Six Word Story #72

She ran. He followed. She lost.

As you guys know I love pscho-thriller movies and TV shows and that’s what this six word story was inspired by. Share in the comments below the scariest six word story you can come up with- I dare you! 😱

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128 thoughts on “Six Word Story #72

  1. Creepy story you got there. Had me thinking, what did she lose? Her life, her virginity, her slipper, what? Or maybe it was simply a race and she lost?πŸ™„πŸ˜…β˜Ί intriguing story
    I dare you, relive this year. [My try😊]

      1. Oh my gosh really all night I laid there thinking of more and more. How morbid right. I have been timid at trying new prompts. So this gives the encouragement to try some, thank you. Biggest problem I have is linking the post to the right blog. Been my biggest defect in WordPress. Thanks again! πŸ™ŒπŸ€—

        1. That does not sound like a very fun night although I would love to hear more of these from you!! It is a bit difficult to tag posts but it gets easier when you get the hang of it.

          1. I had it down when I blogged in here 3 years ago, everything seems very different. I am going to get out my laptop, and see if I might see things from a better perspective. So many changes, I need to work on the inside of my blog. Get my social links all set up, and other widgets. It was fun thinking of all those 6 word stories, because I couldn’t sleep. So it was kind of a fun night lol! Recovering from a double mastectomy makes for difficult sleep. πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

            1. Oh wow I hope you’re feeling better.
              Yeah it’s easier on a laptop and there have been so many updates since then that it’s a lot different. Especially with the block editor.

  2. This was my first attempt I looked for your response. I didn’t receive a response. Did I not get the point of the prompt? I really put a lot of thought, I am wanting to really know because I have been wanting to branch out in ideas for prompts. Please let me know. Thanks 😊

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