5 Tiny Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Taking Off

There are so many tiny mistakes that one can make that may stop them from getting the followers/traffic their blog deserves. Here are some that may be stopping your blog from taking off:

You’re spamming WordPress– If you’re putting out one post after the other WordPress a lot of people may think you’re spamming them and decide to not follow you or unfollow you. Furthermore, WordPress may stop putting your posts on the tags section because it will categorize you as spam. This will put a huge dent on your traffic/follows so try not to post too often- especially not all at once.

You aren’t being active- Like I say in like every advice post WordPress is definitely a two way street and if you aren’t being active on other blogs you can’t expect them to be active on yours. Make sure to like, follow, share and comment on other blogs to increase activity on yours.

Tags- Make sure you use the right amount of tags. If you use too many WordPress will assume it’s spam and if you use too few you will lose potential traffic and follow. To figure out the perfect way and amount of tags to use click here.

You need to organize better- If your blog is too confusing and the reader can’t find what they are looking for easily it’s likely that they will leave your site without following it or returning again. I would suggest using tags and categories so that the reader can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Titles-  A lot of readers decide whether they’re going to click on the post just by reading the title. You need to have a title that’s catchy but not clickbait. To find out how to get the perfect title click here.

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