Easy Vegan Eggplant Curry Recipe

This vegan eggplant curry recipe is one of my favourite curry recipes to make. This one is both sweet and spicy. It’s delicious and so simple to make plus it’s so healthy since the eggplants are steamed!

Here is a fun fact I am sure many of you did not know before: I used to be allergic to eggplant. It made my mouth feel super weird. So I never really ate any growing up and didn’t really try it again as an adult because I assumed I was still allergic to it. But recently, I started eating plant based. And that really changed my body a lot for the better. One of the changes it made was that a lot of my food allergies sort of just went away on their own. And eggplant was one of these allergies that seemed to go away on its own.

I tried eggplant a while back and noticed nothing happened to me. And that got me super excited to make recipes with eggplants. Something I couldn’t enjoy before. And that is where this curry recipe was inspired from. It’s one of the first things I made and one of my favourites to this day!

As always, I decided to share this recipe on my Hubpages. As I mentioned earlier, I want to keep this blog and my recipes sort of separate for now. I feel like this blog isn’t ready for food related posts. So click the link below to view my “Vegan Eggplant Curry Recipe”:

To see the full recipe click this link: https://hubpages.com/food/Easy-Vegan-Eggplant-Curry-Recipe

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