How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

When it comes to blogging you’ll hear a lot about follows and traffic especially if you’re trying to start blogging professionally or become an influencer. However, the comments section is an underrated yet very important part of blogging especially if you’re trying to blog professionally because a lot of clients will check out your comments section and see what readers have to say about your blog and how active your blog is. If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer a lot of sponsors will look at your comments section to see whether your following consists of real, organic followers. I recently wrote a post about the benefits of having an active comments section that you can check out here. Here are some ways to increase comments on your posts:

  1. Always reply- If you want to encourage people to comment more often on your posts make sure to reply. If you reply to the comments and even engage in conversation with them your readers will feel heard and appreciated which will keep them coming back to your blog.
  2. It’s a two way street- Like blogging, the comments section is a two way street. If you don’t take the time to read other peoples blog posts and leave comments they’re not going to either. If you want to increase your comments make sure you’re active and commenting on other people’s blog too.
  3. Tags- Using the right tags on your posts will help increase your follows and traffic which will automatically increase the amount of comments you receive.  By using the right tags I mean don’t over use tags- anything more than ten- because WordPress will assume you’re a spammer and hide your posts from the tags section and don’t use too few- anything less than five- because then you won’t reach your optimum number of views.
  4. Be polite/respectful- I think being polite and rational is always the way to go when it comes to commenting. Don’t freak out, don’t be rude for no reason and try to reply politely. This will show your reader that you take their opinion seriously and are ready to communicate which will encourage them to continue commenting.

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160 thoughts on “How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

  1. good info! I always like to check a blog on someone who has liked mine, more than often, comment back. Sorta like a thank you. My tags are still there, but another feature is there, just not working. I think another really important thing is to develop a platform, i.e. one thing at a time. I write fiction, so I need to do one with fiction as well as the writing process… I also write non-fiction… and need to have a different site for that. And, because I spend a lot of time in the Tanakh, I post a lot on that. Yet another blog. And recipes…

    I hope my brain won’t explode. I tag each according to what I am addressing but pretty sure that’s not the ‘thing’ to do.

    Without the appropriate tags & platform, it’s tough to read things one isn’t interested in, and I note that most bloggers have one platform.

    Yeesh. I spend a lot of time already blogging but it is well worth our effort.

    Another thing a blogger told me was to purchase the WP blog as opposed to the free. I suppose if I am ready to monetize, that would be great, and that’s for the fiction.

    1. Thank you glad you enjoyed the post! I agree it’s very time consuming however it’s definitely worth it! And yes it’s good to take it one step at a time when you start out blogging.

      I purchased mine after I built a following and I think it helps for sure but it works better after you have grown your blog.

      1. Good stuff. It is true that when I comment on a blog and get a response it makes me want to go again. I guess it is human after all. What about haters? Do you ignore them or delete their comments?

  2. Great post! I didn’t know that about the tags and I’m excited to see how that impacts my reach. I guess you really do learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey PoojaG, Curious question. I understand the importance of tagging and such but I haven’t quite figured out how to do it on my blogs. Is there some sort of tab in the taskbar or do you just do it the old fashion way and type it directly in the content, like this
    ” #hashtag ” ? I would definitely agree on the topic of it being a two way street when it comes to likes and comments. Nonetheless great article!

    1. Hi! No it’s not done manually the tag button is usually on the right side under categories when you edit the post. Hope that helps!

  4. I had no idea about not putting more than 10 tags, thankfully, I’m not doing that anymore (but I definitely did when I first). Great post, thanks for sharing your tips.

  5. The tags really do work. I never receive a view of my photos on Flikr…I setup streamlined posting system and within hours, I got someone over at Flickr liking/vieiwing/reading my post/photo on their profile.

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I was trying to be really intentional about engagement walking into blogmas and this is so helpful 🙌

    1. Glad this helped. Yeah a lot of people are unaware of this but recently more sponsors/client prefer to look at actual engagement on sites rather than just numbers.

  7. I completely agree! Especially with the part about being polite! Many people forget to be just nice on the internet, just because people don’t see their actual face… Thanks for sharing these tips!

  8. You are right on the point. I wish I have the time. Sometimes I am rather pressed for time. I think time is a major factor in blogging since one’s time is limited.

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