Halloween Experience At Howell Family Pumpkin Farm

As promised, here is the second part of my experience at Howell Family Pumpkin Farm. If you haven’t read the first part you can always do so by clicking here.

My sister and I had gone to Howell Family Pumpkin Farm a little while back and we got super lucky because the week we went was the week they put up all their Halloween stuff. We had such a great time and since fall has just begun the weather was wonderful too.

Of course, there were lots of pumpkins everywhere which was awesome. They had lots of different types of pumpkins which I’m assuming they grew themselves since it’s a pumpkin farm and they were even selling them for those that wanted to buy some. They definitely looked perfect for Halloween.

As soon as you walk in you see this pretty big area full of different types of pumpkins where you can take pictures and of course I simply couldn’t resist taking a couple myself. Also, this is a weird coincidence but the way I was standing in of the pictures makes me look like a bit like Morticia Addams from the waist down:

Since, it’s a place for families and lots of kids come there with their friends or family they had some really cool decorations everywhere like this cool truck:

I even ended up making a friend! He’s a little quiet but he’s a really good listener and we connected instantly. Don’t worry we were extra safe and wore a mask the entire time we hung out:

I hope you guys had fun reading this because I always have fun sharing my experiences with you. It’s kind of like we did them together but virtually lol! Let me know in the comments what your Halloween plans are this year and who/what you’re going to be dressing up as! I’m going to be either Morticia Addams because I have the outfit and everything (totally by accident because I just really like black dresses) or I’ll go as an E-girl/TikToker because I also have that outfit (on purpose because I’m basic and I love it).


Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Romwe

Pants: H&M

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43 thoughts on “Halloween Experience At Howell Family Pumpkin Farm

  1. You do look like Morticia! So cool. I never do anything for this holiday or any other, call me a scrooge but hey, I live by myself and prefer to not do the extra work. 😎

      1. Sorry, yes, you can cook Halloween ones. You get a lot less pies and stuff. Halloween ones have less flesh. I learned that after doing Halloween ones for one year and the next got ‘pie pumpkins’ and got a large amount of pies compared to the previous year.

          1. As far as it goes…you get more product for your money. You can potentially cook either one. The amount of work is the same and you get more. Just different I guess.

  2. Are you going somewhere for Halloween this year or will you be at home? I don’t plan on dressing up but I do plan on taking my daughter trick-or-treating.

    I’ve never seen white pumpkins before and those look so nice! How much do these pumpkins cost? We have a very basic orange pumpkin (not carved) on our doorstep.

    1. I’m hoping to hang out with my sister and some friends if everything works out. Hope you have fun with your daughter!

      Yeah this was my first time seeing white pumpkins too. They were like 55c per lb- I think that’s how much all their pumpkins cost.

  3. I think we have three vampires and one who is “too old” to dress up – Child #2! Yeah. Her older sister is one of the vampires! 🤭

    Love your pics! That pumpkin farm looks like so much fun! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and made a friend!!! 🎃

    1. Aww that’s adorable I’m sure they’ll make awesome vampires. Hope child #2 still has a fun Halloween!

      Thanks and it was definitely a lot of fun!

  4. That looked like fun. I have never been to a pumpkin farm. I don’t celebrate Halloween since our kids are grown now. We normally just watch movies. Nice pics. The weather looked like it was nice in the pics. Happy you had fun. Stay safe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. OM Gosh… how apropos, I just noticed the name of this place: “Howells”, like in howls of Werewolves, like in the movie “The Howling” . No wonder you had such red beady eyes and that extra long smile!!! haahhahaha If you haven’t seen, check it out.

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