4 Things To Never Comment On A Blog Post

The comments section is a really awesome and fun place however there are some unwritten rules that you might want to follow to get the best experience out of it:

1. Don’t Spam Others- The more you blog and the more your blog grows the more spammers you’ll get. Firstly there are the obvious spammers that have no purpose but to spam you. Then there are people who are trying to network in your comments section. They usually leave a vague comment like “great post check out my blog” or “Enjoyed this post check out my latest blog”. Then there are those who just straight up leave a link to their blog, they don’t even bother leaving a comment or pretending like they enjoyed your post. Don’t be any of these guys because I can guarantee you’ll lose more followers than actually gain through this. I usually go out of my way to avoid their blog and I know most bloggers hate these sort of comments and delete/block them.

2. Don’t Criticize Them- If you don’t have something nice to say than don’t say anything. If you have actual criticism that will help improve the blog or person behind the blog than feel free to comment but if you’re going to say something rude and obviously hurtful then keep it to yourself. Don’t like the post and just move on you don’t have to be mean for no reason to someone just trying to write.

3. Stop Trolling- Trolling is sad and pathetic and if you’re on someones blog just to be hurtful than you should really rethink your life.

4. Don’t Hit On People- I can’t believe I have to specify this but WordPress isn’t Tinder. People aren’t on here to meet someone they’re here to blog so don’t be a creep who hits on people in their comments section.

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143 thoughts on “4 Things To Never Comment On A Blog Post

  1. bwwaaahhhaaa I had to follow to post a comment. But, you are correct. People hit ‘like’ and then don’t follow or comment, which is frustrating for people who blog for a living but have like, 3 followers LOL. I haven’t been hit on in WP, but on FB and Twitter. Mostly FB… oy. I have specific hmm… lemme check profile, see if a zillion of my followers follow them, and then I may… follow. But if they chat and start up with the can you send me a picture… I am so gone!

    1. Yeah FB creeps are very annoying and I always have to check and make sure I know the person before following them back.

      Yeah the likes help but aren’t that important followers are definitely more important.

  2. Thank you for the follow — you have great info on blogging. Currently decided to create more blogs for the various things I talk about after looking at your platform! Thanks again!

    (No takers!)

  4. I agree with you that you should never be mean, or criticise for the sake of being critical. However if one disagrees with a point being made then it is, in my view fine to politely state why one disagrees. Healthy (and courteous debate) enhances understanding and is, at its best helpful in maintaining free speech. Best wishes, Kevin

    1. I’m glad to hear that you found it helpful! Yeah it’s extremely creepy especially because they went on to stalk me on social media and wouldn’t leave me alone till I had to block them.

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