How Transferring Your WordPress Account Affects Your Blog

How Changing My WordPress Account Affected My Blog

How Changing My WordPress Account Affected My Blog

I thought I would share how transferring your WordPress account affects your blog. For those of you that don’t know, I recently transferred my blog from one account to another account. Yes, that’s an option. Although I plan to eventually move from completely and self-host, for now I think moving accounts was a quick fix for some issues I was having.

I know from the comments I’ve received that many of you are experiencing some issues or glitches on your blog. And that’s why I thought this information may be of interest to you. So without further ado, here is how transferring my WordPress account affected my blog:


My traffic has gotten a lot better since I transferred my blog. My traffic has actually slowed down a little before and I was wondering why when all the stuff that happened went down. And I genuinely believe a number of people weren’t receiving emails from me for a long time even before the major email issue. There were multiple malfunctions on my blog which were left unresolved by WordPress. And I think all of this stuff put together caused issues with my traffic.

However, now that I’m on a brand new account those issues are no longer there. And people are receiving my emails and notifications again. I’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic which consequently means an increase in likes and comments.

Not The Same

On my old account, I had changed the settings in such a way that everything was exactly how I wanted it. The new WordPress accounts look different than the old ones and it was annoying to have to change everything once more. And some things I can’t change. That’s the price you pay I guess…

WordPress Is Definitely Limiting Growth

WordPress claims that they do not limit growth or traffic in any way. I claim otherwise, allegedly. Just a disclaimer, this is what I believe and have no proof of it. Also, I’m crazy and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Sorry, I have to say that for legal reasons lol.

Anyway, back to the point. I have been blogging for a long time, almost a decade actually. When I first started, it was incredibly easy to grow your blog. You would get followers, likes and comments without even trying. However, more recently it’s become much harder to grow your blog on WordPress. Not only have many bloggers left the platform but I think WordPress is also limiting growth in an attempt to force users to promote their posts using Blaze. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I do believe that big businesses will do whatever it takes to make a profit including lie to their users and throw them under the bus if need be. I just find it too coincidental that bigger sites suddenly saw a decrease in organic growth right before they introduced Blaze. Again, this is all alleged.

What does this have to do with my transfer? Well, I noticed that since transferring my growth is still a little less than usual even though my views, comments, likes etc have increased. It’s like people no longer get recommend blogs/blog posts unless you pay WordPress to do that. And it’s not just me, so many bloggers have seen a decrease in growth compared to a few years ago. Plus, new bloggers are finding it increasingly difficult to grow their site organically. This is still all alleged, please don’t sue me.


If you’re having major issues with your account and are feeling like nothing is being done to help you, I would recommend transferring to a new account. To be honest, some issues never get resolved and they just stop responding to you eventually. And if you feel like that’s what’s happening to you, consider transferring your blog.

I hope you found this post about how transferring your WordPress account affects your blog interesting. Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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116 responses to “How Transferring Your WordPress Account Affects Your Blog”

  1. I agree with you. It seems that ever since WordPress introduced Blaze, my traffic has slowed. Considering that my blog is a paid plan one, it is irritating. I already pay them for my blog site, why should I have to pay an additional fee for it to be promoted. I have been contemplating posting fewer days a week.

    1. Yeah, a number of blogs have seen a decrease in traffic and growth when Blaze was introduced which I find quite suspicious. I pay for my plan too and feel like if you have a paid plan you definitely shouldn’t be promoting posts separately to get decent traffic. It’s so clear they purposely changed the algorithm to force more people to opt for Blaze.

  2. I’m probably the odd-woman-out, but I don’t pay attention to how many people are liking what I have to say, although I do appreciate it! I blog for me, not for anyone else. That being said, it does seem like a few years ago more people were finding my blog and I was getting more attention. I thought it was because I have been posting more about non-food related topics, but maybe that’s not it. Where else can you have a blog?

    1. That’s totally fair, most people who blog as a hobby don’t care too much about their stats. What I would recommend is self-hosting because that way you’re still part of the WordPress community but don’t have to deal with all the crap from WordPress as you will own your own blog. I’ve heard good things about SiteGround for self-hosting.

  3. I have zero interest in that blaze thing, no thanks, WP. I hope that your traffic will pick up soon to where it was before all those problems arose, Pooja. I have considered moving my blog to the self-hosted side of WP but am not sure that it could be done because my blog has over 5000 posts. That’s a lot of data to migrate!

    1. Same here, I really don’t have much interest in promoting my posts and feel as though organic traffic is much better. That’s fair especially since many of your posts have many images and images can sometimes be lost when moving your blog to self-hosting.

      1. Organic, I like that. I follow a guy in the UK that lost tons of his photos when he migrated. He is slowly putting them back. It sounds like I am better off staying bout on the dot com side.

        1. Yeah, the biggest issue is losing images and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend self-hosted for your blog since it fully focuses on pictures.

          1. I’ll be staying put I guess. I’d have to start a totally new website!

            1. Yeah, definitely not worth losing all your content.

              1. I have too much to lose!

    2. John, when I went self-hosted a few years back the migration was a problem, and my blog wasn’t nearly as large as yours. I used Blue Host, at that time, and I don’t recommend them. If you decide to switch, be sure have a back up of your blog.

      1. Wow, sorry about that, Eugi. Are you still self-hosted? I have never heard good things about Blue Host.

        1. I was self-hosted for a couple of years and moved back to WP. com because I had issues with Blue Host. My site would be down for a couple of hours – so frustrating.

          1. That sucks, I never hear anything good about that host.

  4. WordPress has gotten so strange. Some of my latest blogs do pretty well while others get little to no attention. It’s pretty frustrating obviously, but I guess it’s affecting everyone now.

    1. Yeah, they only push certain topics and the rest suffer. Their algorithm is so messed up right now and it’s really messing up the blogging experience for us.

  5. The points you have raised are true.

    1. Thanks, glad you agree.

  6. I always hate to see bloggers contemplating leaving WP, but sadly, WP is doing this to themselves and it serves them right if people up and leave. WP is constantly breaking things and calling it progress. They are constantly shrinking our options and telling us it is “better”. They are always telling us that upgrading to the next tier is our best option, while leaving those people high and dry to wave in the wind. WP lies to us, tells us everything is our fault and then lies some more if we show them otherwise.

    I have already drawn where my line in the sand is. If WP does “x”, then I’ll be leaving….

    1. When there’s no option
      What else people do 😔

      Sadly, wp doesn’t care, because someone else will come and later if you want to blog, you pay. So it’s all cool for them. Sometimes I feel helpless, as even with upgrading, my issues are there 😐

    2. Absolutely, so many of my favourite bloggers have left and it sucks. I miss them but I also understand. When you’re getting almost no growth even long term, have very little control over your blog even in paid plans people don’t want to stick around here. Absolutely, their changes continuously cause glitches and all they do is blame us for them. It’s so awful.

  7. Can we expect more whinning from your side on this new account ma’am ? 😝

    I too have issues with wp, and those are not solving 😂
    Need to explain them every fking time 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I hope this new account will give you some relief. Don’t like crying PG 🙂

    And yes, you are right. Now things have become more complex. I feel now, I need to put a lot more into this to get seen.
    Wp surely introduced new things like prompts, blaze etc, but also making stuff typical. I may invest in blaze (not more than $1😝) to see how it works. Now wp have become all about money cash 😂.
    Thankfully there are some useful plugins. God bless rankmath

    I need to learn a lot and such useful info is helping me a lot. 🙇🏻‍♂️
    keep smiling buddy

    1. 🙂 Devang, the Rank Math SEO plugin has some strict rules. For example, it sees 600 words as the least amount of words that you should use in a blog post.

      To get a 100% score on Rank Math, you will first have to create a blog post that comprises over 2500 words.

      I wish you the best of luck in your blogging endeavours.

      1. Thank you so much.

        I’m typically getting 88. I’m considering all the other factors as well, like keyword density, headings, alt text for the images etc.
        I wasn’t doing it before. So I’m learning all these. 🙂

    2. Of course, on Lifesfinewhine the whining never stops 😅

      I know, every single time you get a new HP and have to explain the issue to them like a child. It’s incredibly frustrating.

      Absolutely, WP got greedy and because of that they’re destroying this wonderful platform.

  8. I agree with you. It’s very difficult to grow organically on WordPress. It’s like you are stuck, no many views as you wanted , no new followers. I would like to know what do you mean by leaving WordPress and self-host ?

    1. These days the growth is definitely decreased and many blogs are stuck. It’s really tough to grow organically unless you focus on SEO and grow your email followers.
      Self-hosting is when your blog remains the same but instead of hosting with you host with a different hosting site. So you would still be a part of the WP community, your posts would show up on the Reader, people can still like/follow/comment. But since you own the blog you can customise it and changes to WP don’t affect your blog.

      1. Okay, I do understand now 😄

      1. Yes, I realized that self-hosting can have positive benefits and also negative benefits. I think we must know some IT stuff, like technical support. 😬🙆🤦

        1. True, unfortunately you need to be at least a little tech savvy to be able to self-host.

          1. You’re right 👍

  9. 🤔 is not the same as it once was.

    Could WordPress be purposely limiting the amount of views that we get? I would not doubt that.

    Many WordPress bloggers have also complained about the drop in their blog’s incoming views.

    I have no intention of using Blaze to boost posts (And, apparently it looks as though they are creating a situation for us to use Blaze).

    Truthfully, I think that you would be way better off going the self-hosted route.

    Once your URL remains the same, you should have nothing to worry about.

    1. I agree, when we started out this platform was significantly more user friendly and it was so much easier to grow your site.

      Yeah, at least that’s how I feel. That they are limiting growth so we are forced to use Blaze. Because their algorithm changed suspiciously at the same time Blaze was offered and traffic hasn’t been the same since.

      I agree, self-hosted is the best in the long run. And you can still be part of the community through Jetpack so it’s not a big deal.

  10. Well, this isn’t a great thing that WP is doing. Blogging seemed so doable a few years ago but now it seems that people are getting discouraged. Glad you like your new site and it is working out for you!

    1. I absolutely agree, it was so much easier a few years ago and now this platform is not user friendly at all. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for this Pooja! It seems like everything we do affects our blog numbers. Things are looking good on my end again, so I’m scared to touch or change anything. lol

    1. Absolutely, every little thing affects our site and I’m scared to make changes now too lol! I don’t want to break my blog again 😅

  12. I left WordPress and went to GoDaddy. I now have a website and domain.

    1. That’s great, I plan to self-host soon too. I think in the long run it’s the best.

  13. Hmm, reading this has got me wondering if I should transfer too. I’ve got all sorts of issues on this account, including that I can only renew my plan annually (I can upgrade monthly on others). While it is more expensive in the long run, it is better for me to have £32 a month go out than £240 in one fell swoop annually, especially if blogging is no longer viable for me and I do decide to quit. I haven’t looked at Blaze but I might consider it too, albeit in a very, very controlled way (I might like to recieve more traffic, but I’m not desperate for it 😉). You’ve definitely given me to something to think about in light of recent issues, thankyou.

    1. ETA: I also got hit twice by the May 2023 Google Core Update which halved my traffic with no explanation and no information on what I did “wrong”. It’s not only WP that’s the bad guy sometimes.

      1. Agreed, Google is annoying too.

    2. Especially if you have a business plan consider transferring as you don’t need to do much. Just transfer the domain manually and WP will do the rest. Glad to do so as I know many bloggers are struggling with this platform. Btw, someone I know tried using Blaze and it didn’t really help much so I would recommend not investing too much money into it.

      1. Yah I have a Business plan so it should be eaay. Yeah I did a quick search and nobody said it did anything for them so I won’t bother with it in that case.

  14. Traffic on my blog suddenly dropped to a sixth of what it was. It happened overnight. At the same time all spam dried up. I don’t receive any spam at all – and I used to receive around 200 a day. Something happened and I don’t know what.
    How do you go about transferring??

    1. That’s so odd, sounds like you’re being shadowbanned. I would definitely recommend transferring if this is the case. Here’s how to transfer your account:

  15. To date I haven’t had many issues with WP but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I hope your new blog works hassle free

    1. Thanks so much. You’re really lucky for that and I really hope it remains that way since solving issues is a big headache.

      1. I know. I’ve seen how upsetting it was for you and many others

  16. It’s so disappointing that WordPress is acting so strange, particularly with it’s reputation for being a top blogging platform – you would think it tries to encourage growth rather than hinder it?! 😂 Glad some of the issues have been sorted, would definitely love to hear about your experience when you switch to self-hosting!

    1. I second her last sentence. If/when you go self-hosted, it would be great to hear how it goes.

      1. Will definitely share detailed posts when I make the switch. As well as posts on how to switch to self-hosted.

    2. Agreed, it honestly did used to be a great platform but recently it’s really gone downhill. All they care about is profit even if it means destroying the platform 😫
      Will definitely share detailed posts when I switch to self-hosted. As well as details on how to make the move.

  17. Great advice. A decade of experience in the game, means that your opinion has some weight. Thanks for looking out for fellow bloggers. This info helps with crucial decisions moving forward.

    1. Thanks and happy to do so as I know other bloggers are also struggling with WordPress related issues.

  18. Does blog views, likes and followers remain the same when switching from one account to another affects or you have to start from scratch? Can we change blog name or we have to keep it the same?

    1. Yes, everything remains exactly the same and nothing changes except the account. Your likes, views, comments, stats, follows etc will be moved to the new account with your site. You can transfer the domain and continue using the same name for your blog or you can choose to use a new name. It’s up to you.

  19. Hi Pooja,
    It’s interesting to know about your experience with WordPress.
    This blog post is helpful for the people who are having problems in managing their blogs.
    I would keep a Free plan then.
    Self-host is challenging, and should be chosen, after a proper research.
    Thank you for sharing.🙂

    1. I agree, the only reason I have a paid plan is because this is technically my business blog. If I was blogging as a hobby I would not invest in a paid plan.
      True, a lot of research is needed before switching to self-hosted which is why I’m taking my time with it.
      Thanks so much 😊

      1. Best wishes.👍

  20. far too lazy to do that
    after all this shit is free
    so see or not
    have a nice day tho gupta

    1. Lol that’s fair, have a nice day too.

  21. I’ve seen that in different platforms that the recommendation is somehow skewed (towards Blaze or whatever) and the one is almost limited to one’s own circle and not getting exposure to others.

    1. Most platforms do that including Instagram which is also dying for the same reason. Promoting should not be necessary if the algorithm works well. Like with TikTok. I get half a million views on some videos without even trying.

      1. I heard of people flocking to tiktok, but I’ve never tried that. I should try it. Thank you for the recommendation. I do feel that YouTube or WP or IG have their own agenda, which often cause normal stories not getting enough views…

        1. Yeah, definitely give TikTok a try. It’s much easier to get views there and people have been so kind to me compared to other social media platforms like IG. Instagram and YouTube and WP definitely have their own agendas and only push content they want to push. It’s so frustrating.

  22. Pooja, I have no interest in Blaze either. As far as my followers go, it is what it is. With that said, I haven’t seen much change one way or the other in my followers. I have my social included in my # of followers via LinkedIn, which help my numbers and almost makes up for the loss of Twitter followers.

    I noticed since I moved my blog to an FSE theme, it runs much more smoothly and is faster.

    Good luck with your new blog and I hope it works well for you.

    1. Same here, I would rather I have organic views and follows. I don’t find Blaze necessary at all.

      That’s interesting. What theme are you using at the moment? If you don’t mind me asking.

      1. No problem, Pooja. I am using Tenaz. The theme itself was challenging to set up. The worst part, prior to this theme I didn’t include featured images except for the post itself in my old theme so I had to add them to over 300 posts. I’ve set up other FSE themes that were much easier but I liked the way Tenaz looks. With that said, now that my new theme is finished, it is simpler than I thought and easy to make changes.

        1. Oh I see. Yeah, it looks very nice. It has a clean look. And loads very fast too which is great. I think I’m going to be changing my theme soon too as this one is a bit slow to load.

  23. Never heard of blaze but thanks for raising the issue. I feel like blog growth in general on the site is a little slower than the previous few months but maybe that is just for me. I am glad you managed the transfer successfully.

    1. I don’t think it’s just you, I’ve noticed many blogs slowing down when it comes to growth. Unfortunately, the algorithm has changed a lot and isn’t as great as it once was.

      1. I suspected that really but ah well never mind

  24. Thanks! Your narattive account of life with WordPress is helpeful as well as engaging. I have found WordPress increasingly complicated to use and wondered if paying would make things better. Of course, I’d like to know before I started paying. And I’m poor, so I have to question paying at all. Again, Thanks!

    1. I definitely understand your dilemma. I wouldn’t really recommend upgrading to a paid plan to be honest. WP doesn’t offer much unless you upgrade to a Business Plan which is very costly.

  25. Some interesting observations here. I have been blogging for 10 years and in the beginning, I grew slowly. But then I had a few years where everything was growing exponentially. And then I went flat. This year, I am a lot more active on my blog and seeing increases, but it has required a lot of activity. I also find it hard to get new followers, unless I seek them out and follow them and interact on their blogs. I was curious about your comments about Blaze and its role here. You might be correct, but I don’t have enough experience to say, since I’m still on the free version of WordPress. Did you transfer from one paid blog to another?

    1. It’s the same for me, I had some great growth in between but more recently I’ve had to work hard to maintain my growth. It’s sad because I feel the algorithm was much better before and allowed us to grow more easily.
      I transferred from one account to another and the plan transfers with you. So, I’m on a Business Plan and remained on it. If you’re on a free plan, you’ll remain not that even after you transfer. Unless you decide to upgrade.

      1. Got it – thanks!

        1. No problem!

  26. Thanks for sharing your experience, Pooja. My blog is about 11 years old, and while there are a few minor issues, I don’t have the bandwidth to make any changes right now. I’d love to hire an expert to fix them. Maybe someday. 🙂

    1. I totally understand, it’s pretty expensive to hire experts these days. I was thinking of hiring someone to make the switch to self-hosted for me but it’s expensive to do so.

  27. I think you might be right, it affects all of SM. It just turned to be great business and more people wants to become popular. I think it’s all connected together.

    1. Absolutely, I see the same thing happening on platforms like Instagram too.

  28. I honestly have no idea how WordPress works or how I’m ever gonna get traffic into my blog. I just post my blogs is all I do.. 🤷

    1. That’s fair, using tags helps though. Like using the right tags.

  29. I started with WordPress for the sole purpose of sharing with my family but to my surprise found people wanted to connect so I began looking at the pages of those who connected and in many cases found some really excellent content. So I’m not worried if people like or dislike my page but value those who did take the trouble to connect. I’m not interested in advertising pages or people who use social media to criticize and say hurtful things.

    1. That’s wonderful. Yeah, you should just enjoy the process and not pay attention to the negativity.

  30. This was soo time consuming and a PITA!
    I hope ultimately this is better overall for you!!!
    I wonder if I should change. I think I’d quit blogging if I had to do that!!

    1. Thanks so much, I hope so too! Don’t worry, your blog manager will take care of it if you ever need to make the change 😅

  31. I have two, or three paid sites, and my traffic isn’t what it was before Blaze was introduced. I get my notifications late as to where they were always coming in rapidly. I don’t post as much as I did before, but hopefully it will get better. I have had more glitches than I can count, and there were times when I couldn’t post and publish an article. I complained about that, haven’t had that problem in a long while since then. I hope things are getting better for your account. I hope you don’t have the problems you were having before. Wish you all the luck in the world. See you later. Have a great coming week.

    1. I know what you mean, so many sites haven’t been the same after Blaze was introduced. It’s a little weird to me that growth dropped at the same time. I’ve had many glitches too and I have a few on this account too but nothing major so I’m happy so far. Thanks and have a great week too.

  32. yeah WP with Insta and other platforms are about money and business, and the algorithm makes it difficult to grow in a organic way., and only promotes a popularity contest. But I try to not pay attention to the negativity and continue writing, which I encourage others to do. Showcase their writing and enjoy the craft

    1. I totally agree. And many platforms are slowly dying because of that. They just got too greedy in my opinion. That’s best, just do your thing and don’t worry about stats too much.

  33. I was up late the other night and reached out to WP and actually got chat, though by that time I was ready for sleep. Since then, had two email exchanges to say I was getting 404 messages when people in Reader clicked on post links that link to previous posts. WP had told me back then to shorten the URLs to avoid pingbacks. But the full URL makes a pingback, which looks silly. So now I have a couple of years of shortened URLs to amend if I want things to work well on Reader. Frustrating.

    1. Oh wow, that’s so annoying. I think you can actually just switch off pingbacks if you’d prefer not to get them on your posts.

      1. Yeah, thanks, they said I could do that but I wanted to keep them on as I had a pingback “once” when someone linked to one of my posts and I got all excited about it, LOL. So I’m just deleting the comments that the pingbacks generate.

        Meanwhile, when WP responded about another question just now, the Happiness Engineer told me what a lovely site I had. So now I feel like a bit of a schmuck about complaining here. 🫢

        1. Lol, well you do have a lovely site and some HE are actually really nice. But some still suck lol.

  34. Hmm, the Blaze theory does make a suspicious amount of sense. I have noticed organic traffic has been harder to come by the past few months and perhaps it is related. Either way, it is lovely to see you back here and writing again! <3

    1. Yeah, I feel like it’s so suspicious that traffic went down when Blaze was introduced. And multiple Happiness Engineers have mentioned using Blaze to me for unrelated issues I’ve emailed about. Thanks so much!

  35. Thanks for the heads up Pooja. Unfortunately when it comes to major companies/platforms eg: Apple WP etc… sudden drops in performance is the norm to try and force their new products on you even though you’ve been a customer with them for a long period of time and you are certainly not the first I’ve heard expressing disappointment with this platform. Hopefully for you and many others there won’t be to much more of these issues

    1. I absolutely agree, most of these big companies only care about profit and often do stuff like this to push customers to pay more. Yes, many have had issues with the platform and I just hope it doesn’t get any worse.

  36. Wow… how stingey of WordPress. It may not be confirmed but I’ve definitely seen what you’re talking about. I guess things don’t matter as much to them now as the money does. Paid plans clearly don’t seem to be enough. Newer bloggers who still have great ideas that deserve to be shared, shouldn’t be treated like this.

    1. Yeah, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad for me since I have a paid plan but I was wrong. They still want more money from us.
      I totally agree, this discourages new bloggers so much. And even older bloggers who have consistently been sharing great content. I’ve seen some of my favourite bloggers abandon their blog after years and it’s so sad.

  37. Hi Pooja, I want to ask. I recently discovered a brand with the same as mine so I want to rebrand. I’m currently in free plan and planning to upgrade. I’m planning to drop the wordpress extension and also change the domain at the same time. is this possible in plan upgrade? or a transfer is a much better option for me? I’m sorry, I’m trying to find discussions about this but there’ nothing. I’m looking for options where I can retain my traffic

    1. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to upgrade and change your domain/brand. Just make sure you redirect everything so that when someone goes to your current site using this domain they are redirected to the new one. If you stay with WordPress they will automatically redirect for you. I don’t think transfer is the right option for you as your domain would remain the same. I think an upgrade would be best. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

      1. HI Pooja, thank you so much! You’re right, I was able to change my domain when I upgraded from my free plan. It worked out smoothly, you’re a life saver! I was so stressed lol, thanks a lot!

        1. Oh good, so glad it all went well and happy to help!

  38. ok, i need this the most right now

    1. It was all so good

  39. I have been having a lot issues. I can no longer hit likes on any posts, because apparently I was visiting too many blogs and liking too many posts. So I have been banned forever.
    How did you change your account? Did you create a new name?

    1. I had the exact same issue which is why I had to move. Not even sure how that happened as I hadn’t been online in hours. But anyway, I would really recommend transferring your blog to another account as this will solve all your issues and allow you to like again.
      So, I created another account with the same name, image etc. You’ll have to use a different email address though. One that’s not associated to any current WordPress accounts. Next, you’ll want to add your new account as an administrator on the blog. You can do this by going to “Users” and then “Add New.”
      If you have a Business Plan, all you’ll have to do next is transfer your domain to your new account and then contact the Happiness Engineers who will do the rest for you. If not you will have to transfer your domain and then transfer your blog yourself which is still quite simple. Here are the steps:,then%20click%20the%20Continue%20button.

      Your new account will look the exact same as your old account and your site will look exactly the same too. The only difference will be that you’ll have to refollow all the people you follow but you can just export/import them as a file from your old account. It literally just takes a few minutes to do.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help you with the process.

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