I’m Sick- Nooo

Of life.

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Haha, just kidding I actually just have a bit of a cold right now which sucks so I probably won’t post much this week. I kind of feel like crap at the moment. And in all honesty I barely have the energy to type this post out. I mean it’s not the worst. But no one likes being sick, you know.

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I decided not to take any medicine and I’m just taking a few herbal things which are seriously helping. Ao I hope I’m better by the end of the week and I can start blogging again regularly! That’s the goal for now. To recover as quickly as possible so things can get back to normal.

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I hope you guys don’t miss me too much while I am away due to this cold lol. How are you guys doing at the moment? How are you feeling? Are you sick too by any chance? Or are you very healthy and trying to rub it in my face? (kidding) Anything going on in your life right now? Let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear your thoughts and answers. Or just simply stop by and say hi if you don’t want to answer my questions lol!

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46 thoughts on “I’m Sick- Nooo

  1. Since you posted this nearly ten days ago, it’s too late to wish you a speedy recovery. Instead, I’ll wish you continued good health! Thanks for reading / liking my posts.

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