Another Day, Another WordPress Glitch

If you haven’t noticed already, there is another weird WordPress glitch happening. This time, the victims are those that have a Business Plan. Our likes and comments options have disappeared on the WordPress Reader. This is what it looks like now:

WordPress Glitch

Notice how I no longer have the comment and like option. Only share and reblog. Shout to Brian for alerting me about this issue. I tried to talk to a HE today and hopefully the issue will eventually be sorted out. I’m going to wreck my brain over it because it’s not going to help. I let some other bloggers I follow know about this issue as I see the same on their blog on the Reader. Hopefully, we’ll all be back to normal soon. Also, please check your site on the Reader (search for it in the search bar) and make sure it’s okay. If not please report it, the more we report the faster it’s likely to be fixed.

Until then, I have decided to take a short break from posting on my blog. My favourite part of blogging is the comments and if people can’t comment through the Reader (as many of my followers do) it’s not really worth it for me to share posts. So, goodbye for now and I’ll be back as soon as the issue is solved.

Until then, enjoy this vlog I uploaded for the tasting event I recently went to that I totally forgot to link to on the post! I’m just starting on YouTube so your views, likes and comments mean a lot and really help! Thanks!


The comments for this post will be shut off as I’m still responding to older comments and a little behind! I didn’t have time to respond to comments today as I was mostly dealing with this WordPress glitch. Also, comments and likes still work on my actual site ( so feel free to visit that instead of using the Reader for now.

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