5 Tiny Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Taking Off

why you should never buy followers

There are so many tiny mistakes that one can make that may stop them from getting the followers/traffic their blog deserves. Here are some that may be stopping your blog from taking off:

You’re spamming WordPress– If you’re putting out one post after the other WordPress a lot of people may think you’re spamming them and decide to not follow you or unfollow you. Furthermore, WordPress may stop putting your posts on the tags section because it will categorize you as spam. This will put a huge dent on your traffic/follows so try not to post too often- especially not all at once.

You aren’t being active- Like I say in like every advice post WordPress is definitely a two way street and if you aren’t being active on other blogs you can’t expect them to be active on yours. Make sure to like, follow, share and comment on other blogs to increase activity on yours.

Tags- Make sure you use the right amount of tags. If you use too many WordPress will assume it’s spam and if you use too few you will lose potential traffic and follow. To figure out the perfect way and amount of tags to use click here.

You need to organize better- If your blog is too confusing and the reader can’t find what they are looking for easily it’s likely that they will leave your site without following it or returning again. I would suggest using tags and categories so that the reader can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Titles-  A lot of readers decide whether they’re going to click on the post just by reading the title. You need to have a title that’s catchy but not clickbait. To find out how to get the perfect title click here.

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124 thoughts on “5 Tiny Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Taking Off

  1. I really like the post about spamming wordpress, I have a couple of blogs I follow that post several times a day and it has gotten to the point I just don’t bother reading most of the posts, so it is self defeating to do that.

    1. Yes…I usually respond the same way, yet I’ve been guilty of the same thing over the last month, as I’m posting a lot of things therapeutically. A lot of them are short poems, so it’s not the same as posting several lengthy things.
      But there’s a few people who follow me who do read everything, and encouraged me to keep writing when I mentioned that I felt weird about it. My main aims are just to help other people and have therapeutic interaction for my own issues. So I guess I SHOULD worry about this kind of thing, as if I want to help people the most, then avoiding self-defeating things which will reduce the reach of what I write, makes sense.
      Anyways, your input has been helpful, so thanks 🙂.

  2. Thank you, this was a helpful post. How much do you think I’ve been spamming over the last month or so? Since about Christmas I’ve been posting a lot more. I think I should learn a bit more restraint, and also get my life busier again— increased isolation was part of the reason I ended up posting more.
    If I save stuff to drafts it just accumulates quickly and I end up not posting them— I forget about them or decide not to post them— or maybe this is the key here, lol. A few months ago I deliberately limited myself to 3 day, maybe I should do that again.
    I didn’t even start using tags until 6 weeks ago, and I’ve been guilty of over-using them, partly out of over-compensating! So this was a helpful wake-up call for that, too. Thanks! 💙🤗

    1. This feels like why I stopped using social media several years ago— I found myself just getting addicted to it without realising. I think I fall into addictions quite easily in general. I think a hard limit of number of posts would be good for me 🙂.

    2. I’m spamming your comments now— but my posting has become a bit of an anxiety response. I should spend more energies on interacting with other people on their blogs— I definitely used to spend more time doing this, and it was extremely therapeutic.

    3. I don’t think you’ve necessarily been spamming. Let’s just say I’ve seen much worse. Like at least you’re writing actual posts.
      Maybe instead of just saving stuff schedule it so it definitely gets posted. That way you’re not constantly posting but instead posting maybe every half an hour/every hour.
      Over using tags is something most bloggers including myself have suffered with. It’s hard to get the perfect amount but think I’ve found the perfect amount to be about 5-8.

      1. Thanks so much for the honest feedback 🙂.
        I do sometimes schedule stuff actually. Yeah, you’re right I should do that more :). 3 posts spread throughout the day isn’t gunna be bad. Thank you.
        That’s good to know it wasn’t just me with the tags! I really agree with you on 5-8, that’s what I’m doing now.

  3. Great advice on activity.
    Bloggers sometimes go dormant to unwind. How can the blog be kept ticking during that time?

    1. I would say 1 post a day is good but if you want to post more frequently maybe 2-3 posts a day. Anything more than 5 posts a day would probably be too much.

      1. Wow. I will be happy if I manage 1 per day. I tend to run 750-1000 words per post, though. If I were to post more often, I would certainly have to go shorter. Lol. Thanks for the input!

  4. I also think slug is a big deal. Some bloggers really overlook this and do the auto slugs, something like this 5-tiny-mistakes-that-may-be bla bla bla instead of top-blogging-mistakes-that-affect-traffic
    I personally think that this way, Google understands your blog more and ranks you higher in searches.
    It worked for me!

    1. That’s a really interesting point I’m horrible at the whole SEO thing so I didn’t even know that. Thanks for sharing that advice!

  5. All these things are true. I will add though that they way we are active on other blogs is important. Some people want to leave links to their blog with every comment they make, and that is also a no-no. Nowadays, I only leave links if I am confident that the link is relevant to their post and they feel they would get something out of their post. I also tend to avoid comments like “nice post” because you don’t add anything by just saying “nice post” (well, at least, I don’t think you add anything by saying that).

    1. Those are absolutely frustrating and definitely spamming. I get so many people just leaving a random links, no comment no nothing, and I just delete them because it’s so unethical and rude. I don’t mind if the link they leave is relevant in fact I really like that because it means you read the post but random links is definitely a no-no.

  6. Thanks for the info, I am trying to be consistent on 2 posts a week, but have not figured the best days yet. I do agree with the title being a grabber. I always mull over titles.

  7. Hi Pooja, Super post again with good basic tips. Wasn’t sure about the ‘spam’ though – is it when you post so much it becomes like receiving spam emails? Enjoyed comments from your readers too. Thanks everyone.
    You were easing up a bit last week because Uni stuff pretty heavy. Hope you’re out the other side and can enjoy a chill weekend.
    Take care. x

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah it’s when someone posts so often they’re always at the top of your reader and it’s frustrating.
      I feel like it’s not going to get more chilled any time soon the work just keeps piling up lol!

  8. Great help..especially for new bloggers..in my first blog posts i completely overlooked the tags part of the post and didn’t have any tags until i recently edited all my posts. anyways thanks for your helpful posts.

    1. Thanks and I totally did that too and didn’t use tags and than I started using too many tags which was a bad idea too but I’ve figured it out now!

  9. Agreed! I need to work on being active, lessening the number of tags on a post, and spicing up my titles.

  10. I honestly had to unfollow someone because they were spamming with too many posts… my ENTIRE feed was filled with only this particular blogger’s posts and it made me feel so overwhelmed 😬

  11. Hello Pooja! First of all, thank you for checking out my first post. I really appreciate it especially when it’s someone as big as you. Second, thank you for this blogging advice post. I’ve checked out your other similar posts on blogging and I’m grateful that you have given new bloggers like me some tips on this topic. You did me a huge favour by writing about it! Wish you all the best with your blog ♡

  12. Excellent advice! I run into problems while sharing posts of others that have responded to my prompts. I try to spread them out so it doesn’t overwhelm but still give them the credit they deserve.

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