What I Eat In A Day #8


Welcome back to another What I Eat In A Day post! I absolutely love doing these and I really love that a lot of you guys seem to enjoy them too. I feel like I always get to try fun new dishes thanks to my WIEIAD post and it’s always fun to do that!

As always, everything mentioned is vegan/plant based. Also I generally love sharing the recipes with you guys but none of the recipes I made this time were my own so I can’t do that. Instead, I’ll just share the original recipes with you! Please do try them out since I genuinely really enjoyed them a lot.

If you would like to see my other WIEIAD posts please click here. Now, let’s get into today’s WIEIAD post!


I have been having mung tea that my mum has been making for breakfast. I generally don’t enjoy eating a lot for breakfast and used to skip it completely but I feel like that’s not too healthy either so I’ve started drink tea or a smoothie or vegan milk for breakfast instead. I occasionally eat something too but it’s rare when I do that. Breakfast is just not my meal lol.


For lunch, I had something I was super excited to try! As you guys may know I really love Thai food but I haven’t been able to make too much of it from scratch. I have made red Thai curry before but never the green one so a few weeks ago I had bought some green Thai curry paste hoping to use it at some point. And then I may have forgotten about it a little bit…

But a couple days ago, I was going through the vegan posts on WordPress and saw a recipe someone had posted for Aubergine Peanut Butter Curry and it sounded really good. I love eggplants and always have some at home and luckily I had all the other ingredients too since it’s a pretty simple recipe.

I made the curry pretty much exactly like the original recipe I had seen except a few small things. I used green curry paste instead of red curry paste, I used almond butter instead of peanut butter since I have some almond butter I need to finish before it expires and I used homemade molasses instead of sugar. I was kind of scared about how it would turn out which I feel like is normal when you cook something for the first time.

It started out a little bit of a disaster because I over salted the eggplants a little but I made it work and just decided not to add salt to any of the other vegetables and this pretty much balanced everything out perfectly. Everything else was great and it turned out perfectly seasoned. Like honestly, it was so good I was genuinely shocked! I will definitely be making it again. Please do go see the original recipe by clicking here and leave a nice comment for the blogger because this recipe was awesome!!

If you do try this recipe yourself (I would HIGHLY recommend you do or do what I occasionally do and get someone to make it for you when you’re too lazy to cook yourself) don’t skip the green beans. They give such a nice crunch and freshness to the curry.


For dinner, I still had some rice left and wanted to make something simple since the curry was kind of heavy. I ended up making some spinach miso soup (Korean style not Japanese). I used this recipe in case you’re interested but modified it slightly since I didn’t have all the ingredients. I added some zucchini and white onions instead of mushrooms since I don’t eat mushrooms.

It turned out really good and so delicious! My sister and dad liked it too but I added a bunch of garlic to it and my mum was laughing because I smelt like garlic after 😂 We ate the soup with some plain rice but you can add some sesame oil, soy sauce and seaweed flakes to the rice for extra flavour.



I used to eat these snacks before in Kenya too and I was so happy to find them again! They are soooo delicious and have very simple and clean ingredients which I love. They’re also not fried so they’re pretty low in fat and calories. I don’t generally count my calories but if that’s something you are into I would recommend these. I usually have some whenever I feel like snacking- usually after dinner or occasionally for breakfast if I’m being honest lol!


I really hope you enjoyed the foods I shared today! Have you ever tried any of the dishes I mentioned? Did any of them stand out to you in particular? Do you have any good vegan recipes I can try? What did you eat today? What are your goals for this new month? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you guys!

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36 responses to “What I Eat In A Day #8”

  1. Thanks for sharing. It all looked good. I don’t know a lot about vegan recipes, but that is something I will add to my notes to look up, and when I do I will post them on my blog. I skipped breakfast, but for dinner, I have not made my mind up yet. Probably will be something light as I am trying to lose a few pounds, but all in all it has been alright. Have a wonderful evening.

    1. Heah you should definitely look up vegan dishes. It’s a good way to get more veggies into your meals every day. Hope you had a good dinner and have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Wow, Pooja, you eat like a Black-Capped Chickadee! No wonder you are so slender. ❤️

    1. Aww you’re too sweet ❤

  3. Neat. I used to like lentil soup, but then I got some that was rancid in a place. I won’t go into details…but it kind of turned me off lentils 😀 Though I might be tempted to try the chips…might have. Not the same as soup 🙂

    1. Oops that can happen sometimes. Lentil chips are wonderful and nothing like soup. If they are available in your area try the “Enjoy Life” lentil chips. They were my favourite when I was in Canada.

  4. Thanks for sharing those recipes ! I love eggplant so I’m looking forward to giving one of these a try 🙂

    1. Let me know how it turns out when you try it!

      1. I definitely will 🙂☺️

  5. That soup sounds pretty good. I’m not sure how I feel about the peanut butter curry. Haha.

    1. Thanks. Lol that’s fair I was very skeptical at first too.

  6. Eggplants are my favorite and Thai food too. I recently saw an eggplant recipe with eggs. I tried it but it didn’t come out well–the eggplants ended up being too soft. Probably I cooked it for too long. Always love vegan recipes. And the trick to continue eating healthily is to continue searching for new recipes.

    1. Oh yeah eggplants cook very quickly so you have to be very careful not to overcook them. Absolutely the best way to eat well is to try new recipes. There are so many healthy and vegan recipes available now thanks to the internet.

      1. So true. I have to find new recipes since the recipes I am following right now are getting boring due to repeated use. LOL.

        1. Lol that happens. I had to stop eating chickpeas for a while because I got sick of them.

  7. such yummy dishes Pooja and I’m with ya on the breakfast front but I’ve been trying to be more mindful since in my bus. I know it’s good to get the fires stocked.

    I can relate to this:

    “I usually have some whenever I feel like snacking- usually after dinner or occasionally for breakfast if I’m being honest lol!”

    1. Thank you! Haha we all have crazy breakfasts sometimes I think 😜🤣😂

  8. Never tried spinach miso before! Might try it now.

    1. You should it’s absolutely delicious!

  9. I’m also not a fan of breakfast and usually eat late during the day. I’ll eat my first meal around 1300 or 1400. If I have anything, it’s usually nut milk or orange pekoe tea. Those lentil chips look interesting! Costco sells something similar… chips made from lentils.

    1. I used to do that sometimes when I had crazy times in university especially in my first year. If you are able to find the “Enjoy Life” lentil chips. They were my favourite in Canada!

  10. Wow super articles

  11. I have a recipe for a great Thai Green curry, so I absolutely love a quality one! That’s also cool about the Korean miso you had. If I have miso for dinner, generally, I have the broth because I’m in need for a bit of a cleanse

    1. Oh good- Thai food is so amazing! Yeah the broth is really good too and great for a cleanse.

  12. This looks soooooooo goooooood…. and I love that it’s vegan!! Drool. Thanks for sharing 🙏😋

    1. Thank you- it was absolutely incredible! 🥰

  13. I am so pleased you tried the aubergine peanut butter curry – it has become a firm favourite of ours as it is so easy to make and the peanut butter just makes it so delicious. Yours looks just perfect even with the tweaks to the recipe. We also adore Thai food. Absolutely sensational flavour combinations.

    1. Thank you for the lovely recipe! I’m sure it will become a firm favourite for me too. Thai food never disappoints 😋

  14. The mung tea is a really good option for breakfast

    1. Yeah it definitely is.

  15. Linette-Parenting With Mental Illness Avatar
    Linette-Parenting With Mental Illness

    I am not a vegan, but I enjoyed how you described each dish. It made me curious to want to try these dishes. I am very particular about my veggies and how they are prepared, but your description made me curious about the meals you cooked, mainly the lunch dish. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend these recipes even if you aren’t vegan. It’s a really great way to get some veggies in.

  16. Thank you for sharing the recipes. Eggplants are favourite

    1. My pleasure and I hope you try this recipe. If you like eggplants you’ll love it.

  17. Looks super delish, Pooja! 💜

    1. Thanks so much, it absolutely was! 💕

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