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Today, I thought I would share some random things about myself. I thought this would be a fun post and since I haven’t done something like this in a long time I thought that it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better and for me to also get to know you guys a little better.

In order for me to get to know you guys a bit better I am hoping that you guys will leave some random facts about you as well- if you feel comfortable enough to share them there is not pressure to do so of course!

Anyway, here are five random things about me that you may or may not know. I have mentioned some of them before so a lot of you guys may already know a couple of these but I tried to also add some really random ones too that I don’t think I have talked about before on the blog.

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I have a really bad temper

This one comes as a surprise to many people who don’t know me personally or in real life. But yes, I do have a pretty bad temper. If I see red and you happen to be the reason why you may want to stay away from me for a day or two… I have always had trouble with my temper and it got worse as a teenager. I think it stemmed from my inability to properly express myself due to my anxiety. I have always been someone who represses my feelings but what that often leads to is all your negative emotions boiling up until you snap- which is what I would do.

However, over the last few years with the help of alternative medications such as CBD oil I have been able to get a much better control over my emotions and I have also learnt to express myself in a more positive and healthy manner. Of course, I still get angry sometimes and snap at people but it’s way less often now and much less hurtful.

I used to have a blog before this one

Yup, it’s true you guys- I had a blog before lifesfinewhine but it wasn’t on WordPress. It’s honestly kind of hazy because I had no idea what I was doing but I started a blog on Bloglovin’ (I think I’m really not sure) and the energy just did not feel right to me for some reason and it just felt too complicated and forced. That’s why I ended up creating another blog on WordPress which was the best decision ever.

In retrospect I get that the other blog feeling off was probably just the universes way of pushing me in the right direction- towards WordPress of course. I’m very glad I ended up here because the WordPress community for the most part has been so kind, accepting and supportive and I’m very thankful for that.

For those of you guys who were on other platform or are currently on other blogging platforms as well apart from WordPress I’m curious. Do you prefer WordPress or the other platform and why?

I’m a pretty sensitive person

I’ve always been a sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt pretty easily and I do tend to be more emotional about stuff. The thing is I always saw this as a weakness and tried really hard to suppress my feelings because I did not want people to see me crying or acting emotional. That was obviously a really stupid idea because there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. If anything it’s a really good idea to express yourself and just let it out.

Over the last few years I have been trying really hard to be more expressive and to let people in because I do tend to be cold and shut people out. It’s definitely something I still need to work on but I think at the same time I am doing better than I was before because I have been open to more experiences and I have been working on expressing myself better.

Now if I feel something, negative or positive, I just let myself feel it. Yes, the negative stuff hurts a lot sometimes but I would rather process my feelings in a healthy way than have to repress them and have them all come out at random times.

I’m terrified of the dark/ghosts

I have always been scared of the dark and of anything paranormal. I’m not sure when all of this began because like even in my earliest memories I can remember being scared of the dark and having to sleep with some sort of light switched on.

I also don’t know why I’m so scared of the dark or paranormal stuff- watching The Sixth Sense when I was super young did not help the situation. Or any of the other horror movies I watched even though I knew they would come back to haunt me (no pun intended…). Now that I think of it I have seen so much stuff about ghosts, paranormal activity and bad things happening in the dark for someone who is terrified of all that stuff- why do we humans like to torture ourselves??

Anyway, back to the point- paranormal stuff scares the crap out of me and now I tend to just make sure I don’t watch anything with paranormal stuff in it. I also like having a nightlight switched on because I still can’t sleep in the dark.

I have Trypophobia

Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. It is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may be diagnosed as a specific phobia if excessive fear and distress occur. Source: Wikipedia.

I’m not scared of holes but they do disgust me. They disgust me a lot. When I look at holes I feel super uncomfortable, sometimes nauseous and sometimes it kind of makes me want to scratch my skin off. I don’t know why I feel this way but apparently it’s pretty common. A close friend of mine has it too and it’s just nice to know I’m not alone. I just thought I was weird but I guess there are lots of us weirdos out there lol!


I hope you enjoyed these facts about me and I hope you learnt something new about me!

Did you already know this about me or were you surprised by of the things I mentioned? What fact about me were you surprised most by? Could you relate to any of the things I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below because I love talking to you guys and feel free to leave random things about yourself below in the comments as well!

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165 thoughts on “5 Random Things About Me

  1. I didn’t know any of those about you, and I think it’s great that you shared. I can relate to being sensitive. I was never that way before, but now I am. I get very emotional when I talk about my girls. I think this happens because they’re both on their own and I miss them.
    I will add one about me that is not on your list. I eat every 4 to 5 hours, and if I don’t, I get hangry.
    Great post!

  2. Great post! Nice to do an all about me post once in awhile
    Wordpress is the only platform I currently use. I’ve used Xanga, Blogger, AOL journals, livejournal & tumblr in the past. While they were all great and had their pros and cons, I prefer wordpress mainly because it’s open source & easy to customize.

  3. I tried to publish condensed versions of my articles simultaneously on Blogger for a while, but it was too much work, and surprisingly, I got very few views for being published on a Google-owned application. I expected better SEO but not really worth it.

  4. Well that was fun!
    Bad temper.. I can relate
    take things personally and am sensitive .. not not me.. .lol
    Yes, afraid of ghosts
    Trypophopia ….. ok you’ve got me there.. did you just make that up.

  5. One of my step daughters have that same phobia you have. I had never heard of it. She came over for the first time to our new place. It has this really ghetto old school ceiling with holes all over it. She told us about it then. My husband says I am by the far the most sensitive female he has ever met..great share! 💜 Lisa

  6. Thanks for sharing! I figured you were a sensitive person because of the depth of your writing. That’s cool you had a blog before. I did too, but it never really took off and also, I wasn’t on WordPress. I think it’s good to have a starter blog to see what it’s about and then once you get it, it’s really fun and you want to keep it up

  7. Good to know more about you. I am also short-tempered & have a fear of the dark and ghosts. I also had a blog on Google’s Blogspot. I think WordPress is far better than that because it is easy to set up, has options to customize it and it is user friendly. There is a lot of themes to choose from, unlike Blogspot.

  8. I’m the same way with the holes! I remember as a kid watching the opening part of the movie Holes when it pans over the camp. Seeing all those holes at once really freaked me out!

  9. It was nice getting to know you better Pooja.
    My trypophobia is pretty BAD too 😭 I’m glad someone can relate. I just start scratching like I’m crazy and worse, I can’t get the terrible picture out of my head for a while.

  10. Thanks for sharing Pooja! I didn’t know tyropophobia until now.
    Like you, I used to have a blog, but that was AGES ago, and I had to learn HTML to do that so suffice to say I wasn’t able to maintain it. WordPress is much user friendly for me I think, and I’m quite loving the platform as well as reading interesting blogs from all over the world.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I think WP is definitely more user friendly and I also feel like the ocmmunity is much more social compared to other blogging platforms.

  11. What surprised me was – you have a bad temper. 5 random facts about me- im SCARED of mice/rats. I moved out if my first place when I saw one! I saw the mouse and never slept in my first place ever! I was lucky to have a place to stay ASAP. My favorite junk food is vegetable pizza. I studied abroad in college for a month and visited Spain. Both my great grandparents were from Spain, which is why I wanted to visit. My great grandfather lived to 107 and i met him! My grandfather is still with us and he is 105! Last- i had always wanted to visit Russia and visited when I was 20s.
    Thanks for doing these conversational posts! I really enjoy them!

    1. Yeah that one surprises a lot of people! Ooh veggie pizza is my favourite too- I love it! It was great learning more about you- these kinds of posts are super fun for me too.

  12. I did not imagine that you have a really bad temper… Considering how nice and kind you are
    I also relate to being very sensitive
    Nice post😊

  13. That’s very interesting! Funny you should mention these things at this time because I am currently reading “The Mister Rogers Effect: 7 Secrets to Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others from America’s Beloved Neighbor”.
    So we’re thinking about the same subject matter. 🙂
    I never would have watched Mr. Rogers, if I hadn’t had my son, who used to love watching it. He had ADHD, and was very active as a small child. When Mr. Rogers came on, he’d settle down and look like it was a “soothing” experience for him! 🙂
    Watching that show made both of us feel “calm”! 🙂

  14. Wow
    I didn’t know any of these about you. I figured you’d be a sensitive person though because of the way you write.
    Random facts about me
    1. I’m super sensitive and I tend to close people off because I’m scared of being hurt.
    2. I’m scared of ageing.
    3. I like making new friends, for someone who barely opens up to people.
    4. I hate cooking. I do it anyway.
    5. I have trypophobia too😭.

  15. Hi Pooja – great post – I find your comments about anger interesting. I never struggled with anger until overcoming issues I had with anxiety last year – since then lots of anger has come up for me which I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps because I had been repressing it? – I never thought of myself as an angry person but this year I’ve certainly had more of a temper. I wonder if there is a link between people who suffer/have suffered with anxiety and anger. Both are forms of fear of course – I believe one is a confident aggressive form and the other is an unconfident passive form. Is it possible both are related to the same underlying fear or core vulnerability? Thanks for sharing – Wishing you all the best, AP2🙏

    1. Thank you! Wow that is so fascinating I never thought about anger like that. I also have anxiety and I did tend to be angrier when I was repressing my negative emotions.

  16. I get the fear of the dark thing. I’m scared of it, too, although at least I’m pretty sure where mine stems from. The basement in the house where I grew up was pretty unpleasant. It flooded a lot, so it was always dank and musty. The lighting was fluorescent, so it was harsh and flickering and buzzed. And it had a sump pump that ran pretty much non-stop – except for when it broke down, and I was the only one in the family small enough to crawl into the hole to fix it. Any time I had to go downstairs, I turned on every single light. My parents complained about wasting electricity, but there was no way I was going down there otherwise!

  17. We are all weirdos some way or another. For instance it’s been two day already that I had a nightmare and I’m still sleeping with the lights on! 😂

    1. Lol most people who haven’t lived with me/grown up with me are surprised since I’m pretty good at controlling it now. Horror movies are honestly terrifying but I also love them so much lol!

  18. Lovely post, a very interesting read.
    I also have temper issues. Although mine is from a certain brokeness I hadn’t healed from as a child.
    I’m trying to figure out how to over come it tho.
    I have a sever phobia for tight spaces.
    I relate to bring passively sensitive.
    Wordpress is totally the best. Easy and lovely.

    1. Thank you! I hope you’re able to work on your anger issues. I don’t like small spaces either but it’s not too bad for me. Yeah what I love about WP is that it’s easy to use and also quite social.

  19. Pooja, this is a great idea for a post. I never heard of trypophobia before. Thanks for teaching me something today.
    A fact about me is for 59 years I never enjoyed writing. I don’t even know how to type. I’m a two-finger typer. I dictate my blog posts. It is strange to me that I would start writing a blog.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know it was a real thing either- I thought I was just weird but I learnt about it in my Psychology class so I was super happy to find out what it was called and that it was a real phobia.
      Wow that is so interesting. What made you decide to start blogging?

  20. I have had a blog on “Blogger” the Google platform for over ten years along with approx 2.75 million hits but all of the sudden Adsense took away my ability to monetize it. Now they have instituted a whole new platform.
    My biggest problem is having no real way to contact anyone.
    In many ways, I feel WordPress is my blogging future if I decide to pursue it.

    1. Yes Blogger is what I was on too but I did not like it at all. Like you said it was hard to contact people and I also found it much harder to navigate. WP is definitely the best platform I’ve used so far.

  21. I really enjoyed reading this post✨ Me too! I had a blog on “Blogger.com” for couple of years and thankgod I left to come to WordPress —whole thing was a mess.
    You are so right about WordPress community —everyone is so sweet and supportive!❤️ xx

  22. You sound a lot like me… I have a terrible temper that I’ve only just learned how to control, I’m extremely sensitive and I don’t like those horrible little squiggly things that people keep posting everywhere. I feel like vomiting at the thought of someone cleaning their pores on camera… ewww!

  23. Hey, I’m one of those weirdos too. I’ve always hated the sight of holes and they really make me feel ill. Another one for me is bunches of things like rodents. I nearly threw up the first time I saw the beginning scene in Ratatouille! You are not alone.

    1. Urghh yeah holes are just so gross. I don’t have a problem with bunches but if they’re like insects I feel super grossed out. Glad I’m not alone!

  24. I think you are very courageous person, that’s why you can share this. I am also sensitive person, so I know sometimes how difficult it is to share the ‘things about me’

  25. Startling fact about those holes! I used to blog on all the usual sites, but wordpress is simply the best. I startle easy, and the past 6 months or so, I have a bad habit of scratching my head in patterns while watching television. Sometimes I do it as I’m falling asleep. Quite annoying and gratifying at the same time.

  26. Lol. As humans, we are bound to have weird facts about ourselves. You’re not alone, trust me. I’ve seen worse😂
    Thanks for sharing!

  27. For some reason I feel like that’s more of an OCD than phobia…
    The ghost thing (I’d love to analyze that someday) would be a phobia.. the dark.. yeah.
    But holes, I feel like that’s OCD. 🤷🏻

    1. Yeah I don’t think it’s a phobia either because it’s not that I’m scared of the holes they just disgust me. I also have anxiety and OCD is a type of anxiety disorder so that would make sense.

      1. It sounds weird but when I read on specifics they showed pictures and it’s really not weird at all.
        If you hate ghost stuff I’m sure it’s safe to say a big part of the Alien movies are that. They build those nests, cocoons, live in the holes.. etc etc etc.
        It’s not that weird.

  28. Nice post, I only use wordpress for blogging. Am also sensitive, I get too emotional at times. I do cry for movies so touching. It is surprising but a real thing. Plus am scared of the dark too, I sleep with the light on at night.

  29. Learnt something new with the trypophobia. I can relate to being sensitive. I find myself very sensitive too. Something random, I enjoy – like ENJOY dystopian stories. You have me at anything (movie, series or novels) the moment dystopia makes your description.

    1. I used to be much more sensitive, though now I tend to figure that the person either totally doesn’t get it (poor them to be so oblivious!) or that I really don’t give two poops what they think in the first place! No one is living my life but me, so the only one who completely understands it is me (and God, of course!!!)
      As for a temper, I find that prayer works well. Getting older and more mature will help too. St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis de Sales both had terrible tempers, but they prayed for them to be taken away, and they were! I am a much more “zen” person now than I was at your age. People have noticed and commented on it! I figure, what does it help to lose it in whatever situation? Is that going to help me or my family? No? Then why get all worked up? Life flows along much more smoothly if you can set aside your passion and truly listen.

  30. I used to have Trypophobia and I actually got over it by looking at pictures of it on a regular basis and now it doesn’t bother me! It wasn’t a pleasant experience to go through but it helped a lot. 😊

  31. Would never have guessed you a bad tempered person. Well I guess it’s not really your go to trait because you’re such a kind soul per my experience.
    I’m sensitive too. I’m trying to get over that ’cause I really don’t like that about me.
    Scared of ghosts huh😅… I’ll send ghosts your way soon
    First time hearing of trypophobia though… learn something new everyday 🌸

  32. I appreciate you more for showing your vulnerable side to us all. You’ve inspired me to do the same, watch this space. A fact about me is that I suffer with anxiety and depression, I may not look like I do, but I can honestly say that every day is a constant battle and writing helps me to channel my suppressed feelings. I used to post on Blogspot and like you found that it wasn’t benefiting me until I came over to WordPress which was the best decision I made, everyone has been inspiring and wonderful. So thank you for letting us into your world 💖

    1. Thank you and I will definitely be on the lookout on your blog!
      I struggle from both anxiety depression too and since I’m high functioning people often don’t realise it. Yeah WP is definitely way more interactive and just easier to use in general.

  33. It seems like sensitive people have very strong passionate tempers. We feel more than other people and when we love, we love hard and when we are angry we express it with all we are.

  34. The temper part really surprised me. But I sincerely feel like you’re still calm because when I messaged you about blogging on Instagram, anyone would have simply ignored or would reply once and turn a blind eye but not you and for that I’ll continuously be grateful for the warmth you showed me.
    Fact about me🤔 I struggle with my mental health

    1. Yeah the temper one surprises a lot of people. I think I’m way better at controlling my temper now so that’s probably why people don’t realise it. I was happy to help you and will always be happy to help if you ever need more help in the future!
      I struggle with my mental health too unfortunately. Hope you feel better soon!

  35. ahhh u just mentioning trypophobia freaks me out.. i really have that problem too. i think i foundout when i was looking at a website that says “which phobias do you have” omg… i was so disgusted. its kinda bad.
    i am kinda shocked u have bad temper. it wouldn’t seem like it with what you post lol im kinda the same but i just need people to say sorry or to let me sleep and ill forgive them maybe?

    1. Yeah I think it’s more like disgust than fear because I feel really grossed out when I see the holes as well.
      Lol I usually end up forgiving people too unless they did something really horrible in which case I cut them off.

  36. I never would have guessed about your temper but def agree that struggle to express inner feelings can lead to blow ups! I had a *horrible* blog before my current one, too lol. And also, I cannot deal with small holes either. If I look at them too long I start to feel ill! 🙈

    1. Yeah the temper thing is a lot better now that I’m more expressive. Urghh yes holes are just so gross to look at- the small ones freak me out the most too!

  37. I wasn’t too surprised about the holes scare or previous blog because I think you’ve mentioned that in previous blogposts. However, I did not know that you had a temper. I thought you were just so cool and jolly all the time… lol.
    Great knowing more about ya Pooja.

  38. Nice post thanks for sharing some of your qualities, bad temper doesn’t sounds like you😀 sensitive yes! we all have that side to us when we had enough..

  39. Wow wow wow wow I have that phobia too. No one ever gets me when I talk about it or really understands. My earliest memory of me having this phobia was when a elementary classmate would turn around draw circles on my desk just to see me cringe.

    1. Lol of course we have the same phobias! I know it’s so difficult to explain- like how do you tell someone holes weird you out. People sometimes look at me like I’m weird haha. Omg what a mean classmate lol!

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