Six Word Story #46

Surrounded by people yet truly alone.
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51 thoughts on “Six Word Story #46

  1. This photo represents your words perfectly (accidently made a six word story response haha). I am studying a book about homelessness, and a common theme in it is this phrase. Because even though we are surrounded by people, we feel invisible.
    When I go to visit big cities like Manchester or London, there isn’t much liveliness. Everyone has their heads glued to a phone screen an is rushing from on place to the next.
    Hope you are well 🙂

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    1. Haha you are getting so good at those you’re making them by accident now! I felt like that in the big cities I’ve visited too and it’s so sad that people are blind to things that are right in front of them.

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  2. A wonderful new twist on the old adage – Alone in a crowd!! Loved it!!
    Unless someone has actually experienced this feeling they just don’t get it
    but once you have you never forget it!!
    Thanks for bringing back that memory, My Dear!! Bellissimo!!!

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  3. Six word response: What comes from forgetting the Creator.
    Your story is sadly accurate for many. If we simply looked up more and appreciated one another, the gift of life we have each been given, and the One who gave it to us, we would all be in such a different place!


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