I Have An October Related Question

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It’s really October guys. Actually over 1/4th of October is gone. I love October, I love everything about it. Apart from April, it’s probably my favourite month of the year. I also really like the weather. When I was staying in Canada, Fall was my favourite season. The weather is actually similar in Kenya. It’s quite cold, rainy and windy. That may not sound like everyone’s ideal weather but it is mine. I love curling up at home reading or watching a scary movie.

Talking of scary movies, that’s actually what this post is about. As I mentioned, watching a scary movie is the best way to spend the spookiest month of the year. However, I feel like I have watched so many horror movies and Halloween movies I have very few left. That’s why I wanted to ask you guys if you have any good movie recommendation. I love horror, I also like less scary Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus, I absolutely love psycho movies. So if you have any recommendations for those kind of movies let me know. Nothing with ghosts please. Y’all know I hate ghosts and they terrify me. I also don’t like movies with little children so yeah. Little kids scare me too. Not just in movies but in general. Kids are mean and ruthless… Anyway, please let me know your suggestions in the comments below! Thank you!

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138 responses to “I Have An October Related Question”

  1. Hi Pooja, I can’t suggest anything because I avoid those kinds of movies. Sorry! ❤️

    1. That’s okay, thank you! ❤️

  2. I too avoid such movies as they are unreal . Let’s do something worthwhile.

    1. Understandable, to each their own.

  3. Before I Wake (2016) 🙂

    1. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. The Fog (1980) is one of my go to Halloween movies. Something about the way it was filmed.

    1. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Monster: An Aileen Wuornos movie (something like that) and Saw and Interview With a Vampire, the one with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

    1. I’ve seen Saw but I will check the other two out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. The Haunted Mansion 2003 with Eddy Murphy. Walt Disney Pictures. Family friendly like Hocus Pocus. Enjoy.

    1. I watched it with my family a long time ago (when I was a teenager) and really enjoyed it.

  7. Quantez Xihuitl Avatar
    Quantez Xihuitl

    Some movies that perform exorcisms in churches bother me a little so I avoid those type of movies. They give me flashbacks of the time a group of old lady pastors threw oil & water in my face, I walked around with light green skin for a week. My movie recommendation is Skeleton Key, if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Wow, that’s an awful experience. Sorry you went through that. I’ll check out Skeleton Key.

  8. findthegoodthebadthesexygmailcom Avatar

    The Strangers 2008 with Liv Tyler. Scared the shit outta me! Lol

    1. I just saw it a few days ago and it is TERRIFYING!

  9. Shaun of the Dead is a great film to watch anytime of the year if you have not seen it before its a great Simon Pegg movie from 2004

    1. I’ve seen it and really enjoyed it.

  10. Hey Pooja I can’t suggest anything because I rarely watch horror movies.
    Enjoy your time though✌️.

    1. That’s okay and thanks anyway!

  11. Hey Pooja I can’t suggest anything because I rarely watch horror movies.
    Enjoy your time though .

    1. That’s okay and thanks so much for commenting.

  12. Have you watched A quiet place 1 and 2? Both are great
    Train to busan is good too
    Army of dead is another great one.
    I guess you have watched these already?
    Some anime
    Death note is the best one in this genre, however is not completely horror (more like crime thriller)
    Fire force
    Kabenari of iron fortress

    1. Death Note is a great psychological thriller and I have watched it. However, it took me 3 attempts to finish Season 1 & 2.

      1. First half of death note is good.
        Second half is mundane.
        I watched it in dubbed, it’s good. 😀

        1. I totally agree. The second half was a disappointment tbh I watched it dubbed too but I usually watch anime subbed.

          1. I too watch in sub 🙂
            Some are good in dub, some are good in sub.
            Like MHA is good in sub. Black clover is good in dub. These days I’m watching most of the shows in sub.
            On YT, legal anime is available in sub only 😁

            1. It’s hard to find episodes on YouTube (I’m guessing that’s what you meant). At least, in my country. There’s a bunch on Netflix now but they are all dubbed. I haven’t watched anything new in over a year.

              1. There are few channels on YouTube, that provides legal anime.
                I have Netflix, crunchyroll as well, but don’t watch them.
                I’m watching many new anime atm 🙂

    2. I have seen a few of those but not some so I’ll definitely check the others out. Thanks!

  13. Would suggest the nun and related movies, but the related movies have children and ghosts (I think). Not sure about the nun though, cause I haven’t watched it

    1. Okay, I’ll see the trailer first and watch it if it doesn’t have ghosts/children.

  14. I don’t have any movie suggestions, as this is my least favorite genre.

    But… I hope you enjoy your favorite month!

    1. That’s okay and have a great October!

  15. I am the kind of girl that 1 horror movie = sleepless night, so I respect your strength 💪🏻

    1. Lol I’m like that too but I watch them anyway 😂

  16. I love October too. During this time, the weather remains quite pleasant in India. I love October also because it’s my birthday month.

    If you love psycho-thrillers, you should watch Ratsasan which is a Tamil movie.

    1. I will definitely watch the movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I’ll check it out.

  17. I cannot handle scary movies, and rarely watch them. One kids movie that gave me the creeps was Coraline. Idk how this movie is appropriate for kids? It’s terrifying. Hmm… I am sure everyone has watched Monsters Inc. but if you are looking for a kids movie that is light and not terrifying, there’s a few Monsters Inc. movies that are worth watching. As for adult movies, I couldn’t give suggestions because I don’t watch them. Only one that comes to mind is “The Shining.”

    1. I haven’t seen Coraline and I probably won’t either. I love Monsters Inc movies they’re great. I read the Shining very young and it really freaked me out so definitely avoiding that lol.

  18. Happy October! I love this month too though I prefer the crisp sunny days over the rainy ones! I have also watched so many horror movies back in the day that now I can’t remember their names or even their plots ahah, I remember one that really creeped me out but it had kids in it and was very disturbing so I won’t recommend it ahah – though I would love to hear some of your recommendations as you seem like you are a specialist!

    1. Happy October! Yeah the ones with kids are so incredibly creepy. The last one I watched was The Strangers and it was incredibly scary. I loved it!

  19. In India the weather is also really good at least for me because it’s raining and I’m chilling at home.
    I love horror movie too but the ghosts one. I love these kids of movies specially watching at night. I know it sounds creepy 💀

    1. That’s great. Wow, you’re so brave I never watch things with ghosts it just scares me too much.

  20. I just started my annual Harry Potter rewatch last night. I like to watch all the movies and/or read the books between Halloween and Christmas. I guess you could say I’m a pretty big HP fan 🧙‍♀️

    Other faves from a girl who gets easily scared:
    🎃The Shining (already mentioned and there are kids in it)
    🎃 Beetlejuice
    🎃 Addams Family
    🎃 anything Rob Zombie worked on (House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween remake, Devil’s Rejects)
    🎃 The Craft (original)
    🎃 The Witches
    🎃 Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (is a giant marshmallow man really a ghost?)
    🎃 Carrie
    🎃 It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

    That’s all I can think of for now. You already mentioned Hocus Pocus which is also on my list.

    Also- it’s not a movie and it features preteen kids, but Stranger Things is a great Netflix series. Not sure you can watch in Kenya?

    1. I did that a few months back. I love HP too. I’ve seen some of the movies on your list but I will definitely see the rest. I read The Shining and have been avoiding the movie ever since lol 😂

      A lot of people seem to love Stranger Things but I don’t know if I’ll like it. It is available here though!

      1. Ooooh man—The Shining is a classic! I heard Stephen King doesn’t like the way it was adapted, though.

        Stranger Things seems to be hit or miss with people. The first season was phenomenal. After that, you kinda have to hold out for it to get good again.

        1. Luna, have you seen Doctor Sleep? It’s based on The Shining. It’s pretty good.

          1. I haven’t! Thanks for the rec 😊

        2. Lol maybe you can ask him if you ever see him around.

          1. 🤞🤞every time I visit Bangor I look for him 😂

            1. I really hope you run into him one day 🤞🏽

  21. I’m going to mention “Nailed It” on Netflix which is a hilarious cake baking show. Their hallowe’en themed shows are great entertainment.

    However, in terms of a scary, but thought provoking movie, it would have to be Shadow of a Vampire – a fictional account of the making of the 1922 German film Nosferatu. The performances are superb. It’s almost believable, but then there are no finer actors than John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe 😊

    1. I haven’t watched that but. I will definitely check it out.

      Oh wow, that sounds great, thanks for the recommendation 😊

  22. I also love October because it’s my birth month.

    1. Oho!
      When is your birthday?
      Mine was on 1st October 🙂

      1. Wow… belated happy birthday. Mine is on 20th October.

        1. 31st October is mine.
          And I’m scared of the ghosts. lol.

    2. That’s wonderful.

  23. I didn’t watch many horror movies except the “scary movie” series. I like two early Stephen King books “The Dead Zone” and “Full Dark, No Stars”. I think they’ve made movies out of them, although I am not sure. I only read half way through “Full Dark, No Stars” and it was too scary for me. Ever since then, I was so scared of driving in the darkness that I think I have developed a phobia.

    1. I love the “Scary Movie” movies. They are so funny and I am actually watching them right now. I’ve only seen three so far. I get so scared of Stephen King books too. I have only ever read The Shining and it scared me so much I never read any of his books again. I do want to watch A Good Marriage which is a movie made from a book of his. It sounds very interesting but not too scary.

  24. Have you seen Once Bitten?

    1. No I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  25. Pooja you’re funny. Isn’t one of the main reasons of watching scary movies is to be scared? I don’t care for clowns but I will still watch movies with clowns just to see how they turn that type of character into something terrifying. Are you going to see “Halloween Ends” when it comes out? I am. Can’t wait.

    1. Lol I only want to be a bit scared not too scared to sleep for a month. Yes, I’m excited for Halloween Ends. I’ve seen all the Halloween movies so far although I enjoyed the first one the most.

  26. The 1979 film Salem’s Lot is a good scary movie which now that I mention it want to revisit it.

    1. I’ve seen Salem’s Lot, I liked it too.

  27. The hand that rocks the cradle – it’s more of a thriller than a horror movie, but it does strike terror into your heart. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I am not into horror movies at all, this is the best I’ve got. And btw I love October, too. I live in Canada and fall is my favorite time of year.

    1. I will definitely keep that one in mind. I love Thrillers too so I think I’ll like it. Oh nice, fall in Canada is so lovely!

  28. Horror is not my cup of tea but I’ve seen a few classics

    1. That’s fair, it’s not for everyone.

    1. I usually try to avoid Stephen King lol.

  29. I know you said no scary stuff but I’m afraid I have to recommend The Haunting of Hill House. It’s the best horror experience, especially in terms of story telling. Its not a movie but a show. I hope you try watching it 😅

    1. I’ll check out the trailer and see if I can watch it without being too scared 😂

      1. All the best!

        1. Thank you!

  30. Little kids scare me too. Not just in movies but in general.😂😂

    1. I know, little kids are so mean lol 😆

  31. Hate scary movies.. sorry it’s just me.. ☺️

    1. Haha definitely not just you, I think lots of people do 😂

      1. maybe if i wasn’t such a chicken.. i’ll try to be brave.. 💗

        1. No you’re fine I’m such a chicken when it comes to ghosts too lol 😂

  32. […] tremendous and heartfelt thank you to Olivia, Maggie, Pooja, Moksha, Rachael and my anonymous friend for agreeing to share their take – I respect their […]

  33. Rosemary’s Baby? Disturbing Behavior? Tradegy Girls? The Last House on the Left? A Nightmare on Elm Street series?

    1. I’ve watched all those except Disturbing Behaviour and Tradegy Girls. Will definitely check those out.

      1. Disturbing Behavior was my favorite movie growing up.

        1. Oh I see, I’ll definitely check it out then.

  34. Have you watched any Michael Myers/Halloween movies? The first two were great. Also Night of the Living Dead (1968 version I think is when the original came out) is really good.

    1. Yes, all the Halloween movies and Night Of The Living Dead as well.

  35. Agree with you October is the best month as festivity is in full swing in India! Good food, gifts and dressing up well for the festivity sure is infectious.

    1. That’s wonderful. It’s a great month for sure.

  36. Stephen King’s ‘IT’ – Pennywise scared an entire generation

    1. Too scary for me lol.

        1. Yeah clowns are literally so freaky

    2. Yeah, I watched ‘IT’ with one of my friends after a full day of study. That was kind of our reward.
      We were both holding hands at some parts of ‘IT’.
      Later on, we realised, it wasn’t that scary, just a clown meddling around. 😂
      Try and watch it.

      1. In the end, I suppose, all films are just people messing about

  37. Day Shift (2022), it’s an interesting horror movie.

    1. I’ll definitely check it out.

  38. I’m scared of those movies but I love cold weather! I live in North Carolina, United States and it’s HOT! I hate the heat. I love when it’s cold and I can put on tons of covers on!😊 Perfect!

    1. I absolutely love cold weather too and I am sure you appreciate it much more after the heat! 😊

      1. I do! I can put more covers in the cold, but I can’t take off enough clothes in the heat. My body also produces a ridiculous amount of heat at times so being under a cover is fine for me.☺️

        1. I’m the same way which is why I prefer the cold. I usually avoid leaving the house when it’s very hot lol 😆

          1. 😂 I get it, but I have no choice here. It’s rarely cold here.

            1. Oh no, well what can you do 😖

  39. Great blog Pooja. It was nice to read that October is your favorite month , I love April too because it is my birth month. Though watching scary movies is not on my list of things I enjoy, action movies do the trick for me😂💯💯

    1. Thanks so much. April is my birth month too😊 I like action too but I prefer horror lol 😂

      1. Haha😂😂, well I can’t do anything about that, your have your favorite movies genre I have mine, lol

        1. Lol totally everyone likes different things 😬

  40. Scary movies. No, thank you! I won’t watch past 10 minutes into the movie.🏃🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

    1. Haha that’s fair 😂

  41. How about old people? I watched a horror movie yesterday on Netflix named “Old People”. It’s spooky, maybe not the best I’ve ever seen but it makes you take a second look at how we treat old people.

    1. Interesting, I’ll definitely check it out.

  42. I guess Scooby-Doo is out?

    1. Oh I forgot about that.

  43. I’ve seen a lot of my actual scary suggestions already mentioned.

    Since somewhat older stuff is more my brand: I re-watched Tremors (1990) a couple years ago and it holds up really well as a horror/comedy. I remember “Fire in the Sky” (1993) – an alien abduction movie – really freaked me out back when it came out.

    1. Both of those sound really interesting.

  44. You can try ‘Old’. It is a whole different kind of spooky.

    1. Someone else recommended that as well, I’ll definitely check it out.

  45. Awesome

  46. Queen of the damned. A movie adaption of an Ann Rice movie about the vampire Lestat.

    1. Will definitely check it out, thanks for the recommendation.

  47. I’d recommend the 1994 version of “Stephen King’s The Stand.”

    1. Will check it out, thank you.

  48. The series YOU is a homicide thriller. Not exactly horror but I loved it! I also liked the intrudor movie. Kind of horror I guess, but no ghosts.

    1. I love You, so excited for the new season! Will check out intruder.

      1. Omg, you watched YOU?! Amazing, right?! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. Can’t wait for the new season either. Let me know when you watch Intrudor, what you think of it. In case there is more than one movie with that name, this one is staring Dennis Quaid.

        1. Yes, I absolutely love You. Every season has been so interesting! Will definitely let you know when I watch the movie.

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