Why The Comments Section Is Important

When it comes to blogging you’ll hear a lot about follows and traffic especially if you’re trying to start blogging professionally or become an influencer. However, the comments section is an underrated yet very important part of blogging especially if you’re trying to blog professionally because a lot of clients will check out your comments section and see what readers have to say about your blog and how active your blog is. If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer a lot of sponsors will look at your comments section to see whether your following consists of real, organic followers. Here are some more reasons your comments section should be one of your priorities:

It helps increase traffic- I’ve noticed a lot of times that if you take the time to reply to someones comments or have a conversation with them it encourages them to revisit your blog because they enjoyed the experiences. Encouraging conversation on your comments section is a great way to increase your traffic and grow your blog.

It helps increase your following- To a large number of bloggers increasing following is important and I get asked pretty often how to increase following. Engaging readers in the comments section and taking time to reply to comments is a great way to do this. If your reader feels heard and appreciated they are much more likely to follow your blog.

It helps give you feedback on your post- Even though you are happy with your post it is always good to get feedback about it from your readers and your comments section is perfect for this. If you’ve been blogging for a while you will notice what topics get more comments/interaction as well as which don’t. This will help you understand what readers enjoy on your blog and thus help you get more traffic.

It helps get you constructive criticism- Even though you are satisfied with your post/posts your readers may have positive criticism on how you could improve it and make it even better. This is the kind of criticism you should take in because it will help you improve your blog as well as your skills as a blogger which will consequently help you gain more traffic and following.

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