One Sentence Story #12

One Sentence Story

One Sentence Story:

In a world full of horror, we need to cherish the little wins even more.

About This One Sentence Story:

You may have noticed that my last posts have been a bit darker. If you haven’t, go read them again. Refresh the page a few times. For those wondering, I haven’t exactly been feeling better but I haven’t been feeling as awful. I don’t know if that makes sense.

But even though I’m in a bit of a rut, some good stuff still happens in life. And I’m trying to focus on that. So what’s the good stuff, you ask? Don’t be so nosy, I’m getting to it… jk!

Recently, my cousins had gone on a trip abroad and spent some of the time in India. Which means they brought back some goodies for us. I don’t really care about the clothes and stuff like that, but I do care about the food. Food is my everything especially since I don’t have much of an appetite these days. I’ve been eating like one or two sweet potatoes a day and still feel full.

Not the point. The point is they brought back one of my favourite snacks. Suki (dry) Kachori from Gujarat (I’m Gujarati). This is my favourite snack of all time. If it wasn’t fried and unhealthy I would eat it daily. Every time someone I know goes to India and specifically Gujarat, I tell them to bring me dry kachori. I’m literally so happy they brought them and I’ve been eating them for the last few days. And my appetite is kind of coming back. Yay! Also, if you’ve never tried dry kachori please run to your nearest Indian grocery store and buy some. They’re SO good!

PS. Used this random image of me because I look happy and it was a good memory that I want to cherish!

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142 responses to “One Sentence Story #12”

  1. Lack of appetite can be indicative of some level of depression. Glad you found (received) something you can enjoy!

    1. Yeah, I do have depression and sometimes the symptoms are worse. Thanks!

      1. I understand what that’s like.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that but just know you’re not alone.

          1. There is comfort in community.

  2. My friend Sagar in Arizona was Guju, which I’ve heard can be derogatory but he referred to himself that way so I assume it can be okay 😅 I’m always looking to try new food and Indian is one of my favorites… although I’m sure the food in Indian restaurants is about as Indian as Orange Chicken is Chinese!

    You look great! And happy even if it’s a brave face for a photo haha

    1. Guju 😝

      Indeed it’s annoying
      People use it very often. Especially people from other states. As I live in Rajasthan, a state near Gujarat, so lot of Gujarati come here for Holidays 😝

      1. The states and ethnic groups of India are something we aren’t taught about at all in the US. I’ve been fortunate to know a lot of people from Asia so I know more than average but still barely anything lol

        1. Oh
          I know nothing about Usa.
          Although my uncle lives in California. I know nothing.
          I think there should be teaching of different countries in the studies.

          1. I agree. We have World History classes here in school but it’s 50% about World War 2, 40% about slavery, and 10% about everything else that ever happened. 😅

            1. Ahhh same!!
              Here they talk about what certain king did in india
              How and what India did for the freedom, etc!!

            2. It’s the same for me, in school I mostly learnt European history and about the world wars. It wasn’t till I got to uni that I learnt real history.

    2. Oh cool and don’t worry Guju isn’t a derogatory term I call myself that too lol 😅 True, restaurant food is never like the authentic thing. Even in Kenya we get Indo-Kenyan food at restaurants it’s not very authentic. I would recommend trying kachori from the store though since those are generally from India.


      1. I’ll have to find an Indian market. There used to be one by me but it closed a few years ago. I know of a few but they’re kinda far away. Everyone where I live is Italian so I have plenty of markets that sell noodles and tomato sauce 😅

        1. Lol, I mean Italian food is really good too so that’s cool too 😋

  3. I love the photo of you, Pooja, so pretty! ❤️ I looked up the name Gujarati, very interesting. Maybe you need more food from back home to make you feel better? ❤️

    1. Thanks so much ❤️ I was just talking to my parents and telling them I want to visit India at least once in my life. I genuinely think the food would make me feel better lol 😅

      1. Do it! I assumed you grew up in India. I think it would be good for you in ways you may not know yet. 🤙🏻😎

        1. I totally think so too so I’m saving up for some travels not just to India but all over the world 😊 My mum grew up in India but my dad is Kenyan so I grew up here 😅

          1. I see. ☺️☺️ I hope that you by eggs too.

            1. It’s on my list 😊

  4. Very, very true! Cherish the little wins! PS: great photo of you!

    1. Thanks so much!

  5. Wonderful blog post Pooja. I agree that in a world with horror, cherishing the little things make a difference. You and I are on the same page about food, it is so damn good😋🍔🍖🍢🍕🍟🍔🍝💯🔥🔥🔥

    Also, nice featured image, you look good with the glasses🔥

    1. Thanks so much and yes food makes life so much better 😋

      Thanks 😊

  6. In a world that often feels overwhelming with its share of horrors, it becomes increasingly vital to celebrate and appreciate the little wins that come our way. These small victories, however insignificant they may seem at first glance, carry immense power in brightening our spirits and instilling hope. They serve as reminders that amidst the darkness, there is still goodness, joy, and progress to be found. Let’s hold on to them tightly and let them fuel our resilience and optimism. Hope you feel better soon ❤️

    1. I agree, celebrating victories no matter how small they are make a huge difference in the long run. Thanks ❤

  7. My one word sentence contribution: discombobulated

    1. One of my favourite words.

  8. What’s the kachori that you are talking about??
    Never heard of it before 😝

    Who knew that sukhi kachori can make you happy.

    I’m telling you to plan a trip to India, rajasthan is just near Gujarat.

    I love that pic, but I’ll tell my favorite when you’ll share it again. I think that’s from level 24. 😄

    Keep smiling friend ✌🏻✌🏻

    1. Suki kachori is like the best way to keep me happy lol 😂

      Yes, my family always goes to Rajasthan when visiting India. My uncle and family were in Rajasthan for a while this time too and the clothes he got us are from there. I so want to come to India but circumstances are such that I can’t at the moment 😢

      Thanks ☺

      1. Well maybe in future 🙂😃

        1. Yes, definitely some day 😊

  9. U are looking great in the posted pic come on cheer up!

  10. You do look happy and relaxed, Pooja. Wishing you more of the same. 🌻

    1. Thanks so much ☺

      1. Welcome! 😊

  11. Glad you’re getting your appetite back. Hard to feel better if you can’t give your body the nutrition it needs! Blessings to you!

    1. True, we have to eat well to feel good. Thanks!

  12. So very true Pooja. Love it!!!!

    1. Thanks so much!

  13. Little things matter!
    Wonderful post, Pooja
    You are looking amazing 😍

    1. Thanks so much and yes the little things matter the most!

  14. Sometimes, food can be stress relieving. Have you tried pyaaz ki kachori?

    1. Yes, I love the taste of pyaaz ki kachori but it’s not very healthy so I try to avoid it these days.

  15. Never heard of sushi kachori. The kachori we get here are full of massive amounts of fat/ ghee. You do looks happy and cute. Stay blessed.

    1. I’m sure you also have that sukhi kachoris there

      It’s like you can carry them, they are small and packed.

      Generally last for months
      They also make sukhe samose and all

      1. I haven’t come across any but perhaps with due research I’ll find them. There is a difference between Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Some things aren’t available/ made here. Perhaps they’ll be available in Karachi because there are more Indian based food over there.

        1. Ohhh!!
          You may find them in sweets shops, or the place with dried snacks

          1. Okay, I’ll check. Thanks

    2. Yes, I think those are the most popular types of kachori. Even here in Kenya those are the ones that are available. I generally avoid those for health reasons. The suki kachori is generally only available in Gujarat.
      Thanks so much!

      1. You’re welcome!

  16. The picture you used is great and you look so happy!! Food has that calming effect and it can do wonders for the soul.

    1. Thank you and so true!

  17. If not for horror, fantasy would be lost😋

    glad you received cheers. looking great, Pooja ✨🤍✨

    1. Yes, exactly 💯

      Thanks so much ☺

      1. most welcome🤍✨

  18. One sentence story:

    Always wondering if you really needed my gifts to kiss, tulips for you when I was blue, you wearing the blue dress for me when you tickled me and needled me, loving my laugh, your two lips saying, and too when your were blue, food for thought, Fontina cheese for melting on a lily day, making lasagna, you saying that there were layers to the fragrances of Parmesan, of provolone, of wet flour
    creaminess to Mascarpone, though you thought I said “mass car pony,” and I had oregano and basil
    but I couldn’t buy you a pony or a car, only a heart race at a pace of joy, so I’d love to see you again
    just for a laugh and a pony ride.

    1. typo: there weren’t supposed to be any spaces.

    2. Wow, it really is a whole story in a sentence. Well done.

  19. Food is a great stress reliever. I have been working long hours and food gives me something to look forward to.

    1. Absolutely, food can really make you feel better.

  20. Cherishing food is cherishing life.

  21. I was going to say you’re looking happy, till I read that it’s a random photo; still, the tone seems on the rise.

    1. Thanks, yeah I’m a bit better now.

  22. Glad you are choosing to focus on the good stuff. And good job putting up a photo that makes you happy. You definitely look happy in that pix.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, it was a very happy memory.

  23. You look so beautiful in that picture! Good on you for appreciating the small wins. I think that’s something that I need to work on a little harder. And, wow, dry kachori sounds amazing. I’m happy it’s helped you to get your appetite back 😊

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, the small wins help us keep going. It’s not always easy to see them but it’s important to try.
      Dry kachori is probably my favourite snack 😋

  24. All the best for uski kachauri..This is my favorite as well.

    1. It’s so delicious, such a great snack. Thanks.

  25. Food that we enjoy can be very comforting and therapeutic. That is a lovely picture of you, Pooja. 💖

    1. Completely agree, good food can really lift our mood. Thanks so much ☺

      1. You’re welcome, Pooja.

  26. Great photo!
    I think I made Indian food yesterday.
    Is this Indian? I made a stir-fry with chickpeas, spinach, diced tomatoes and chilies, red pepper, onion, garlic, and spices: cumin, tumeric, coriander, cayenne, allspice, sea salt.

    1. Thanks! Yes, absolutely. That’s a very popular Indian curry called Chole Masala but Gurjarati’s call it channa shaak.

  27. I also feel in a rut! Not sure if it’s the weather or what but it’s definitely apparent that I’ve been foggy these past couple weeks. As for your appetite, have you thought about using small doses of THC to help bring it back? I know not everyone would consider it but just a thought.

    1. I don’t know what it is but multiple people have told me they’re in a rut too. I do use THC which helps a little but I think the appetite loss is mental due to stress.

      1. Yes, it’s crazy. Well I hope you can find some mental clarity and zen soon! Hopefully WordPress won’t add to the issues anymore lol

        1. Lol, fingers crossed!

  28. I will definitely keep an eye out for these! A friend convinced Matt and I to try gulab jamun once but they were far too sweet for us lol. I do love ladoo though and I want to èxperiment with making a no-whisk ice cream using some flavour combinations inspired by ladoo (cardamom and pistachio). It fascinates me how in India (and throughout the world, generally) different regions are known for different dishes. Everyone knows cheddar cheese from Somerset, but few have ever heard of (or even eaten) stargazy pie from Cornwall 😂

    1. Indian sweets are generally extremely sweet lol. I avoid them as I’m not a fan of sweet foods. I don’t like ladoo at all lol 😅 ooh stargazy pie sounds fascinating. Will have to Google that 😅

      1. Haha I remember trying some Indian Parle biscuits and so many of them were covered in sugar, whereas the UK versions aren’t. How can you not like ladoo?! There is a road near me that used to be full of burfi shops in the 90s but many of them have gone now, my Mum loved them lol. Fascinating? That’s one word for it. It’s more “WTF, England?” but sure 😂

        1. I was keeping it polite… lol jk, I actually genuinely find English food fascinating since it’s quite different from what I’m used to. Lol ladoo’s just aren’t for me. In general, I don’t like sweet foods no matter what they are so that’s why 😅

          1. Fascinating.. the polite way to say “bland” 🤣 actually I was fascinated by my own country the other day, and with world affairs the way they at the moment. When I was small I remember my Mum telling me we would be hard to invade since we’re an island nation, so I wondered when we were last invaded. 1066 was the answer! Lol. Gotcha, I love sweet food little and often. Everyone is different I guess.

            1. It’s not all bland, I actually like some of it! 😅

              1. Well I’m glad we can appeal anyway 😂

  29. Kachoris are so delicious!

    1. Yes, they are!

  30. I am from India and never had Kachori lol. I will definitely try on your request 😆 you look happy btw!

    1. Omg how is that possible?? Lol yes do try kachori but I think the ones I mentioned are mostly only available in Gujarat.

      1. Then I most probably won’t get to try it since I am from the East lol

        1. Oh lol, yeah. But still try regular kachori too. It’s insanely unhealthy but so delicious. It’s a nice treat once every few months.

  31. In a world full of beauty, you definitely belong in it.

    1. That a really sweet one. Thanks.

  32. Glad you’re feeling a little better friend. Food definitely helps my mood improve too 🙂

    1. Absolutely, food makes everything better 😋

  33. Lovely picture Pooja 😍 Dry kachori is my favourite too 😋😋
    Happy for you take care 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    1. Thanks! Yay another fan of dry kachori 😋

      1. Oh yeah definitely 😋😋

  34. Agree that we must cherish the little wins despite all the odds. We need to change our mindset if we really want to enjoy the life amidst all the chaos.

    BTW, enjoy the dried Indian delicacies.

    1. I agree, our mindset makes a big difference. Thanks so much, I am enjoying them very much.

  35. Absolutely!

    1. Thanks, glad you agree!

  36. A bony hand, tired and cold upon the doorknob, only to enter the horror of the Surprise Party. Crap!! 🤣😎🙃

    1. Nooo, not a surprise party! 😅

      1. You wanted horror 🤣😎🙃

        1. True 😜

  37. Did I just read the words, cheer up in a comment? When depressed those words are horrible in my opinion. Pooja, you are doing great. The steps that you take to cope in this world like writing is a positive one. Just keep doing what you are doing and indulge once in a while in a food that you enjoy. You know your limits. Love the one sentence story.

    1. Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

  38. I get exactly what you are saying in your first paragraph after the six-word story, which summarizes the post well. Glad to see you are finding some enjoyment through a special treat from India.

    1. Thanks and yeah it’s helped make me feel better.

  39. Kachori is so delicious. You are making my mouth watering right now. And nice photo. Yes, it is true that the world is becoming unsettling these days and people are becoming more unsettled. Yes, appreciate every little victory. So true.

    1. I love kachori, would definitely recommend the dry ones too. True, the world is dark right now so we need to concentrate on the good stuff even more.

      1. Yes, we are in an uncertain time right now. I just finished a phone call with a friend who is not very optimistic. I should stop being pessimistic. It doesn’t do anything good. We just reciprocate sad messages. What’s the point. Try to be cheerful and positive. That’s important.

        1. True, being a pessimist does no one any good. I think the best thing is to be a realist. Because blind optimism isn’t a great thing either.

          1. Yes, I am no good with a balanced view, but I know how important it is.

  40. Kachories are tasty. 😋

    Stay happy, friend. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much, hope all is well with you 😊

  41. I love your little story and the message you convey, and I’m glad to see you happy. Little things can bring the biggest joys! 🤗

    1. Thanks so much and so true sometimes it’s the little things that bring us the most happiness! 🤗

  42. Lovely smile. You look pretty when you smile. I think I know what you mean by your mood; like ‘no news is good news’ sort of thing? Kachori huh… What is it? What’s it made of? Just being nosey. I have an ulcer so I can’t eat fried food. Don’t let that stop you though. Munga munga!

    1. Thanks so much. Yup, that’s the mood I was referring to.
      This is how the kachori is made:
      It’s really delicious!

  43. Love this sweet little story that reminds us to look to the upsides! <3

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

  44. Glad the treats managed to brighten your day! 🙂 Very important reminder to cherish the small joys every day – thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Thanks so much, yes it’s so important to try to focus on the little wins! 🙂

  45. A tasty snack sounds like a little win to me and receiving from other family members and friends can be so rewarding. I am glad your appetite has come back …

    1. Thanks so much, yeah my appetite is much better now.

      1. Very welcome and good to hear 🙂

  46. I’ve just checked out pics of Kachori and now I want to teleport to India.

    1. I know what you mean, they’re just so delicious. Although quite unhealthy.

      1. I don’t know for sure but I think our bodies are resilient—as long they’re well nurtured, we can get away with a few unhealthy snacks here and there. It’s my own thesis though, whether rooted in lack of self discipline or not wanting to be an extremist—I am still trying to figure.

        1. I think you’re right, having snacks that are unhealthy once in a while is totally fine. In fact, they’re good for you as our body does need some fat to function well. Especially our brain.

  47. Yes, and our little wins makes us know that whatever we are doing is possible.

    1. Yes, absolutely.

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