Technology And Mental Health

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month I thought I would spend this week sharing different types of posts that are about mental health awareness. For more posts on mental health click here.

I just want to start out by saying that I know technology has a lot of cons but the things I talk about in this post are just my thoughts on technology and how it effects my anxiety and mental health in general.

For the longest time I’ve been hearing people talk about technology, the internet, social media and how this is effecting the youth or people in general negatively and I agree. The internet and social media can be detremental to a lot of peoples mental health and lead to eating disorders and other mental health problems.

However, for me it feels like the internet and social media really help with my anxiety. If you have anxiety or know anything about anxiety and mental health issues you know that they are not under anyone’s control and you can’t just turn it off. Anxiety just shows up randomly like that annoying family member that never calls ahead (we’ve all got one).

Whenever I do get anxious however, I’ve realised that it really helps to browse through social media and distract myself for a while. It also really helps to look through WordPress and read all the amazing posts you guys put out. I know a lot of people are like you’re generation is always on the phone it’s so disrespectful (which it can be depending on the circumstances) but I just hope that you guys realise that sometimes we aren’t on our phone/laptop because we want to be or because we’re addicted or whatever but because it helps us get through stuff. I hope the next time you see someone on their phone you can try to be a bit more lenient and think about how this person might be panicking about something and is trying to calm themselves down.

Not everything to do with the internet and social media is a bad thing. For me it gives a shy, awkward kid who sucks at real life conversations an outlet to express themselves. It also gives me a break from anxiety and helps me calm down.

Sorry if this sounded like kind of a rant but I had been meaning to write this post for quite a while and I hope it sheds some light into the pros of technology for people with anxiety and other mental health problems.

If you or someone you care about is having mental health problems please seek the help of a professional or if you are unable to see a therapist you can always try out online counselling with a professional therapist.

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147 thoughts on “Technology And Mental Health

  1. Excessive use of mobile phones causes seriously many bad side effects. Mainly due to the transmitting microwaves from mobile phones. This is mainly due to we are using mobile phones irresponsibly. Some times we are calling to someone without any reason.  The mobile phone makes us feel tired and restless. But unfortunately, we don’t understand that the main reason for it is the mobile phone in our pocket. Now it is a better time to find out the negative effects of the mobile phone.

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  2. Absolutely! The experience of the technology realm does not necessarily need to be negative. Just as we have to gain control of thoughts, we can choose the things we are seeing that would promote our mental health. What does that look like? Watching videos that wont give us FOMO or make us compare our current situation to the photo or video we are seeing. I believe we can re define social media experiences by knowing what we need to be paying attention to on social media platforms versus seeing things that could trigger the anxiety.

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    1. I totally agree. I think different things tend to trigger different people and figuring out what triggers you helps to avoid it but not avoid social media altogether. It is on you to see things that are positive or will help your mental health.


  3. Internet really helped me in overcoming my anxiety. Overall, it depends on a person. Some are really become addicted to it which isn’t good at all. Time management is important too.

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    1. I agree I think it depends on you whether it works or not- if you end up using it as a tool to escape everything you’ll end up addicted but if you use it sometimes to help calm you down it will help you a lot.

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  4. Good thought but i feel the anxiety increases when u scroll more because u feel y d hell everyone is happy nd only u r suffering
    Its good to read posts and blogs about this but tooo much of watching others life on insta or fb does not help

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    1. Thanks and I agree it totally depends on what you do on social media. If you just watch what other people do then it will mess you up more but if you follow motivational pages and other helpful pages it’s a whole different experience.


  5. Indeed, I agree with your thoughts. Each coin has two sides, so does technology. Technology can be life-changing for one person or life-destroying for the other one. It depends on that person all alone. If he uses it for good things and keeps its use under some limitation, he is going to get benefits from it. If he uses it for stupid things, with extreme use of it, he is going to get frustrated from it. It’s that simple!

    By the way, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pooja.

    PowerMax Fitness.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah technology definitely has it’s pros and cons depending on how you use it. If you choose to do negative things on it then you’ll have problems but if you choose to use it wisely it can really help.


  6. I love how this article is related to so many people suffering from mental illness on the daily, I also like that you offer a fresh perspective on phones. from personal experience I know that hen things are bad phones are taken away from teenagers, but it isn’t always the “phone’s fault” for issues arising from them.

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    1. I’m glad you agree. I feel like people are obsessed with the negatives of technology and I agree the negative aspects suck but at the same time there are positive aspects of it and I don’t think they should just be blindly overlooked.

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