My Beige Flags

My Beige Flags

What Are Beige Flags?

There’s a trend on social media where people share their beige flags and I thought I would share some of mine today. For those of you that don’t know what a beige flag is, it’s basically something weird about yourself. It’s not bad enough to be a red flag but it’s still a little odd. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, without further ado, here are my beige flags:

I Prefer Raw Fruits

I just eat a bit differently than most people. Like I prefer most fruits raw. I love mangoes raw but don’t eat them ripe. And the same with papayas, I love them raw but hate them ripe. And while we’re at it I hate the red part of watermelons and only like the white parts. And I like watermelon seeds roasted. In my opinion, the red part is the worst and it literally tastes like feet lol. No offence to feet people. The white part is so good, you can make it into kimchi or curry or even eat it raw.

I Daydream Too Much

My second beige flag is that I daydream a lot. Sometimes I just tune people out and start day dreaming. I just find my mind more amusing than most people I talk to lol.

I’d Rather Nap Than Go Out

As you probably know, I have social anxiety and I’m not someone who enjoys going out all the time. I like staying in and I love naps. So this could be a green flag for some and a beige flag for others. Just depends.


I hope you enjoyed this post and learning about some of my beige flags. Now be honest and tell me your beige flags in the comments below. Or write a post about it and tag my site so I can see it/read it. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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151 thoughts on “My Beige Flags

  1. I misunderstood what you meant by raw and thought “oh that’s not weird at all” but as I continued to read, my horror grew. 😅 Kidding. My only issue I have with peoples diets is if they only eat a very tiny selection of unhealthy things, which is unfortunately a lot of Americans, at least in the Midwest.

    I’m kind of scared to talk about my beige flags online, haha. I guess most people know at least one. We share one… I don’t like going out, usually. I suppose spending way too much time turning song lyrics into midjourney images could be one. I’ll think about making a post but idk if I want to out myself as a creep yet. 😂

    1. That’s a big red flag for me when someone only eats unhealthy foods. I dated someone like that once and had to break up because every time we had a meal together it was so oily and made me literally ill 🤢

      If it makes you feel any better we’re all kind of creeps we just hide that part of us. Now you’ve got me cautious lol 😅

      1. That’s true! And there are real creeps out there, we’re probably pretty normal it’s just not advisable to publicly announce your darkest desires lol. Maybe I’ll have an anonymous blog for that. 😅

        I’m glad you get it! I’ve broken up with women for the same reason and people think it’s so trivial but I don’t want to be with someone who makes themselves sick from their diet and then wind up taking care of them because they’re immobile. 🤪

        1. Totally, there are some seriously creepy people out there so we’re probably not bad in comparison. Whoops, maybe I should have shared this anonymously 😅

          I totally get it, it’s not trivial. I feel like relationships won’t work unless you like the same kind of food. If food is important to you, that is. Some people just don’t care. Lol trueee imagine being stuck with that for like years and if you break up at that point you’re the bad guy 😫

  2. Girl two of these at least, like I literally yawned reading about naps lol 😂 I’m a shameless napper and I nap almost anywhere – I fell asleep once against the frame of a door, for two whole HOURS! Lol

    1. Yeah, most people who prefer staying in don’t have an issue with that one. But people who like going out hate that about me lol.

  3. From kindergarten to college I always got in trouble for daydreaming and doodling. Several teachers asked if they could keep the caricatures that I drew of them. I thought that was normal, lol.
    Same for napping. I read somewhere that most people prefer sleep over sex. Maybe the respondents in the survey were confused by term “sleeping with someone” 🤔.

    1. Lol, perhaps so. I got into trouble for daydreaming too although not so much for doodling. I would occasionally doodle in class but rarely since I’m not very artsy.

  4. First time I’ve heard of beige flag. As a youngster, I liked eating raw mangoes too with salt and chili powder. Haven’t ever tried raw papaya.

    1. Raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder is delicious. I like them like that too. I don’t know if you eat panipuri but adding raw mango to that also tastes very good. I would recommend raw papaya, it has a different and delicious taste. You can cook it into a curry and have it with rice.

  5. I am getting old because I can’t keep up with trends 😅 I’ve never heard of the term beige flag. I love naps and they need to be a minimum timeframe of one hour or it’s not a nap.

    1. Well now you have 😉😅 Yeah, long naps mess you up. I end up feeling worse than before. But short naps are great. I usually sleep for 30-40 minutes max.

  6. What are Feet People? Foot fetish people? I’d rather stay home than go out, Pooja, you nap, I stay home and relax!

  7. Nobody here heard of beige flag

    And me neither.

    Good thing I’m far from this social media things. 😂

    My beige flag is, I’m very boring and weird. Like people like going out, I don’t. Like you I prefer sleeping, reading books, or working on a blog post, researching rather than going out.
    I just don’t like going to places.
    I see videos of my city on internet, but I haven’t even explored it.

    People will not understand it, this why I call myself old and boring.

    Similarly, I don’t like junk food, eating out, I prefer home cooked meal.

    I don’t even like talking much with people at gym. Because I prefer to stick to my business there. People may consider me rude. But I’ve lost 25 kgs with that attitude.

    I cannot hold or initiate a conversation. Like , I’ve seen people have quality to always say something interesting or they are comfortable talking in groups.
    But, I’m not. I cannot talk and I’m uninterested.

    Yeah, that’s it. I can think of these only atm. 😂

    1. Lol, you and I are quite similar it seems. I prefer staying in as well and I don’t like eating junk food more than once or twice a month. And I hate idle small talk. I feel it’s a waste of time.

      1. Ohh well!
        Are you sure we are not seperated brother and sister?

        My mother always used to joke that a dog was carrying me and they washed me and adopted me 🤷🏻‍♂️

        I could have been in kenya too 😝
        Feeding ostriches and clicking pics from level 24. 😥

  8. a new concept we’ve learnt.
    lost in words and worlds created by our mind…we smile 😉

    a very interesting share, Pooja🤍

  9. I’m jealous of your nap prowess. If I fall asleep during the day, I wake in a cold panic that my boss will spot me and I’ll lose my job, or that the unsupervised baby is about to toddle into traffic. (The facts that I’ve been self-employed for over a decade and the ‘baby’ is now in her thirties doesn’t seem to have any effect on my nap panic. )

  10. Never heard of beige flags..
    But I do love staying indoors. And I love raw fruits as well. Half ripened mangoes with salt or pepper.. favorite as a kid.
    I hate crowds, but apparently I’m the life of a party..go figure.

    1. Raw fruits are so good, they have like a unique taste of their own. Raw/half ripe mangoes were a childhood favourite of mine too. Still love it.
      Lol, the irony.

    1. I prefer fruit raw too, but I see sooooo many recipes with cooked fruits, but I’ll elaborate more in my comment. I just want to read what everyone else is writing first so I’m not redundant.

    2. Most Asian countries cook fruits lol. It’s actually really good. If you haven’t tried grilled pineapple I would so recommend it.

    1. Yes, please do and let me know when you post it cos I would love to read it. It’s pretty fun and a great way to interact with your readers.

  11. That’s just weird Pooj! Can’t be good for the digestive system. Besides, there’s no sugar in the unripe stuff.

    1. It’s actually really healthy to eat some fruits raw (definitely not all)! But yeah, they are absolutely not sweet. Most are quite sour. But I like that.

    1. Absolutely, it’s good to be with someone more like yourself. Staying in can be fun when done with the right person or people.

  12. I agree 100 percent. Fruit should be eaten raw, and I guess that is my beige flag — I will often point out that one of my favorite fruits — figs — should NOT be tainted with, just eaten in their raw glory.
    Sadly, sometimes I speak of figs and people will assume I’m talking about a Fig Newton. And I’m like, damn, you never had a fresh fig from a tree?!!?
    I guess I’m spoiled because I grew up with a fig tree.
    About 20 years ago, I was a raw foodist for three years (don’t do it, you will lose too much weight and it takes years to gain it back). Ninety percent of my food was raw fruit (and some salad and at the time sashimi, but now I’m vegan and won’t eat that). Fruit is great for you, gives you so much energy, and is very healing. AND it does not make you gain weight.
    If anyone is doubtful of fruit, I highly recommend reading “The Medical Medium” by Anthony William which is a bestseller about the secrets behind chronic illness and it shows how great fruit is. KEEP EATING FRESH FRUIT! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. People have never had actual figs?? That’s so crazy I never knew that. Absolutely, figs should be eaten raw. They’re so good that way. I didn’t grow up with a fig tree but figs are readily available in Kenya. You can find them in most stores.
      I don’t think I could every eat just raw foods to be honest, I usually have about one raw meal every two days and that’s enough for me. For the rest of the time I try to eat oil free and healthy.
      Will definitely check that book out!
      Have you tried grilled pineapple? It’s my new obsession recently 😅

      1. I know, right?! But, yeah, I spoke to many people who never had figs. They are truly missing out. It’s fig season in NJ, USA now, so I’m very happy. We get them late July until September.
        I responded to your other comment about grilled pineapple. It’s great, but I still prefer it fresh. As with most of my food. I have more mini meals throughout the day, so maybe one or two raw smoothies, one or two cooked meals and definitely at least one raw meal (or part of a meal).
        Do you get cactus pears? I love them and we can get them cheap in Spanish markets.
        And, my all time favorite (which many people don’t like) – DURIAN! I love durian so much I have a durian tattooed on my inner calf!

        1. I’ve always wanted to try durian, it sounds so interesting. I know some people hate it and some people love it. I feel like I may enjoy it because I usually like things others don’t. We don’t get durian here or cactus pears, unfortunately.

          That’s amazing, raw foods are very healthy. I want to incorporate more raw stuff to my meals but it’s been a bit tough. Still, I eat way more raw foods than I used to.

  13. Like many others, I hadn’t heard of beige before. I also didn’t know that raw and ripe were different. I like fruit ripe but I would’ve still called it raw it raw if it wasn’t cooked or baked. I learn so much from you! I think I may have a lot of beige flags. Definitely a daydreamer and napper… I think I have really high expectations of people and I’m hyper sensitive. But I’m earnest and I mean well! lol..

    1. We usually eat different things depending on the regions we live in so it’s fun to share what I eat and I’m glad people learn something new from it. If nothing else, I would recommend trying raw mangoes. They’re so delicious.

      I’m like that too and can be extremely sensitive and get my feelings hurt lol.

  14. Thank you so much for explaining beige flags because people always talk about them but never actually explain them 😂 Daydreaming is 100% one of mine too – especially fake scenarios 😂😭 Great Post!

  15. Beige flags! I love it this idea. I had my share of going out when I was younger and prefer to stay at home. Daydreaming is one of my favorite things to do too.

    1. Thanks! I was out a lot when I was a teenager and as a young adult in college so now I prefer staying in as well. Although occasionally going out is fun. Daydreaming is great!

  16. I’m trying to like naps. I like to eat bananas the way you eat the other fruits. I write every morning. I’m trying to get the rest of the world to respect that and more or less move out of the way, then. Beige flag?

    1. With naps it takes a bit of practice so your body gets used to it.
      Yeah, a bit of a beige flag but I’m down with it haha.

  17. I don’t know if it’s a beige flag but I can’t stand wearing the colour beige! 😆 also on the topic of clothes, outfits can’t be all the same colour. Have to have contrast. Mostly I would rather stay home and listen to music than go out… unless it’s to go out to listen to music but that’s usually too loud and late. Beige enough, LOL?

  18. I love naps. But the white part of watermelon vs the pink part and then comparing the pink to feet? Yikes. I don’t like feet but I love the pink part of watermelon.

    1. I think it’s just me, like I have a person issue with the red part of watermelons lol. Most people seem to like them. I would recommend trying the white part though. The next time you eat a slice of watermelon trying a bite of the white part.

  19. As for preferring naps over going out, there’s nothing wrong with that at all! It’s essential to take care of ourselves and honor what makes us feel comfortable and at ease. Staying in and enjoying some peaceful downtime can be so rejuvenating.

  20. The raw fruits one was very interesting to me lol about raw mangoes, I was wondering, don’t your teeth get extremely sensitive to any other food you eat after that? I tried eating a raw mango once or twice, each time I had to eat after felt like my tongue was playing Death By Daylight.

    1. No, I’m usually fine because I eat the raw mangoes with something else that’s a bit bland like rice. Or if I eat it on its own I add a little bit of salt and red pepper. I’m good with sour food so it doesn’t really affect me much.

  21. It’s so hard to identify my biege flags. They feel so normal to me that everyone else is the one being weird.
    The only sweet tooth I have is for ripe fruit. Pastries, candies and creams just don’t do it like nature for me.
    I guess the only drawback is that Uganda is literally a food basket and I’m spoilt for choice and quality here. The larger more picturesque fruits I tasted the one time I was in the UK really paled in richness/sweetness compared to those I’m used to.

    1. It’s true, Ugandan fruit is so good. I still remember the pineapples we had in Uganda, they were delicious. Even better than Kenyan ones.

  22. Never heard of beige flags! Too much going on to care about trends. I eat pretty healthy, though definitely not perfect. Gave up processed sugar and I don’t eat gluten due to celiac disease. I haven’t dated since my divorce, but I’m sure that would be a deal breaker for most men.

  23. Oh, love this game. And love this term too. I wonder if the fact that I have narcissistic parents counts as a beige flag. I mean for the longest time, I was so ashamed that I had never invited one friend home, being afraid that my parents’ devilishness would become a common knowledge among my peers.

    1. Yeah, that’s a bit of a beige flag I think. I understand, usually victims of narcissists try to hide the truth from those around them. And even protect the narcissists sometimes. I guess with that, it’s a bit like Stockholm Syndrome where you want to protect them even if they hurt you.

  24. Can definitely relate to the second 2. Always been a daydreamer and generally prefer to stay in rather than go out unless it is just with one person. P.s. not a fan of large groups, hope you are having a good day !

  25. You got my curiosity on roasted watermelon seeds. However I enjoy the red part of watermelon. I think one of my beige flags is that I am a very friendly person in public but don’t actually like to socialize. I’d rather stay home too but have to work with the public.

    1. I totally get that one, I’m pretty friendly in person too but very much enjoy my own company.
      Roasted watermelon seeds are delicious and very good for stomach and gut health.

  26. Lol! I was literally thinking of writing about Red flags and I see your post. Beige flags are something new to me. Very intriguing. Your No. 1 beige flag is quite fascinating to me. And we both know how much I love to nap 😪

    1. Naps are literally the best 😫

      Beige flags are fun to share. I was going to share red and green flags eventually too lol 😅

  27. So my beige flags are;
    1. I like doing many things my way and am only open to change after careful consideration.

    2. Like you, I day dream a lot. I can be in a crowd while giggling at my thoughts.

    3. I don’t like meeting new people especially of the opposite sex. Please hear me out on this.I started out very excited about connecting with new people untill I looked back and saw that I was losing myself in the process.

    1. I’m the same with all three to be honest. I also really like doing things my way and I generally feel like my way is the best so I’m not very open to suggestions. I know it’s not the best attitude to have but it’s who I am.
      I also don’t like meeting new people especially of the opposite sex mostly for the same reason of not wanting to lose myself in the process. It’s also because I can be fiercely independent and don’t like to let people in.

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