’t go this fast with relationships but I feel like there’s something special here…

KEVIN: I feel it too, Sandra.

SANDRA: I’m just going to go freshen up really quick, be right back!

Kevin starts scrolling to his phone as Sandra enters the bathroom. A few seconds later, Sandra walks out of the bathroom holding a toothbrush looking angry.

SANDRA: Why are there two toothbrushes in your bathroom? Do you have a girlfriend?

KEVIN: Sandra, listen…

SANDRA: How could you lie to me? This is what I get for joining Tinder again!

Sandra starts putting on her clothes quickly.

KEVIN: Sandra, just let me explain.

SANDRA: Fine, explain!

KEVIN: That toothbrush belongs to my brother, he’s visiting right now and just headed out with friends a while ago.

SANDRA: Really? So the women’s perfume and birth control pills also belong to him?

Kevin starts turning red.

KEVIN: Umm, okay so I lied a little bit but… okay, just give me a minute to really explain.

SANDRA: You have thirty seconds.

KEVIN: They were my ex girlfriends, we just broke up and she hasn’t finished picking up all her stuff yet. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to think I still have feelings for her because I don’t. She was a monster and cheated on me multiple times.

SANDRA: Oh… I’m sorry you went through that.

KEVIN: Thanks, are we cool now?


Kevin gets out of bed to hug her. Just then, a woman walks into the bedroom.

TIFFANY: Kevin, what the hell are you doing?

KEVIN: Tiffany… I thought you were at your parents house…

TIFFANY: Yeah, and I thought you weren’t cheating on me with some bimbo but I guess we were both wrong…

SANDRA: Bimbo? That’s funny coming from someone who looks like they just finished their OnlyFans photoshoot!

TIFFANY: Shut up you little home wrecker! And Kevin, I’m done! It’s was one thing when you cheated with my sister and that one time with my mum, but I am not going to let you sleep around with random women on Tinder!

KEVIN: Please, she meant nothing to me at all! She seduced me, I swear!

SANDRA: Wow, what is wrong with you? I’m outta here…

Sandra picks up her clothes and leaves.

TIFFANY: And you have one week to find another apartment, Kevin. I’m not paying for this one anymore.

KEVIN: Come on, that’s not fair. You know I’m in between jobs right now. I need you Tiffany, you’re the only woman for me!

Kevin gets down on his knees sobbing.

TIFFANY: So why did you sleep with my sister last month?

KEVIN: You know Lauren means nothing to me, I couldn’t help it she seduced me because she’s jealous of us! I love you, Tiff. In fact, I’ll prove it… Let’s get married!

Tiffany gasps.

TIFFANY: Do you really mean that, Kev?

KEVIN: Of course, I want to marry you and start a family with you!

TIFFANY: Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

Kevin and Tiffany embrace.

TIFFANY: I need to pick up something and head back to my parents. Can’t wait to tell them the good news!

KEVIN: Of course, they’ll be so happy for us!

Tiffany picks up some stuff from the closet and leaves. Kevin gets back into bed and picks up his phone.

KEVIN: Hey Lauren? It’s Big Kev, I just broke up with your sister like I promised and was hoping you’d want to come over so we can celebrate…

The End

About The King Of Deceit:

As you can probably tell, this little story or I guess script was supposed to be like a dramedy/comedy. I don’t usually write scripts. I think the last time I wrote one was for an assignment in high school. So pardon me if I have some errors or haven’t followed the rules for a script. As I’ve mentioned before, I read a lot of AITA stories on Reddit which is what inspired this story. I was just bored one day and this story just came to me. Hope you guys enjoyed it and it made you chuckle. I tried to make it as ridiculous or silly as I could while maintaining the story.

Did you enjoy “The King Of Deceit?” Would you like to see more short stories on the blog? Should I send this to Netflix, lol? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts or simply stop by and say hi!

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142 responses to “The King Of Deceit”

  1. He banged her mom? I’m sorry ladies but if you give a guy a second chance after that it’s on you what happens next 😅

    1. I won’t be surprised if Kevin also slept with Tiffany’s father 😝

      He’s just love her family 😂

      1. He slept with the mom and sister, he could be on the down low, he’s going through the family!

    2. Lol, the crazy stories I have read on AITA and the fact that so many people get away with their crappy behaviour 😫

      1. What’s AITA?

          1. Ohhh one of my best friends here tells me about that all the time hahah. I guess I’ll have to finally check it out. I feel like if you’re asking the question “am I the asshole” the answer is usually yes. 😅

            1. You would think that but the answer is usually no 😯

              1. That does make sense. People don’t post things that make themselves look bad lol

                1. You’d be surprised how many do that too 😅 Honestly, most of them are just people being gaslighted into thinking they’re in the wrong and a small group of people that are clearly assholes but refuse to admit 🤷🏻‍♀️

        1. Exactly, I would like to know too.

            1. Thanks for the link.

              1. No problem.

  2. My kind of reading! Loved it!

    1. Thanks so much!

    2. I was shocked when it came to the mom he slept with, and the sister. He’s burned the candle at both ends.

      1. He was definitely doing too much!

        1. Yes. He sure was.

  3. The only way I’d want to see more stories like this is if he gets hit by a truck or dies horribly in some way at the end of every story.

    1. I mean, that’s what happens in part two…

      1. Perfecto….

  4. I enjoyed reading this but man it was triggering. I had my own “king of deceit” in real life luckily he didn’t sleep with my mom lol. Great read!

    1. Thanks and lol glad that did happen haha!

  5. …kind of sounds like part of a script for “Soap”…a real old parody of the soap opera genre.

    1. Yeah, I wanted it to be like very unnecessarily dramatic the way soap operas are.

      1. If you can find some clips, I think YouTube has some of ‘Soap’. You might enjoy the show. It is somewhat dated, but some of it is Zany. I still get a laugh out of it and think I saw it when I was a kid…

        1. Will definitely check, it sounds quite funny.

  6. You write dialogue really well. I had a serious hate going on for Kevin!

    1. Thanks so much and yeah I wanted his character to just be the worst!

      1. And you did that perfectly well.

        Kudos to you👏

  7. Wow man, what a train wreck! It’s good to be single… 👍🏻🍻

    1. Yup, lol 😅

      1. 🍻😎

  8. I loved the story. It had me intrigued from the very beginning. Great job!

    1. Haha thanks so much!

  9. I was more angry reading this; I didn’t laugh one bit. The whole entire time, I wanted to knock Kevin upside the head with a cast iron skillet and slap her sister twice. They all ought to be in therapy. That’s a whole hot mess.

    1. Oof sorry it made you so mad, it was supposed to be like a parody of the crazy stories you read on AITA and the fact that people still don’t see how awful the person is.

      1. That’s just great storytelling. Lol!

        1. Lol thanks 😅

          1. You’re most welcome! I still don’t like Kevin. Lol.

            1. Don’t worry, he ends up with someone way worse than him and is miserable for the rest of his life 😉

              1. Yaaasss! Good. Lol.

  10. I really enjoyed this – it’s different and I haven’t seen it before in a form of a blog post. It was triggering though – I didn’t not like Kevin at all!

    1. Thanks so much and yeah Kevin’s character was supposed to be awful!

  11. You should introduce Kevin to your secret agent character that can snap a neck instantly, lol. Very interesting read.

    1. Lol, the perfect crossover.

    1. Thanks so much.

  12. Just broke up… and he’s in the mood, what within days??? Enabling someone like that… what can anyone else say? Probably dangerous enough trying to stay out of their ways

    1. Yup, Kevin is the worst. I’ve read actual (real life) stories where stuff like this happens and everyone around them the enable the horrible behaviour.

  13. Wow, but this is how men are in real life

    1. Not all men 🥺

      1. Yeah yeah some, sorry

      2. But enough men 😫

        1. Well!! Exclude me from that list, haha

          Not because, I’m saying, but well you can judge a person’s character with how they treat everyone.

          1. Don’t worry you’re not on that list… for now… lol jk 😅

    2. Yeah, a lot of them are like this unfortunately.

      1. I am a culprit, I know

        1. We’re all the “bad guy” in someones story. The important thing is to grow and become better people.

          1. Yeah for sure for sure

  14. Very interesting story Pooja. This guy is in a lot of trouble.

    1. Thanks and yeah he’s just awful.

      1. You’re welcome ☺️

  15. Wow kevin is the real star 😝
    He slept with Tiffany’s mom
    Slept with Tiffany
    And her sister 😂

    Look I don’t obviously support kevin. I hate men like that. Because these men are real and they just care for sex. They are disrespectful and womanizer.

    But the problem here is Tiffany. I know no one will talk about her, but it’s her fault as well. She knew he slept with her mom and sister, yet she’s believing him.
    She’s an emotional fool.

    As a woman she should understand what kind of man kevin is.
    Such behaviour is ignored by Tiffany, she’s a fool to trust him. When it comes to marriage, she trusted him. Even if they get married, that relationship will be toxic. No one can find real happiness.

    Such people won’t change until they get a lesson of lifetime. Such behaviour will persist, as no one is stopping it.

    A lovely work by you PG !!

    You are a true genius. I love how smooth you are with various styles.

    1. Absolutely. So, this was inspired by the AITA stories on Reddit and the one thing I constantly see is that people always enable the bad behaviour whether it’s their partner or their parents or whatever. Yes, the person should behave better but enabling bad behaviour makes everything worse.


      1. Exactly!!!

        This was a wonderful work by you PG

        you never cease to amaze me

        1. Thanks so much 😊

  16. I know a couple like this. I learnt quickly to just stay out of their rights. Funny story as well Pooja. Kevin is a proper dawg.. him and Tiffany deserve seems meant for each other too. 😜

    1. Haha thanks. Yup, always avoid people like this and avoid the drama 😅

  17. very much enjoyed, Pooja.
    a royal story, I’d say. 😁

    yes, we would enjoy more of this and you wrote it so very well👏

    a great share🤍

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it 😊

      1. always a pleasure 🤍

  18. Great job, Pooja.
    I think netflix must read this out!

    1. Haha thanks so much!

  19.     That’s really funny. He really has great psychopathic liar skills. Now if he could just learn to hide the evidence better he could be a really good politician, or successful businessman/part-time serial killer. I like how the obviousness of the lies builds to dramatic absurdity. Wow, I’ve learned a lot: always date a woman who has a sexy sister. Although I think his big mistake is not searching for rich triplets. Yes, you were right to make it as ridiculous as possible because people will believe anything unless there is extreme — that’s why sometimes a writer has to scream “satire warning” because some people are so dense.
        Yeah, I don’t quite understand the rules for a script. I did a play for Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry in poetry form, but I wasn’t quite sure about how to do stage directions and scene setting. And I’m not quite sure about how to navigate Roman à Clef writing. Well, a moot point because there was zero response. It’s posted, it’s published, it’s nowhere.
        I’ve heard that screenplays are even more demanding: requiring closeup, pan, fade, lap dissolve etc.
        Many years ago, I heard about people complaining that before their proposal could be seen, they had to buy special software that laid out the correct format etc. I suppose that nowadays it’s much worse.
        Yeah, setting the scene or giving background or “stage directions” or letting the reader or audience imagine the scene or have them project their feelings, is a writer’s conundrum. Beat a drum or imagine a drum.
        Short story, script, play. I don’t know — whatever works I guess.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the satire. I was trying to make it as exaggerated as possible. So I’m glad you picked up on that and got the satire.

      I only remember the rules I was told years ago and I don’t think I remember them very accurately lol. Yeah, I’m sure screenplays have more rules and that’s why I could never write one haha.

    2. With plays it depends a lot on the writer. Tennessee Williams has over 9000 pages of stage directions, Shakespeare barely has any. My basic idea is that the directions should flow from the dialogue, not the other way around. Sometimes less is more.

  20. Great storytelling, Pooja! One day karma will catch of with Kevin, the sooner the better.

    1. Absolutely, you can lie all you want but karma always catches up to you at some point!

  21. Kevin was the perfect douche bag. I enjoyed this. I love aita too.

    1. Haha thanks so much. AITA stories are so interesting although incredibly sad. I feel like they make me lose my faith in humanity a little bit.

  22. […] The King Of Deceit […]

  23. Yelp! That escalated pretty quickly! More posts like this please. 🤌🏼

    1. Lol thanks and more coming soon!

  24. Sad, but this is so real 🤣.

    1. Lol I know this stuff actually happens 😅

  25. Well done Pooja, written to perfection, especially when it comes to the Kevin’s of the world. Hugs, C

    1. Thanks so much!

  26. Well we’re all just animals at the end of the day and our nature is to procreate with who we can. This is why marriage and commitment don’t work 🤭 you can’t argue with nature

    1. That’s true, biologically we’re not supposed to be with just one person 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. It’s a very strange path that evolution has created for everyone (meaning animals)
        And friend said last week that evolution has stop, it’s fair enough to say that as it’s not seen by out eyes, but the life expectancy, proficiency of the immune system, how tall and big in stature we are. That was something that puzzled me about the size of the doors in regal buildings and castles etc and it said size was a symbolism for everything good, if queen or king bishop pontiff or whoever would feel inadequate walking through a doorway with other, then they were made 4 meters or so high and the width 2 meters. Today we still use the same formula for doors in England for doors in house. 1m is width and 2m height

        1. I don’t think evolution ever stops, it’s just so slow that we don’t always notice it when it’s happening. Like how kids are now born without their molars quite often.

          1. True. I read once that if someone from our present day was to travel back in time even 100 hundred years that they would kill many people who they had contact with. Our immune system has evolved to cope with disease and if are carriers of viruses that can wipe out towns and cities

  27. I am waiting for the next part. He’s such a jerk, well May I say wh@&! Who does that! He slept with her mom and sister! Gross!!! There needs to be a part two. All three of them need to kick him where it hurts the most, and beat the living daylights out of him! OMG!

    1. Haha yes, he’s just an awful person but don’t worry his lies will catch up with him soon!

  28. Now we know where Kevin’s brain is located. Must be a small one.

    1. Yup, definitely.

  29. So much drama.

    1. Kevin loves the drama, unfortunately.

  30. This is great. The king of deceit should be o Netflix. I like how the start keeps you guessing 🙂

    1. Haha thanks so much.

      1. Very welcome 🙂

  31. I wouldn’t have been able to tell that you don’t usually write scripts. I could see everything that happened in this scene so clearly in my mind. Agreeing to marry someone who’s cheated on you multiple times including with your mum and sister?! I feel sorry for Tiffany, she clearly has no self-worth.

    1. Thanks so much, that’s a really kind compliment. True, Tiffany was enabling his awful behaviour and deserves so much better.

  32. Your narrative’s amusing twists and turns are so entertaining that your dramedy / comedy instantly reminded me of a prime time sitcom, aptly named Soap, which aired on the Stateside, ABC-TV network from 1977-81; where the main characters’ anything goes relationships typically flirted with overlapping; so much so, that had the amorous couples’ timing been scant seconds earlier (or later), their clandestine rendezvous would’ve been discovered, in a heartbeat, and the term fireworks would’ve taken on a whole new, far less romantic meaning. Go ahead and submit your idea to Netflix and other entertainment streamers / airers. You can’t succeed until you try.

    1. Thanks so much, you’re actually the second person to mention Soap so I’m definitely going to have to check it out. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  33. Lol. This was like something from One Tree Hill.

    1. Lol, not One Tree Hill! I used to watch that show with my sister when I was growing up.

      1. Lol. That show was insane. I had to stop sometime around Season 3 or 4 when they did an episode so over the top I couldn’t keep watching (RIP Keith Scott.)

        1. I didn’t even make it that far, we stopped at season two lol.

          1. That was a wise choice.

  34. Such an interesting story with a next level plot Pooja! You really really write extremely great😊👍👍❤

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it 😊

      1. You always deserve it😉👍

  35. I think you should send it to Netflix! Sounds better than some of the soap operas!!! 😜

    1. Lol thank you! 😊

  36. Hahaha, it is very funny. I mean Kevin is an expert in juggling and lying. Yes, I agree with people above that you should submit your idea to Netflix. It is said that The Squid Game was made popular by Netflix because the creator continued to submit his script to Netflix for many years until finally Netflix accepted it.

    1. Haha yes, Kevin is a typical narcissist who only thinks of himself. Oh wow, I didn’t know that. Maybe I need to write a full screenplay and submit it till they finally accept it lol.

  37. 😂😂😂. Look, I have no words! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. That’s the reaction I was looking for 😅

  38. lots of drama … i see a new series coming soon. 😂

    1. Lol fingers crossed 😅

      1. sounds like a plan and looks like a great one at that❣️

  39. You do know how to tell a story. And those things do happen in real life. Love can blind even the most intelligent people 😣

    1. Thanks and yeah although this is a bit exaggerated these things do happen 😔

      1. It’s an anomaly but at some point in my life, guys had adopted the phrase that gals were really thick because of some of the lies they’d put up with. But I empathize a bit more these days. Might still not excuse those people.

  40. a player. a toker a thirteen joker.

  41. this is not how we commence a congress gupta. holy shit batman!

    1. Lol 😅

  42. You should definitely finish it.Am loving the story line.

    1. Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it. Hope to write more soon.

  43. Love love the story line.

    1. Thank you so much.

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