Green Flags In People

Green Flags In People

Quite some time ago, I decided to share some red flags in people and you guys seemed very interested in the topic as it got a lot of comments. Today I thought we would do the opposite. Yes, there are red flags in people but there are also green flags. Green flags are positive actions or traits someone may have that makes them more likeable. So here are some green flags in people I’m always on the lookout for:

Green Flags In People That I Lookout For:

  1. Kind to servers- people who are kind to employees is such a big green flag. Of course, don’t be a pushover and complain if need be. But people who make sure to be kind to those working for them or employees such as wait staff etc. are often the nicest people.
  2. Loves animals and nature- I always prefer the company of those that love animals and nature. I feel like that’s something I love so much. And to look at animals and nature and not love it is something I will never relate to or fully understand.
  3. Humour- a persons humour says a lot about them. Do they like to laugh with people or at people? Because the latter are the worst kind of people while the first are usually a gem to be around. People who can make you laugh and smile should be protected at all costs!
  4. Understands and respects boundaries- unfortunately, we live in a world where not many people will respect all your boundaries. In face, many will notice them and walk all over them on purpose. So, I always think of it as a green flag when someone knows how to respect my boundaries and not keep poking at them.
  5. Surrounded by good people- I think you can tell a lot about a person by seeing who they choose to surround themselves with. If someone surrounds themselves with good people, I take that as a very good sign.

Your Turn!

These are the main green flags in people that first come to mind for me. Do you agree with the traits I listed? Which one or ones would you add? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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132 responses to “Green Flags In People”

  1. For me, if someone is a reader, chances are they will be good people. Even if the stuff they read isn’t of any interest to me. The fact that they devote time and energy to reading says a lot…

    1. That’s a good one, readers are often really great people to converse with.

  2. This is an excellent list Pooja! I think you’ve covered all points. I like to be with people who aren’t offended at the slightest thing. At least I can talk to them freely.

    1. Thanks so much! That’s a good addition, I think people who are offended too easily can be difficult to talk to.

      1. Very true.

  3. A great list, Pooja, I agree!

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. ❤️❤️

  4. These are all the best green flags! 💚

    1. Thanks, glad you agree!

  5. These are certainly green flags! Also, people who love to read, and people who see the bright side of things/ realistic optimists are the best kind of people.

    1. Thanks! Oh, that’s true. I love realists and find them much more fun to interact with. And people who love to read are often really great too.

  6. green flags =honest, kind, faithful, patient, giving, humble, diligent, practices self-restraint.

    1. Those are all great ones especially honest and kind which is rare these days.

    2. These are great points, they show character too. It’s always nice to be with people who will stay calm, patient and pleasant even if circumstances are difficult.

      1. Yup, definitely a great quality to have.

  7. Sweet
    I’m sure potential people are taking notes on this
    “how to win heart of PG” 😛

    I don’t see green flag necessarily
    But the energy
    If person is giving me postive energy than okay.

    I also see, how good listener they are. Generally people have habits of interrupting, they sound more dominating 🤷🏻‍♂️
    How they treat others is another thing I see. Like if are treating others with no respect or decency, then nah nah.

    Among men I see, how well the treat their women. Like for some reason I observe if they are allowing women to speak or not, if they care for their opinion or not
    And if their spouse, sister or anyone else is same around them as infront of others or not. Like if someone is scared, nervous around any person, than that person is not carrying any green or yellow or white flag, straight red one.

    1. And you are those few person where I like to comment such 👆🏻 lengthy things.

      I hope that don’t get me a red flag ⛳

      1. Lol not at all, you know I always enjoy your comments 😊

        1. Then okay!
          Here’s the green flag 🇨🇨

    2. Hmm, that makes a lot of sense. I find men who need to intimidate women to feel better about themselves very difficult to be around. They don’t respect women or themselves for that matter. And are a victim of the patriarchy.

      1. Yeah

        I know and see many men like this 😛

        I feel my friend’s husband is like this.

        1. That sucks but yeah a lot of men are like that unfortunately. That’s why I’m happily single 😆

          1. But this post will work for you in positive direction 😅

            Hope this pooja finds a priest 😛

            1. Lol, I really hope not 😅

          2. “Being happily single demonstrates you are self-sufficient, and independent and critical thinker.”_-Van Prince

  8. A green flag I would like to add is someone who is open-minded. Even if they disagree with your opinion, they will listen carefully to see if they can learn something new, and even after they learn something new, they still disagree with your opinion… yet they treat you and your opinion with respect.

    1. That’s a very good one. I think that’s an important trait to have and people like that are much easier to talk too since you know they’ll be openminded.

  9. Well… understand and respect boundaries when you are a people’s person you know this one

    1. Yes, absolutely.

  10. I agree with all of the green flags you listed, and I would add a few more:
    Open-minded and curious: People who are open-minded and curious are always interested in learning new things and exploring different perspectives. They are also more likely to be accepting and tolerant of others.
    Self-aware and reflective: People who are self-aware and reflective are able to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as their impact on others. They are also willing to learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals.

    1. Thanks for sharing yours too. I think they’re also important green flags to lookout for in people. Both show that they are willing to grow as people.

      1. Thanks

        1. My pleasure.

  11. green flag people are usually as rare as hen’s teeth, but if you find one, don’t let them get away!

    1. So true, if you meet someone with green flags make sure you keep them in your life!

  12. Kind, considerate, creative, fun, open to ideas, tolerant, social minded, gentle, love animals, hate war, hate violence, love books, not greedy, not after power, supports equality, reads.

    1. Yes to all of those.

  13. They are indeed something to be looked for, thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, glad you agree.

  14. People who notice other people’s struggles and come forward to help without being asked even though no one else noticed! Those people are remembered by me as the angels in my life.

    1. Yes, that’s a big green flag. Givers are often the best kind of people.

  15. Excellent post, Pooja. People who don’t judge others are at the top of my green flag list.

    1. Thanks so much and true that’s a good one too.

      1. You are welcome, Pooja.

  16. Totally agree with your list. My cats Freddie and Morticia give their paws up to loving animals. I might also throw in the idea of being tolerant of others. We never know what issues people are going through and sometimes we might get annoyed that they cannot express themselve better but they might be finding it difficult to do so and if you accept that with tolerance you just might find that they are the best of people you could meet.

    1. Thanks so much. That’s so true, people are not always at their best and people who tolerate people when they’re down are generally very kind people.

  17. I think how a person treats their mother says a lot about them. This is someone who knows all your secrets. Are the respectful? Are they belittling? Take note. That being said, toxic people will definitely need to have boundaries set. If your mother is toxic, you might consider limiting time with her.

    1. Absolutely, if the mother is a good parent it’s definitely a green flag. Mothers do so much for us and it’s important to be grateful for that.

  18. Love the green flags! So true

    1. Thanks and glad you agree!

  19. Laughter is most imortant, But people who like carrots are always good people 🤣😎🙃

    1. I’ll have to disagree with the latter lol! 🥕😅

  20. All good ones…a strange green flag for me are guys who are not afraid to cry 😊.

    1. That’s actually a good one, a man who knows how to properly express emotions is a big green flag.

  21. What type of humour, someone like tells a lot about what kind of person he or she is.

    Realness, helping nature, loyalty, and way of talking are some green flags for me in someone.

    1. Yes, that’s so true. Agree with your green flags especially about loyalty and realness.

  22. agreed, these are good green flags to look out for. As the quote says, laughter is the best medicine, and a humorous person can provide some of that medicine. Which is a good stress reliever.

    1. Glad you agree. Absolutely, someone with humour can help you laugh even when you want to cry.

  23. Understand and respect boundaries when boundaries are written in cement, so to speak!

    1. Yes, absolutely.

      1. I knew you of all writers would understand and thanks!

  24. Beautifully written words, pooja👌👌💯

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the post 😊

      1. 😊My pleasure, Pooja🥰🤗

  25. I like these, and I appreciate this flip-side to the red flag topic. Shows your desire for healthy perspective. I’m for that!!

    1. Thanks and yeah it’s important to look at both sides!

  26. I do agree with the traits you’ve listed, Pooja, and love the green perspective. Wonderful! I would add having the ability to listen, really listen, is an admirable quality.

    1. Thanks and glad you agree! That’s a good one too, someone who can really listen is definitely a green flag.

  27. A green flag for me is someone who follows through with something they said they were going to do, and commits. If they can’t do the thing they said they were going to do, they tell you.

    1. That’s definitely a green flag and those are often trustable people.

  28. I agree with your list and a lot of the ones in the comments. Great post.

    1. Thanks so much, glad to hear that.

  29. Being kind to servers, me being one, is a big one for me. I love all your green flags. I just saw a guy on TikTok that takes snippets from others’ videos and then do the red flags. He jumps and clicks his feet while carrying a jumbo red flag, I love it.

    1. I know that guy and love his videos! As a server I’m sure you’ve met a lot of rude people and I honestly can’t stand when someone behaves like that when someone is just trying to do their job.

  30. For me, a green flag, is their ability to listen. When someone can hear “me” above the noise and all my distractions,.I know they genuinely care, and they have a soul for people. 💙🙏

    1. That’s definitely a big green flag. Not many people have listening skills or care enough to properly listen so when we find someone who does listen it means they really care 💖

  31. Point number 4 is something I take very seriously. Since I’m a person who’s personal space is very important, the moment I see someone who respects other people’s boundaries, I immediately like them.

    1. Absolutely, I’m the same way and I always take notice when people respect boundaries.

  32. Great green flags.
    Mine are;
    1. People who respect other people in speech and action, most especially people who are not in the same social or financial class as you.

    2. People who say things as they are and try not to sexualize everything.

    3. People who are great listeners.
    It is a great thing to be around people who analyse things before they react.

    4. People who take life seriously for instance are ready to have fun during leisure time and are serious during work time.

    5. I like people who behave like their age and profession. Am usually irritated when I see a doctor, preacher or an adult making unbecoming* jokes.

    1. I can definitely understand the green flags you mentioned as well. I think the great listener ones is something very important to me too.

  33. I like your list and idea of green flags, Pooja. Kindness and respect are key, and humor is a wonderful quality to have too. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much and I think so too. 😊

  34. a great list, Pooja.
    You covered the most essential points.

    1. Thanks so much 💖

      1. most welcome 🤍

  35. I agree with all the traits you listed. I’d add people who go out of their way to help others, including (and maybe especially) strangers.

    1. Thanks and that’s a good one too. Kindness is a really good trait.

  36. Well that would be a first for me have heard this described as green flags

    1. Yeah, I think it’s a relatively new term that’s most popular on social media.

  37. Loving how this post flips the narrative and gives us a great list of green flags! ❤

    1. Thanks so much, I wanted to share both sides!

  38. Great post Pooja ! Love these green light positive ideas!💕

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

  39. I like your green flags. I have never thought of mine but I’ll give maybe three:
    Kind and generous people
    Bubbly personalities
    Book lovers
    People who endeavour to return calls and reply texts

    I don’t think those aspects have ever led me to the wrong person or friendships

    1. Those are interesting green flags. I think kindness is the biggest one- kind people always make good friends.

      1. Hehe yeah kindness should be a core. Someone toxic can be kind though.

        1. I absolutely agree.

  40. People who are not afraid to stand out, not always popular. People born in November, Scorpios. People with a great voice as opposed to looks, although they can go together.

    1. Those are all definitely green flags except the Scorpios lol. Some are a little scary.

      1. they might be this way

  41. A good listener and loves good food. Great list Pooja!

    1. Those are both definitely green flags, thanks!

      1. You’re welcome! I like how you posted what to look for instead of what not to look for.

        1. Yeah, I think it’s all about what we put out into the universe. If we put out positive stuff we get positive stuff!

          1. AMEN!!!!!!! I agree.

  42. A person who has a kind heart, a good listening ear are some green flags I see in people, but those are just a few. This is a great post. I like the topics you chose. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thanks so much. I very much agree, those are important green flags in people. Have a wonderful weekend too.

  43. A big green flag for me is contentment. Usually, content people are kind, patient, and they’re not looking for reasons to feel aggrieved. Those people tend to add to your energy without subtracting from it.

    1. That’s a really good one and although I totally agree it’s one I didn’t even think of. Content people are usually so much happier and that happiness is contagious.

      1. Yep. It’s funny though, bc I think content people tend to attract high maintenance people (friendships, partners, etc.) Those pairing start well, bc the content one can bend to the other, but high maintenance people usually end up irritated by the contentedness, too. “I want you to care!”

        1. That’s so true and I think it’s because the high maintenance people also tend to look for perfection and that doesn’t work with content people.

          1. As a content person, you can never satisfy a perfectionist, but you might be able to be bent to their will most of the time b/c you don’t care about how you’re bent.

            I can’t tell if this is a tragic story or a heroic one.

            1. It’s sort of heroically tragic I guess.

              1. Playing devil’s advocate against my original answer… if you flip it around, sometimes a content person is better off with a high maintenance person who acutely cares for them. “Ugh, that food is awful for you, eat this…” and so on. It’s possible to be content in a way that is against your own best interest.

                In that scenario, the content person doesn’t make the high maintenance person content, but the high maintenance person takes better care of the content person than they take care of themselves.

                1. Yeah, I think it very much depends on the people. Sometimes they can balance one another out. Or they can annoy one another to the point that they have to break up.

                  1. It’s a true love or true crime pairing. lol

                    1. Btw, I just noticed your comments and likes are gone on the Reader when I go to your site.

                    2. Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea what that’s about. I’m just going to ignore it for a day or two and hope that it resolves on its own.

                    3. It seems to have resolved itself- thankfully.

                    4. Excellent! Doing nothing paid off just as I had hoped.

                    5. As it generally does, lol.

  44. The traits you listed are great ones and I agree that those make a good person. I also believe that a person should take pride in whatever job they have and work hard at it. When hard work is shown more respect is received. Good post Pooja.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, that’s also a really great trait to have too.

  45. I personally enjoy bouncing ideas off of people and I pay attention to how they react. How people treat animals is usually how they treat people, I joke that I refuse to engage with dog people preferring cat people as they are less bossy and need less attention, but it’s a joke. I come across more red flags than green, essentially these days.
    I’m self involved, i’m a cat person. I probably set off a lot of red flags with people.

    1. The animal thing is absolutely what I think too. And I’m a cat person as well, so yay.

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