Six Word Story #7

Six Word Story:

He left, never to return again.

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44 thoughts on “Six Word Story #7

  1. Wow! this was seriously a six word story? LOL. These are the shortest stories I have ever had to read, I wish college had more 6 word stories, the questions could be easier, I could have had more sleep, they would be easier to possibly comprehend, all the benefits that could have came from reading 6 word stories instead of chapters upon chapters of nonsense! lol

    1. Haha yeah we need to add more six word stories to our education so students can get a decent amount of sleep! Lol if only I read six word stories in Literature instead of actual books 😜🤓

          1. Haha you and me are the only support we need! lol 😀

            My revision — well haven’t been studying (YouTube and blogging have been getting in the way) I don’t know how to shut them down when I need to study >.<

            1. Yeah I know exactly how you feel! I had to stop using my blog for a while when I had exams because it can be really distracting and it’s really hard to stop! Maybe you need to make some sort of timetable and force yourself to revise for at least a certain amount of time a day

                1. Wait don’t Americans have timetables in school?? It’s basically a chart where you plan out your whole day and write down what you’ll do every half hour or every hour. It really helps me make sure I revise when I have exams and we were taught to keep a timetable from an early age so I use it for planning out my day in general too. It keeps me organised and makes sure I get my work done. You should try it out it’ll really help.
                  It felt really horrible not blogging because first of all I was so used to it and I’m a habitual person and I really don’t like change. Plus I was pretty stressed and I usually reduce my stress by writing but I didn’t have time for that so it was very frustrating. And I felt pretty guilty because I felt like I owed it to my followers to blog regularly. I did still try to post once a week but it was hard.

                  1. No, I have never heard of a timetable, I can do this on regular notebook paper and create one? I like this idea, I have a planner and calendar & love using them to keep organized but I need something to keep me on a schedule for my studying 🙂 Thank you for mentioning this to me, I will definitely being doing something like this for myself and see if it helps.

                    Yeah, once a week isn’t bad, but it would be a bummer if you go from blogging daily to once a week..

                    1. Maybe timetables are just a Kenyan thing. Yeah you can just use a regular notebook and create a timetable with every hour accounted for. I’m sure it’ll help because if I wouldn’t have made a timetable I don’t think I would have studied as all.
                      Yeah I wasn’t blogging everyday anyway before so it wasn’t so bad but I think if you blog everyday and suddenly stop or only start blogging once a week your blog would probably take a hit and it would be sad.

                    2. Hmm, okay! i will do that! what time do I start from and what time do I end the timetable? – I will let you know how it goes over and make take a picture of it on Instagram and tag you so you can see it as well. Probably won’t look as cool as yours, but it will be basic enough to still get the job done.

                    3. I start my timetable from the time I get ready in the morning to when I sleep at night. You pretty much write down every thing you’re planning to do that day with the time you expect to take to do it alongside it. So you pretty try to do everything on your time table you’re supposed to do.
                      Yeah do take a picture and tag me I would totally love to see it! I’m sure it will be awesome!! 🙂

                    4. Hahah that’s okay everyone has to start out somewhere and to be fair my first one looked like a toddler created it too… because I was a toddler when I made it and our school made us super organised at a really young age

    1. Awww honestly I can not imagine saying goodbye to any of my pets I just love them so much they’re like family to me. I know eventually I’ll have to but thinking of it makes me really sad

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