Are Blogging Friends Real Or Imagined?

I came across this awesome post from one of my absolute favourite blogs and really wanted to share it with you guys because it’s something I think about a lot. Many people don’t think online friends can be real friends but I think the WP community really proves them wrong because I have met a lot of people I consider friends here and I feel like this community gets me in a way that people may not in real life. Take a look at the post using the link below and let me know what you guys think! Are blogging friends real or imagines?

I grew to love the connections I made and couldn’t wait to hear what my friends had to say everyday. We grew close and our exchanges were real and genuine, until all of a sudden some of them would disappear into thin air and I was crushed. I used to reach out and see how they were and check in one by one until they were gone completely which always left me a little sad and it still does. I can still remember each of their names and our conversations. As a matter of fact i’m thinking of a few of you right now and i’m hoping you’re ok and doing well.

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84 thoughts on “Are Blogging Friends Real Or Imagined?

  1. WordPress is a great community. It is like we understand each other, and we can talk about whatever and encourage one another. We learn different things from one another. Friends in the flesh don’t always understand our views and how we feel about things. I think that we all share the same interests when it comes to writing, we all want to put our message our there to share it with the world. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful evening. Stay safe.

    1. Yeah absolutely. I have learnt a lot from other bloggers and have met many that I have a lot in common with. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I agree “I think the WP community really proves them wrong because I have met a lot of people I consider friends here and I feel like this community gets me in a way that people may not in real life.”

  3. This is a very thought provoking article. I have mixed feelings towards online communities. I am deeply rooted in them to the point where my social live revolves around the online community. This leaves me feeling a bit empty because it is just not the same as face-to-face interactions with people. Nothing can truly replace IRL connections. At the same time, I am very grateful for the internet and the ability to connect with people from all over the world.

    1. I really get how you feel. Sometimes I feel like that too since I’m quite invested in this community too and occassionally I think maybe I should be more social in real life lol 😆 But it’s nice to have this community it’s become like a safe space for me.

      1. You’re more social than I am. I barely leave the house or see people. Today I made the effort to leave the house and go for a walk. That only lasted 10mins because it was overcast, cold, and started raining. Not my idea of a fun time. I much rather blog lol 😅

  4. I like to think that blogging friends are true friends. I mean, I will probably never meet you or any other of my blogging friends in real life. After all, you live halfway around the world and who knows where they live! However, I still treasure our online chats and sharing our wins and losses through our blogs. After all, how else could I share my grandpa’s favorite chocolate fudge cake with people all over the globe?

    1. I so agree with you and feel the same way! I wish I could meet all of you but it’s probably never going to happen. But I feel very lucky to have met everyone and to be able to interact with you guys.

  5. I’ve been so lick to have met really cool and friendly people on WP. Most of which I added to my IG , and its so cool to see their posts . I have a few people in particular who my life is better for meeting them✨

  6. I think blogging friends can be real. Technology has allowed us to connect with people around the world – it’s impossible for us to physically travel to all these locations, so being able to connect virtually is such a gift.

  7. I think WordPress is one of the best platforms. I have formed friendships through it and hoping to meet some of my followers in person. Invites have been made and we just waiting for the appropriate time to meet. <3 from Kenya 🙂

  8. Yes real but also virtual! Think zoom creates same closeness but distance. Some blogger groups do meet up but it is good to have a community of readers and a variety of topics!

  9. Aww I definitely think they’re real, Pooja! But I also know what this is like, though not so much on WP. I use the international penpal app, Slowly, and I had a really great friend on there for some many years. I still remember his name, his face, his daughters’ faces, everything. We used to chat quite a lot and the banter would always be back and forth, and then one day it just… stopped. There was no goodbye, no “you’ve hurt my feelings and I never want to hear from you again”, nothing, It definitely does hurt because we think we’re really close to these people, but then I suppose have you ever had a real life friend, that you thought was a friend, and wasn’t? I think that hurts more. People get distracted, life takes over, emails and messages get forgotten about and unfortunately people move on. That one real, good “friend” that stabs us in the back though? I think that’s even worse.

    1. Wow that really sucks. I feel like it hurts more when someone disappears without a heads up and you never really get the proper closer you need. Yeah being stabbed in the back by a real friend is worse. Happened to me with someone I was once extremely close to and it really sucked.

      1. I think it depends. I’ve even had penpals tell me they were going through some stuff and don’t have time to write anymore, which then feels like “I don’t have time for YOU anymore”, which obviously can hurt just as much. I just don’t get why people stab people in the back, I think it’s different if they’ve wronged you and you’re calling the out on it but if you’re just jealous or whatever? Not cool. I hope you have better friends now 🙂

        1. I most definitely have learnt my lesson lol.

          Yeah I’m sure that would suck too. Long distance relationships of any kind even friendships are tough.

    1. I think so too! Even if we haven’t fully progressed to that point we’re definitely getting there now that so much of our life is online.

  10. I don’t know if I’d use the term friends but certainly the people I interact with through blogging are usually friendly and interesting acquaintances. That said, I know I’d be sad to loose some of the connections.

  11. I can consider the blogger friends I meet in person friends. But the meaning of friendship can be subjective. It’s more apt for me to call it as connection.

    Hi! Nice blog you have here.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I definitely agree with that and virtual friendships can sometimes be more connections rather than actual friendships.

  12. So true. I hate when people leave. I mean leaving WP is a form of leaving too. It leaves such a void behind. It is such an empty feeling. The one who leaves probably doesn’t realize how big a vacuum he or she leaves behind.

  13. I loved reading that post of Cindy’s and am grateful to you for sharing it. Thanks, and thanks also for your like/visit, which enabled me to see it! :)) 🙏💗
    p.s. I adore your new profile pic btw. So lovely 🤗🌸💓

  14. I’ve had a lot of blogging friends over the years… I’ve found personally it’s easier to connect with them on a deeper level vs. my real life friends. I think because we have the common interest of writing and none of my real life friends do haha. So yeah, blogging friends are totally real. 🙂

    1. Yeah I feel that way too. I think we have more in common and feel more comfortable around them since it’s a virtual friendship.

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  16. I can’t say the same for bloggers everywhere but in WP I’m a bit new but so far everyone I’ve met here have been way more supportive , compassionate and 💯 than some other platforms. I’m glad to be apart and I appreciate the genuine love from all🤗🙏🤗

  17. The internet does put you in a bubble of sorts, but people do tend to forget there are real human beings typing behind their computers (or phones).
    Ever since I’ve been using the internet, from message forums back in the 1990s, to Live Journal in the early 2000s to WordPress, I’ve met some amazing people that I’ve stayed in touch with for decades. One lived close enough that I got to meet her. We’ve hung out several times over the years and are still in touch. Last I saw her was before the pandemic, but we talk on the phone every other month or so and keep in touch via email.
    Of all the negatives on the internet, meeting friends is one of the best it has to offer. It especially gives loners like myself a sense of hope that we’re not at all that different. 🙂

    1. Wow that’s so amazing and I am glad you have been making friends for so many years and have had so many positive experiences. I can be somewhat of a loner too and the internet has really become the best place to socialise for me.

  18. Well many of the people are actually my friends now outside Wp.
    And it’s not like we are of same age or anything. I’ve found a person who sent me rakhi this year. She is very young and we are connected outside wp. Then there’s another person, with whom I discuss blogging most of the time.
    I’ve actually made some good friends whomever I haven’t talked outside wp, but we appreciate and acknowledge each other. Although, I don’t don’t understand how come most of my friends are female, while in reality I’m very shy.
    I also consider you my friend, although I haven’t talked to you personally at all. But, I like our interactions.

      1. We are connected on ig and LinkedIn, but we are super busy with lives so it’s hard to match time and converse. I first talked to you last year. You were very helpful then by replying to my 10 questions 😛
        I was so scared to text to you. But, you are very humble and polite. I always enjoy these interaction. These keeps such friendship long term. Also, I want to apologise if knowingly or unknowingly I disrespected or bothered you.

        1. Yeah life gets too busy sometimes. Lol happy to help.

          Not a bother at all, I know how confusing blogging can be sometimes so I like to help others if I can.

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