Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t You Think?

Isn't It Ironic, Don't You Think?

Isn’t it ironic? Life, I mean. I think the universe really does find it funny to mess with us sometimes. So, here’s a funny little story about that which happened yesterday. As you guys know, I have been seeing a lot of doctors this month. I went to one yesterday, he’s a holistic doctor and I’ve been to him multiple times. He’s very good. You guys also know my infamous dislike for carrots. I’ve talked about it multiple times including on a post I shared yesterday about red flags.

Well, I talked to the doctor and it was going great. He gave me some good advice. Told me I had anger issues (not a surprise to me or anyone who knows me lol) I need to deal with. And some other helpful stuff. Then, he gave me a list of some dos and don’t’s with foods/drinks. And one of the things he told me to do was drink a vegetable smoothie every day and the first ingredient was a carrot…

Now, I have no proof. But I am totally convinced that the universe was just pulling my leg and trying to be funny. And I have to respect that because that’s hilarious. So, that was my funny little story that I wanted to share. Isn’t it ironic that what I hate most is the one thing I have to eat? Life always makes me chuckle.

Have you ever experienced ironic moments like this one? If so, do share in the comments below because I would love to hear them. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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137 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t You Think?

  1. Over here a vegetable/ fruit cocktail is very popular- ABC- Apple, beet and carrots. This is an immunity booster and is supposed to be very good.

    1. I’ve heard of that combination except with ginger. I’m sure it’s very helpful for immunity and health. I’ve heard people drink that here too.

  2. Wow, Pooja, do cooked carrots taste good to you? That may be better than a smoothie, just a guess. By the way, I was not able to leave a comment on your last post because I was asked to sign in to my WP account which I was already signed into. ❤️

    1. No, I don’t like them cooked either but yeah a smoothie isn’t too and as I add other veggies that cover the taste. Yeah, a lot of people had that issue so I talked to WP and I think they fixed it. Hopefully, it’s permanently fixed but do let me know if you have that issue in the future ❤️

    2. My husband favors cooked carrots and doesn’t like raw ones.
      I was telling him he needed to eat carrots because of the Vitamin A, then he shared that he ate cooked carrots almost every day in work.

  3. I think carrots grown in your own garden taste vastly different & better than ones you can get in a store. Lol. I used some in a vegetable soup I made from cleaning out the garden. Yummy

    1. That’s so interesting. Maybe some day when I have my own garden I can try to grow some and see if they taste better to me. I love vegetable soup but I make mine without carrots lol.

    2. That is so true! When people say they don’t like tomatoes, I imagine they’ve never had a Jersey tomato straight from the garden. The difference is so vast I won’t eat tomatoes in a restaurant.

      1. I feel blessed that I have a large garden to feed us all summer. Then we get to reap the benefits of preserved garden goodies all winter.!

  4. I always say that GOD/Universe ‘has jokes!
    I find myself laughing aloud when ironic moments happen. For me, it’s confirmation of someone BIG out there listening to me! 😄🩷

  5. I’ve recently discovered I’m basically anti-vegetable, including carrots, but I can’t taste them in something like the V8 berry juice. I’ve put spinach and zucchini in my smoothies without tasting them, but that rule does not apply to avocados bananas🤮🤮. I don’t like cranberries, either, but I like the cranberry cocktail. Weird.

    1. Avocados and bananas sound like a lethal combination, I think I would hate that too lol. I don’t mind other vegetables, I just really don’t like the taste of carrots for whatever reason.

      1. Actually avocadoes blended with banana makes the best guacamole. I’ve made this for parties and it’s always a success. When I tell people “banana” is the secret ingredient, they are shocked. I’ve also heard, “This is the best guacamole I ever had.”
        It’s also great as a salad dressing.

  6. Pointing out your anger issues and advising you to drink a vegetable smoothie daily is saying a lot (medically). The vegetables smoothie will help with your anger issues and other mental issues like depression. Your right he’s a good doctor.

    1. Yeah, he’s helped me with a number of issues that went away thanks to his advice. The vegetable smoothie does help even with immunity and stuff. I just wish it tasted better but oh well.

  7. Another win for carrot clan! It’s okay Poojah, the carrot cult is very welcoming and wholesome lol jokes aside, I hope the treatment works as intended 🙂

    1. Lol, thanks I can’t wait for the meetings haha. It’s a good combo and doesn’t taste too bad thanks to the other vegetables which I do like. It’s been helpful so far so fingers crossed.

  8. That’s what makes life LIFE—it’s ironic oxymoronic bitter-sweet ways!!! Happy carrot drinking … think 🤔 “it’s good for me “😊then pinch your nose and swallow 😩😜😊

  9. I couldn’t leave a comment yesterday. It made me sign in and then told me I didn’t exist. I felt ephemeral all day!
    What about carrot cake? You wouldn’t believe that was made of carrots.
    I think your doctor was probably right. All the horses and rabbits I’ve met seem pretty healthy and none of them had anger issues.

    1. Yeah, a number of my readers had that issue but hopefully it’s fixed now. Lol, I think it gave many people an existential crisis yesterday!

      I hate carrot cake lol. Absolutely, I’m currently on the rabbit diet haha!

        1. Did you know it can literally mess with you melanin and change your skin colour to a more orange tone? I just found that out some time ago 😩

  10. Have you ever tried different coloured carrots? Maybe the yellow or purple ones are more to your liking.

    Life is ironic, sometimes, though I cannot grab any one of the many occasions this became evident to me, at this moment. (Too tired)

    Thanks for the song – great to hear it, again.

    1. No, we don’t get those in Kenya unfortunately. I’ve tried the purple one in Canada but didn’t care for it.

      Sometimes we don’t remember it later on or when we try to think of such moments. The same happens to me.

      Thanks, I love Alanis Morissette too.

  11. Ain’t that a bugger? 😜

    But when you bury it in a smoothie, you don’t really taste it. A lot of other vegetables tend to just mask the taste.
    Great post Pooja G. 💙

  12. That’s hilarious. I love carrots. I don’t like arugula or kale.😐🤢 I like drinking carrots, but I snacking on raw carrots or edamame when I think of it.

    1. I like both arugula and kale lol 😅 Edamame is a great snack, I do that too. I don’t know why but the taste of carrots is just not for me.

      1. 🤢 Lord have mercy….😂 I can get it. I don’t know how to describe the flavor but I think I got that useless gene that makes it taste like alkalinity (soap).

  13. This doesn’t surprise me. As vegans, Vitamin A can be a deficiency if we’re not careful. But just one carrot per day can give you more than enough Vitamin A. (It’s also in sweet potatoes, red peppers, and tomatoes, but it’s mostly in carrots.)
    Love the Alanis song! It’s legendary.

    1. I see, I do get my vitamins checked every six months just in case but you never know when things get low. I love sweet potatoes and red bell peppers but carrots are something I just have to close my eyes are bear with lol.

      Yesss, I love Alanis!

  14. Carrots are the default go-to for healthy vegetable, I think. My mother puts carrots in everything, it’s bizarre. I don’t hate carrots but I don’t love them. I thought your post and image were funny because I just started brining baby carrots to work as a snack yesterday!

    1. My mum does that too and she doesn’t even eat carrots lol. But these days I’ve convinced her to add pumpkin instead which I love.
      Noooo, that’s the worst snack! 😅

      1. I agree, it was an easy last minute thing to throw in a baggie and bring to work though 😬
        I love punkin’ and all forms of squash, too. I wasn’t into it most of of my life but when experimenting with North African cuisines I discovered stew with lentils, butternut squash, and raisins. It tastes like candy soup!

  15. I’m sorry, I guess, for the imposition of carrots. I mean, they are good for you, so says and lives Bugs Bunny. It is ironic, yes, the very vegetable despised is the one you’re told to drink (or however one describes the ingestion of a smoothie). Yes, I think we hit ironies and paradoxes all the time. Or I should say they smack us. I got a grownup allergy to bell peppers, which are endemic in so many dishes that I like (Italian, Mexican especially). That’s a lot of watching out for a rather tasteless vegetable (that I happen to like for another irony). A big, rather cosmic irony is to have survived a number of things that tend to kill most people (heart disease, mainly, which kills more people in the USA than anything else). I hope you have a splendid, anger-eased weekend. Ironies well-placed.

    1. It’s not too bad along with the other veggies since I can’t taste the carrots that much. Yup, life is filled with them.
      Oh no, that’s awful. You’re right lots of things have bell peppers. Are you allergic to all types of bell peppers or just the green ones? I used to be allergic to so many vegetables so I do understand the struggle.
      That’s awful, my uncle survived multiple heart attacks and it’s tough to recover fully. And you have to make huge lifestyle changes.

      1. You’re right, big changes. Trying to make them against not having had to live with them most of my life. But, of course, knowing things have to be different now.

        All colors of bell peppers make me sick. The good thing is that other kinds of peppers don’t do that. Chilis and others are fine.

        It’s clear and cool today, after several days of unseasonal heat. You know what is a good day there for you. And I hope you’re having one.

  16. Ha! That is indeed ironic. Sometimes those things we resist the most are what we really need. Looking forward to the smoothie review… 😅

  17. yes life can be ironic. Reminds me of the new super mario bros movie from this year. In this movie Mario hates mushrooms, but he had to eat them in order to gain the super powers. So sometimes life has a way of getting you when least expected

    1. I loved that movie although I mostly watched it because I’m a huge Charlie Day fan. I remember that, he hated mushrooms but had to eat them anyway. Life really does do that but I think we just have to see the humour in it and not get too hung up on it.

    1. Thanks, yeah I have been drinking it even though it doesn’t taste the best. It’s great for detoxing the body I would really recommend it! 😊

  18. My sister detests spinach more than life itself but because of her iron problems, she’s having to eat a lot of it to get her iron levels back up. I guess my irony is feeling lonely but hating leaving the house to meet people. Life can just be like that sometimes.

    1. Oof, that’s tough. Has she tried sugarcane juice? That’s great for iron too.
      I can relate, I feel lonely sometimes too but don’t go out much due to my social anxiety.

  19. I love that song!!! Yes. The ironic carrot. So, are you going to do it? I’d suggest the carrot cake. You seriously can’t taste them and they make the cake so moist. Darn! Now I’m hungry 😋!

  20. Ironically, carrots are good for us, but I get it. I don’t like beets and I think they have many benefits too. I still won’t eat them though. 🙂 Great song too, Pooja! Hope you’re having a good weekend. ❤️

  21. Yes, ironically carrots are good but with a weird taste. However I’ve tried carrot juice and it is so much better and it taste really good. That’s really strange, isn’t it? I mean carrot doesn’t taste good but carrot juice tastes so good. I mean extracting the juice involving blending carrots and straining it. It is a lot of work, but the juice is very tasty.

    1. True, the juice or smoothie version of it isn’t that bad. I hate the taste of it when you eat it though. I guess because juice extracts the sweet parts and leaves behind the other tastes so I think that may be why it doesn’t taste as bad as eating carrots.

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