What My Anxiety Has Taught Me

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What My Anxiety Has Taught Me

In theme with the rest of the week, which happens to be mental health awareness week, I am sharing another mental health related post. This one is about what my anxiety has taught me over the years.

Change is good

Even though change can be very anxiety inducing for people even those that don’t necessarily have an anxiety disorder it’s even more difficult for people that have an anxiety disorder. I personally used to hate change because it made my anxiety a lot worse but now I’ve realised that I shouldn’t let anxiety force me to maintain a routine I don’t want to maintain. Change has a lot of positives too and I need to embrace that.

Give it time

I was recently talking to a close friend of mine and we were talking about our experiences with anxiety and we both agreed that it definitely gets better over time. At first you have no idea what’s happening or how to make it better but eventually you learn what makes your anxiety worse and how to control your anxiety at least to the extent that it doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day life.

It’s not worth sacrificing having fun

For a while I let anxiety control me and my life. I stopped doing things I enjoyed just so that I wouldn’t have to face my anxiety. However, over time I have learnt to ignore the anxiety in my head and just go ahead and do what I want even if the few hours before it are anxiety filled.

Life goes on

Even though anxiety is not something that ever goes away permanently there are lots of ways that help ease and reduce it. Eventually you learn how to deal with it and life goes on for you.

If you are suffering from mental health problems please reach out to a friend, family member or get professional help because it is important to deal with your problems and get better. If you are unable to get professional help in person or find it too expensive you can even get it online on BetterHelp– a site where you can get help for an affordable price.

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57 thoughts on “What My Anxiety Has Taught Me

  1. You are very right to try to do things though they make you anxious. I am sure you would agree that though it gets easier realizing your anxiety, you don’t get acclimated to whatever you are anxious about. You just face it with anxiety right behind you.

  2. I used to hate change because of my anxiety too, but now I actually love it because of my anxiety. By changing my environment, it resets my mind and encourages me to jump out of my shell and embrace new things, inevitably making me a lot happier as a person! 😊 and I find that the more new people I meet and connect with, the happier and more comfortable I feel within myself

  3. Excellent blog post!
    Our oldest daughter used to get anxiety so bad when she was young for no apparent reason. She couldn’t explain her thoughts..that might have caused this. Nothing new going on in her environment or so forth. One photo, of her Mommy with the exact form of body indications solved that connection for me. That’s vibrational awareness. We connect deeply. 😀 Thank you Pooja, I needed to say that out loud.

  4. i have cripling anxiety had it for about 5 years ongoing but fell upon this post it sucked me in and i read every word back to back i felt like I’m
    not alone in this at all thank you for sharing this im going to follow you and your blog!

    1. Thank you so much I’m so glad this post had that effect on you because I always share posts about mental health in the hopes that the people reading know there are other people out there who feel the same way and that they are not alone.

  5. Anxiety is a powerful thing that can unwillingly cripple you.
    “You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”
    – Dan Millman

  6. Something that has helped me greatly when anxious is to ask myself a series of questions.

    Why do I feel anxious? I feel anxious because I’m afraid to me myself
    why I am afraid to be myself? Im afraid that others won’t like me.
    Do you want to have friends that don’t like you? No

    Why then are you letting what others think, who don’t like you, determine your destiny? Affect your mood? Where can you go?

    For me, this technique put things in perspective.

    I bet you’re a super cool person, share that person with the people that care. 🙂

    Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this and I agree getting to the root of the problem and figuring out what’s triggering your anxiety really helps.

      Have a great weekend too!

  7. Great compendium of thoughts! I’ve been hearing about anxiety a lot these days – our guest writers also have been writing/talking about it. I hope people find some solace.

    1. Thanks and I’m glad your blog also shares information on anxiety. It’s important to get rid of the stigma surrounding it.

  8. Anxiety is something a lot of us deal with. It truly can be challenging at times just to die everyday task.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, I am currently trying to face anxiety issues and seeing them as teachers is a perspective that really helps. The things that i have learned as a result of not being “ok” with what “normal” people are ok with has caused me to take a different road, one that has deepened my soul as a result. As I face fears and anxieties, I hope they can one day transform into allies, not captors. Keep encouraging, keep writing!

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