Quotes About Life #3

Quotes About Life, the art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and endure very much, William Hazlitt quote about life

Quotes About Life, Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind, Dodinsky Quote About Life

Quotes About Life, Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself, George Bernard Shaw quote about life

This week I decided to share some quotes about life because as you may have been able to tell from my last post, I have been thinking about life a lot. I’m in a bit of a contemplative mood. I’ve also been thinking about death more. And mortality, the last decade before you die. Assuming of course, that I’ll die of old age.

The one quote I really enjoyed most was about learning to endure for the majority of the time and be satisfied with a few moments of happiness in between. I think for those of us that are part of the 90%, just average people living average lives, that’s sort of the kind of life we have. We spend some moments happy and a lot of moments enduring till we get to the happy ones. I can whine about it all I want (and I plan to). But at the end of the day, it is what is. Sometimes we just have to accept reality. I rarely quote Twilight but as Jacob put it, “life sucks and then you die.” Maybe not that exactly but close enough…

What did you think about this weeks quotes about life? Talking of life, what are your thoughts on life? How is your life going right now? Would you say you are satisfied or happy with the life you are currently living? Or do you think it could be better? Let me know in the comments section located below because I would love to hear your answers. Or simply stop by and say hi!


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99 thoughts on “Quotes About Life #3

  1. Life becomes better and happier when we realize our life is now, not tomorrow or yesterday. Be happy and celebrate the beautiful people and objects in your life. And always, be true to you.

  2. I’ve always liked seconds of pleasure……but yeah, never forget yourself, I keep forgetting that. Sometimes, well, at times, I feel like i am all i have….

  3. Love the William Hazlitt quote. That’s so true. I once tried to read William Hazlitt, but couldn’t get past the first five pages. LOL. It is like with Shakespeare. I can’t stand reading it, but really like when other people give Shakespearean quotes.

    1. Oops, it got posted 😅

      I was saying the second quote is relatable to me

      I try to be there for others but many a times I forget about myself in the process.

      About life, please think of the good thing. I do not know why you are upset and what will make you feel better.
      But, never lose hope. After a dark night, there always a sunshine ☀️

      1. I’m like that too, I always try to be there for others but rarely put myself first.

        Thanks so much, really appreciate the positive vibes.

  4. Have you read any of Viktor Frankl’s books? He talks about focusing on the small things.

    I have been watching the show “How The Lottery Changed My Life” In 90 percent of the cases the people who won said life was much better after winning the lottery. I have a ticket for a draw tonight. I will keep you posted when I win. 🙂

  5. For 90% people, most of their lives pass in securing the basic necessities of life. I think 90% percent of people live ordinary life, but it doesn’t mean that they are not happy.

  6. My life’s been great! I think you’ve got to just go for it and give it everything. Every second is precious. Never waste one.

  7. You only live once. You have to have purpose. Creativity gives me a reason to live. Appreciation of the wondrous world we live in gives me a buzz. Love of friends and family give me a wealth of happiness. Making the world a better place is an ideal. Creating beauty and communicating is a good thing. I started to write and paint in 1971. This book combines the two. This is my philosophy in colour and symbols. (That was the foreword to my Art book).

  8. Yes good to have some time spend on death.
    To realize that death will occur to me Not to ” the Other”
    assuming death will occur when you are old. Yes that is the way only we can think about it
    I think I read lot about it my 20s
    Now at 50 , it is a normal thing, because i saw many people passed away. Nothing sad or abnormal about it. Its fact. once you understand this , you remember about life. Yes I am alive?
    How should I live a normal life? What is normalcy ….

    1. This is what I have been thinking about since I’m in my 20’s right now. I guess it does get better over time and we accept our fate.

  9. Loving the second quote. Definitely think it’s important to look after yourself just as much as you give out to others. Interesting quotes Pooja!

    Life is going well for me right now, it’s the week of my sister’s wedding, so excited to spend some time with family and friends. Things are rolling along smoothly right now I’d say haha…

  10. Even while I’m grieving the loss of my mom, I have to say I really love my life. I married an amazing guy. My career rocks! (Self employed author and journalist, with a thriving side business as a cat sitter). And I go out to see concerts all the time, and I love the little things in life like cooking and spending time with my cats.
    The only thing I wish for is a best girlfriend. I never really had that, but it will come, I’m sure.
    In order to elevate your life, you have to do more and more of what you love, then great things keep coming. Don’t ever settle. And the more garbage you get out of your life, the more room for beautiful things. 🙂

    1. That’s amazing, I’m glad you’re doing well in life and have some great things going on. And of course, I’m sure you’ll find a best girlfriend soon. Ironically, that’s the one thing I do have and am very grateful for 🙂

  11. I developed happiness because it was eluding me for my life until that time. It took inner work to remove my inner barriers, to learn what they were, to see that what put them there in the first place were things I had carefully removed from my life but had left shadows imprinted on my soul that I needed to work on healing from.

    The simple pleasures in life of creating artfully, of spending time with friends and family I choose to be with and for finally closing doors to people and things that stress me out or were destructive to me, are the things that nourish me.

    1. That’s wonderful. We have to do a lot of work, that’s for sure. I’m hoping with enough therapy and inner work I’ll get there.

  12.     I like the last quote: it ties in nicely with your poem “Would You Still Love Me” about “if I showed you the true me.” So there is no true you because it is in the process of being created. While you are “creating yourself,” we can happily watch as the “real” you is born once again like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
        My happy moments are when I imagine happy moments. I’m glad that you’re not in your last decade. I’m in my last decade. I often think that it would have been better if I had been hit by a truck and killed right after I graduated High School because I would have died thinking that College was going to solve everything and I would have been a great success. To live is to know that I could never be successful, and everything I thought at that time was delusional. Knowledge is not always good.
        But as Utcoozhoo says, Tiglekso, which is a combination of something like:
    “every cloud has a silver lining” and often bad things are a “blessing in disguise.”

    1. I know what you mean, I thought things would change when I went to university and when I became an adult. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

  13. “Assuming, of course, that I’ll die of old age” There’s that dark Pooj we missed! 😅 Seriously though, I think about mortality a lot at night. Lately I’ve tried to push those thoughts out of my head as soon as they arise because I’ll be laying in bed with an oppressive sense of dread pressing down on me for hours if I don’t. I will fully admit death terrifies me… just the thought that I could one day be nothing, and as a result the whole world will be nothing. When you get on that tangent you have to wonder if anything matters? If everyone will eventually die and we are the things that make life meaningful, do issues like the environment or murder or anything else matter? If no one knows they happened, they didn’t!

    Phew, ok moving on. 😅 I heard the quote years ago (a popular quote, I’m sure you’ve heard it but I don’t know who it’s by) regarding happiness not being the natural state of a person. Nor is it desirable to be happy all the time because you can become numb to that as well. I think it’s mostly true, at least. You’re not supposed to be happy all the time, or even most of the time. You’re also not supposed to be sad all the time either.

    For a personal example: I was depressed most of my life. I never thought I’d reach a point at which I wouldn’t feel like that without medication. But now, I can’t remember the last time I was depressed. I get sad and upset when bad things happen, but that’s normal and it doesn’t last long. I ascribe it to being busy. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, they say. People take that to mean people who are bored will do bad things, but I think it also means that people who are bored just FEEL bad.

    That’s not to say you aren’t busy or anything like that (or even that any of this applies to you, I’m just spitballing 😊). There’s a quality of “busy-ness”, though. I used to be busy with activities that didn’t add any value to my life and now that I’m busy in a job that feels important and benefits my community, it’s not as stressful or frustrating but still fills my time so I don’t have time to obsess over the things I used to which made me depressed. Like being single. I don’t think about dating at all until like 11PM when I’m in bed.

    I either think about being alone or death right before bed. I do need to stop that. 😅

    I felt like blogging today but apparently I wrote a blog-length comment instead. You make me think, sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful day. Or had a wonderful day, given the time difference.

    1. Lol, glad you enjoy my dark humour 😅

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one freaking out about death and stuff revolving around it. I usually keep the thoughts away but these days I’ve been thinking about it more and it freaks me out. Staying busy definitely helps. I try to stay busy as much as possible too but sometimes I have too much free time and the overthinking begins 🙁

      Glad you left a long comment, those are my favourite because they feel like conversations. Talking of long comments, I left one on your last post but I’m pretty sure it went to spam because WP hates me 😅

        1. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m stuck in comments prison lol 😅 Not sure why you’re not getting notifications for likes though. So weird 🤨

            1. That’s so weird I left two comments, one original one and one saying I think I’m stuck in your spam. Seriously, not one day goes by when WP doesn’t bug me 😫

              1. I found them! I didn’t see there was a different spam section. Weird that those got out there and none of your others did. And now I’m seeing tons of comments from people marked as spam. Dammit

                1. Yeah, you always need to check the spam section because WP acts crazy sometimes. I check mine daily and almost always find actual comments in my spam.

  14. Hey Pooj, I like the quote about creating your own self. I started doing it more by curating my social media feed, you know unfollowing ppl who annoy you and finding new inspiring accounts with awesome and useful content. I also learned that FB brings me down, so I just try not to use it. I had a class recently in the park, it was a huge success, I loved all the ppl who showed up to paint owls. The next day we went hiking in Washington, I got my nature fix, it’s very powerful. So this is my recipe in a nutshell: people + nature – toxic social media. I also do things for myself like self care, facial treatment and bath bombs with cbd, it helps.
    Life sucks but before you die there are so many hikes to hike, and kites to fly and fish to fry…

    1. I stopped using FB completely a while back for the same reason. I found it so toxic and it made me feel worse. I don’t need that in my life. Unfollowing accounts is also a great idea, only keep things you actually enjoy. That’s so wonderful, your paining class sounds so fun. If I was in the area, I’d show up too.

  15. You are so right. I spend most of my time waiting for those happier times but they are far less frequent than the not so happy ones. I am sure there is a psychological way around this but I haven’t mastered that yet ,,, Nice article. I enjoyed the quotes. Lot of truth in it,

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the quotes. It’s true, I think most of us are waiting for those happy moments but the truth is that they are often rare in life.

  16. Nice selection of life quotes, Pooja! All these quotes are thought-provoking. I particularly liked the first two quotes. Life can indeed be a mix of challenges and joy, and acceptance of reality is essential.
    Don’t think about death. It’s too early at the moment. I hope you will soon get rid of these morbid thoughts. Cheers!

  17. Recently heard some sage advice that everyone should think about death 5 times a day – death in the context of your own mortality. To keep reminding yourself that this will all one day be over helps you to appreciate life more. Yeah, even if it sucks most of the time.

  18. I think it’s very true that life is about creating oneself rather than finding oneself. I wrote about the person who I wanted to be on my blog, someone who was completely self-accepting of themselves and their Disability, and then I ended up becoming that person. Just writing it down sort of made it true. It’s true that us living in that 90% can’t force ourselves to be happy but we can reach our goals and dreams if we keep trying. I know you’re struggling with a lot right now but I hope you’ll be able to have dreams that keep you going.

  19. Wise quotes you got there, thanks for sharing. Anyway, I hope you feel okay. Know that you’re inspiring 😉


  20. The quotes are well chosen and complement your previous post, for sure. I liked them. It is so important to look after oneself! As for me, thanks for asking… I’m doing really well. Life has been too busy lately but this afternoon I am catching up on blogs, and excitedly waiting for my son’s CD release party tonight!
    PS: yeah I did see one of your comments went to my junk folder but I found it pretty easily… it was quite out of place with all those wacky spam comments!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the quotes. I’m so glad things are going well with you and yay for your sons CD release party!
      Oh good, yeah some of those spam comments are so random lol.

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