Memories Of Canada: Howells Pumpkin Patch, Fonthill

Fonthill Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch At Fonthill

On a recent post, I talked about how I sometimes missed Canada especially this time of year. Fall was always my favourite and we did many fun activities during Fall. It was when the weather was perfect for me since I don’t like very hot weather. And the area we lived in was gorgeous this time of year with all the colours changing. One of the fondest memories I have of Fall in Canada is when we visited a pumpkin patch at Fonthill Ontario.

We went there for the fun Fall activities they offered at Howells as well as the pumpkins and sunflower field. Some of you may not know this but pumpkins aren’t as popular in Kenya as they are in Canada. I don’t think we have that much of a variety either. And I haven’t seen the really big ones in stores much or anywhere really. So I loved seeing pumpkins in Canada and since this farm had so many types of pumpkins it made me want to go there even more.

We had an amazing time and as you can see from the images, we saw so many different types of pumpkins. I was actually tired that day but I’m glad my sister dragged me there. If you’re ever in Ontario, do check this place out.

Howells Pumpkin Patch, Fonthill

Howells Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Fonthill

Halloween Pumpkin for sale in Canada

Do you like pumpkins & Fall? Have you been to Howells? Let me know in the comments section located below. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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89 responses to “Memories Of Canada: Howells Pumpkin Patch, Fonthill”

  1. Places where Halloween is not celebrated, they don’t have much use for pumpkins other than cooking it. 😄

    1. Lol, very true. It’s like that here too, we only cook them 🎃

      1. We call it halva kadu here.

        1. They call it kadu in India too but in Kenya we call chayote’s kadu and pumpkins are just pumpkins.

          1. I guess since it’s sweeter in taste, people do make halva/ halwa out of them.

            1. Yeah, I think pumpkin is very sweet. Never tried it as halva but I think it would probably taste delicious.

              1. It’s quite good and served as a dessert in some winter weddings.

                1. I see, I may have to try it some time.

                  1. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. “Memories comprise innovative recalling of Memories.”_-Van Prince

    1. Well said.

      1. Thanks a lot and I resprct you highly!

        1. My pleasure and thank you!

  3. I don’t like pumpkin on its own, but I like it when it’s a pumpkin pie or flavoring a muffin or something, like icecream. I like pumpkin icream 🙂

    1. I really like pumpkin, sometimes I just eat it boiled. I’ve never had pumpkin pie but I’m sure I would like it. Never had pumpkin ice cream either, it sounds really good though.

  4. Moments one liked are worth a remembrance, thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree and thank you so much.

  5. I have not been there, but I went to the Smoky Lake pumpkin festival quite a few years ago. They had pumpkins weigh in at close to 2000 pounds.

    1. Wow, those are huge. Pumpkins get so big, I had no idea until I lived in Canada. We only get small ones in Kenya.

  6. Ahhh
    So many pumpkins of different shape and sizes

    I’m fascinated

    Also, loved that you are sharing some things from past. It’s always fun

    1. And you look tall!!

      How tall are you? ☺️

      1. Thanks, I’m just average though it’s just the angle lol. I’m 5’2.

        1. 5’2″ is tall 🙂

          Didn’t know that
          I think it’s very common height in women 🤔

          1. I think 5’2 is average height for Indian women I think 🤔

            1. Yeah!
              Not taller than 5’4″
              Very common

              1. Yeah, I think it’s a very average height.

                1. You and average in same sentence doesn’t match 🤷🏻‍♂️

                  1. I’m painfully average, trust me 🥲

    2. Thanks and yeah they had so many types of pumpkins it was really cool.

  7. Beautiful! We eat a lot of pumpkin in Jamaica but I think we only grow one variety. I plan to visit Toronto next year but in early spring. Do you think visiting a pumpkin patch then would make sense?

    1. The plants would only be very small at that time of year, or the seed would be newly planted, so probably only fields. Pumpkins are perishable, so the previous year’s harvest wouldn’t be hanging around.

      1. Thank you! I’ll skip the fields then. Hopefully I can visit during fall some other time 🙂

    2. Thanks! Yeah, we only have one type in Kenya too. I don’t know if pumpkins will be in season at that time but I wield still recommend visiting this farm as the sunflowers will have started coming in and their sunflower fields are beautiful. And while you’re there I would recommend going to the vineyards around. They’re so beautiful too.

  8. So many variety of pumpkins! I love the mini and ghost ones.
    I’m a big fan of pumpkin patches too…lovely to see with the changing fall colors.

    1. Yeah, the mini ones were so cute! They’re definitely beautiful this time of year.

  9. I like running in the spring and fall…..fall, it’s the colours, the smells…..and if you don’t get outside soon enough, it’s winter!

    1. Those are definitely the best times to go running- enjoy it before the snow starts.

  10. It’s a bit far to go for a pumpkin! We have lots of varieties in the States, though! One of my favorite memories with pumpkins was the year my mom bought and planted a mixed bag of pumpkin and squash seeds. There were 100 seeds and they yielded so many different kinds! It was awesome! My favorite was a blue-hued pumpkin of incomparable sweetness. I would sure like to cook one of those again! Unfortunately, my children don’t really like squash! It’s sad because I love it! Just a little butter and salt and pepper. Yum! Maybe someday, when we have some land, I will order that 100 seed pack and grow squash! Heaven!

    1. Yeah, I’m sure you have a lot of varieties there too since they’re popular in the US as well. I love pumpkins so much and eat them with a little salt and pepper too although I generally boil mine. I hope you can do that in the future, we’re also trying to look for a place with some space to grow a few things!

  11. It is fun to visit a pumpkin patch! You can get pumpkins decorated with faces at the supermarket too.

    1. That’s so cool and yeah pumpkin patches are so fun!

      1. The first time I visited a pumpkin patch, I kept looking for the perfect pumpkin and was disappointed that so many had a flat side to them (from being on the ground)!

        1. I noticed that too! They don’t look like the stereotypical “perfect” pumpkin.

          1. Yes. They are down to earth pumpkins.

  12. I have learned to love this season in Japan thanks to its beautiful foliage scattered across the country. I love fall and hiking this season is one of my favorite things to do. It does feel a bit warm for October here (22 degrees Celsius right now), but I can’t complain since it’s such a respite from the harsh summer.

    1. That’s wonderful, Japan is beautiful this time of year from what I’ve seen in pictures and videos. I’m glad the weather has cooled down for you. It’s quite hot in Kenya, about 25-28 degrees celsius here.

  13. Aww cute pictures! Canada seems so beautiful and fun during the fall. ☺️ I’ve never been to Howells. I do like pumpkins, maybe this year I’ll go to a pumpkin patch or a fall festival— it has been a while 🧡

    1. Thank you! Yes, Canada is so beautiful this time of year. Fall is always the best and yeah definitely go to pumpkin patches while they’re there 😊

  14. Hi there! I like pumpkin pie! And pumpkin soup! I’m inn Ireland, and pumpkins only becamse a big thing here a few years ago, I also love pumpkin spice lattes!

    1. I’ve never had pumpkin pie but I’m sure I would love it! I do like pumpkin soup or even just pumpkin boiled or baked. I think pumpkins were mostly more popular in the US and Canada. I love the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks although they are a bit pricey lol!

  15. Never been to Canada..but I do love this time of year as well. And seeing Halloween decorations. Back home in Trinidad we don’t have a huge variety of pumpkins either. Here in South Florida they have quite a large selection, but I’m not sure if it’s imported from out of state..
    And I do enjoy eating pumpkin, except when it flavors my cookies. 💙💪😜

    1. Yeah, this time of year can be beautiful. I’ve never had pumpkin flavoured cookies but they sound interesting lol. I don’t know if I would like pumpkin in desserts like that but you never know. I generally like it boiled or baked 😊

      1. Yip..same here. But I eat almost anything.. so I’ll probably try it. , 🤣

  16. Beautiful memories for sharing, pooja! I like it so much 😊🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much, so glad you liked it! 😊

      1. My pleasure! Girl😊🥰🤗🙏🙏

  17. That’s a hell of a lot of pumpkins.
    Since we don’t celebrate Halloween, we’ve never used pumpkins as decorations.

    And yes, fall season really is the best. It’s sweater weather after all. ✨

    1. Lol, yup there were so many pumpkins these aren’t even half of them. Yup, sweater weather is so fun 😊

  18. Pumpkins are selling in the stores, and there’s a few farms here in St. Louis, Missouri that offer visits to their pumpkin patches, corn mazes, play areas for kids and of course their own pumpkin markets. I had a pumpkin and white chocolate cookie yesterday! Yummy!

    1. Yup, this is the perfect time for pumpkins. Oh yum, I’ve never had pumpkin flavoured cookies but they sound good!

  19. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Where I live, everything is pumpkiny. Pumpkin spice coffees, pumpkin pies, jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, and more. Many also use them to decorate for the fall season. A little north of where I live in the mountain towns, pumpkins are in abundance.

    1. Same here, Fall is such a great season. I’ve never had pumpkin pie though but it sounds so delicious. Maybe I’ll make it sometime.

    1. Thanks 😊

  20. This looks so lovely! I would love to visit Canada one day.

    1. Thanks and definitely do, Canada is so beautiful!

  21. I haven’t been to Howells, which sounds truly pleasant especially at this time of year. I have enjoyed visiting Ontario in the fall. I used to take school groups to Stratford for the Shakespeare Festival. Generally, this is my favorite time of year, though fall this year has been arriving in fits and starts, mostly due to unseasonably hot temperatures. Nothing like Kenya, I’m sure. Wishing you a pleasurable season.

    1. Howells is really fun I would recommend it the next time you’re in the area. Oh nice, Stratford isn’t too far from where we lived and it’s a really beautiful city.
      Kenya is nice but we only have two seasons here and sometimes I miss the colder seasons. It’s always warm here. Like the end of summer.

  22. aaaw… lovely pics shared, Pooja.
    sounds a wonderful place.
    Halloweens not a big event where I live
    but Fall is most certainly favoured.

    1. Thanks, it really was amazing. Yes, Fall is such a beautiful season 🍁

      1. 🤍🙏🤗

  23. I have never been to Fonthill. I like the colours of autumn and have enjoyed taking my grandson to see display of pumpkins and gourds in an indoor conservatory here in Winnipeg. He loves picking them up and moving them around the display.

    1. I would recommend it if you’re ever in Ontario. It’s fun and they have activities for kids and adults. That sounds fun too, I think kids really enjoy this month more than anyone.

      1. Sounds like a good time!

  24. Thanks for sharing. There are big pumpkins sold in the stores where I live, and there’s a pumpkin farm here, but I don’t know where. My children went on a school field trip when they were in elementary school. I never had the chance to go with them because of work. I like to roast the seeds, they are so good. If you ever come to the states, stop by Walmart in the Fall, it’s a grocery store. There are so many pumpkins, large, medium, and small. When I go back to work, I will take some pictures and post them. Happy Fall.🍁🍂

    1. Thanks so much. That’s so lovely, I love pumpkins but don’t see them much here. Pumpkin seeds are definitely very delicious. Do share pictures if you can, would love to see them. Have a wonderful Fall 🍁

  25. I am Candian and fall is my favorite favorite season I look forward to the changing of leaves .!

    1. Oh nice, yeah Fall is always so beautiful.

  26. Lovely cheerful pumpkin post Pooja!!!

    1. Aw thanks 🎃

  27. So many types. I love pumpkin(steamed in banana leaves). I’m familiar with only three of all the types of pumpkins in your photos. I think I would have been an autumn person too. Maybe some day I’ll experience it first hand 🧡🎃

    1. Yeah, pumpkin is amazing and totally. Fall is beautiful, I’m sure you would/will love it 😊

  28. Such a feel good post. Love the pictures.

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. You’re welcome!

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