Tales Of A Broken Heart

When it comes to love

No one gets out unscathed

And yet we never stop chasing it

Looking for the one

Perhaps we are just masochists

Looking to be hurt

Or maybe we are unrealistic optimists

Hoping this time will be better than the last

But it never is

It never gets better

The wounds heal

But the scars remain

Covering our hearts

And eventually our souls

Leaving behind a trail of jilted lovers

We move on to the next one

For the first time in maybe forever, I actually like this title “Tales Of A Broken Heart.” It started out with some wack titles but eventually I got to one I liked. I think I always write better when I’m sleep deprived for some reason. I guess I should be a grateful insomniac. As for the poem, I guess you can tell I’m not really a romantic lol. I don’t believe in soulmates because it’s crazy to think there is just one person out there for you. I think sometimes you meet someone and if you both try hard enough your relationship works. If not, it doesn’t. Most don’t. That’s just the way it is. “Tales Of A Broken Heart” was inspired by todays #vss365 prompt which was “unscathed.” Let me know what you think of the poem in the comments below.

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75 thoughts on “Tales Of A Broken Heart

  1. Its seems bitter and cynical, but only if you look at it that way. To me, I see the longing wistful need for fulfillment; not bitterly but sorrowful. Is it better to love and lose, or to never love at all? Reminds me of sysaphus doomed to push a boulder of heartache forever.

  2. More than anything else, we are the unrealistic optimists and hence expect a better result every time. Alas, this doesn’t happen and we keep on suffering with a broken heart.
    Who should we blame then? Ourselves or the jilted lover?

  3. Maybe it’s better to be unreal because that’s what dreams are like — to uncover the undercover heart. I have 1,286 soulmates. I found one in Antarctica but she’s married and is surrounded by a cold atmosphere — maybe fate will say that her husband freezes to death. But then she’ll be inconsolable for a long time. Four are in Greenland but I don’t think I can learn Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) and I don’t think I’ll ever hear “Asavakkit”. I could begin with “Would you like to dance with me?” which is “Qiteqatigerusuppingaa?” but I don’t think I could spell or pronounce it. But yes, Pinnerputit, you are beautiful. Maybe it’s just a snow job. I’ve explored and analyzed 1,285 soulmates and the last one can’t seem to be located. I need to try some sort of meditation to draw her near, but when she comes I’m not sure how I’ll identify her. My meditation, I suppose, should include a code word, so she’ll come and say “****************”. I hope she can spell or hear a song. When I am hot enough, she will come like a cool breeze with salve and a promise to cry out a laugh, to fight with pillows and forgiveness, puffy like a cloud, soft like a kiss.

    1. P.S. Now that I’ve written a ramble, maybe I can extract parts of it and make a poem. I think I’ve spotted a few phrases that might be useful. Sometimes I’m able to do poetry by ramble. I don’t know. We’ll see.

  4. I totally feel this way and, unfortunately, I will never give myself to another person. I feel that I have done enough. I look at the people around me and my parents. I actually blogged about this as well. But I don’t chase love. If it comes, I will accept it but I don’t need romantic love to survive.

    1. I feel the same way. I am at a point in my life where I am no longer actively looking for love. If it happens, that’s great and if not that’s okay too.

  5. Nicely written and so transparent. I can relate because, I’ve been there. However, one day I met “Love” [true Love], and my perspective has since changed. Thank you for sharing!😊💟

  6. In this poem, I feel hurt and pain mixed with doubt and concern. I can feel the heartbreak through the words written. One must hope for the best in any relationship, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. So, we move on hoping that the next relationship will be better than the last one. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  7. Hi Pooja, I don’t know if I believe the cliché of soul mates either but I believe that when you find the person who you enjoy being with and they enjoy being with you, it takes team work to keep it together. The longest relationship I was in was 18 years and many of those years were great but because of my mental illnesses the relationship eventually broke. We parted on good terms which is nice but since then my relationships have had less meaning to them. I don’t know if I will ever meet someone that special again at my age, but I’m also not looking.

    1. I agree, it usually takes two people who like each other putting a lot of effort into the relationship. Sorry about your breakup, 18 years is a very long time but sometimes you’re just not meant to be. I hope you find someone in the future.

  8. Love #vss365 prompt. Life is getting more complicated nowadays. I mean I’ve seen those challenges for women of all ages who have to juggle different responsibilities, hustle to get things done, rush here and there and everywhere. And I’ve witnessed many. Nobody is unscathed. Probably some are unscathed more than others. Women work too hard and still unhappy… That’s the conundrum.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Women are expected to be perfect at everything and when they fail their failures are often treated worse than failures by men. It’s tough out there.

  9. I liked this one! I particularly enjoyed how most of the poem kind of paints the picture of someone looking for love, and then the end shows a person leaving behind in their wake a trail of jilted lovers. It’s fun, human, and completely true that these things really are often found in the same person.

  10. When it comes to love
    No one gets out unscathed
    Perhaps we are just masochists
    Or maybe we are unrealistic optimists

    (tips hat) Powerful lines. Thanks for the muse.

  11. Life, relationships, hell everything is just hard! But being cynical, I think, is more heartbreaking than we deserve. So, keep trying to find happiness, I say! 🙂

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