My Biggest Mistake

My biggest mistake
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You were my biggest mistake

Years later

And I still believe

We were meant to go our separate ways

Leaving you

Was the smartest decision I made

There was no future for us

We just were not meant to be

You were my biggest mistake

And yet I regret nothing

Not a single thing

I cherish our memories together

If I had to I would do it all again

About “My Biggest Mistake”:

I was pretty busy most of today which is why I assumed I wouldn’t be able to post and even said so on my last post. However, here we are. I just can’t stay away from my blog for long. I always end up missing you guys even though I know you’re technically just internet strangers and could totally be serial killers. If you are, in fact, a serial killer I would urge you to find a new hobby. I hear knitting is peaceful and calming.

Back to the poem. “My Biggest Mistake” is about those relationships you know won’t last long term but you still cherish the moments you have together. It’s always difficult to let go and leave but you just know you have to at some point. *sigh* Love can be so complicated sometimes. Well, not for everyone, maybe it’s me…

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Have you ever been in a relationship you don’t regret but knew was wrong for you? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your answer. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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92 thoughts on “My Biggest Mistake

  1. I have always been a bit naive and believed at the time that things would last. I believe it is part of living and growing. I just wish I was not such a slow learner, lol.
    Thanks for the knitting tip. My Grandmother taught me to knit. The nine mil stainless steel needles bend very little and clean up nicely. Fresh carrots are best for practicing stabbing techniques 😉

    1. Unfortunately, some lessons take a while to learn.
      That’s so cool. One of my neighbours taught me to knit when I was a kid but I never got into it. May take it up again now though since I see some carrots in the kitchen…

        1. Lol, I would hate them even more! Jk. Yeah, it’s a pretty fun hobby but I think I never had the patience for it as a child. Maybe I should take it up again as an adult and see if anything has changed.

  2. Knitting instead, you say??? Well- back to the drawing board for me again. 😉

    There are teachers I’ve forgotten and teachers I’ll remember all my days. We all interchange our roles but if we’re lucking enough, we can share our journey with a mirroring type of shadow that happily tags along with us.

    We touch passing water in a river but once to quench our intriguing minds, however, we are at our best when we can submerge ourselves (body and soul) once we’ve come across the right body of accepting water.

    1. Well, there are a lot of fun less murderous hobbies out there 😅

      That’s the perfect way to put it. I think some people leave a mark and some don’t. But when we find the right person we should give it our all.

  3. I am sure there are no killers writing blogs. Writing liberates the frustrated person. 😊
    About the poem, I think no one can force someone to be friends and letting go is always better for both the parties. Time and relocating to a new place also changes people and relationships.

    1. Strangely killers do write blogs. About 15 years ago there was a tool called Live Journal. A young woman, 16 at the time, manipulated two male friends into killing her mother. She spent a few years jail time. I believe she still updates that journal. Her voice is still as cold as it was back then. I’d share the link, but I couldn’t do that to someone, it would definitely put your heart in a down zone, maybe even give you nightmares. It’s a crazy world we live in sometimes.

  4. If you know my culture, you’d know that once married young (23) there was only one relationship for me. It’s mostly good, though sometimes we have our disagreements. But then he surprises me with a thoughtful/ kind gesture. 💝

  5. Yes I’ve been in relationships before.

    So some years back before my internship, I decided to work in this organisation so that I could know about the work place before intern.
    This one man liked me and my workmates made it look like they would make my work there easy if I dated him.
    So I dated him for the time I worked there, he was a great guy who respected women. I just didn’t like the fact that i had to date him to be treated well by my workmates.

    1. Oh I see. I understand, sometimes even when someone is nice you don’t want to be pressured into dating them just so your colleagues are nice to you.

  6. Knitting or infamy as a serial killer??? 🤔
    Relationships that I regret.. probably all of them. But then I saw the value in the friendship. Not everything is meant to head down a path of romance. I am also learning as I get older, that all that glitters ain’t gold.
    But there is regret for wasting time pursuing the idea.

    1. It’s a tough choice but choose wisely 😅
      That’s exactly it. Sometimes you like someone as a person but may not be meant to be together in a relationship.

  7. I think we’ve all been in such relationships..I think the important part is knowing when to leave! Cause if you overstay in a relationship that isn’t meant to be, the scars are harder to heal.
    Beautiful poem!

  8. I’m a cereal killer. I stomp on boxes of cereal so kids can’t eat them. Parents thank me because their kids have a perfect bill of health. Ha-ha!
    Okay, enough of my silliness.
    Yes, I had a few relationships that didn’t work but I cherished the memories. My favorite ex was my friend Vinnie. We dated a little over a year when I was a teenager. The problem was, he wanted to get married. I felt I was too young (and I was!) I felt trapped and smothered.
    The lesson here is you don’t “own” your partner. This guy felt he owned me and it was scary.
    Nevertheless, he was a cool, fun person and after the hurt wore off, we became good friends. It was no longer “romance.” He was more like a brother to me. (I wish this type of friendship for everyone, it was surely unique and special).
    Vinnie died during Covid (of a heart attack) and his loss was a big one for me.
    My husband thought Vinnie was great. Vinnie was over our house a few times, usually during our Christmas parties. Vinnie was the life of the party. Everyone loved him.
    Vinnie was the kind of friend you never had to second guess. He was always there for you. I could also say anything to him. I often told him how stubborn he was. But REAL friends can talk to each other that way and still love each other.
    I miss him so much. He was one of a kind and his death left a huge hole in this world.

    1. Haha, I love that! Cereal is literally the worst thing to give your kids for breakfast and is so packed with sugar.
      I’ve had some like that too. And similarly I felt it was moving too fast as well. I think we all have relationships we cherish the memories of but were not right for us. Vinnie sounds like he was a wonderful and vibrant person. So sorry he’s no longer with us. It’s such a sad thing when we lose someone so dear to us.

    1. Thank you so much. Sorry about that but at least you’ll have good memories to cherish. When we’re in the moment it hurts a lot but after we’ve healed we realise it’s best to move on.

  9. Yes I did have a relationship like that and honestly I think if the odds weren’t against us I think we would have worked out in the end.

    Also, I would love to pick up crochet as a hobby. But with a very tight schedule, I just can’t make extra time for another hobby. 😅

    1. Sorry to hear that. I think sometimes it’s external factors that keep us apart rather than each other.

      I’ve been wanting to crochet too, it sounds so fun but I know I don’t have the time either 😩

  10. You are too funny … thanks for the morning laugh. I love what Maryanne said, “I’m a cereal killer. Maybe that will be my morning breakfast today. lol. I’ve had a few that were just confusing and yet i think we filled a need in each other’s lives for a time. Life as we know it is a reflection of what we’re going through what cast of characters we might need to make sense of things at the time.
    Sometimes my heart gets sad at having wasted precious time in what I thought was a reciprocal relationship. Blind sidedness wakes you to reality.

    Great poem Pooja❣️

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, we all have confusing relationships and those that don’t work out. Not just romantically but other relationships too. And it does suck having wasted time with someone who doesn’t care about us the same way we do but at the end of the day we learn from it and try to do better in the future.

  11. Love is complicated… it’s not just you 😋
    … and your poem expresses it beautifully too.
    now this…  “and could totally be serial killers”… we’d really never know 🤣

  12. Some relationships are not meant to be and I wish we knew beforehand. I have found, through the years it is best to walk away from a toxic relationship because life is too short to be unhappy. I had a difficult time trying to leave a comment so I hope this one goes through.

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree. I think most of us have experienced toxic relationships at some point and leaving is really for the best.
      Sorry about that, a number of people told me there was an issue leaving comments. I think there was a glitch but I talked to them and it seems to be fixed now. But do let me know if there’s an issue again.

  13. yes, relatable. I say we all had those kinds of relationships before. While I can’t say I regret the mistake, because in a way i dont, as moving on from it did help me to grow as well in the long run. But its always best to walk away from bad ones, and toxic ones too, even if you miss it at the same time

  14. Mistakes are part of life, you can’t learn if you never make them. Growth is impossible without making mistakes, this is what I teach my students in class. Every day we make mistakes at home and at work, perfectionism is only good in theory. In love there is no right or wrong, in my opinion, yet people will judge you anyway. My main goal is to stop judging myself.

  15. These wonderful relationships also help in the development of ourselves! As long as we go into them with full awareness of them coming to an end, then like you said, no regret at all. Only good new memories.

  16. Each relationship I’ve had has been helpful in making me the person I am today. I don’t regret them, and try not to focus on what went wrong as I was a different person back then. Also, not a serial murderer.

    1. That’s wonderful and I feel similarly. I hold no negative feelings for those I am no longer in contact with. That’s exactly what a serial murderer would say… 🤔

  17. To quote Little Mix: “shout out to my ex… you made my heart break and that made me who I am.” Break ups can be tough, but at the end of the day, every relationship makes us who we are. I’ve never been in one I knew wouldn’t last, but even though they didn’t, I learned a lot about myself along the way.

    1. I very much agree with you, I think breakups are always hard but when we take the time to heal we realise that we learnt a lot from the relationship even though it didn’t work out.

  18. I can totally relate to your poem in days before I met my husband, Pooja. Your words are universal for most people I would assume. But when I read your note following your poem, why did I laugh when I read “serial killer?” That’s not funny, but I think your candid words caught me by surprise. And yet, you are so right. None of us know each other, but after a long time of corresponding via our blogs, I think we get a sense of the kind of people we’re interacting with (or at least I do). Anyway, I always enjoy your posts! ❤️🤗

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I think the poem can be relatable as most of us have had relationships like that.
      Haha yeah, I think in general we usually know what kind of person we’re corresponding with but you just never truly know 😅 Just kidding! ❤️

  19. So true. Some people are wonderful, but it is just not meant to be. It is so much better not getting into a unsuitable relationship. Women of past generations had to jump into a (good or bad) relationship no matter what. However nowadays women don’t have to do that.

    1. So true. I think a lot of women settled back in the day but now we have the ability to be on our own and not need to be in toxic relationships. I was reading something recently that said single and childfree women are the happiest and honestly that makes sense lol.

  20. Anytime I ever start feeling regret over a bad relationship, I eventually game out what I might do differently if I could time travel. I inevitably end up deciding that I’m probably better off where I am, with my current experiences, and current knowledge. Then I think of that “Bless the Broken Road” song and I start over because I hate that song.

    1. Haha, it’s a bit of a toxic cycle but personally I’m finally at a place where I’m at peace with my ex’s. I’m trying to do this new thing where if I can’t do anything about it I let it go.

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